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Ashton Kutcher Wins Twitter Race To 1 Million Followers!

Ashton Kutcher Wins Twitter Race To 1 Million Followers!

It’s official! @aplusk beat @CNN!!!

At 2:13am EST, Ashton Kutcher won the race against CNN to 1,000,000 followers. The first twitter user to get there! CNN trailed behind by 1,760 followers.

After winning, Ashton tweeted, “Victory is ours!!!!!!!!” He and his wife Demi Moore (@mrskutcher)then proceeded to dance around the room to Kool & The Gang‘s “Celebration.”

Tomorrow, Oprah will make her first 140-character tweet on-air tomorrow on @oprah. Appropriately enough, her guest tomorrow is Ashton, who will buy 10,000 mosquito bed nets for World Malaria Day April 25 since he crossed the million mark before CNN. Mosquito nets all around!

Also tomorrow, Mr. Kutcher will appear on Larry King to talk about the race to million. And as promised, Ashton will ding-dong-ditch media mogul Ted Turner‘s house.

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  • hello

    how lame

  • Alyssa

    congrats Ashton(;
    haha.I’m watching him live on Ustream right now.

  • rei

    Hey JJ — I got a print screen of apluk passing the million — want it?

  • Just Jared

    Yes, please. Send it on over!

  • Stephen James

    Wow, congrats Ashton! Mean as!!!

  • rei

    There you go !!


  • Just Jared

    @rei: Thank you!!

  • mertz

    by the time it takes your internet browser to refresh the whole thing is over. thanks for finally posting about this jared! congrats to ashton. diddy is supposedly on larry king tomorrow night too, oh and the 1 millionth twitterer person. i don’t really get the site, but it was an amazing thing to see history go down. tv news is about to self-destruct.

    oh and the cnn people are awake at 2 pm eastern. people on the west coast are lucky :(

  • mertz

    oh it’s 240 cnn reached a million. gah. was the guy who was following this and breaking the whole thing down by the time and how many # of followers both kutcher and cnnbrk got right?

  • mertz

    was the guy who was following this race and breaking it down by the number of followers for kutcher and cnnbrk, right about the time?

    and cnn is matching the nets thing.

    omg. larry king is still awake…wait he just finished reporting from the border so he’s on west coast time and not in new york. either way this whole thing was SO MUCH FUN!!!! i got to hear some trash talking and see all kinds of stupidity, and now everyone is trying to out twitter cnn and ashton. cnn (the enitre networks twitter accounts) has more followers than anyone else. what’s up with all the other news stations? are they sleeping at the helm here?

    rick sanchez is definately not on his twitter right now.

  • mertz

    oh and susan boyle will be on larry king tomorrow too, and msn wonderall has a funny take on all this stuff

    i can’t believe weird al has a twitter. does bill nye have a twitter account? this twitter thing is way better than facebook and if they get some music apps it’s gonna challenge myspace. anyone know if the site has game apps?

  • mertz
  • hello

    @mertz: larry lives in los angeles so he’s always on west coast time.

  • mertz

    yeah i know. he was in ny a couple weeks ago…i won’t pretend i know the guys schedule, but yeah i knew he was back home.

    well i’ll be steering clear of twitter from now on. people on there are too funny & redundant.

  • mertz

    i doubt kutcher and co can end all malaria deaths, but it doesn’t hurt to try, then try some more.

    okay the real question here is, who do you prefer to hear your news from someone like ashton, who for all purposes can be a “normal” person like the rest of us, or someone like uhm a lou dobbs, an anderson cooper…people who actually “work”…it’s all entertainment to a certain point, but who do you want to hear your news from, the celebrity or the news/minor celebrity. does it really matter?

    where would you perfer to hear/see your news, on the radio (extinct. i love radio!), tv, or the internet?

  • Punch-the-face-of-god

    Ashton Kutcher is an idiot. He is a bad actor, a worse comedian, and a retard of a human being. Apparently he declared it as a victory of ‘we the people’ over the ‘establishment.’ How is a contest, by an actor who gets paid millions and millions by different establishments, hosted on a website that’s about to be bought by GOOGLE of all things, a victory of the common man when a news source dedicated to informing your average idiot about what’s going on in the world (not that CNN is a good news provider, merely the lesser of two evils)? should have won. If anything is a victory of the people, it’s something the twitter admins were struggling to keep down precisely because it wasn’t set within the little boundaries twitter had set. Enjoy your controlled, corporate-locked lifestyle, you sheep. The only thing that was proved through this ridiculous charade is that if the average human being can use the internet, they’re going to do something stupid like promote an irritation by nature to a status that declares him the biggest queef in the universe, at least to those of us who can realize when we’re being manipulated.

