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Sophia Bush Launches A|X Watches

Sophia Bush Launches A|X Watches

Sophia Bush looks her usual smashing self at the launch of A|X Watches at the SLS Hotel on Wednesday (April 15) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress paired her Alexander Wang fitted combo dress (in black, blue and aqua) with her favorite Dior “Extreme” gladiator heels. (Sophia wore the same shoes to Thursday’s luncheon.) Others celebs who have been photographed in the same mini-dress include Diane Kruger and Linsday Lohan.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush launching A|X watches…

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101 Responses to “Sophia Bush Launches A|X Watches”

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  1. 76
    ordinary Says:,,20273075,00.html

    You tell me if she is ON “Who’s Hot This Week?” If she is NOT hot then why is she on the list? Hm. It’s not even our own freaking word, someone who works for InStyle actually compliments her style and apperance. See that haters? You can say that but this one just proves how people OUTSIDE of us actually have nice things to say about her. Hm.

  2. 77
    ordinary Says:,,20273075,00.html

    You tell me if she is ON “Who’s Hot This Week?” If she is NOT hot then why is she on the list? Hm. It’s not even our own freaking word, someone who works for InStyle actually compliments her style and apperance. See that haters? You can say that but this one just proves how people OUTSIDE of us actually have nice things to say about her. Hm.

  3. 78
    SARA Says:

    Okay so first of all I want to say that I DO like Chad and Sophia both so I’m not just saying this because I’m some Chad hater and Sophia lover (although I do like Sophia more but that doesn’t mean that everyone who likes one of them HAS TO hate the other one, contrary to popular belief).

    But everyone who’s clearly a hardcore Chad fan always rags on Sophia for dating co-stars. First of all, these are the people she spends the majority of her time with so she gets to know them the best. It’s ridiculous to judge someone for that. Second of all, she wouldn’t even be dating “all these” co-stars if Chad hadn’t cheated on her. I realize people make mistakes and I’m not holding it against him for the rest of his life, but that doesn’t change the fact that it did happen. I’m sorry but I just find it ridiculously funny that the same people who call her a **** for having what…two serious boyfriends since Chad, also don’t give a crap about the fact that Chad proposed to a senior in high school 6 months after he split with Sophia (when they were still legally married, FYI.)

  4. 79
    Gina Says:

    More rave reviews for Sophia and gorgeous photos.

  5. 80
    Kerri Says:

    I THINK I LOVE YOU SARA(#78).lol

    I absolutely agree and I couldn’t have said it better myself. That was a great post and so TRUE.

  6. 81
    jenna Says:

    The same two demented Sophia lovers keep coming back with different user names.

  7. 82
    dr.t Says:

    sofia bullshit is a parasite

  8. 83
    Dana Says:

    People compliments Sophia on this look.,,20273075,00.html

    You are the Bull and the parasite.
    Sophia is awesome.

  9. 84
    Leanne Says:

    post 78 you rock very well said

    its because all the hardcore chad fans have double standards its okay for chad to cheat and okay for him to get engaged to someone when hes still married cause after all chads a saint and they all worship the ground he walks on and hes allowed to do that cause its chad..seriously pathetic how they keep bashing sophia when their idol aint exactly a saint hes anything but one

  10. 85
    Kristi Says:

    CM is a sorry case. Engaged to a lap dog. I guess Kenzie loves him I mean she was a high schooler banging a married man and her parents were all for it. CM has money and tainted fame and that Kenzie thinks she hit the lottery. Chad is still ******** everyone and telling her lies. The difference is Kenzie looks the other way. What a loser she is. No job no nothing, she depends on Chad for everything like a little kid. She can always threaten Chad with the information about her abortion/his baby when she was 17 and he was still married to Sophia. The whole crew knows it and he was telling people Kenzie had cancer and wasn’t feeling well. What a creep.

  11. 86
    xo Says:

    a fat hooker at best..

  12. 87
    drenea Says:

    this has nothing to do with chad so why dont you sophia crazies resort to something else to prop up her pathetic ass

  13. 88
    anonymous Says:

    Sophia is a whorreee so its no surprise she looks one. Hell, she’s soooo loose she could probably stuff an entire watermelon up her vaggg

  14. 89
    Kristi Says:

    #86 #87 #88
    Go away
    Pathetic much.

