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Zac Efron: GQ Outtakes Have Arrived!

Zac Efron: GQ Outtakes Have Arrived!

Outtakes from Zac Efron‘s cover shoot with GQ have arrived!

Last night, the 21-year-old actor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. During the show, Zac told a funny story about being starstruck by the stunning Angelina Jolie. (Vanessa also happens to be in love with Angie.) Check out the video of Zac‘s story on JJJ!

Check out the Zac cover shoot outtakes at Don’t miss the one of him shirtless and balancing on the top of a parking meter!

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zac efron gq outtakes 01
zac efron gq outtakes 02
zac efron gq outtakes 03
zac efron gq outtakes 04
zac efron gq outtakes 05
zac efron gq outtakes 06
zac efron gq outtakes 07

Photos: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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  • me


  • http://justjared zanesssssssssssssa

    hey zac looks great

  • zanessa fan 12

    he look so sexy ,i love you zac efron! did any one see 17 again? i did. i love it. i think zac did a great job on the movie.


  • gerard Vandenberg

    but what about th D*LDO’S, folks?

  • M

    I don’t like him….too boring….

  • ab

    Bad photoshop… in some pictures, his head is not in proportion with his body.

  • Jen

    he looks great.. just saw his new movie and it was soo good.. very cute…

  • athena

    Yeah, thanks, I was looking for the outtakes…Thanks JJ.

  • rlmal

    Vanessa Hudgens is so lucky!!!

  • athena

    @ab: I don’t think it’s photoshopped, but how the photographer shot them…

  • athena

    Wow, look at his muscles…he’s soooo fit…Go Zac…can’t wait to see the movie tonight…So far, it’s been nothing but great reviews…let’s just hope it will be a big opener in the US for Zac and Cast!!! WHOO HOOO!!

  • sheila


  • Kate

    WTF? why does it look like hes coppying Robert Pattinson’s hair?

  • Alice

    Gross, he looks like a mannequin.

  • Sophie

    @kate:really, how can zac copy robert pattinson doing a photoshoot?
    do u know the hairstyle, the outfits, the locations and the way he has to pose are decided by the photrograph, the stylist ecc ecc?
    then how can he really copy someone just cuz of the hair or the way he moves?ò.O he didn’t choose anything of those things and u know it!in his normal life he doesn’t pretend to be someone else, just zac.
    sorry 4 my bad english.
    peace out, zac ur the best, i’m really proud of u and ur choices, keep doing exactely in that way and u’ll reach high goals.
    i wish u all the best!=)

  • nikkkki


  • nikkkki


  • creativegirl

    i know i shouldn’t think it cause i’m old enough to be his mom – but gosh he is just the most adorable thing. So cute you wanna take a bite of him…

  • pinkydinky

    He looks dirty and smelly and full of himself, needs a lesson in humility.

  • kristupe saragihe

    I am curious…Is the cover photo and some shot photoshoped to make his head bigger? his head looks so big compared to his body…weird.

  • Athena

    He looks…off. I dunno what it is. Photoshop?

  • Naima

    Really #20, funny I see him as just the opposite, he’s articulate, intelligent and very down to earth, he’s a little too feminine for me but then again so is Leo and he’s still hot. I like this kid, I think if he stays this cool he will have a long and prosperous career, he’s easy on the eyes for sure.

  • chels

    @rlmal: iknow:( im jealous… besides of being hot he is down to earth and humble=)

  • loren


  • pinkydinky

    Flash in the pan, not a long term player in the biz… already backing out of films (footloose) Remember what happened to J. Aniston)

  • lia

    angelina jolie is so overrated.

  • http://www.fdsffssfsf.xom Fersken22
  • ??

    did they photoshop his head on a body? wow, it just look so bad,
    i love seeing bad photoshopping in magazines, isnt that there job? i think they should be good at it!

  • pinkydinky

    lia: comment has nothing to do with Angie, was referring to carrer choices. Stay with your strengths (H.S. Musicals) and don’t start with the “I want to be a serious actor” BS.

