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Madonna Falls Off The Horse

Madonna Falls Off The Horse

Madonna was taken to a hospital on Saturday after falling off a horse at the home of photog pal Steven Klein in New York’s South Hampton.

“The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer, who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend,” her rep Liz Rosenberg said in a statement to Us Weekly. “Madonna will be having further tests and will continue to remain under observation by doctors.”

Earlier today, the pair was spotted leaving a Kabbalah Center in Manhattan.

Get well soon, Madge!

UPDATE: Madonna‘s manager Guy Oseary adds, “Madonna‘s accident today was caused by the paparazzi. They spooked the horse she was riding. These guys don’t know when to stop!!”

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  • cute girl

    omg! i hope she’s ok.

  • ihavenolife

    freaking paps! what if she had a head concussion and died? she has children!

  • mju8

    the paparazzi should have known that jumping out of the bushes and flashing lightbulbs in a horse’s face is going to frighten the poor animal

  • BJ

    The same horse should be used to trample on the paparazzi!!!!

  • Shar

    If only that horse would’ve ran over that pap when he jumped out and startled him.

  • six

    startled? she probably freaked the horse out!

  • virtual assistants

    She is old already that why she should not take this kind of activity as well as other activities related to it

  • Yily

    why does she keep on riding horses? last time, she fall on one too. thought madonna would have learn her lesson already. guess not. but hope she’ll get better. best wishes to M.

  • Vinci

    I love a good stolen shot as much as the next tabloid junkie but this kind of paparazzi behavior is repulsive and dangerous. She should sue!

  • JGP

    The behavior of the paparazzi is absolutely irresponsible. I know a shot of Madonna means big bucks but they really acted thoughtlessly. I hope everything is ok and Madonna recovers soon. Get well soon and don’t get on a horse ever again!

  • iceman9

    omg! she fell from the horse? good thing she didn’t fell from bed.. lolz

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………………EVEN HORSES DO NO LIKE HER PERSON, folks!!

  • jess

    Paparazzi are so inconsiderate.
    Horses are not stable…don’t scare them with photo flashes!

  • TABU09

    madge hope you get better. papparrazi need to know when to back down you could’ve had maddona seriously hurt

  • lily

    Who the fuck jumps out in front of a horse?! Idiots.

  • Elaine

    I wish the horse would’ve trampled on the idiot! Assholes. Those guys are leeches. I hope M. feels better soon!

  • nyc paparazzo

    You people are idiots if you actually believe this story. What kind of paparazzi is going to use a short lens and hide in a bush, the suddenly jump out and take pictures of Madonna? Don’t you people realize that EVERY successful paparazzi uses LONG LENSES which require you to be a great distance away to even get a full-length photo? And in a situation like this one, photographing Madonna in the Hamptons while riding a horse on someone’s property, the lens will likely be at least a 600, which means any photographer around would be no less than 150+ feet away. And paparazzi don’t use flashes in situations like this either! The entire story is ridiculous.

  • malcolm

    the government is going to wait until a celebrity get kill by a paparazzi dumb action before they tighten up the law against these fools

  • malcolm

    @nyc paparazzo: you have the professional papa then you have the idiots who’s just trying to make a quick money

  • In all fairness

    Didn’t this broad fall from a horse a couple of years back ( I seem to remember an arm injury)?
    Throw me from the saddle once, shame on you, throw me twice…

  • hot chick

    seriously, she should sue.

  • Naty

    I hope that Madonna is OK. The paparazzi should have more limits, this was very irresponsible, falling of a horse is a series matter hopefully she is in stable condition and this would not have any repercussion.

  • spurs


  • well deserved

    Hahaha did granny break a hip, hope soooo:)
    ps good job paps very good job

  • d

    wow! her confessions tour was after her first fall from a horse, perhaps the next tour will have more horse stuff in it.

    (the confessions tour intro and the first song and other stuff in that tour had to do with horses and her photoshoot by that Steven Klein)

  • Cloud Campos

    Get well Madonna! We love you!

  • Helen

    Some of you people are sick to wish permanent injury or death on someone you don’t even know. Like her or not, she’s a human being and she has three children.

