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Katie Holmes Celebrates Victoria Beckham's Birthday

Katie Holmes Celebrates Victoria Beckham's Birthday

Katie Holmes (in Lanvin) gets hounded by paparazzi as she arrives to celebrate pal Victoria Beckham‘s 35th birthday at Cicconi’s restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday (April 15).

Vicky B‘s actual birthday is tomorrow, Friday (April 17). Sorry for the pics, hopefully this entry will be updated later with better ones!

In sad news, Katie‘s brother-in-law, Joseph Jeffrey Fretti, passed away unexpectedly from heart failure. He was the 48-year-old husband of Katie‘s older sister Tamera. RIP.

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  • aye

    she continues to insist on dresses like the queen of england. she’s a pretty and attractive YOUNG lady – why not dress like it? oh that’s right, she married to freak show, i mean tom cruise.

  • ice

    So her BIL passes away, and she’s out celebrating a friend’s birthday? WTH?

  • liz k

    Wow! VB is 35 already? How time flies!

  • meangirls

    a real robot with no feelings……

  • ryan

    oh thats so sad. I personally would have skipped the party if my sisters husband died…but maybe it was after these photos were taken.

    Either way, Victoria Beckham looks like shes 55..

  • dani

    Her brother in law died last week.

  • lurking, pinhead troll

    Where’s Tom? Are they getting a divorce? FYI, no one cares about the pinhead.

  • Drew

    aye @ 04/16/2009 at 3:25 am

    she continues to insist on dresses like the queen of england. she’s a pretty and attractive YOUNG lady – why not dress like it? oh that’s right, she married to freak show, i mean tom cruise.
    why are clothes so important? I think Katie, just like Angelina don’t care about these things. they are mothers and don’t care about trendy clothes. i like that.

  • tim

    I guess she didn’t go to her BIL’s funeral? There would have been no paparazzi there. It would have been a waste of time for her.

  • ??

    I guess she considers her blood relatives and their spouses suppressive persons so going to the funeral would be against the cult’s wishes.

    She needs to free Suri and let her live with Homely’s mom and dad. If she wants to destroy her own life that’s one thing, putting a child in that murderous cult and raising her with all those lunatic/madmen is another thing.

  • lala

    If she had gone to the funeral the paps would have followed and put an unnecessary strain on her family and would have seriously invaded their privacy during a time of grieving. I feel for her, she very well may want to be with her sister and family but can’t because of the attention it would bring to them. As for going to Victorias birthday, I’m all for life is for the living and enjoying your life. Watch Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture. He made sure that he and his family had fun every day of their lives even while he was fighting and losing his life to cancer.

  • Reese91

    the funeral is on the 20th of april. I think she will be there and do not skip it just because of the paparrazi

  • where

    Where is tom cruise. He has not been seen for months.

  • Sal

    Fame whore Katie, can’t cha use the back door like Tiny Tom???? And if will be interested to see if she and Tiny go to the funeral, or does he see them as SP’s, therefore Katie can’t associate with them. Isn’t that sick?

  • Sal

    #11, what in the world are you talking about???? What does Randy Pausch have to do with anything???

  • zoe

    she looks fine. not too glamorous which is good coz its victoria’s bday…who wants to overshadow her? not like anyone would anyways.

  • Popo

    Ok, so her sisters husband dies and she goes to a PARTY????is she stupid or what?

  • mju8

    does she even talk to her family anymore? or has tom successfully cut off all communication with the non-scientology world

  • K

    We havent seen much of scientot lately, thank god. She must be in robot training already??? And where is the little gay husband? Unless it’s for a party or premiere, he doesnt seem to go anywhere with her.

  • Jinx

    If my brother -in-law died, I would be on the first plane home to see my sister. But not Katie, there’s a photo-op to be had!

  • tina
  • kelly

    i’m disgusted to see that she still has emotional conditions to go to a party…maybe her new friends are more important than her family!

  • jan

    Me 2, #20. In that article, it says Katie will attend the funeral on Monday. Nice of her to let the paparazzi know!!!

    I wonder if the cult got her BIL. He was in Florida near the headquarters of the cult? Maybe he was trying to help her escape?

  • trey

    I can’t believe she went to a party when her sister’s husband died suddenly. Most people would have been on the first plane. I guess her obsession with Posh is clear as day now. Dance lessons are more important too.

    The cause of death is unknown at this point. I find it odd that he went to Florida alone with his kids.

  • Pipi

    She probably didn’t know he was dead when she went to the party.