  • twit my ass

    he’s just a child just like his wife who does not want to get old. Pathetic

  • Jen

    This is addictive…they should create a Twitter rehab. oh and Demi looks old!

  • shurly

    This whole thing was stupid. I dunno what his problem was with CNN…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    this in favourite of the real loosers of america!!

  • atlLADY

    While I think it is funny that Ashton Kutcher is trying to challenge CNN, he DOES realize that Ted Turner has practicially nothing to do with CNN anymore? He is too busy building his restaurant business!

  • Annie

    who cares..

  • Dallas

    Dumi looks tired. Ashtray is a twat.

  • h.

    I can’t believe he’s going on Larry King to talk about *this*. Really? I cannot believe the big deal surrounding this. Seriously. He should get out more.

  • ag


  • Laura

    I follow Ashton, and whether you think he a numpty or not, supplying 100,000 mosquito nets is a seriously cool humane thing to do – good for him!

  • chels


  • meena

    is that demi moore sitting behind ashton? without makeup/ how ugly and old …ewwwww!!!!

  • Cals

    hes so funny! I love him!


    @Laura, if Ashton wants to donate 100,000 mosquito nets, he should have done it anonymously, better yet, he should have created public service announcements to promote the cause instead of the stupid thing he did to promote attention to himself like he’s 8 years old kid starving for attention.

  • OH MY

    Quite possibly the stupidest ego-fueled bullshizz so far.

  • facts

    The dude is totally in love with himself. He probably likes the smell of his own feces and makes out with himself in the mirror.

  • lola beno

    @twit my ass:

    so true

  • kaedon

    that’s so sweet. ashton and his mom looks so cute.

  • lakers fan in boston

    omg man congrats for being such a fucking loser
    congrats for donating when u cant even get a job loser
    seriously u r my fucking idol man
    i mean that hat doesnt make u look anymore than the douche u already r
    btw is that ur mom in the background dude?

  • ello

    Pompous Ass and Mrs. Pompous Ass. Yes all this nonsense was for a good cause (the nets) but could he have been a bigger douche doing it? Well with his minimal acting skills maybe he can become a professional tweeter

  • JournalRhythm

    Now all that remains is a case of ding-dong-dutch
    to Mister Turner and to tell Larry King that “I told you such”
    i guess the moral of the story is I’d get more views
    writing about Ashton Kutcher rather than about news

    To hear me sing my full summary, watch:

  • Laura

    @TIM GUNN:
    Tim you said, “if Ashton wants to donate 100,000 mosquito nets, he should have done it anonymously, better yet, he should have created public service announcements to promote the cause instead of the stupid thing he did to promote attention to himself like he’s 8 years old kid starving for attention.”

    You may have a point, but the fact is Ashton didn’t choose to do it that way.
    It may well be all about his ego, but I don’t care!
    Thanks to Ashton (and his ego) 100,000 mosquito nets are hopefully going to help saves lives.
    Job done – surely it doesn’t really matter how it came about – does it?

  • AntiTwit

    Ashton Kutcher? Ding Dong Ditch? Demi dancing because her juvenile husband received more attention that the next guy? And all of this us making news??
    We’ve become a nation of idiots.

  • hotmilfchocolate


    no, demi, no!

    never w/o makeup!
    never in natural light!
    never caught on webcam!

    omg. she looks like 75, while his young a@s looks like john-boy from the waltons.


    aye carumba.


  • MMA

    Thanks God he won. CNN is dumb.

  • rvtwt

    It looks to me like youve just got a CSS problem, not a javascript problem. Adding:.textwidget{background: #FFFFFF;}to your stylesheet should give you the white background, but if you want it to look exactly like the other widgets, (with rouned corners and same fonts) youll need to make sure the textwidget class has the same css as sidebar ul.If you need a better explanation or just want me to fix it for you fill free to email me.

  • thisguy

    that guy’s always been a fool- even from the 70s show didn’t like some of his jokes-esp. the racist ones towards Fez, and how could he exploit his own wife Demi like that a while ago with the explicit photo he took and publicized of her?- I mean come on Ashton, you’re the husband- do you even know what that means?- if you really love your wife you should have more respect for her than that- sad…I feel sry for Demi…

  • analog kid

    Ashton Kutcher is an idiot. when is this guy going to start acting like a MAN ,instead of a teenage boy???

  • goldenshower

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