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Kate Winslet Has A Mini-Me!

Kate Winslet Has A Mini-Me!

British beauty Kate Winslet carries out her mommy duties, taking her daughter Mia, 8, and son Joe, 5, to school on Thursday morning (April 15). Mia sure looks like a Kate mini-me!

For the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, the 33-year-old actress’s work in The Reader is up for two nominations — Best Kiss and Best Female Performance.

You can get your votes in at Kate‘s up against some stiff competition!

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  • dana

    mia looks much more like her father. almost a carbon copy of him.

  • heyhey

    her kids are adorable! mia is going to be a beauty. is it just me though or does she seem really short?

  • Kate rocks!

    @dana: My thoughts exactly

  • hey-hey

    the boy looks like rob pattinson..

  • P

    Yes. Mia looks exactly like her father and nothing like Kate.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love kate!
    she’s so beautiful!
    she makes that casual outfit look really nice imo
    wouldnt really say her daughter looks that much like her, mostly the hair

  • Zoe

    Kate looks pregnant in these pics. Hope she he. She’s such a good mom. I love watching pics of her and her kids.

  • Kay

    I love Kate Winslet! Best actress of this generation! and her kids are adorable!

  • chels

    she looks pregnant

  • chels

    i love her acting and she seems sweet

  • robins3

    Her acting sucks!!!!!!! Just like her arrogant attitude!!!!!!!

  • icecream

    Forget a Kate mini-me Mia looks exactly like her dad Jim Threapleton…except obviously feminised a bit…and younger…but otherwise, TOTALLY Jim.

    Love Kate, she’s my favourite of the younger generation of actresses. Meryl Streep is still THE one of all time but Kate is next for me.

  • Kay

    If her acting sucks why is she the youngest actor to be nominated for 6 Oscars at the age of 33? And don’t say she’s overrated because besides this year, she hadn’t won an award since 1996 for fricken’ Sense & Sensibility! Go watch her in Heavenly Creatures or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Revolutionary Road, that’s not bad acting! btw, she looks a little preggers here but nonetheless she looks great.

  • doozie

    @robins3: jeez, what crawled up your @$$?

  • dundies

    @robins3: jeez, what crawled up your @$$?



  • Kate>AJ

    #14 – Angelina Jolie. lolololol You know some nuts are still pissed because Kate snubbed AJ at the Golden Globes and beat her for the Oscar.

  • Kay

    I know. Angelina and Brad just annoy me. They’re fans are crazy and just waste their time waiting for a new post on their beloved “Saint Brad and Angie” and just diss Jennifer Aniston.

  • /

    fugly looking kids.

  • to#16

    lmao. jolie already had her oscar the very first time she was nominated. kate has been nominated for a long time before she even got her first.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Adorable looking kids! I think Mia looks both like Jim and Kate. Anyway. Cute kids and Kate alway’s looks great and wonderful actress! More threads on KATE!! :D

  • lia

    But Kate has more nominations than angie. Katye has 6 while angelina only has 2. It took her 9 years to be nominated again.

  • robins3

    Shes a snot and was awarded because she did Hollywoods bidding by starring in ANOTHER holocaust movie. People are sick of the subject ad nauseum.

  • Erin

    First, everyone’s right…Mia looks like a mini-me of her dad. And Joe looks like his papa. And to #19, let’s compare AJ’s and KW’s career. Kate gave up the action roles after “Titanic”. Angie’s still making them (“Lara Croft”, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, “Wanted”, “Salt”). There’s something to be said for just plain acting, not being an action star. Being entertained by explosions, guns and slo-mo running to save an innocent isn’t my thing. But, hey, what do I know.

  • lena

    mom is a witch and why is she always shedding her clothes and doing sexual movies?

  • Jeff

    Mia looks more like Jim. But I can see Kate’s features in her face as well. She used to look even more like Jim, but Kate’s strong features are taking over lol.

  • Aliz

    Lovely mum and children! ^__^

  • Jenna

    It’s so cute how the daughter looks exactly like her dad, and the son looks like his dad, and both kids have a hint of kate in there. they’re such gorgeous kids! And Kate of course is simply beautiful inside and out, without even trying hard. She just keeps it natural in every day life and that’s pretty cool. I can’t tell you how many times I see candid pics of celebs covered with makeup and always looking ‘perfect’. Kate pictures are always refreshing. She rocks!!

  • kenlley

    mia is a little jim treapleton.. kate has no look a like between her children:)

  • Jen

    cute kids ^^

  • Dana

    I don’t like her or her acting. I’m not trying to be ugly, I just don’t see at all what the big fuss is all about. I saw Revolutionary Road with a girlfriend of mine and we both thought she overacted the entire way through. Really, what is so great about her?

    Anyway, cute kids. Her fans are a bit possessive though. lol.

  • MMA

    Kate better win both awards!! The Reader was phenominal!

  • Keep It Real

    Aweeee Kate is amazing. A SOLID actress. lol @ the angry brits still mad she had the balls to divorce even once.

  • Keep It Real

    @ diana you are trying to be ugly. It would work better if you had picked one of the thousands of useless women carrying the acting title. If you really saw RR road and thought that was overacting considering the subject matter, then my guess is you really should stick to teen flicks and action movies. Kate is for the adults.