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Patrick Swayze is a Fighter

Patrick Swayze is a Fighter

UPDATE: Images removed.

Thank you to everyone that showed their support for Patrick — we wish him the best. Cancer is a tragic disease and we all need to raise awareness of how devastating it really is.

Patrick Swayze makes a stop at a Los Angeles gas station with his wife, Lisa Niemi, on Tuesday (April 7).

The 56-year-old Dirty Dancing star reportedly weighs only 105 lbs and has been undergoiing chemotherapy. Swayze was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer last year and recently said that he may have only two years to live.

Reports say that the beloved star has decided to go forward with a “Do Not Resuscitate” order, requiring doctors to let him die in the event that he stops breathing or his heart stops beating. Whoopi Goldberg recently said, “You know what, he’s doing what everybody else is doing, he’s taking it one day at a time. He does not have an expiration date on his backside – none of us do we just know at some point it’s going to happen and that’s how he’s looking at it.”

15+ pics inside of Patrick Swayze as a fighter…

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Credit: MJ Kim; Photos: Getty
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# 1

Cancer took my handsome young uncle.
A devastating disease.
He is brave to be out.
I love him.

# 2

Oh my…!
Patrick WE LOVE YOU and support YOU!
don’t forget God loves you.

# 3

Oh my gosh! I feel so bad for him! But I am proud of him that he was brave enough to go in public.

# 4

This made me truly sad, did not recognize him, cancer is a horrible disease.Tons of love sending your way Patrick, i pray for you.

So sad………….

# 5

this is heartbreaking. why even post all those photos? why not just one and show a little respect, this man is going through the fight of his life.

# 7

he will be in my thoughts and payers! he has been a favorite actor of mine since the first time i watched dirty dancing back when i was like 8! i wish him wellness in his fight! much love to you!

# 8

I agree totally with #5. Show some RESPECT and remove the photos.

God bless you, Patrick!!

# 9

God bless him.

sshhii_baby @ 04/16/2009 at 12:10 pm

Wow what a brave man. My prayers are with you and your family.

he look bad i hope he get better very soon

#8 respect? there’s no shame seeing him ill! he’s the one who decided to go out for a walk, be alive and take a walk, why would we be ashame to look at him now that he’s so weak?we love him the way he is , always!

Leave this sweet man and his lovely wife alone. Normally I think a public figure out in public is fair game, but come on. This is over the line.

Oh Patrick, you are so courageous… May each day bring you some small comfort…

Words can’t describe what i’m feeling right now. I didn’t recognize him at all. I really feel for him & his family. I agree with # 5. Take these down, You have to respect the fact that he’s fighting for his life right now. He needs his privacy during this terrible time.

It’s all in gods hands at this point. I will pray for him and his family. Be strong, Patrick.

That’s Patrick Swayze??? Oh… My… God…
Keep strong dude.

He looks like an old man. I was shocked. Many dear friends and some family members died because of cancer. His fans in Germany will support him. Patrick I will pray for you and will never let you down…in good and in bad times…keep the faith!

this is heartbreaking.
i hope he gets well soon.

This is sad!!! He is such a great actor and person…God Bless you!!

*********** @ 04/16/2009 at 12:30 pm

I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers

i can cry…

Wow, he does not look good. He looks 25 years older than his age. This pictures are heartbreaking. Good for him for the healthy attitude toward his condition.

I agree, taking these photos is horrible. So is posting them. Take them down. You are better than this jared.

Jared, Please take these photos off this site! Leave this poor man in peace. Who was the scumbag/douche who tracked Mr. Swayze down, violated his privacy and made a buck off selling these pictures? All of us have lost someone we love to cancer and realize the devestation and terrible loss this horrific disease inflicts. Show some CLASS!

Leave him alone.

omg the last time i saw him he had a fuller body and now.. wow i didnt recognize him

Jared, posting pictures of a dying man isn’t respectful or humane and certainly shouldn’t be the grounds of gossip

use your common sense fool

Fire the pap that took these pictures. How insensitive can one possibly be? Just disgusting. Leave him alone, please.

God bless you, Patrick


I wish him well

My dad was a cancer survivor,
omg I hope the best for patrick. :(

I feel sad for Patrick God bless you and your family

Patrick, God Loves You, keep praying, & I will pray for you and all others who are suffering so bravely. Thanks for being a real hero. Love, Lori

Please God help him regain his health!
Somebody please take his pictures out of this website.
This is terrible sad and disrespectful!

