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Black Eyed Peas - 'Boom Boom Pow' Music Video

Black Eyed Peas - 'Boom Boom Pow' Music Video

Check out the new Black Eyed Peas music video “Boom Boom Pow,” the lead single off BEP‘s upcoming album The E.N.D. has stated that The E.N.D. stands for “The Energy Never Dies.”

“It’s a diary … of music that at any given time, depending on the inspiration, you can add to it,” explained. “I’m trying to break away from the concept of an album. What is an album when you put 12 songs on iTunes and people can pick at it like scabs? That’s not an album. There is no album anymore.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new BEP music video — YAY or NAY?

Black Eyed Peas – ‘Boom Boom Pow’ Music Video
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  • T

    can’t wait to hear more from the album

  • Connie

    BEP is back!
    Love the video. Love the song. :]
    Also can’t wait to hear more.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    “SHOOTING” is a familiar sound in AMERICA, folks!!

  • Lynn

    yeah, umm, no.

  • lj

    pretty awesome.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    This video is really good I think, but I can see how it may have to grow on some people.

  • tiffany

    I expect this from BEP! I love the song and the video. This was the concept Kanye West was trying get with his album but he didn’t do it right. BEP knows how it done!


    they are always doing such original stuff! song and video.

  • Shar

    I have to say, I love BEP, but I hate how artist give their voices that computerize sound, that’s shhit is not music.

  • tngstubbs

    BEP are UNREAL!!! If they ever collaborated with JT and Timberlabd it would be LEATHAL!!!! Great Song!!! Great idea on stepping away from albums…. They R GENIUS!@T:

  • joanne

    right now that song is #1 on billboard. way to come back BEP

  • c dog

    ummmmmm. ill pass. maybe it has to grow on me, but i almost went to sleep looking at the video. its just too much at once. i think artists focus so much on shaking things up and reinvention that they lose quality music in the process………sorry but im not feelin it. lovin fergie in it tho!!

  • snellie

    I like it, but I think Fergie is totally unnecessary…except for her couple of shrieking parts, I think it sounds good!

  • Britt

    Great video!
    Really Different looking sorta!
    But the computerize voices are getting a little annoying!!!

  • Lillianne

    Not luvin it.

  • Chaz

    I’m not a Kanye fan but that similar video he did at the award show was way awesome compared to this.

  • aj

    couldn’t get past 1min of the video. imo, all of bep’s songs sound the same and is overrated. agree with#14 – the voicebox sound is annoying. don’t be fooled. it’s used to cover up bad singing.

  • b.mofasho

    i likec it :]

  • b.mofasho

    i likec it :]

  • lambgirl

    Sucks! This is not Original!

  • Alison


  • Dan the man

    omfg it sux i meant the video not the song

    omg fergie is so hot (sighs)
    shes my number one girl


  • Katie

    The video is good

    The music is pityfully bad… no beat, no groove, lame

  • selena

    Video and song are awful…… I’m so disappointed :(

  • susikrimtus

    it’s not going to be a hit :( sorry…

  • Tom

    I had definately expected something way better from BEP…they used to have the best music videos and music but this just sucks…

  • keiko

    I love the video, very estethic and worked, but…. I definitely say NAY to the sound, although they tried smth new, I expected much better from the BEP! But as a great fan of their music, I can’t also wait to hear their new album!!

  • rii


  • emmaa

    @10 they have collaborated with JT in Where is the Love :)

  • Tatum

    Horrible…is this what music has come to now?

  • Nms

    It’s bad, really bad…

  • Gabriela

    I didn’t like it…
    people are trying to be so futuristic lately!
    sometimes stick with the basic is the best you know….

  • April

    The Black Eyed Peas are a joke. This song is total garbage and the music video isn’t much better.

  • Ayana

    i really like it its very different cant wait for more

  • betinhaah

    i just hated it. for real!

  • Jenn

    Can’t stand the video, hate the song!

  • Mia

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • audrey

    i loved BEP’s last album but this song…it’s givin’ me headache :/
    damn i hope the rest of the album isn’t like that

  • sun

    Even when I heard that song the first time in our meeting, I didn’t like it…now that I’ve seen the video I like it even less!

  • Brazilianbabe

    Looks kinda like kanye west: annoying

  • Brazilianbabe

    @sun: yeah, I mean….I m not getting any boom boom, this song really depresses me! But Im still glad BEP got back together, they were so good in the ‘Shut up’; ‘where is the love’; ‘pump it’; ‘my humps’ and ‘dont funk with my heart’ time!

  • Fergie Fan !


  • WhoDai?

    I love the Futuristic styled Video. I can’t to see what comes next with Black Eyed Peas. Their Back + Boy oh Boy are they Brilliant!

  • sucre

    Must agree they are FAR from what they were when Behind the front came out. The new stuff is almst with no serious meaning, but I still love them all too much to say its not good, so Ill say its cool. And I like the video too.
    But I might be too biased. I just love them too much since the very first songs – and I dont mean Where is the love…

  • roosta

    i love it. not as good as some of their older songs but its not bad, haters.

  • um

    this is music for the cornball crowd. Hip hop doesn’t recognize this group as rap artists but the cornball crowd does. Oh one last thing Will.he. isn’t is ripping off everything Wyclef Jean of the Fugee has and is doing.

  • Brits rule

    This techno music is so 1983! Ewwwww If you are gonna go back go back to an era where artists knew how to sing and try to do that…… No wonder everyone is looking to the British for hot music. The music scene in the US is dead.

  • kathy

    Ewww…. The song was already crap, they managed to make it worse




  • mertz

    so i don’t know about people saying that new bep is less meaningful than old bp…i think it’s a lot of the same things but from different perspective, with different musical flavours. i like the song. i think it’s gonna be a definate summer anthem with everyone rocking fresh style in the next couple months.

    when the video started i was like huh…then halfway through the song i think i got it. i was kinda confused with the stencil images of the gas face and bombs and nuclear tank, but then when the gun changed to the trumpet i got it. it’s a really neat video if you think about it because it’s definately a combination/talking about technology and social/environmental issues (maybe not in the way you expect it to be, but it’s there). there’s also the complete wicked effects with the dancers wearing the leotards/w/e it is, same like in ciara’s love sex magic vid. and for anyone who likes things like transformers and comic books and sci fi or even power rangers star wars stuff, the b.e.p crew are all like different robots with different powers or something. i’m a nerd so i think this is neat. and then there’s the whole diffusion in focus out of focus part when fergie does her solo dance number. oh and the part when their face loses detail and becomes like a mechanical face with just highlights and the deep base voice…kinda like zordan. anyways this video is pretty good. it must have been difficult to come up with the concept and how to execute it with the effects. if you think about it, it’s a lot better than the beckham terminator pic that came out. that i can do easy, but to remake this video would mean a lot of work on different technical aspects.

    who did the video?

    also the comparison with kanye is kinda whack. everyone is on the auto tune shit, and auto tune is nothing new. b.e.p copping this style is nothing new, but it’s what they’re doing with the style that’s kinda neat. oh kanye kid kudi video is interesting too, but that’s not really hard to remake because it’s the same effect throughout the entire video.