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Susan Boyle's Got Talent!

Susan Boyle's Got Talent!

Britain’s Got Talent sensation, Susan Boyle, has been tearing up the Internets, with her unbelievable performance of I Dreamed a Dream, from Les Misérables.

The unassuming woman completely surprised the judges (including American Idol‘s Simon Cowell) once she belted out her enormous and angelic voice.

Ms. Boyle, 48, goes on to say that she’s never been kissed, never been married and lives with her cat. Her answers were initially met with sneers, but once she started singing, the crowd broke into tremendous applause.

Check out the video below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of this singing sensation – YAY or NAY?

Susan Boyle’s Got Talent!

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  • saudia

    I saw this the other day and wow her performance was really moving, she’s amazing .. I’m happy for her and the exposure she is getting :) such a sweet lady

  • Ellie

    She has an incredible voice. I love the look of shock on Simon’s face when she starts singing. I hope she makes it far in this competition.

  • electric

    It’s funny that people think just because someone is not attractive they can’t be talented.

  • layla

    i thought it was amazing how stupid people were being towards her before they heard her voice. she was amazing. i hope she goes places :)

  • Rita

    She is SO INSPIRING; one can never be too old to achieve your dream. Go Susan Boyle!!! :)

  • ayen

    I cried when I heard her sing. wow. Incredible.

  • lovely

    If she doesn’t make it here, she’ll make it somewhere. She’ll be doing Broadway or some other musical theater before the summer. GUARANTEED!!!

    A beautiful voice and a beautiful persona.

  • Bunny


  • pATIO

    What an extraordinary performance; it is something to behold! I am so happy for her success and inspired by her story. This is one for the good guys.

  • leanna

    wow that was unbelievable!

  • estelle

    Thanks Jared! She has an amazing voice and also a beautiful person as well. I’m so happy for her, I wish her sucess in her dream of becoming a singer.

  • estelle


  • Bijoux

    Greetings fans!
    I thought this woman’s talent was amazing. I was blown away by her magnificient performance.

  • tadow

    I am so angry that she drew jeers for the way she looked. That was a beautiful performance.

  • Yar

    It made me emotional. Now I want to see the show. I wish stuff like that happened on AI. She was inspiring! Where can I see the show?

  • Randi

    I saw this last week and she gave me goosebumps. Her voice is amazing. She gives new meaning to the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Hopefully she makes it far into the competition. She is definitely and inspiration to anyone.

  • nyob

    This is such a lovely story. Good for her.

  • bailey

    I hope she wins, she deserves it. Absolutely beautiful, gave me goosebumps.

  • sarah

    that really made me emotinal. she was so sweet and confident even when the crowd laughed at her. good for her!!

  • tabithacat

    Although I was really impressed with her beautiful voice, I was really depressed by this video. Why would the entire crowd, including the judges, assume that she can’t sing? I mean, really? How shallow is that? And afterward they all sit there like a bunch of self congratulatory pompous asses, looking shocked by her talent. How completely embarrassing for everyone there who behaved that way. I would guess she doesn’t fit into the mold of what Simon Cowell or the rest of the judges and audience think is attractive but assuming that someone who you personally don’t find beautiful isn’t just as talented as the next person is, in my opinion, more indicative of what you are lacking in the brains department, not what they are lacking in looks.

  • Beth

    She’s so good!

    Made me laugh, then cry, then laugh again!

    Inspiration, bless her!

  • aRIA

    Seeing Susan makes me proud to be human again.

    I send lots of love her way!

  • eyna

    she’s such an inspiration!!!

  • chloecat

    It makes you wonder how many unattractive people are out there who are extremely talented but don’t have Susan Boyle’s self-confidence to try to achieve their dream. We need to start seeing people’s inner beauty and not worry so much about their skin color, attractiveness, etc.