Take these pictures down.
Not everyone wants to be photographed when they’re dying like Jade Goody did.
Have some respect for the guy.

OMG! I don’t recognize him!! GOSH please I can’t believe it’s him. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer but god gave her a second chance and she is still living, a miracle .

This is all so awful. :(

HERE WE GO LU-BEE LOU @ 04/16/2009 at 1:01 pm

get well soon patrick.
these pics make me feel sosad. he looks very ill. i hope there is still a good chance patrick can win his battle with cancer.
i think paps should leave patrick alone.

Jared….you should be ashamed. Everything is not about money.

It’s very disturbing to know that someone took these photos to make money. They better chew that “big fat steak” carefully. Karma might come back to bite the evil doer.

Yes! these pictures should be taken off out of respect for his dignity and respect for the people he loves and who love him. We all can imagine what he looks like, we don’t need the pictures to confirm it.

Your a brave fighter Patrick!!!!!! Hearts be with you.

sindy-john @ 04/16/2009 at 1:18 pm

so sad—i just watched his movie _ghOST_ a few week af\go–and am just mortified to c this pics—it makes u think of yo life n yo BEAUTy wil just go off just like that—i have to rethink abt ma life ====beauty n fame aint ****—love u patrick u wil always be handsome to me–prayer

Peacedove @ 04/16/2009 at 1:18 pm

aska @ 04/16/2009 at 12:01 pm this is heartbreaking. why even post all those photos? why not just one and show a little respect, this man is going through the fight of his life.

I never like to make comments but this is completely unethical, shocking and shameful!!
Shame to those responsible!!
Show some respect to him and his family!! He is now a terminally-ill person, not one of your prices walking around.

The first “SET” is his.
Just two more of them……………………..WHY NOT?
………..just do it!!

Nicole Renee @ 04/16/2009 at 1:28 pm

Patrick Swayze, We love you There will alway be people praying .Dig deep and hold on God is in control.

I feel so sorry for him but I’m very proud of him because he’s walking outside and living his own life. I wish him all the best and please don’t give up!!! It’s the most important!!! You can always be a winner just be really really strong!
I agree with #12 there’s no shame seeing him….we don’t have to hide him! He’s just as the same people as we’re….

that is so sad. i think im going to cry.

Jared, please take these photos down. It’s intrusive and improper. Some events in life such as this are meant to be kept private, celebrity or not.

@Jared: remove those pics asap, please.
Patrick Swayze and his wife should be left alone. Especially now.

Please leave this man alone!

My uncle died of pancreatic cancer last year just six months after he was dieagnosed. Unfortunately no survival rate for this type of cancer.

bored2tears @ 04/16/2009 at 1:41 pm

There really is no reason to post these pictures. Because he is a public figure does not mean that Swayze is devoid of a right to be threated respectfully. I will not click on any more links to pictures of Patrick Swayze … let him die with some dignity.

Dayum Patrick =( Bless you & this Fight ……….

YOU will always be remembered as inspiration *tears*

These pictures should be OFF LIMITS…are there no boundaries the media wont cross?? I lost my mom, my dad, a close friend’s mom to cancer and my spouse lost his uncle and his mom is now fighting it. God bless to all the courageous fighters like Patrick. And please if nothing else get this…DONT SMOKE it’s not attractive when it turns to cancer.

horrible disease. he’s far too young

The uncle of my sister died of pancreatic cancer last January, only 50 days after he was diagnosed. It was too fast, he died at 51.

Jared just posted a few pictures and you had to hit “MORE HERE” to see that many pictures. Why the hyprocrisy? If you don’t want to see more, don’t look. I am happy he is not dying in bed and he is on his feet and being the strong Texas man that he is. And he is keeping his vow to be with wife until death parts them. You go Patrick! Go where you want to go and walk as long as you can. And if they want a picture of you showing them how to live and die then so be it. I love the one where he looks right into the camera over his glasses. Bless his heart. Now that is a marriage.

please,don’t post these photos anymore…

I have been reading just jared for several years now…

for the first time, I found a post that totally offended me.
I am asking you to pls take down these pictures.
they may be pictures of a brave man, but for some reason, they are not appropriate.
I do not think that it is appropriate for anyone to put pictures of a man being eaten alive by cancer in a gossip site.

I look in the mirror and all I see
Is a young old man with only a dream
Am I just fooling myself
That she’ll stop the pain
Living without her
I’d go insane

Feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can’t look in her eyes
She’s out of my league
Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She’s like the wind

…my favorite movie, my enitre life, I’ll be devastated if he doesn’t make it.

