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Victoria Beckham is a Wolverine Woman

Victoria Beckham is a Wolverine Woman

Victoria Beckham totes around a $20 Wolverine action figure in her $10,000 Hermes Birkin bag as she spends some mother-son time with Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4, at The Grove shopping in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 18).

The trio stopped off at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as La Piazza restaurant.

Cruz was seen playing with his toy Wolverine, who will be played by Hugh Jackman in the upcoming Wolverine movie (out May 1). Romeo held onto his toy Storm Shadow, who will be played by Byung-hun Lee in the upcoming G.I. Joe movie.

Other pictures include Cruz riding a scooter at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (April 15). Love this shot of him floating in the air!

20+ pictures inside of Wolverine woman Victoria Beckham

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victoria beckham wolverine 01
victoria beckham wolverine 02
victoria beckham wolverine 03
victoria beckham wolverine 04
victoria beckham wolverine 05
victoria beckham wolverine 06
victoria beckham wolverine 07
victoria beckham wolverine 08
victoria beckham wolverine 09
victoria beckham wolverine 10
victoria beckham wolverine 11
victoria beckham wolverine 12
victoria beckham wolverine 13
victoria beckham wolverine 14
victoria beckham wolverine 15
victoria beckham wolverine 16
victoria beckham wolverine 17
victoria beckham wolverine 18
victoria beckham wolverine 19
victoria beckham wolverine 20

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  • Lisa

    I love Mariah Carey, she’s great.

  • emma



    The boys look cute. Romeo is so handsome

  • Poshlove

    Cruz is the coolest kid ever!

  • Poshlove

    I also like Victoria’s hair grown out a little, it looks good on her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that bag looks pretty regular 2 me
    i thought hermes bags were like in the 1st digits thousands, much more than i thought
    that little part better be made out of platinum for that price
    i dont like how she’s been looking lately
    i lost my appeal for her, but i will say she really hasnt lost her fashion sense
    cute outfit

  • Raichill

    How the hell can she carry her son with heels on like that? If she wants to break her own ankle I don’t care but if she fell whilst carrying her son he could be seriously hurt. I wish she would put her vanity aside for once and dress more appropriately for her outings with her kids.

  • Jamie

    She is every inch a Style Icon to me, never ever concnerned with what anyone else is wearing, this whole look is soo super cute, very 60s.And her sons are beautiful.

  • im the greath hodini

    shes wants to smile is some pics lololol….she tries too hard no too…

  • Paul

    What a …….dog she is. Can not see what everyone sees in this woman. YUK


    wish she would put her vanity aside for once and dress more appropriately for her outings with her kids.
    just wondering; who are you to decide what’s appropriate for another woman to wear? personally, i admire victoria’s sense of fashion. she looks much better than say katie holmes ever will. secondly, you have no idea where she and her children are going or where they came from.

  • Um

    Those kids have f*ked up teeth like their FUG English father

  • victorialover

    victoria looks super hot day
    and yhe boyz ………cool

  • umm

    she could’ve donated the $20,000 and have helped.

  • justsayin

    although victoria look so fug and she tries so hard sometimes, i still like her because she can take care of her kids and can give them a normal life.

  • LuckyL

    Great Mom, great family.

  • LALA


  • Um

    No he won’t he has a bull dog jawline/teeth like his father. The middle one has it the worse

  • Tony

    Cute kids, silly mother.

  • lol

    Very sensible shoes for running after kids!

  • Poshness

    She looks absolutely amazing. I love that whole ensemble, and I would kill for a Birkin. The boys are super cute as well.

    Victoria looks very content looking after her boys in her heels, always does.

  • Sophie


    Omg, she can take care of her kids? Bravo!! Anyway, ever heard of something called nannies?

  • Vee

    Her $10,000 Hermes? She probably won’t use it again now that it’s been photographed–like Elizabueh II. Thanks for letting the rest of us know what we pay you, Queen V.

  • jen

    $10,000 for a purse? Totally ridiculous and not at all necessary!

    What’s wrong with her ? It does not matter if she can afford it or not…..but for one ugly bag…why does anyone need to pay that outlandish amt for a dang purse??????


  • gerard Vandenberg

    The economic downfal is affecting everyone, folks!!
    EVEN vicky buckham!!

  • Megan fox rocks


    who are you to decide what’s appropriate for another woman to wear?

    and then you talk about Katie Holmes style ????????

    hun katie is real woman and know what to wear not like this fake talentless woman who dress just for attention

  • mirta

    omg…. those clothes you do not wear to the park with kids!!!

  • huh?

    She’s a selfish, stupid, B**** who is fashion backwards instead of fashion forward and anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that. She has NO SENSE of style- just wears the most expensive clothes, accessories, bags and thinks it’s fashionable- NOT! Fashion/Style is about feeling comfortable in ANYTHING you happen to put it on, (expensive ot not) &making it appear effortless. Think: Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Nicole Ritchie, etc… women who know how to pull off any outfit and still look amazing unlike this fug, fashion wannabee. She fails at everything she sets out to do- signing- failure, motherhood- failure( she just plays “mommy” when she needs her publicity “fix”), wife- failure (hubby DID and probably still does Cheat on her) author- failure, desinger- failure. The ONLY thing she is good at is Self-Promotion- she’s been brillant about making a ton of $$$ and gaining fame by virtually being talentless! Oh, and by the way- the only attractive one out of that unfortunate lot is the middle boy- Romeo, the other is fug, fug, fug to the 10th degree- *shudder*!

  • !

    Sorry, but she looks like a cross between a wet dog, pig, ferret, and a frog. Soooo butt-ugly!

  • Um

    She’s already said why she dresses like that a million times. She considers herself a Brand and feels that if she’s going to be projecting and selling something she can’t be walking around in flip flops and t-shirts 24/7. Her problem is she takes it to the 10th degree and goes waaay overboard. Just relax Vickie


    Fuc*ing pathetic. Why does this stupid woman feel the need to dress up to the hilt just when taking her kids out. It just shows that she’s more interested in her image than her children.


    Oh my goodness. Some people are unbelievable. If you have a problem with Victoria, then fine. But you don’t have to start critisizing her children!

  • Josh

    Cool dress

  • MMA

    The boys are cute<3

  • Nukic8284

    “huh? @ 04/19/2009 at 7:10 am” YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Suppress your appetite

    I love her sooo much :)