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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Coachella Couple

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal: Coachella Couple

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal laugh up a storm as they hold hands and head to the 2009 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 18) in Palms Springs, Calif.

Poor Jake forgot to zip up his fly!

The couple caught some of the big acts that performed today, which may have included Joss Stone, Paolo Nutini, M.I.A, The Killers, Superchunk, James Morrison and/or The Chemical Brothers.

25+ pics inside of Coachella couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

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reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 01
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 02
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 03
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 04
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 05
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 06
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 07
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 08
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 09
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 10
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 11
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 12
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 13
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 14
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 15
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 16
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 17
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 18
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 19
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 20
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 21
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 22
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 23
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 24
reese witherspoon jake gyllenhaal coachella 25

Photos: WENN
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  • boring fakers


  • Anon

    No1 if they are so boring what the F**K are you doing here, now run along and stick your head in the sand.

  • tina

    Do you think they’re laughing at the big fat girl next to them?

  • Tim

    that is one fugly and badly dressed beard.

  • fauxmance

    No, they are “laughing” for nice paparazzi pictures.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    #1, Do you really believe that modern thinking young people would go through all this trouble in their personal life just to convince their audience? He strikes me as the kind of guy would come right out and say that he’s gay.

  • Pattycake

    Oh, Mickey. It’s nice to know someone who knows Jake personally. What’s that? You don’t? Hmmmm.

    Have to say that these two look like a boy and his big sister.

  • Anon

    The freaks have arrived already, still waiting for some proof freaks.

  • Jake fan

    Does Jake keep in touch with Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda? He’s the child’s godfather after all.

  • I adore Reese

    Austin must be there Jakes zipper is down.

  • seriouly

    Does anyone really believe that if Jake was straight that he would date someone who looked like that. She looks like his damn grandmother. Asthon and Demi she. She is hot. Jake and Reese no. She is old and wrinkly.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    @Pattycake: You’ve got me there Pattycake: I’m definitely not under Jake’s speed dial. My comment was solely inspired by the fact that I really don’t get this borderline obsession with other people’s sexual preferences. As long as it’s overage and consenting who cares?

  • Pattycake

    Not me, Mickey. As long as love is true and/or mutually fun, it’s none of my business. But gotta say I’m not getting anything but a fake vibe from these two. For incinc, how is it there were photographer’s there to snap them up? Lots of celebs go to these events and blend into the crowd. But these two seem to be snapped wherever they go. It’s no secret that generally happens because their team informs the pappers.

  • Money makes HW go around

    these two are faking a relationship for publicity.
    In their case, a lot of good publicity equals millions of $$$

  • Gina

    cute couple

  • Anon

    @Pattycake: I’ve seen them lots of times and no paps about, and no they do not seem fake.

  • MickeyVonDutch

    @Pattycake: If you and Money (#14) are right then I really feel for these people. IMO no amount of money is worth making a Faust’s Pact for. It’s well pas midnight over here in The Netherlands, so I’m going to sleep over this one.

  • Wm

    It’s so strange, every time there is a post about Reese, JJ talks about her next movie,go back and see prev. posts,they do,too, every single one of them. I wonder what kind of agreement JJ has got with Reese’s PR.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like the dress of that chick next 2 him, looks cute
    she looks pretty boring all i can say is she’s a butter face and she has a nice pair of legs

  • wHortensia

    1. It is PALM Springs, not Palms.

    2. You don’t think he left his fly unzipped by chance, do you?

    3. The fatty with them is, I think, his PR person. I saw some time ago a foto of them together in a coffee shop [discussing his image no doubt] and she was identified as his PR person.

  • reese the bloated midget

    Fake and boring publicity hos.

  • wHortensia

    I can imagine how this came about easily. His PR person called and said, “Jake you’ve got to do something to counter those pictures of you biking with Austin. Get Reese and meet me and we’ll go to PSprings. Oh, and unzip your fly while you are with her for more effect. I’ll be there to help.” That’s my GUESS how this all came to pass.

  • slambang

    Hey Jake: XYZ PDQ! I wanna stick my hand in there! Hee hee

  • wHortensia

    If Jake had any guts he’d leave his hose exposed, but then Jake’s sorta a coward about things like that.

  • rbygivens

    And Reese believes she looks good like that?

    Hell, that’s more like a flea market, clean the garage, last day before laundry day outfit. And she went out in public in it, arranged to be papped in it, knew she would be seen internationally in it. Sheesh. Proves that money/fame cannot buy class or fashion sense.

    And Jake – at least make SOME kind of effort to look presentable. Please! That just rolled out of bed, snag clothes off the floor look does nothing for your straight image, especially when Austin is in town.

    Compare Reeke to the pics posted above. Now that’s a couple in love! Jake and Reese…either siblings or a PR whore version of Will and Grace.

  • ohmy

    This is proof that Coachella is totally played out. Reese Witherspoon is the least hip person on the planet. She is dressed like my grandma when she works in her garden. I never thought Jake G was gay until this hookup and now I truly believe he is bearding with Reese. I have a funny feeling that RW is a lesbian and that is a big reason why this works for both of them and why they are in it for the long haul.