Patrick, You will always be loved and admired. I’m thankful for your movies and the good you did for everyone. You’re always in my prayers.

Way to go, paps. Stalk a guy at a gas station who is A) not currently working and B) DYING. Jared, I hope you didn’t pay the paps for these pictures. It’s only encouraging them.

Just breaks my heart seeing him this way. I’m glad that he still wants to go out and get some fresh air at least. He doesn’t look at all like the man that he once was. I only hope he isn’t in any pain is all. I don’t know what to say to you tall hat posted that photos shouldn’t be taken of him? I know I feel the same as most of you that there is a time when he just needs to be left alone. I think this is the time.

Patrick Swayze, you are a lovely man and so strong. We love you

Jared why was it necessary to show these pics. I think an article would have been better with one picture. It is sad how quickly he has declined. I still could not believe that he was still smoking. So sad. He is lucky that he has such a loving family.

all grown up @ 04/16/2009 at 2:22 pm


Grow up! This man is not going to get well, he is going to die. Yes, this is what it looks like when people have cancer and die. It is a very sad situation. Say to yourself, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

I think the paps are terrible for taking his picture, but since they did we should use it to educate. Stop smoking and drinking. Have annual screenings for cancer. Don’t be afraid of cancer, be proactive. Pray for those who suffer. Hug someone who is sick or just hold their hand. Don’t forget the caregivers.

Be strong in your separate journeys, Patrick and Lisa

This makes me absoluletly sad :( This should be a wakeup call that nobody should be whining, stressing over life as long as you have your HEALTH. May god help him and his loved ones at this difficult time. Patrick..your are the MAN!!

magic_moments @ 04/16/2009 at 2:28 pm


gghffffffs @ 04/16/2009 at 2:32 pm

OMG. he should be left alone by paps, I agree.

this is so sad
we are borned on the same day,I hope he is strong because he needs to be,such a great person,actor
I wish him the best

Great actor!!! God bless him and his family!!! Stay strong!!!


Omg. Seriously, when I saw these pictures I thought they had the wrong man, but realized it is Patrick Swayze! Cancer is a horrible disease. I really do wish him well.

I agree with others, please take thse photos down, it is heartbreaking and cruel to not do so.


My prayers go out to him and his wife and family. Just saw Dirty Dancing the other night and just loved watching him dance.


Oh mon dieu…

#23. ITA!!!!

Elizabeth @ 04/16/2009 at 2:58 pm

Seeing these pictures of Patrick makes my heart break. I just lost my mother to cancer. She struggled with it for four years. I myself didn’t experience the pain they are, but I do know how it feels. As for his decision not to be recesitated that is a very good choice! Who would want to suffer like that anymore. My mother was the same, she was hospitalized the last 3 weeks of her life and signed that consent form. We were shocked, but soon came to the realization that if we brought her back, she would only suffer more. I wish the Swayze family all the best in what’s to come. May Patrick and family find peace to help him through this struggle. You all one day look back and think, he was a great man, and a stronger man for battling this horrible disease. Patrick may god be with you and help you through this journey, cause the love of family can only bring you so far. May you suffer with little pain, and little sickness.

And no matter what anyone says, you are still an amazing son, husband, father, and actor.

This is a sad, hard moment for Patrick, what does it do for the Razzies to show him so frail..are they that hard up for money

OMG. . .this man is a fighter.
I think the paps should leave him be and have some respect.
I agree with comment 21.

sorry jared…. but please take these photos down. you can see he and his wife do not want to be photographed. God bless him and his family…he deserves more respect than this. He has not been photographed regularly in years- why do this to him now?!

Patrick, may the force be with you.

We need to find a cure to cancer right now. It’s taking talented and valuable people away from the world every single day. The US has extremely high cancer rates and it’s inexplicable. Just like Climate Change and the World Financial Crisis, Cancer deserves big capital letters and needs to be in the news.

I couldn’t recognize him at first if I didn’t see the name. My heart is broken. Hope the miracle happens to this deadly disease. Fight strong Patrick.

There are other ways of talking about cancer besides taking pics of a very sick man…

wow..poor think….what a brave brave man

nanajorskarjociel @ 04/16/2009 at 3:57 pm

oh my i just wish god could give him a other chance because he trying to get it he fighting really hard and facing life how it is i feel bad and HEART BREAKIN AND feel worst when i see those picture my grandmom pass way from cancer and that diease is horrible but god really knows was best for us and he knows why he do it he got his reasons therewon’t be no answer no questions when it’s time to go i will truly keep him and his family in my prayer at all time PLEASE THE PERSON WHO POST THOSE PICTURE REMOVE IT HAVE AT LEAST SOME RESPECT …..

