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Gabriel Aubry & Agyness Deyn: Model Match

Gabriel Aubry & Agyness Deyn: Model Match

Models Agyness Deyn and Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry‘s main man) wear matching pastel outfits as they film a commercial for hip Japanese brand UNIQLO in Manhattan on Thursday (April 16). No word on what the top secret shoot was for.

Halle, 42, recently told Harper’s Bazaar where she gets all of her energy from: “I have a 33-year-old man. That’ll keep your mojo mojo-in’.”

10+ pictures inside of model match Gabriel Aubry and Agyness Deyn

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gabriel aubry agyness deyn 01
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 02
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 03
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 04
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 05
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 06
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 07
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 08
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 09
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 10
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 11
gabriel aubry agyness deyn 12

Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • eden

    for some reason i feel like having Cotton Candy and Mint Chocolate Chip….?

  • LuckyL

    He must worship her. He seems like the cater-to-his-woman type.

  • whatever

    Bitch is flirting up a storm with that guy…Berry better watch out….

  • nop

    @eden: me too

  • yo

    they seem to have chemistry than he does with the old hag.

  • lala

    i know, do you see her eyes!!! but I don’t think he’s having it

  • Yily

    What the heck are they wearing? Is this a photoshoot? Those are some ugly clothes…I wouldn’t caught death wearing them.

  • Lynn

    Damn, he’s hot.

    [but yeah, what IS up with the clothes?]

  • h.

    No man should ever be wearing pastel. What the hell? lol

  • Tim Hunt

    I would be caught dead in some of these clothes. (Unless my relatives get there in time to secure my rep!)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    At first glance he thought he was “DATING” a fellow-compagnion: AN HOMOSEXUAL BOY, folks!!

  • ashley

    He is insanely gorgeous! WOW

  • really

    Hi eyes are so non-emotional. i think it is a trait. That is why many think he has no feelings for Halle. I think he is incapable of showing emotions with eyes. Because this model is flirting with eyes and body laguage (I guess for the commercial) but he has nothing for her.

  • gjgjjg


  • hi

    they look more like a ideal couple and gorgeous at that..shame that he has messed his life with berry but for some reason he will wake up and find that she is not for hi but will still be there for his offspring..

    wonder if halle saw this and got insecure MAD as ever u know the loopy type and charaded the whole nahla hospital thing to get gabriel to panic and worry for nothing…halle is very manipulative as anything

  • Lani Mercado

    Post No 16 get a freaking life don’t pay too much attention on other people’s life

  • mju8

    lol aren’t YOU post no 16

    agyness looks very cute in pink

  • MickeyVonDutch

    @gerard Vandenberg: Mr. Vandenberg, Like that little boy from The Sixth Sense who sees dead people you see gay people everywhere. It think it’s high time you made an appointment with a shrink in order to deal with this obsession. Is there something you’d like to share with us?

  • Razorback

    hi @ 04/18/2009 at 1:13 am

    B&tch please. Hallie is the beard winner. You and all of the other jealous overweight hags wouldn’t even know this guy’s name if it weren’t for her. Gosh. Why are people in this country so stupid and jealous?

  • Leina

    Why are some of you hating on Halle? She is beautiful and so is Agyness. However, he is with Halle and they have a gorgeous daughter together. I find it weird when people wish bad on other people’s relationships. They are a beautiful couple. Are you jealous or just bitter?

  • #15

    #15 the doctor thing wasn’t staged please to get Aubry’s attention. He couldn’t careless about her or the kid. He does as he pleases. Don’t buy the bit that when he’s in town he does most of the caring/diaper changing of Nahla. Halle, the Nanny or her mother probably do it. You can tell by how uncomfortable he is when he holds the kid. Me thinks all’s not well at Halle’s home and hasn’t been for awhile despite how it comes across in the tabloids/internet gossip blogs.

    Please Halle’s not jealous of Aubry please, get real. Possive maybe. She knew he had to work on this photo-shoot/commercial that’s why she and the abused women’s shelter she supports called off the her charity golf tourney due to some water/greens problem with the country club. The event was booked in plenty of time. My guess is while that may be true, she canceled it because she couldn’t show off Aubry. Real charitable of her. They could have moved it to another country club.

  • don’t think Halle’s worried

    seriosuly, don’t think Halle’s worried by these pix, her paid pseudo in-vitro sperm donor looks like such a fruit in those pix. when he’s going to stop trying to pull off he’s straight.

  • @19

    Do U mean bread winner or beard …LOL?

  • did U see aubry’s circus pix

    did u see Aubry’s circus pix from last year. he looked as ridiculous in those as these he and some model don’t know if it was agyness where they’re holding the hands of a monkey while aubry was dressed up like a circus emcee. if I can find the link i’ll cite it here.

  • my fav pix

    My fav pix of them is from another site, where they’re runny down the stairs…Gabe looks like such a fruit in that photo.

  • Heather

    Dang he went from Calvin Klein to this? I know he need the money but damn.

  • Heather


    I never seen a pic of Gabe and Nahla just by thier myself

  • mimi

    Heather @ 04/18/2009 at 5:10 am
    What’s the matter Heather, you go on every site hating on beautiful women, never have anything nice to say about anybody unless they are ugly. You must be damn ugly yourself — insde and outside and that’s worse. A sad bi*ch you really are. Halle, her man and their baby are doing just fine and may be, if you have something nice to say about another woman for a change, your life may not be full of ugliness, ugly people do get lucky with good looking men sometimes if you have a good heart. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

  • F_U

    @ mimi

    Calm down, it’s not that serious

  • nativenyker

    Lord knows if I had that at home I would be riding it as well. He is FINE!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • gem

    Sorry but imo, the ads of Gabriel and Doutzen for CK is the bomb. I think he doesn’t have any chemistry with Agyness.