  • Tam

    Look at all you people on their high horses. Does it say the time/day of the death of her BIL? Just because Jared is irresponsible and doesn’t clarify. Other reports say her night was cut short when she found out he died.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • to the idiot #26

    He died on the 12th (Sunday), Dimwit!

  • veronique

    she used to be quite cute but now she is just so lame, tom sucked the life out of her

  • Always.

    Katie holmes is a victoria wannabe. & victoria is a posh wannabe. There both leading to miserable lives. Though there husbands are goregous men?!?!


  • Nativenyker
  • Isla

    all of the above named…you really should get a life!! Look at you all commenting on somebody’s life who you know absolutely nothing about. Dya know by looking at all of your comments I know where you are from…HICKSVILLE! No style, no class, no life!!!!

  • Taz

    Isla, I couldn’t agree more! ……………….. Get of the girls back whatever happened to women supporting women, are you all jeaolus as she has a gorgeous man in her life and you have all probably settled for drab dweeby morons.

    Get a grip of yoursleves while I get a grip of my Birkin Handbag.



  • ollie


    victoria is isla and taz!

    go get a life!

  • Michaelangelo

    She’s not even dressed to the nines here, #1.

    Good point, #5.

    They’re not divorcing, #7.

    Suri Cruise and her family seem to be doing just fine regardless of the evils of Scientology, #10.

    #12 has your explanation, folks.

    Months, #13?

    There are tons of pics where Holmes is with her parents (like last Christmas), #18. So there goes your ‘suppressive persons’ theory.

    Don’t be silly, #22.

    Are you stupid, #23? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way, so don’t bother answering).

    It clearly says heart failure, #24.

  • sandy

    The funeral of Katie’s brother-in-law is next monday. She will probably stay in town for Suri’s birthday and then head to Ohio. What do you want her to do? Cancel her 3 year old’s daughter’s birthday. And I see nothing wrong with her going to Victortia’s party either. It’s not as if he had just died that day. He died last Sunday. Victoria is a good friend. Just because someone in your family dies, doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with a friend.


    You really want us to believe that she is having dinner with Victoria
    when Victoria is in Europe with David and the kids..

    Nice how there is only pix of her coming out of the restuarant..Why
    get a pix of the Beckham clan and Katie of course not …

    Katie is Alone Again Naturally… having dinner by herself.. of course..

    So either get a pix of Katie and Victoria together with David or say
    that she is having dinner alone..or the usual DANCE STUDIO

  • give her a break

    she’ obviously not close to her sisters. she’s moved on to a different life. A List

  • Annie

    All I would like to see is Tiny Tom, Kookie Katie and Scientot boarding a plane to go see her sister and family. Maybe then I would think them human. It certainly isnt because they can’t get away or afford it!

  • mju8

    LOL!! I see Raphael/Mr Blonde/Mr Pink (or whatever names he used to call himself) really liked my idea from way back of re-naming himself Michaelangelo.

  • chris
  • Annie

    #36 your a fool…….but you are right on one account. Heavens for bid they cancel the little snots birthday party and go spend time with her family after somebody dies!! They probably have the magazines and paps already scheduled for the snot noses party. PLUS……

    Even IF she wasnt close to her sister, you go and do the right thing! Everything is NOT all about her.

  • snotnose

    #42- agree with you!

    I like that better- little snot instead of little brat. lol

  • matt2b

    poor katie,it’s so painful to watch you fane this way each day….
    drop the parties, drop the man, drop this fate!

  • jan

    I agree 2.

    Suri wouldn’t know the difference if her birthday was celebrated on the actual day or a month later. The 2 famehos wouldn’t dare cancel and support Katie’s family. They don’t matter to Tom and Katie because they are scientocrazies and they believe that Katie’s whole family are suppressive persons and don’t matter.

    Any person that has the means (money, plane) to go and be with their sister when such a great tragedy has occurred but instead goes to Posh’s party, has a party for Suri or takes dance lessons, is SCUM OF THE EARTH!!

  • jan

    Maybe SCUM OF XENU would be more appropriate! LOL

  • Karon

    You go #45! Maybe the best thing for snot nose is to spend her 3rd birthday with her FAMILY instead of the paps??? Bet if this was Tom’s family they’d be there. Anyway, what kid remembers her 3rd birthday in the first place. Give me a break.

  • kit

    The sister has a big support network back home so it’s probably not that big of a deal whether Katie’s there, or not. I’ve never heard of a funeral being so long after death, though!! Is it because he died out of state?

  • Susie q

    What’s with the picture of her hand???

  • creepy