This is totally disrespectful. These pics should be removed from yoru website. Have some compassion for this man and his family.

Frankly this is a bit insensitive of you to post these pics

it’s not like he’s asking for us, he’s not a tabloid *****

Frankly this is a bit insensitive of you to post these pics

it’s not like he’s asking for us, he’s not a tabloid *****

The picture made me tear up.
Cancer really sucks.

so so sad =[
i swear not 2 long ago, he was looking great =[
hope u get better soon!


He looks so frail i wish him well but jj these photos should’nt be here show some respect he’s dying.

INSPIRATIONAL! @ 04/16/2009 at 5:16 pm

Patrick, if you read these blogs, I just want to say you have been very inspirational to my family. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. So we are fighting the same battle you are.

Thank you for your powerful interview earlier this year. Your bravery and gutsy attitude has really helped us cope with this disease.

This truly makes me want to cry :(
its so hard looking at these pictures
he is strong and will get through this

keep praying for him

I think its a shame that you show these pictures. Show Respect and take them off that should be his privacy.

Please remove these photos and restore some sense of personal privacy to Mr. Swayze and his family.

we love you patrick

*hugs Patrick*

he looks sooo bad :(((
reeeeally hope he gets better…<3

Very sad….My dad died of liver cancer not too long ago and these photos reminded me of him…Everything will be okay. Be strong, Patrick and family.

stay strong, we love you patrick! god bless<3

The pictures make me want to cry too! :(
He is so brave and so strong!
Cyber hug’s to Patrick!

Hang in there, Patrick, and don’t let the paps and pics get to you. Your fands love you. You are brave and an inspiration, going out, being yourself, and living your life.

these pictures should come off out of respect, im happy he is out and getting fresh air but cant someone just make a statement saying they saw him, there is no need to post these pictures…really

THINK about it @ 04/16/2009 at 6:46 pm

You people who post comments about how “bad” Patrick looks, how sad you are, how you want to cry, your dear uncle who just croaked from cancer, blah blah, blah, you are just as bad as the paps taking and posting these pics. Have you thought about how your comments might affect this man or his family?! Geez, why not just wish him well and leave it at that.
Get well soon, Patrick, you are still hot in my eyes and always will be.


Is BLOVE short for bloviate? Look it up.

To the one who decided to display these photos:

Take a couple of minutes and imagine that it’s your dad or brother fighting cancer. Would you display their photos when they’re ill?

If it weren’t for Jared posting these pictures Patrick Swayze wouldn’t be in so many prayers today!

Damn paparazzi, leave this poor poor man alone for God’s sake already!!!!! And tabloids too, that also applies to you!!!! This is soo terribly heartbreaking to see such a great man looking so frail and sickly all of the sudden!!! Best wishes to him for a quick road back to recovery, Patrick!!! :)

He had to move his wedding band to his middle finger because it probably slips off his ring finger now.

He was and will always be the sexy and vibrant man who blazed onto the big screen. So underrated and underappreciated as an actor by TPTB. But we the public loved him to bits – and still do. Bigs hugs and love to Patrick…

But you know, if you think about it he looks great considering the circumstances! Hang in there Patrick! *kisses*

this FKING horrible disease!

SHARON GEORGIA @ 04/16/2009 at 9:12 pm

God bless you and your family Patrick. Your fight is a brave and courageous one, and I hope your next journey is just as wonderful as this one is. Thank you for all you have done for this world. Your spirit will live on forever, no matter how long your body stays on this earth. I wish you nothing but love.

I was so shaken looking at these, then realized I fell straight into Jared’s trap….

Jared, shame on you for being such a totally inhuman scumbag. Let this poor man die in peace and leave him be. Have some decency instead of hounding him for morbid, salacious photos.

Seriously, you try to paint yourself as Mr Nice Guy Friend to the Stars, but the truth is you would w-hore your mother out for money. is not about standards or decency….just money at any price. F U!!

It’s sites like this that create a market for papprazzi scum.
These photos should be taken down. Give the man some privacy! Let him live what’s left of his life in peace.

omg he looks totally different :( Cancer is horrible!!!!!!

i love you patrick! i pray one day you’ll be able to dance like you did in dirty dancing again…i hope you win the battle against cancer. i know you can do it! <3

Media Matrix Madness @ 04/16/2009 at 10:10 pm

I had no idea he married his “Dirty Dancing” co-star. They were so fantastic together. What chemistry! A beautiful talented couple on film and in life. They are blessed.

