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Susan Boyle is Humble At Home

Susan Boyle is Humble At Home

Britains Got Talent star Susan Boyle crosses her fingers in her home in Blackburn, Scotland on Friday (April 17).

The 48-year-old unemployed Scottish sensation lives alone with her cat Pebbles and volunteers at her local church. By now, everyone has seen her tryouts on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent however, Susan will tell you that “it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Earlier today, she appeared on The Today Show and everyone was hoping she’d answer the question on everybody’s mind: Do you have a boyfriend?

But like a true superstar, Susan replied “No comment.”

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  • LolaSvelt

    She’s a great singer, but seriously, we’ve only seen her perform once. Overhyped! Stupid Demi Moore saying it made her cry.

  • Ale

    why is everyone so obsessed with this cow?

  • tina

    She was a good singer, not a great singer. She’s living off the dole, so basically the taxpayers are paying for her to ‘volunteer’ and go on tv shows?

  • Kirk

    I love her!

  • Susan fan!!

    Susan is amazing!!
    I just luvvvvvvvv her so much!!
    she will win the show!

  • kara

    She has such an amazing voice. There is another song of her on Youtube, “cry me a river”, and it’s also very beautiful to listen to;

  • steve

    If she is on JSA (Jobseekers allowance), she’ll have to declare any work she does and any earnings she makes,she is allowed to work under 16 hours/wk and keep her benefit, if she does more than 16 hrs/wk or earns more than 60 quids a wk,she’ll loose her benefit, i know it full well as i work in a Jobcentreplus office in Birmingham,England.Please, don’t shoot me, I don’t make the rules, I just work there.I hope this oportunity gives her the chance to get a job, she’s got a good voice, I think the fact that she chose such a powerful song helped her.

  • facts

    Thats a man baby. Cheerio!!!

  • carlene

    That’s not nice!

  • plum

    her voice is amazing!

  • Elizabeth

    Always have to have the morons on this site who hate everyone and everything because they themselves are such losers. In your eyes she may not be attractive but she has inner beauty and the voice of an angel. The haters on here are the ugly ones.

  • pinks

    amazing spirit and talent

  • camerondiaztwin

    Her voice is spectacular, and you children calling her a “cow” and saying it’s “stupid” to be moved by her singing are indicative of a lot of what’s wrong witth this society.

    Go Susan!!! UP THE SCOTS!!!!

  • emma

    she was on a radio station in Australia and she said that she is single.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she may sing beautifully
    but some1 needs 2 give this woman a makeover, she has a man face
    i wish her all the best of luck tho, hope she wins

  • anthony

    She may not be gorgeous to a lot of us on the outside but man I just heard her version of Cry me a River and it was just stunning, I’m also not saying she has the best voice on earth..there is plenty of amazing voices out there that are also amazing, but she deserves to have hers recognized as well.

  • katie

    she’s beautiful! her voice is amazing as well.

  • thats_right

    I love Susan she is the best :)

  • camerondiaztwin

    lakers fan, that comment is so shallow, you should be embarrassed.

    She IS beautiful. Maybe not by your silly standards, but by God’s. And that should be good enough for anyone.

  • SallyS

    I’m happy for her. I thought she had a powerful voice, not my kind of music but i’m sure alot of people appreciated the performance.
    She seems to have led a sheltered life and I’m happy that she can do what she has always wanted to do.

  • SallyS

    I’m happy for her. I thought she had a powerful voice, not my kind of music but i’m sure alot of people appreciated the performance.
    She seems to have led a sheltered life and I’m happy that she can do what she has always wanted to do.

  • Emily

    I love her, and I find her personality to be so charming. I want her to succeed further in the singing career. I want to be able to be a fan of hers for years! I’d buy her album.

    And besides being a great person… I don’t think I even have to say this, though I will anyway. Her voice? Amazing. To the above comments not recognizing her obvious talent… Are you jealous? Are you a moron? What’s wrong with you?

  • jo

    lakers fan in boston — GO F**K YOURSELF , just because she doesnt look like britney spears or rihanna doesnt mean she isnt beautiful. You are such a shallow douchebag, i repeat GO F**K YOURSELF!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    JUST ADORE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sshhii-baby

    Every women loves to get pampered every once in awhile. Give her a simple makeover. I’m sure she would appreciate it. Feeling and looking confidence is very sexy. Her humbled nature is refreshing. We need more people like her. Then the world would be in better place. Like the lady judge said,”it was a priviledge to see her perform . It was an honor. I want her to succes. This is the one person I can say really deserves it. She is a good person inside out and god rewarded her.