  • go bruins

    wow she has a really fat ass.

  • http://deleted alessia

    @ohmy^^^. AGREED!

  • reese is a lesbian:makes sense

    I could totally see Reese being a sapphic sister. She doesn’t seem like the type of woman who really enjoys men or has much to say to them. But she goes on and on about her girlfriends and being a powerful woman all the time.

  • ryan

    jake may be straight (sigh) but he’s the hottest stud in hollywood!

  • anne

    Jake looks like a bug eyed Basset Hound.

  • Boring

    Aw, Jakey had to rush away from his boyfriend to do his photo op with Reese and he didn’t have time to zip up his fly. It looks like he took his mommy to a concert with him. Wonder what Reese did in between photo ops since you know she has no idea who the groups singing are.

  • tim gunn

    That romper she’s wearing is not doing anything for her.


    The Chinormous beard Jake has with him isn’t doing anything for him either.

  • Leah

    I may be the only one here that likes them as a couple. They genuinely look like they enjoy each others company, whether it’s fake or not. They hold hands a lot, laugh, the body language is all good. They have a sweet, pleasant vibe about them and I personally like seeing them together.

  • helle

    Reese you can do better then that girl! You need to dress for your body type.

  • s

    why are THEY there?

  • dee dee

    Ka-ching. That’s the noise I hear every time I see new pictures of Reese on JJ. I bet half Jared’s income comes from these two phonies paying him money to run pictures of their fake relationship.

  • anon.

    It´s weird like people hate Reese.
    When Jake dated Kirsten, a nut girl, it´s not problem. He is straight and they were a hot couple.
    Now, as Jake is dating Reese and so he´s gay, fake couple, wtv.
    I agree with the fact of Jake is hotter than Reese. Actually, Reese is nice girl but she isn´t hot at all but that doens´t mean Jake and Reese are true couple.
    Some hot actors are married to women not exactly hot (Clive Owen, Hugh Jackman for example) and no problem. Good lucky for these girls.

  • lemure

    I agree with Mickey, what is this trend with calling everyone gay it’s getting old and not really funny anymore. Being gay is so accepted nowadays I dont think men need beards at this day and age.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Showing your eyes when you are conciddered as a celebrity is still:
    NOT DONE IN AMERICA, folks!!

  • your gay

    I think if these 2 were interested in publicity, they would come out and say they were gay. Saying they were gay and coming out of the closet would bring them more attention than pretending to be straight. From what I see gay people get more attention than straight people plus from what I’ve seen it even seems to boost their career. Why would he pretend to be straight if he’s gay if there’s no benefit in that?

  • Jess

    Reese looks like shit. That outfit is god awful. Looks like something from jail. And I can’t believe their PR person would wear that dress with her weight problem. Its disgusting!

  • Bianca

    ” Jake fan,” I think Michelle Williams might have a LOT to say about who and when people see Matilda. So don’t put the entire burden on Jake. You might change your name somewhat, but you can’t change your sarcastic tone! Secondly, you don’t know these people. You have no idea who’s friends with who or who they see, or how often.

    To the haters who talk about how boring, how ugly, how fake, and/or how disgusting Reese and Jake are alone or as a couple, I ‘d like to say: They have more money then most of us will ever see in ten lifetimes. They work at a job they love, they’re both successful, they can go anywhere they want, do anything they want, and pretty much have great lives. They have friends, and family, and interests. The mean-spirited, vicious people who make such an effort to come on here, to track them, and memorize crumbs and scraps from their comings and goings, have none of the things Jake and Reese have. These are sick, wasted, nasty people. They are maggots who need to crawl back under their rocks.

  • meela

    most boring couple ever

  • meryl

    Bianca, its not difficult to track Jake and Reese since Just Jared posts almost hourly updates on their movements, and on how ‘in love’ they are. If they don’t want the sick, wasted, nasty people commenting on them, maybe they should go out without their pr agents and paps in tow.

  • Anon

    That other lady is not Jake or Reese’s PR, check before you post things ike that, it’s not that difficult.

  • anom

    I don’t think she would spend all her free time esp away from her kids with someone who is gay and I think he’d say if he was, maybe. I think they are sincere as a couple however boring and dull. If he were really gay and needed a beard though, trust me she would NOT be his choice she is a bit too middle of the road. She is not old either, she is just a southern girl and doesn’t matter how long she is in LA cool will never be attached to her name. He on the other hand is good looking but now seems a bit old for his age, like 28 going on 45? No more skateboards in NY seeing cool bands, etc.. Take those extensions out please…

  • publicity whores

    Can’t stand phony and tacky Hollywood celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal and their arranged photo ops.
    How much publicity and money do they need?

  • Pattycake

    #42, Yes and they’d get alot of publicity if they announced they were devil worshippers too. But not the kind that results in lead roles in Disney flicks, whichi is what they’ve both been specializing in. Personally I don’t care who is straight and who is gay. None of my business. But if Reese wants to convince us that the much younger Jake and her are a real item and not just for PR, she needs to dress better. It’s almost like they prefer her to look like his older sister, or as is this case, his mother.