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Patrick Swayze is a Fighter

Patrick Swayze is a Fighter

UPDATE: Images removed.

Thank you to everyone that showed their support for Patrick — we wish him the best. Cancer is a tragic disease and we all need to raise awareness of how devastating it really is.

Patrick Swayze makes a stop at a Los Angeles gas station with his wife, Lisa Niemi, on Tuesday (April 7).

The 56-year-old Dirty Dancing star reportedly weighs only 105 lbs and has been undergoiing chemotherapy. Swayze was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer last year and recently said that he may have only two years to live.

Reports say that the beloved star has decided to go forward with a “Do Not Resuscitate” order, requiring doctors to let him die in the event that he stops breathing or his heart stops beating. Whoopi Goldberg recently said, “You know what, he’s doing what everybody else is doing, he’s taking it one day at a time. He does not have an expiration date on his backside – none of us do we just know at some point it’s going to happen and that’s how he’s looking at it.”

15+ pics inside of Patrick Swayze as a fighter…

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  • Kiki

    My uncle died of pancreatic cancer last year just six months after he was dieagnosed. Unfortunately no survival rate for this type of cancer.

  • bored2tears

    There really is no reason to post these pictures. Because he is a public figure does not mean that Swayze is devoid of a right to be threated respectfully. I will not click on any more links to pictures of Patrick Swayze … let him die with some dignity.

  • shawna

    Dayum Patrick =( Bless you & this Fight ……….

    YOU will always be remembered as inspiration *tears*

  • jo

    These pictures should be OFF LIMITS…are there no boundaries the media wont cross?? I lost my mom, my dad, a close friend’s mom to cancer and my spouse lost his uncle and his mom is now fighting it. God bless to all the courageous fighters like Patrick. And please if nothing else get this…DONT SMOKE it’s not attractive when it turns to cancer.

  • fresh

    horrible disease. he’s far too young

  • Elise

    The uncle of my sister died of pancreatic cancer last January, only 50 days after he was diagnosed. It was too fast, he died at 51.

  • http://Justjared-aol Ms Beth

    Jared just posted a few pictures and you had to hit “MORE HERE” to see that many pictures. Why the hyprocrisy? If you don’t want to see more, don’t look. I am happy he is not dying in bed and he is on his feet and being the strong Texas man that he is. And he is keeping his vow to be with wife until death parts them. You go Patrick! Go where you want to go and walk as long as you can. And if they want a picture of you showing them how to live and die then so be it. I love the one where he looks right into the camera over his glasses. Bless his heart. Now that is a marriage.

  • dirty

    please,don’t post these photos anymore…

  • ten

    @maya: Thank you!

  • desiree

    I have been reading just jared for several years now…

    for the first time, I found a post that totally offended me.
    I am asking you to pls take down these pictures.
    they may be pictures of a brave man, but for some reason, they are not appropriate.
    I do not think that it is appropriate for anyone to put pictures of a man being eaten alive by cancer in a gossip site.

  • Caitlyn

    I look in the mirror and all I see
    Is a young old man with only a dream
    Am I just fooling myself
    That she’ll stop the pain
    Living without her
    I’d go insane

    Feel her breath on my face
    Her body close to me
    Can’t look in her eyes
    She’s out of my league
    Just a fool to believe
    I have anything she needs
    She’s like the wind

    …my favorite movie, my enitre life, I’ll be devastated if he doesn’t make it.

  • Joyce

    Patrick, You will always be loved and admired. I’m thankful for your movies and the good you did for everyone. You’re always in my prayers.

  • h.

    Way to go, paps. Stalk a guy at a gas station who is A) not currently working and B) DYING. Jared, I hope you didn’t pay the paps for these pictures. It’s only encouraging them.

  • Lisa too

    Just breaks my heart seeing him this way. I’m glad that he still wants to go out and get some fresh air at least. He doesn’t look at all like the man that he once was. I only hope he isn’t in any pain is all. I don’t know what to say to you tall hat posted that photos shouldn’t be taken of him? I know I feel the same as most of you that there is a time when he just needs to be left alone. I think this is the time.

  • Yada

    Patrick Swayze, you are a lovely man and so strong. We love you

  • Debra77

    Jared why was it necessary to show these pics. I think an article would have been better with one picture. It is sad how quickly he has declined. I still could not believe that he was still smoking. So sad. He is lucky that he has such a loving family.

  • all grown up


    Grow up! This man is not going to get well, he is going to die. Yes, this is what it looks like when people have cancer and die. It is a very sad situation. Say to yourself, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

    I think the paps are terrible for taking his picture, but since they did we should use it to educate. Stop smoking and drinking. Have annual screenings for cancer. Don’t be afraid of cancer, be proactive. Pray for those who suffer. Hug someone who is sick or just hold their hand. Don’t forget the caregivers.