  • ihavenolife

    i don’t care what she looks like, she has a beautiful voice. i use my ears to appreciate music, not my eyes. it’s a pity it took her so long to realize her dream but i suppose that is why she inspires many, it’s never too late!
    and i think she is perfect the way she is. inside and out.

  • Sshhii-baby

    Guess there will alwYs be that one miserable hateful person,who is such a hater! Sweetheart envy is not a good color for you. It makes your chin unusally longer! Odd indeed! LOL

  • http://WWW.WHITETIDELINEDESIGNS.COM JULIE whitetidelinedesigns

    I was awed by her performance and for the genuine, kind and happy looks from the judges as they beheld the unexpected. Susan speaks to all of us who may have insecurities and yet still dares to ‘disturb the universe’ ( T.S. Elliot). Susan’s story touched a huge cord in the collective unconscious of many in the world and that is one reason we celebrate her, as we do and as we ought to ~ she was living a small life in a small village and yet she had made herself a rich, inner life through her joy of singing and that outlet of creativity. I am so happy for her and love to listen to her voice; love her wonderful spirit and character. She is an original, one-of-a-kind; not a cookie cutter beauty, but simply herself. In these times, that is to be honored when so many strive for a shallow shadow of perfection. I wish her all the best and I will never tire of her story and her voice. May her journey be joyous. She has certainly more than honored her dear, departed mother.

  • Bunny

    she looks cute

  • Blah girls!

    OMG! Imagine if she got a boyfriend??? Go Susan!!

  • Teresa

    She was absolutely FANTASTIC! She surprised everyone and I personally wish her the best of luck. she deserves it!

  • Love this story

    the look on Simon’s face was priceless. Her voice needs to be heard too. Go Susan!

  • Charlie

    #11 couldn’t have said it better
    aww i wish her luck with everything!! she has incredible talent–no matter what, she’ll be going places for sure

  • ello

    She is Brilliant. At last someone getting attention for their talent not their sex tapes or drunken rampages.
    She’s got substance.
    GO SUSAN!!!!

  • Ms Boyle

    @Ale: Wow, who died and made you not a cow, cow!

  • babe

    # 1, 2, 3….

    you three are full of crapola. Does she have to sang 4 times before she is a good singer? She’s what most people would agree…real talent- a true singing voice…unlike people like britney spears, etc that need back up singers to help them, etc….

    maybe you need your hearing checked or perhaps its damaged by trash music??

  • Susan

    Ignore the haters. Misery loves company. Let’s not get caught up in their webs. Good for Susan Boyle! The look on Simons face was priceless.

  • sam

    priceless- YES

  • Lana

    she is amazing , I can’t wait to buy her cd

  • ebmo

    some people must be bitter and unhappy with their colorless lives to try to attack this woman.

    How does anyone “know” she is living on the “dole”? Were the details of any finances set aside for her by her mother made public?
    As for singing only one song, her rendition of “Cry me a river” is just as moving.

    Attacking her for looks? Puts your mental age at about 13.
    This womean does not need synthesizers and props to aid her voice and she has stirred people in a way that today’s young, showing singers can never hope to.

    I hope she takes it all!


    when is the rest of this show happening? i want to see more than just that one clip. also she has an amazing voice – but that doesn’t mean she will win the show because her voice is more of a theater voice not a pop singer voice.

  • cain

    @Ale: cause she is so damn talented but down to earth at the same time. oh, and not mean like you.

  • uglysexy

    Show those pompous windbags Sue

  • just me

    I didn’t think her voice was that great.

  • aj

    Hey, if no talents suck as JTimberlake, Britney, Jonas Bros, and Miley can have a “singing” career, then why not this woman? At least she can carry a note and like what ebmo#40 said, without the aid of synthesizers and props. Much luck to Ms. Boyle.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……………………….IS THIS THE NEW PORN STAR?

  • Nic

    Someone said Overhyped…
    Listen to Her rendition of CRY ME A RIVER!!
    She deserves all the HYPE!!

  • winkiewoman48

    Fantasitc :) She reminds me of a Mrs. Doubtfire personality. Reach for the stars Susan. You are 2/3′s there.

  • girlcat420

    @Ale: I think that this woman has the potential to spread her wings and follow her dream. Her voice is truly a gift- I’m a clasically trained musician- this gal has true talent from within!

  • ello

    The more I hear from her the more I like her. She deserves to get everything she hopes for.

    GO SUSAN!!!