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Sienna Miller is a Golf Girl

Sienna Miller is a Golf Girl

Sienna Miller is seen chatting with a mystery male in London on Wednesday (April 15).

The 27-year-old British actress recently revealed her love for golf.

“I am now a golfer,” she confessed to NYMag. “Not a very good one, but I am keen on golf.”

When asked if she’s ever sunk a hole in one, Sienna replied, “No! Only in putt-putt.”

10+ pictures inside of golfer-in-training Sienna Miller

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sienna miller golf 01
sienna miller golf 02
sienna miller golf 03
sienna miller golf 04
sienna miller golf 05
sienna miller golf 06
sienna miller golf 07
sienna miller golf 08
sienna miller golf 09
sienna miller golf 10

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  • a total fan

    Why are so many actresses getting so thin?

  • pink roses

    she looks like a scarecrow

  • bintk

    Where are her legs?!

  • n.o.l.a.

    so demeaning and post about the Nationwide Tea party than this trash

  • http://Sexy sharyllee


  • Denise

    Her legs look so old!

  • Stephanie

    I love me some Sienna but yikes! She is getting super thin…and I like thin but when you can see bone…that’s not good.

  • Swansong

    That is so gross!! You can see all her bones!

  • ???

    Ok, so shin bones are NOT ridged so I don’t know what’s up with the pic of her lower leg or why you cropped it and gave it it’s own enlargement. Corny.

    Sienna seems to be on here A LOT lately, getting some coin, eh?

  • natalie smith

    …here is the beauty!! …such a young girl …not so perfect after all really other than the fact she is no thin…. she’s got so ugly knees, all vains and bits…ah her lower leg is fuller than her thigh!!!

  • ced

    thats one ugly leg!!!

  • ced

    poor thing has to employ actors to meet her in front of pubs because she is not get any film work.

  • Saveus!

    In another article about this, she said she took up golf because her father loves the game. Is she really trying to convince us all that after all these years, all of a sudden she took up golf because her daddy plays? Sienna couldn’t give a crap about her daddy’s interests! She is playing golf because GETTY plays golf and he is very enthusiastic about it! Sienna is clearly insecure about her place in his life and feels the need to insert herself (read: stalk the married man) everywhere, including on the golf course!

  • sunseeker

    SAVEUS It is a well known fact that Getty is a golf fanatic, they want us to think they are not an item, but Miller lets little bits of information leak, like her holiday on the Turks and Caicos Isle, Getty went there for Bruce Willis marriage. The PR’s are real stupid if they think people will not cotton on to their game. Miller I do not think attended the wedding as she was still here on the 21st March but she disappeared soon after.

  • zara

    she’s still always with baltazer or not…!

    l think she is singel now…!

  • mju8

    oh gross her legs look like that of a bony old man’s!

  • Tara

    Why in the hell do you keep posting about this woman? She’s ugly, she’s done, no one cares about her!!!

  • Bronco

    Don’t let her kid anybody. If she wasn’t still with Getty she’s hadf hooked up with another man 12 seconds ago, because she can’t stand to be without male company.

    But it’s a joke to call her an actress. I act more than she does.

  • omg

    I thought I had bad legs, but those are bad.

  • veronique

    i think she looks great. and her legs dont look old, i bet some of you wish you had her hot and slim body…but most americans are fat cows.

  • sue

    If they were not together word would haved leaked from her camp. The only reason for not being photographed together is an attempt to save their careers. Sorry you two, the public isn’t that stupid. Scarlet S still has that smirk, like she won the prize. Yeah, an addict, whoppee.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • mju8

    it’s funny how sienna’s fans (or should I just say her PR people because she has no fans) always think people are jealous of her. it’s like the only excuse they can come up with.

  • Nativenyker

    Somehow it matters little. Although I would have thought she would involve herself in something a little bit more exciting.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Jen

    Sienna is beautiful, but yes she is too skinny. those legs are not good for my appetite.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Leg’s are perfect! She has the best leg’s to me. They are just a bit a little to white is the problem. She needs a good tan on her leg’s or wear tight’s or panty hose.

  • ollie

    ugh- why more photos of this hag?

  • karma

    Trying to make us think she has a bit more depth than the partying and screwing….hmmmm….like when she “confessed” that she wanted to get a country cottage and garden the rest of her life. Yeah. Uh huh.
    She looks ridiculous, by the way. That outfit is horrid on her, and I wouldn’t be showing those legs. Those boot things she wears are silly.
    By all means, Jared, post more…we can point and laugh some more.

  • c

    This is the problem with SM, she just won’t let go. Keeping the affair discreet means keeping it under the radar. Popping up in LA after the married man is spotted with his family or talking about the married man’s favorite past time is not keeping the affair discreet/under the radar. This lateset admission about golf is yet another attempt to rub the affair in RG and her kids faces and keep everyone updated on the status of her affair. If she leeps up this nonsense she won’t be appearing on Broadway.

  • Zoe


    G E T L O S T

  • The truth

    Beautiful a actress Sienna Miller admited to Vogue magazine today: “I’m dumber than a box of rocks. I thought I could get away with having a married man. When he wouldn’t leave his wife, I made sure she found out about it. Now, The whole world hates me, I can’t get a job, I’m running out of people to sue for money, and I’m totally screwed. My only hope is to appear in fluff pictures with fluff headlines enough so that everyone forgets that I am a talentless, man stealing, family wrecking ho bag. It’s not working so far because I keep saying stupid things without thinking and regret it later. The only thing keeping me going is that I drink enough to forget my life is wrecked. I might end up taking over for Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune. Please help me.”

    Now THAT I’d like to hear. The truth, how refreshing.

  • Saveus!