    Be strong in your separate journeys, Patrick and Lisa

  • heyhey

    This makes me absoluletly sad :( This should be a wakeup call that nobody should be whining, stressing over life as long as you have your HEALTH. May god help him and his loved ones at this difficult time. Patrick..your are the MAN!!

  • magic_moments


  • gghffffffs

    OMG. he should be left alone by paps, I agree.

  • Cooh

    this is so sad
    we are borned on the same day,I hope he is strong because he needs to be,such a great person,actor
    I wish him the best

  • chick

    Great actor!!! God bless him and his family!!! Stay strong!!!

  • ten


  • Today

    Omg. Seriously, when I saw these pictures I thought they had the wrong man, but realized it is Patrick Swayze! Cancer is a horrible disease. I really do wish him well.

  • Mia2

    I agree with others, please take thse photos down, it is heartbreaking and cruel to not do so.

  • raquel


    My prayers go out to him and his wife and family. Just saw Dirty Dancing the other night and just loved watching him dance.


  • liz86000

    Oh mon dieu…

  • raquel

    #23. ITA!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Seeing these pictures of Patrick makes my heart break. I just lost my mother to cancer. She struggled with it for four years. I myself didn’t experience the pain they are, but I do know how it feels. As for his decision not to be recesitated that is a very good choice! Who would want to suffer like that anymore. My mother was the same, she was hospitalized the last 3 weeks of her life and signed that consent form. We were shocked, but soon came to the realization that if we brought her back, she would only suffer more. I wish the Swayze family all the best in what’s to come. May Patrick and family find peace to help him through this struggle. You all one day look back and think, he was a great man, and a stronger man for battling this horrible disease. Patrick may god be with you and help you through this journey, cause the love of family can only bring you so far. May you suffer with little pain, and little sickness.

    And no matter what anyone says, you are still an amazing son, husband, father, and actor.

  • Tealeaf

    This is a sad, hard moment for Patrick, what does it do for the Razzies to show him so frail..are they that hard up for money

  • bella

    OMG. . .this man is a fighter.
    I think the paps should leave him be and have some respect.
    I agree with comment 21.

  • ktaylor

    sorry jared…. but please take these photos down. you can see he and his wife do not want to be photographed. God bless him and his family…he deserves more respect than this. He has not been photographed regularly in years- why do this to him now?!

  • G

    Patrick, may the force be with you.

    We need to find a cure to cancer right now. It’s taking talented and valuable people away from the world every single day. The US has extremely high cancer rates and it’s inexplicable. Just like Climate Change and the World Financial Crisis, Cancer deserves big capital letters and needs to be in the news.

  • michelle

    I couldn’t recognize him at first if I didn’t see the name. My heart is broken. Hope the miracle happens to this deadly disease. Fight strong Patrick.

  • Tealeaf

    There are other ways of talking about cancer besides taking pics of a very sick man…

  • cas

    wow..poor think….what a brave brave man

  • nanajorskarjociel

    oh my i just wish god could give him a other chance because he trying to get it he fighting really hard and facing life how it is i feel bad and HEART BREAKIN AND feel worst when i see those picture my grandmom pass way from cancer and that diease is horrible but god really knows was best for us and he knows why he do it he got his reasons therewon’t be no answer no questions when it’s time to go i will truly keep him and his family in my prayer at all time PLEASE THE PERSON WHO POST THOSE PICTURE REMOVE IT HAVE AT LEAST SOME RESPECT …..

  • jg

    This is totally disrespectful. These pics should be removed from yoru website. Have some compassion for this man and his family.

  • great

    Frankly this is a bit insensitive of you to post these pics

    it’s not like he’s asking for us, he’s not a tabloid whore

  • great

    Frankly this is a bit insensitive of you to post these pics

    it’s not like he’s asking for us, he’s not a tabloid whore

  • groovacious

    The picture made me tear up.
    Cancer really sucks.

  • lakers fan in boston

    so so sad =[
    i swear not 2 long ago, he was looking great =[
    hope u get better soon!

  • Ana


  • http://justjared sELINA

    He looks so frail i wish him well but jj these photos should’nt be here show some respect he’s dying.


    Patrick, if you read these blogs, I just want to say you have been very inspirational to my family. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. So we are fighting the same battle you are.

    Thank you for your powerful interview earlier this year. Your bravery and gutsy attitude has really helped us cope with this disease.

  • Kirsten

    This truly makes me want to cry :(
    its so hard looking at these pictures
    he is strong and will get through this

    keep praying for him

  • REsi

    I think its a shame that you show these pictures. Show Respect and take them off that should be his privacy.

  • Dude

    Please remove these photos and restore some sense of personal privacy to Mr. Swayze and his family.

  • marei

    we love you patrick

  • sheryl

    *hugs Patrick*