  • Beth

    The judges and audience see so many useless, untalented acts that their initial instinct is that she will be bad. Her appearance and mannerisms lead you to believe she wont have much talent. You say they’re all shallow… but im sure your just being a hypocrite.. did you really initially see her and think she was going to be a superstar? I know i definitely didn’t… but was inspired by her courage to get up there, hope she can keep it up!

  • loyal

    She was so amazing, it brought me to tears. She took care of her mother during a long illness. Had no life of her own. Her mother died a few years ago and she decided to follow a dream. An amazing story and so inspirational. We are never too old to follow our dreams.

  • ME2


  • Orchid


  • malibusunrise

    I love this lady, seriously! And NO, please don’t give her a makeover, she’s a real person, finally, I am already sick and tired of blow up dolls.

  • Hello jello

    her voice is truly amazing!!!

  • yeah!!!!!!!

    Well done Susan. You go girlfriend!!!!!!!!

  • sissysissy

    i watched it on youtube and cannot help to watching it over and over. It is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Never, ever judge a book by it’s cover… this is a prime example of that… I hope she goes far in life and in career… that performance was amazing!! :)

  • Pandora

    It seems we’re all in agreement here. Can you imagine how awful it would have been for her if everyone jeered and sneered before she even showed what “stuff” she was made of, then was actually not this singing sensation? I’m so glad that wasn’t the case. She seems to have had no luck or love in her life so hopefully this will open up a whole new world for her. Not only is she mega talented but the woman has gumption!

  • spfxgirl

    This womans voice brought tears to my eyes.

    Her voice really is a one off. Totally amazing!!!!!!!!

    Susan Boyle You Rock!

  • ali

    I have had experiences sitting in a Broadway audience and being moved to tears by a beautiful voice. Look how many people had that experience just watching her on youtube. Amazing – the power of a beautiful voice – the roundness, clarity and fullness of it – it touches the heart directly. Bravo for her. I hope she goes far in this competition, that this opens many, many loving doors for her, and that she not lose her integrity in the process. Bravo, Susan Boyle!!

  • april

    b*tch at 1.24

    eat sh*t you fcuking cow

  • Eileen

    I had already watched this yesterday, and I must say…WOW. Just WOW. She sent chills down my spine. This was so inspiring to me. She is an amazing woman.

  • Jennifer

    Bravo…Bravo. Made me cry too! I love when the underdog prevails.

  • lylian

    Made me cry too. Lovely voice and a really sweet persona on stage. I’ll buy her album when it comes out. Here’s a person who can really sing!!

  • Hannah

    She is bloody fantastic!

  • emily

    she is an inspiration.

  • Alison

    What an amazing voice she has. I was horrified at the initial reactions from people on that show, I mean how superficial people are without even giving them a chance!. Good on her for having the courage to go on there and letting everyone see what she has. Very inspirational indeed and I wish her all the very best.

  • miley cyrus supporter

    i missed this first epoisode

    den seen this on utube wow

    plus ant and dec i luv dem so funny

  • Nativenyker

    God bless her.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • jill

    That’s a HUGE yay!
    Her performance gave me the chills, and I was crying at the end..
    This will show people a thing or two about judging a book by its cover.

    I read some interesting facts about her life here, if anyone is interested:

  • teri

    I also loved her voice, just stunning.

  • Angie B

    Fantastic…Stop jugje a book for de cover!!!

  • sshhii_baby

    I’m ashamed to admit. I really was crossing my fingers for her, when she first came out. I was like, “Dear God, please woman, you better not make a fool of yourself”. Guess, I’m so used to those crazy people on AI. Like that one asian guy who sang She Bangs. LOL! You all know who I’m talking about. So yeah, I was nervous for her. Well, she sure proved me and the whole world wrong. When she sang, it literally moved me to tears. WOW! I’m so proud and happy for her. She was very confident and absolutely charming! Go Susan Boyle!

  • Susan

    Never judge a book by its cover. Good for you Ms. Boyle for throwing it back in their faces. Beautifully done!