  • mju8

    Heather, there were photos of just Gabriel and baby Nahla a while back. Just do a search.

    as for Agyness and Gabriel being a couple I dont think it’s likely. she’s rumored to be newly seeing the lead singer from Phantom Planet – lolz she is such a groupie! lucky girl gets with all the rockers

  • Heather
  • Heather


    Was they just by thier self


    Halle has nicer legs and facial bone structure. But, Agyness is cute and blonde. Both are striking. Personally, I think that the Verscace commercial was a lot more pleasing to the eye. He and Halle make a beautiful couple. And throw in the daughter and you have an eye candy parade.

    I don’t see anything “gay” about the man. In fact he looks a lot less gay than the average t.v. reporter and the average Hollywood actor.
    It used to be that ice skating was the coveted position that Gay men aspired to. Now, it’s the media. It’s really cute. They are all so gitty about the impending Gay Marriage in a few states. I’m glad that discrimination against Gay men is not socially acceptable anymore. Hasn’t been in Canada for a long time. So as for him being Gay—why wouldn’t he live that lifestye if he were. He’s a Canadian. Less stigma there. And he has his own money. Once you get the first million, the second isn’t worth that much. And he was already rubbing shoulders and hobnobbing with the “upper elite”.

    He’s with Halle because they have chemistry. I believe they are soul mates.

  • brent

    No offense to agyness but she’s not that beautiful…

    Doutzen Kroes and Jessica Stam imo are the real beauties. Hopefully both of them will become angels for VS cause they’ll bring some class to the brand.

  • wee!

    i love Agyness! she’s a hottie and a cutie!

  • abby

    poor Gabriel, he’ll never be anybody but Halle Berry’s man.

  • theBEAT

    Agyness has grown her hair. she’s such a cutie. she was so hot on the burberry ad.

  • amina

    when i first saw this post i thought it was LACOSTE but i dont see the logo so i guess not

  • bridget

    Gabriel is gorgeous. The female mdel on the other hand.. is hideous! Her legs look awful..her face..her whole body… she is a model of what NOT to look like..yuck!

  • huh?

    LMAO….at the comments. Who cares if Aubry is really straight, bi, gay , tri etc. ?

    Couldn’t care about AD’s looks, looks like a crappy photo shoot to me.
    Gabe doesn’t have as much $$$ as people think, have insiders in the fashion/other industry. He has very expensive tastes and is supposedly in debt up to his eyeballs. He’s not rubbing elbows with the upper elite, please. Halle pays most of the bills in their relationship.

    Chemistry w/Halle–something has always been off, forced sorry. Even the photos of them/him holding her hand etc look like she’s more into him than he’s into her. Don’t get the big deal with them, not hating, just don’t see it.

    What photos of Gabe alone with Nahla? Halle’s been present for most of the photos unless you’re talking about the photos of him carrying her in her carrier in Vancouver, he’s never been photographed w/o Halle being present.

  • gay comments?

    WTF? They’re are plenty of gay men in Canada, Quebec, Montreal. Where have you been?

    Gay comments about Gabriel have been surfacing since day one. Stigma being a model, into cooking, art, interior design etc. The way he is with Halle, his walk, dress, demeanor, mannerisms. Him twinking out in the media when he gets excited etc. Used to wear tight jeans etc. The way he holds Nahla etc. No chemistry between he and Halle.

    Who knows if he is gay or bisexual or if his association with Halle is what she says it is or if it’s more like an arrangement w/him like Oprah and Steadman?

    I know there have been comments on the Internet from people who claim to know him from high school who swear he’s not gay or who have dated him or have friends that have dated him and the verdct is 50-50 in the bed room department.

  • #43 etal

    Doesn’t mean a thing kid or no kid golf or no golf. Halle having in-vitro w/Nahla and possibly other doesn’t mean a thing.

    Why are the trolls still bringing this up regardless of what their relationship/association is after 3-4 years?

  • anon

    These clothes are what the people from the flyover states call getting dressed up. And these people have the nerve to come to NYC get a job in the fashion industry and try to dictate fashion. LMAO!!
    This picture is proof that these no taste people have infiltrated the fashion and advertising industry. This is supposed to be a commercial shoot. LMAO!

  • ????

    Don’t think Aubry letting his hair grow, having the scruffy beard look, not getting a body wax (earlier modeling pix), remember the swim suit photos–he probably stuffs and no basket like Eric or the others (don’t mean that to sound racist) makes him less gay looking.

  • Ken & Barbie

    Agyness and Gabriel are nice looking but the world is slowly moving way from having that Nordic look as the beauty compass.

    Those clothes though will never be beautiful. These are what you wash your car with or send to 3rd world countries where they promptly tear it up and refashion for their own sensibilities.

  • jessica

    #43, only in obsese low-class, tasteless America are those stereotypes considered “gay”

    Ugh, American’s are so gross.

  • cutie pie

    please that old woman looks better than this skank!!

  • Jaye

    He’s ok. His eyes are not attractive at all. They always look squinty.