  15. 90
    Kristi Says:

    Here is a pic of her gorgeous self.

    You garbage mouths need some manners 86, 87, 88.

  16. 91
    tleoniddcny Says:

    oh wellzz…sofia knows how to use her bush. its gotten her far. mr and mrs bush should be proud they raised this little rodent

  17. 92
    deanna Says:

    It seems like Sophia’s parents probably dropped her on her head a lot of times. She’s a fcking wackjob and moron. Have you ever read her messages on her twiiter account? This so called university educated twat doesn’t even know the difference between “their” and “there.”

    Oh well. At least the thing between her legs is well taken advantage of by her co-stars. Sophia=whorebag and that is all.

  18. 93
    Denise Says:

    Sophia does not have twitter.
    Deanna you would be so fortunate to have her intelligence and education.

  19. 94
    Alena Says:

    Well, Well look at this. Its hilarious to see the same two hateful idiots come back to the latest Sophia article and post spiteful shitt because they think since this article was posted last week and has been replaced by newer articles on JJ, other people wouldn’t read it meaning they could post all the shitt they want without people telling them to shut the fuckkk up……WRONGGGG.

    You said the two same Sophia lovers keep coming back to Sophia’s article and posting stuff using different names?? Well hate to burst your little bubble b*tch, but that NOT true. It just kills you to even think that so many people LOVE Sophia doesn’t it? Well guess what? You’re gonna have to deal with it because it’s the truth. I happen to know that its usually the same old 4/5 f*ckers who like to go on Sophia’s articles on JJ and post bullsh*t using different names so don’t even start with that whole “same two Sophia lovers” shitt.

    LOL…..its SO obvious that you’re a Chad crazie. I mean your post kind of gave you away and its also obvious that it bothers you when people say shitt about Chad. Well here’s a revelation for you. If you’ve ever gone on CMM’s articles, then you’d see that his idiot fans like to bring up Sophia. So before you sit there and preach about this being Sophia’s article and people shouldn’t be talking about him, I’d advise you to think twice before saying stuff thats gonna make other people laugh.

    Hmmmmm….the ONLY whoreee I guess here is You. How does that saying go again? Oh yeah. “It takes one to know.” So since you like calling people whoreees, I bet you must be an expert.
    Don’t hate on Sophia just because she dates hott guys while you just sit in front of your computer talking shitt about people you don’t even f*ckin know.

    Hey you little rodent. I bet Mr and Mrs. Bush are REAL proud of having raised a daughter who is so beautiful, elegant, charming, successful, and rich. I mean, what parent wouldn’t be proud??

    I think it was YOUR parents who dropped your crazy twisted asssss on the floor MORE than just a few times. For starters, Sophia doesn’t even have a Twitter. So before you go around calling someone a f*cking moron maybe you should try getting your facts straight you crazy lunatic. They’re like a bunch of different Twitter accounts supposedly belonging to Sophia and maybe even if a small portion of your brain worked, you’d know that people all over the world like to make up Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. accounts and pretend to be the celebrities themselves. So Deana=Psycho Moron and thats all.

  20. 95
    B Says:

    Haters make me laugh nothing will change she’s the most gorgeous and famous person of the oth cast she’s drop dead gorgeous and she’s a good actress sod eal with it,and if you are not agree who cares ppl will keep on love her anyways so you are wasting your time! ahah

  21. 96
    Leanne Says:

    post 85 (Kristi)

    Did CMM really tell people that Kenzie had cancer? when she didnt

    OMG if he did then that guy seriously sinks to a new all time low hes seriously pathetic

  22. 97
    Ellie Says:

    Peeps are here talking trash because they aren’t allowed to bash on the forums. Bottom line Sophia is on their minds rotfl. Sophia rocks.

  23. 98
    fia Says:

    wow, even hookers look better than that

  24. 99
    Sophia Bush=Sexyyyy Says:

    Wow, Sophia Bush looks incredibly hott and sexy. She’s a gorgeous woman.

  25. 100
    MMA Says:

    LOVEEEEE that dress!!

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