He was the symbol of fitness. A fine specimen of a human being.

He’ll always be that symbol on film for me.

I was heartbroken seeing these pictures. May God always be with him.

So very heartbreaking :( I wish he and his family nothing but peace and the strength to get through this tragic illness.

@Media Matrix Madness:

That is not his co star in Dirty Dancing. That was Cynthia Rhodes who is now married to Richard Marx.

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/16/2009 at 10:34 pm

heartbreaking for real. i watched road house (a classic) 2 times last week. damn, i cant even look at those photos. ~smh~ i grew up on this dude.. damn.

Seriously… leave the man alone. Jerks.

Thanks Jared for taking the photos off….. It is the right thing to do you get a thumbs up.

he looks not so good. hope he can get well.

@ Jared, *Thank you* for removing the pictures.
That was the right thing to do.
You have my respect.

rosielee9 @ 04/17/2009 at 3:48 am

Like many other’s I feel for his family as my dad died of cancer and it is a terrible thing to see someone you love so much change so much and in pain. It is only right that the images are removed this is a personal time for him and his family but I would just like to say my thoughts are with him and he has dealt with it with much dignity and strenght.

To be honest the images should never have been put up in the first place.


magic_moments @ 04/17/2009 at 2:01 pm

I’m so glad you removed the images you should never have posted them!
I love Patrick for such a long time. He is a good man and i’m so sad about his illness. I wish him and his wife all the best!

My family and I pray for him.

One in 3 of us die of some form of cancer.It is such an incredibly devastating disease for the person and all of their loved ones.I have enjoyed seeing Patrick Swayze over the years and it is sad to see the physical signs of how far his cancer and the treatment has ravaged his once healthy body.I would like to extend my feelings of awe at the courageous fight he has been battling not because he is a celebrity but because he is a human being and a person.I would also like to extend the same awe at each and every person in the world that is dealing with cancer in their everyday lives.I wish you all healing,peace and love.

Just reading a few of peoples comments.I agree with those who have said that why should he shouldnt have to be hidden.Why shouldnt he (or anyone)be able to go to the shop for goodness sake in case someones sees him?This is the face of cancer,this how people look when they have been fighting it.
I agree with people who say that the pictures were taken for monetary profit..But overall we havent been inundated with pictures of him through his illness.The photographer and the immediate people made money but for the rest of us that now see how he is and are sending our love to him and his family thats a positive thing.We arent thinking bad things about him,we are all thinking good things about him.All those vibes will be working.

Whoever took those pics of Patrick Swayze should be fired !!!!….hos disgusting is that ??????…..have some human compasion and let the poor man be….don’t you think him and his family are going through enough right now…how totally insensitive, disgusting, thoughtless and all for the sake of a few bucks…come on…find another way to make some money….you disgusting pig !!!!!

Patrick,I am 65 and had my kidney removed because of cancer 2 years ago.My friend has the same cancer as you,and has had 3 or 4 operations and is a servivor.We all love you,and GOD loves you,ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.

Patrick is such an awesome man, talented, kind, and extraordinary. He has such charisma! My tears shall always be with this terrific man who has so bravely stood against this disease.

Thank you very much for removing his photos portraying him ill and frail. He deserves much more respect than us oggling his illness.

My heart goes out to Patrick and his family. I lost my mum to cancer 4 weeks ago, I will never get over it, My mum was and is my soul mate and I will miss her terribly every day. I cannot believe they have a cure for almost everything yet so many people die from this aweful disease. It truely is tragic in this day and age considering we can fly to the moon. I pray for the day they say “WE have found a cure”. God Bless all affected.

dorothypink @ 04/18/2009 at 9:56 am

Patrick, you will live on in your movies and in our hearts. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies of all time. Go in peace!

dadlosttopancreaticcancer @ 04/18/2009 at 11:24 am

All grown up – Are you really? My father had been to the doctor for a FULL check up in August of ’97. He was given a clean bill of health. He ate right, exercised and would only have an occasional drink. He was hardly sick a day in his life. The diagnosis of pancreatic cancer three months later and a prognosis of only 3 to 6 months sent us reeling. He DID everything right, yet he still died 6 months to the day of his diagnosis at the age of 59. Now, I have lost an aunt to the disease, my dad’s cousin and one of his uncles. It is in my family. There is no early detection, and it is a disease that usually takes most of those diagnosed with it. It is by far one of the deadliest cancers. I’ve loved Patrick’s determination. Randy Pausch had that same fighting spirit, but ultimately like Randy, my father and most of the others diagnosed with this dreaded disease, Patrick will lose this battle. It’s heartbreaking for him and his family. I wish them many prayers and hope they can find peace as his journey is nearing the end. God bless him and all others stricken with any form of cancer.

