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Josh Hartnett is a Mysterious Man

Josh Hartnett is a Mysterious Man

Josh Hartnett holds hands with his gorgeous girlfriend, model Sophia Lie, as he hails a taxi in New York City on Friday (April 14).

The 30-year-old actor who recovered from a severe gastrointestinal problem claims the cause was from ignoring advice about drinking non-purified water in other countries.

According to Josh, “It’s been reoccurring because I have been spending a lot of time in Third World countries, and I occasionally drank the water when I shouldn’t have – and sometimes it catches up with you.”

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Credit: Gardiner Anderson / Carlos Vila; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Bauergriffinonline
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  • sling

    Nice.. your site is back =)

  • faded

    Haha, nice try Josh. I don’t think it takes a genius to put two and two together and realize that your *ahem* activity at the Chateau Marmont was probably what caused you to go to the hospital and not some stint in a third world country as claimed. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  • jeez

    she’s a model.
    I like Josh.

  • Frankie

    So that’s where Katie Holmes’ failed design went…!

    But seriously.. she’s wayy pretty

  • sarah

    why am i attracted to so many guys who smoke. its such a nasty habit but damn he’s hot

  • jimsy

    He’s trash and soooo gay. No bulge. I call bluff on this sh*t,.

  • jimmy

    @jeez: yea He is a Model and she is a s**t

  • gerard Vandenberg

    KEEP IT THAT WAY, please?

  • Marty

    Thats a norwegian model he has been seen with before. Her name is Sophia Lie.

  • HansWurst

    what nike sneakers does HE wear?

  • Jo

    Right Marty, what’s the mystery.
    Silly gossip sites.

  • who cares

    You’d think he’d say “developing nations” if he’d been about.

  • erin michelle galido

    i love josh hartnett :)

  • midgetf0x

    hellloooooo josh…..

  • kim

    i bet his crack is showing…his jeans are practically falling off.

    Who’s the dumb bimbo he’s with…she needs a sandwich and some nicotine patches. And wtf is she wearing……it looks like that ghastly handmade jumpsuit that Katie HOmely made that everyone got a good laugh over.

    Obviously, Josh has some sort of complex if he dated Katie Homely…now he’s hanging out with this model wannabe who could never make it as a model except for the fact she’s a bag of bones.

  • ??

    Josh used to be handsome. WTF happened? Maybe it’s the haircut…

  • Olivia

    He is doing drugs and now blaming 3rd world country water. What 3rd world country has he even visited.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Hitch up your pants, Josh! You’re not 15, the ghetto boy lo-rise look is ridiculous on a man in his 30s.

  • nativenyker

    He does like himself some vanilla…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • iona

    wow, i wish i was as skinny as her, i’m always dieting,unfortunately……and i wish i had a man like josh,lucky woman!

  • Rania

    Gosh, what a goodlooking guy, even when I hate smoking, I still fancy him.

  • EVA

    I’m in love with him, but I see he prefers blondes, no chance for me,then,shame.

  • mimi

    I’d love to pull his trousers down,…….ummmmm!

  • Elena

    Oh, I see he doesn’t mind girls with flat chest, I love him more and more.

  • Manoli

    Joder, que tio mas bueno! JJ, ya era hora de que pusierais un tio guapo como Josh con mas frecuencia, gracias!

  • nena

    He gets better and better with time.

  • EVA

    Josh, what about a slim brunette with straight long hair and blue eyes?………no?….just trying.

  • aNA


  • Emma


  • flc

    Pure hotness! hot,hot,hot!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    we’ve been seeing a lot of him on this site the past week, and i really i no idea why. the c-list isn’t the cool-list. LOL

  • What?

    Jealous you don’t look as good as him and hasn’t got as much talent as him? He is defo an A list actor with block capitals,mate. Don’t look at his piocs if it upset you so much and makes you realise what an a*ss you are.

  • Richard

    #31, I suggest you skip this post ang go to a different one and let the women enjoy themselves on this one. They deserve it, I bet they have fat ugly husbands or boyfriends waiting for them at home, this is eye candy for them, so please let them have a good time and have their say. look at some other pictures…..just an idea.

  • lYNN

    He is not a c-list actor, he is a great actor who hasn’t made it as big as other who call themselves A list actors just because they made crappy commercial movies with stupid predicatble stories that sell at the box office. Josh chooses more good independent movies because of the message they send and unfortunatelly people nowdays pay to go to the cinema to see the other c*rap.

  • lYNN

    ……and due to that, making movies won’t be called ART any more. I can make a better movie recording my pet doing its day to day activities than what I can watch at the cinema nowdays, most of the movies are pathetic.

  • Mojo

    #34 and 35, you are right. And what about tv?It’s not better than the cinema, I bet you get some offers after your comment offering you some money to do a reality tv show about your pet’s life……

  • cosi

    ‘[...] with a mystery blonde’ who dresses in dumpster chic and looks ‘special’ in the worst way

  • eilish

    i don’t give a shi\t about the blond,but i luv joshua.

  • shani

    sorry, I just wet my pants….sorry.

  • Gil

    please JJ , keep posting pictures of Josh,it spicies my day at work.

  • denise

    that is the hell of a lucky girl…….

  • sarah

    yeah, ah,um,…I love me some Josh,.

  • loli

    my sister in law and me are crazy about this guy since we saw pearl harbour, we are not too kin on ben affleck,but this one,oh,my god!

  • Mel

    Jesus! I’ve been ckecking every single one of his posts,…..good job,JJ.

  • Laura

    The ONLY water you should ever consume in any under-developed countries is the water they use to make BEER!

  • Jesse

    I LOVE Josh as an actor, I love his movies, BUT they both look really trashy here. Still love him though.

  • Mila

    Laura, I agree with you.. I went to Egypt last September and avaided drinking tap water, even though, i got a bug or something from some of the food I ate and was quite sick for several weeks, I lost lots of weight.

  • Kiera

    What an underated actor. I saw him in London on stage and his performance blew me away. It’s a shame some other actors are getting so much money just because they won an oscar(all academy politics, imo) and people like Josh are not rewarded for the work they do.

  • what

    Iona, Try the cocaine and cigarette diet..I sure that;s her secret! lol

  • Marco

    She is way to unattractive for a HOTTIE like Josh