    Luckily her children were not the victims and her injuries don’t seem to be severe. Some of you really need to think before you spew your hatred.

  • ambre

    get well soon M <3

  • arantxa

    Hate the paparazzis

  • LJ

    lol #7 so you say that old people can’t ride ? What a joke..
    Those paps will some day kill someone..

  • lavagirl

    I’m not a fan of paps but #17 makes a good point on how they work. So far we’ve only heard from Madonna’s people and we all know they love to spin things to their client’s favour. Madonna has been in horse accident before, and the cause then we were told was that horse was startled. As far as Madonna’s concern it’s always somebody else’s fault except her own. For your old bones sake Madonna just ride ponies from now on.

  • matt2b

    oooh come on madge dont give me that!!!!!
    the point is shes in need of attention, especially since she was denied about the lil mercy story!

    you’re boring madge, and old, and kabbalist and you should let lourdes dress and hang out withever she likes!! get lost already!!!

  • deonplayground

    @LJ: They already did…Lady Diana.

  • atrium

    Hope She’ll Be Fine
    Love Her…

  • madge

    oh,I feel sorry for Madge,but I hope she will be fine!!!!

  • Sara

    omg!!! they dont know when to stop those IDIOTS!!!

  • ck

    I hate the paps, but don’t believe the story. Guess we’ll have to wait till we see the pics of Madonna falling off her horse. There has so be some, right?

  • Boo

    @nyc paparazzo:

    A horse will spook even at something far away, so who knows what kind of lens it was. Horses are just like that. I have been thrown off seemingly spontaneously, meaning I didn’t detect whatever spooked my horse in the first place. I don’t think the above is an actual photo from that incident anyway.

  • jso

    Did the paps not have their cameras with them? Where are the pictures?

  • rAQUEL

    I don’t like the woman, but something has got to be done about these papps! They are going to cause the death of someone. They are already responsible for the death of Princess Diana.

  • atrium
  • Not impressed by JA

    rAQUEL @ 04/19/2009 at 9:47 am I don’t like the woman, but something has got to be done about these papps! They are going to cause the death of someone. They are already responsible for the death of Princess Diana.
    AGREE ! Don’t forget that Christopher Reeves was tetraplegic from falling from a horse and died prematurely because of all the drungs he was using to get well that has a toll on his heart.
    Those paps should know there are limits not to cross. Some of these days a drama will occur and someone will die. they should be hold accountable of the accident they provok.

  • gisele

    She should be wearing a helmet! What an idoit!

  • emma

    well why isnt she wearing a riding hat then maybe she wouldnt be as badly injured, idiot

  • Nanea

    @nyc paparazzo:
    If you are so knowledgeable, if what you wrote is true, can you please tell me how come that all paproaches I’ve seen are always close to people, exploding their flashes into their prey’s faces, even in perfect daylight, or grabbing people’s clothes, or blocking cars, or scaring little children – although they have long lenses on their cameras and could keep their distance, like anyone with a sound mind would?

    Oh, right, I get it, they’re not successful – and you are?


  • wtf

    Does she really dress up like that to ride horses??? All that make-up crap. She needs to wear a riding helmet too.. she’s too old to be so stupid.

  • JGP


    that pic was taken during her interview w/David Letterman. She didn’t know the horses were gonna be there for her to ride after her first accident.

  • wtf

    OOPS! She did have a helmet on.. my bad.. I am glad.. she’s not so stupid afterall.

  • nottrue

    I agree with nycpaparazzo

    I live in NYC and see the paparzzi everywhere, including int he Hamptons. NEVER have I seen them hiding in bushes, jumpinh out. There lenses are massive.

    Madonna and her people are lying sacks of shit to spread these lies-it’s all because everyone hates the paparazzi, yet WE are the ones who buy the magazines dying to see what photos they get
    Madonna doesn’t know how to ride and fell off. That, or she is getting more plastic surgery and this is all another cover up

  • nottrue

    and a sidenote IF this was true….if there was a paparazzi there taking photos and startled the horse-how come there are no photos? These guys are pros at what they do and ALWAYS get the shot. We would have seen these photos by now IF there story is real

    more LIES