  • lia

    What? anyway I was just stating that I think she’s overrated and I don’t get why all these disney stars admire her so much and how she’s such a saint(yeah right) and crap. I can think of better actresses than her like Cate Blanchett or someone else. on topic, zac looks okay.

  • Purple

    well…he looks as fug as always…and yeah I agree…what’s with the hair? GQ used the same people that did Rob? problem being Rob looks like that on a daily basis and Zac looks…wrong…

  • Naomi

    I really find it amusing when people are so bothered by a so called loser that they plunk down on his thread like a broken record and keep predicting his future, like if you say it many times, it becomes true. How silly.

    And what an inane logic. Backing out of not so good roles for better roles is just one of the many reasons that he is here to stay.

    And for your info, his strength is not musicals, he’s neither a natural singer or dancer. He started with challenging dramatic roles like playing an autistic child in Derby Stallion. That sounds like a ‘serious actor’ role to me, in moving to the Charlie st cloud movie, it sounds like he’s returning to his strengths which is where you want him to be isn’t it?

  • lia

    Anyway I’m seeing Zac everywhere. On Perez, here, talk shows, and such. And he’s apparently been praised for his preformance in 17 Again. What is he, like the next Leonardo DiCaprio(probably not) or someone?

  • christine x3

    ooooh yeah.

  • tree

    Saw 17 Again this morning and it was very good. I thought Zac did a great job. Congratulations Zac!

  • roxie

    Congratulations to Zac… pictures! The reviews in my newspaper for 17AGAIN are not very good…only 2 stars, but I’m sure it will be a hit with the tweens and evidently the cougars also!

    Poor Ms. Hudgens she has nothing to do but follow him around like a little lap dog. What will she do when he dumps her, and he will. As for BANDSLAM, don’t hold your breath waiting for that one…..sounds awful.

  • Taah.hudgens

    yo’re amazing
    Vanessa is so luck

    Vanesa and Zac 4EVER


  • Malia

    They should have used this close up picture on the cover of GQ:

    I saw “17 Again” today. Zac did an awesome job. Yeah for him!!!!

  • confused

    is it just me or can no one else get on jjj right now

  • Karen

    Yeah, Naomi! Yes, well, it looks like this thread people have FINALLY come up with a new line—photoshopped… I guess that is the new catchphrase we will be seeing now about him. They went with the gay and makeup stuff for like the last 2 years so now they will show their anger and jealousy with this new term. The thing of it is, it doesn’t stand up any better than the other two terms they used. They would be much more ahead if they just kept their mouths shut.

    And I see the tired old comment about Vanessa is here aleady too—the one that she has nothing to do but hang on his coattails. I wish these type posters would learn that if they are going to be effective in making people believe such garbage they need to be a lot more informed about the person they are trying to insult. Being mostly fans on this board those kinds of comments make the people posting them really look idiotic.

    Yes, Malia, I agree. I love that blue suit that Zac has on on the cover but the picture of him is not anywhere near as good as some of the other pictures. The one you posted is really wonderful.

  • Karen

    BTW, I can’t access JJJ right now either.

  • Marie

    Zac is so hot and sexy.

  • lai

    i love him.

  • Michelle


  • Malia

    Zac Efron is marvelous in “17 Again.” He’s everything DiCaprio is not: natural, at ease, funny, and not trying to impress anyone with that showy, actory catnip elitists adore but only breaks the spell for the rest of us. Leo hasn’t given a believable performance since his work in “Catch Me If You Can” seven years ago. Efron, however, has the makings of a bona fide movie star. He may never do Shakespeare in the park, but I bought every second of his performance. He has presence, a masculinity that belies his appearance and he carries himself with an impressive confidence.


  • ilovezanessaxo
  • MB

    i love him sooooooooooooooooooo much

  • Lana

    zac is handsome and we love him more than anything for his personality and character :)

    he has so much potential and he is
    so funny and cute.

    what a hunk.
    anyone else who thinks not, lets see your taste in guys then psh!

  • Elisa

    Does he really have that disproportional head? It looks HUGE in some of the pictures, like a teletubie or something.