My Mom died of Pancreatic Cancer a year and a half ago. It is an absolutely horrible thing to watch. I wish they would find a cure and make this type of cancer more of a public awareness than it is. It is in most cases a terminal cancer. In this day and age I believe there is so much more out there that can be done than what we are aware of. Let’s all pray that a “cure” is shared with us all….

I love Patrick, he will always be beautiful in my mind’s eye. I don’t look at photos that tasteless greedy people publish. Patrick is the most talented dancer, actor, and music writer I know. Please, whatever you hear or see, just remember how wonderful he is. What a fantastic husband to have! He and Lisa have had in 34 years what most of us never have. God has seriously blessed him, and us. We never know what our future holds….or when we are taken to the next level. I feel so grateful to “know” him through his movies, he has personified what love can be. When I think of sexy and good, I think of Patrick Swayze. If the times comes for him to be called home, it will be God’s choice as most likely he will be in need of a fantastic warrior to fight evil. He surely has shown his inner strenght here on earth. Thank you Patrick. You are so beautiful, that is inside and out. God Bless you and Lisa.

Oh how i wish to see you act again.My heart is broken seeing you fight this battle.You are in my prayers.Heaven is where you belong.I LOVE YOU.

I didn’t see these pics and I don’t need to. All I know is, that HE IS AMAZING and always handsome for me. Great actor and dancer! I bet he is an amazing person too…God bless him! I wish him a lot of strengths and health…
I always loved you and I will forever…
You are the Best, Patrick!

let this family do what they have to do in order to prepare themselves. Patrick is a fighter, and I love him so much. I wish him and his wife and rest of family only the best possible. I admire his strength, optomisim and his ability to share his disease with the public. God Bless you Patrick……………….

God Bless , people keep your negative comments away from this man and his family let him have peace.

Julia pazos @ 04/20/2009 at 1:21 pm

First of all, we should always remember Patrick at his best!
I have seen all his pictures and have the CD’s and DVD’s and I am watching his episodes The Beast, which are great. He is my favorite actor, I always see him young and good looking.
I pray a rosary for his health everyday.
God bless you and yours Patrick

Dear God, why don’t the vultures leave him and his wonderful wife alone? You can see the pain and anguish in their faces. These photographers have no souls.

Vanessa Gilbertson @ 04/28/2009 at 5:54 am

Our thoughts are with you …..xxxx

This is so tragic! :(

Patrick Swayze’s strength, resilience and determination is admirable and inspiring.
He is fighting this evil enemy called CANCER in front of millions and is not giving up at any cost.
I wish Patrick all the best and thank him for sharing his extraordinairy talent.
Prayers to Patrick, his wife Lisa and his family.

Mr.Swayze–You are in my prayers each & every day–You have been my idol for a long time, you have both the young & old on your side–Keep the faith always, I also am facing cancer, but don’t seem to have the fight you have, may God Bless you for yourself,family & all the work you have done to keep people happy, you always bring a smile to my face,& in my heart— A devoted fan (oldster)

Dear Patrick,
I,m so disoppainted in life, that you must have this dissease, you have not disurve this.
Baby go on fighting, i now it is so hard, i understand, you do the best you can. it does’nt matter wat some people think or say, you do it for you’re own and for you’re family.
My heart is by you and you’re family.
That’s the harted part.
good luck patty

iosip mariana @ 12/18/2010 at 6:39 am

I know he was fighter!He did everything that it could be done!I still
meas him!It’s only a year seans he dided!
I don’t know what to say! Sometimes thear is nothing you can say
to a person in such a caz!Everyone remembers his films,his music!
He was an incredible person and an incredible husband!Sometimes life is unfair with us!

iosip mariana @ 12/18/2010 at 6:39 am

I know he was fighter!He did everything that it could be done!I still
meas him!It’s only a year seans he dided!
I don’t know what to say! Sometimes thear is nothing you can say
to a person in such a caz!Everyone remembers his films,his music!
He was an incredible person and an incredible husband!Sometimes life is unfair with us!

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