    #14 – I am sure Sienna followed Getty a) to continue their hook ups and b) to convince the world that she is important enough, and enough of a celeb, to have been invited to Bruce Willis’s wedding! (Hence telling everyone she had ‘holidayed’ there). I am sure we would have seen pictures of her at the wedding, with BIG headlines if she had been invited! No, she isn’t fooling anyone. But the more pictures I see of her, the more desperate she seems.

    Anyone notice that this woman walks and stands like a child? It comes across as an attempt to look young and vulnerable. It may have been endearing at one point but at 27 going on 28, it’s irritating and pathetic! Plus we all know now that she is an old pro when it comes to working the media so who does she think she is kidding?

  • A

    you misquoted her, JJ. she said: ““No! Only in butt-butt.”
    that’s why her knees are so bruised. too much doggy-style. and bjs.

  • john mealey

    Why do we have to be reminded of this ugly slut when we visit your site….she is desperate for attention please boycott husband stealing young actresses who don’t care about anyone but themselves….

  • lakers fan in boston

    she has nice legs, but they arent looking so good in these pics
    they look skinnier than usual
    anyways, i like her outfit, looks really cute
    and her face actually looks pretty decent as well =]

  • cosi

    meat falling off bone – gross. i’ve been that skinny -it’s not the skinny, it’s the hard lifestyle that’s robbing her skin and flesh of the collagen, elastin, etc. usually present in youth.

  • sue

    Wow, now the “golf” link to Balti, guess she will NEVER let him go. Still no legal paperwork filed on his or her behalf. Months ago there were discussions on line about Balti and the wife quietly working on a settlement. If so this must be the longest pre legal separation in history. Anyone out there familiar with Balti’s peeps, are they saying he is still with Scarlet S? Boycott her on Broadway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faith

    omg what?! her legs! they are seriously making me want to barf!

  • A

    and there is one more movie for ya
    if you could handle it, of course

  • nativenewyorker

    Bloomin blood clot.

  • london

    wow c ! you only typed few lines this time, give us some more of your words of wisdom

  • jazz

    Too much coke and booze methink.

  • jazz

    It’s creepy that her legs are bigger than her thighs.

  • jazz

    It’s creepy that her legs are bigger than her thighs.

  • c

    london(aka yay) or the resident stalker

    Now that’s an improvement, you managed to post a response without
    NAME CALLING or hiding behind a different name. You must have had a good day at school yesterday. You have been posting here (under different names of course) for how long and your only response is “give us some more of your words of wisdom”? What I like about london/yay is that she/he still thinks that his/her insults are witty/clever. On a serious note, if you are so offended by my posts, then STOP READING them? Just because your mom/teacher gives into you tantrums doesn’t mean that you are going to get the same results by throwing tantrums on a message board/following other posters from thread to thread to show that you know how to string together words to form insults.

    Thanks for yet again taking the TIME and ENERGY to demonstrate how media blogs influence the thought processes of preteens/teens. London/yay is under the impression that being “pretty’ and wearing “pretty” clothes makes SM a good person and that anyone who says otherwise is a an “ugly/old cheated on” woman. The folly in this preteens/teens thought is that he/she ignores the existance of compassion, respect, self-respect, maturity, and responsibility. Being able to write “give us some more of your words of wisdom’ doesn’t make you a hero, it just means that you spend too mich time fawning over SM “beauty or youth” that you can’t even formulate a logical argument.

  • c

    london (aka yay) or the resident stalker

    SM is contributing to her own dismise. She has taken a new approach to flaunting her affair by talking about her “new found interest” in golf which many posters noted was one of the married man’s favorite pastimes. If SM wasn’t so bent on upstaging a mother and her 4 kids, don’t you think the circumstances would be different. As it stands she just can’t let it be and has to let everyone know that she is still sleeping with a man who still doesn’t even love/respect her enough to make real commitments to her. What woman would be gloating over the fact that she is sleeping with a married man who has no qualms about hurting his wife and kids? That’s not admirable.

  • A

    .”Didn’t you know, Getty, that I’m a partywhore? Always have been, and always will be…”
    how do you spell ‘tom sturridge’, BG?

  • A
  • london

    so now i go to school and have teachers?? haha c seriously you are beyond boring, did you go to school at all? oh yeah maybe a million years ago

  • c

    london(aka yay) the resident stalker

    You think that I’m “beyond boring” and yet you just can’t STOP READING MY POSTS . I must not be as boring as you claim because you are still following me from post to post and waking up every morning with ME on your my mind. The fact that you even took the time and energy to complain about yet another “boring” post of mine (which you read) means that I hit a nerve and you are trying to save face. The simplest solution to your DILEMMA is to STOP READING MY “boring posts” or SCROLL past them. AVOID, look it up.

    Thanks for proving that SM fans are so deluded or out of touch with reality that they don’t even see the flaws in their own logic. Your last statement just supported what I said before, this poor preteen/teen thinks that being “pretty and young” makes SM a good person and anyone who says otherwise is “old/ugly and cheated on women”. Splitting (bordeline personality disorder), those who love SM are good people and can do no worng (ie-interesting, young, go to school) and those who won’t condone her actions are evil (ie-beyond boring, million years old, didn’t go to school).

    I take it you had a bad day at school yesterday? Instead of spending your nights/mornings stalking posters who don’t love SM as much as you do, you should get more sleep. Maybe then you would be able to come up with an argument that doesn’t reflect your age level. Since you can only manage to come up with posts which consists of NAME CALLING and INSULTS, it is quite apparant that you “go to school and have teachers”. You are just a naive preteen/teen who has no clue how the world outside of his/her SM fantasy operates. That’s why you are under the impression that your insults and name calling are witty/clever. But to be honest, I’m somewhat amused by your insults and name calling.

    If you are an adult like you claim, you shouldn’t be proud of that. Adults can do so much better than name calling and insults.