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Ellen Pompeo: Baby Bump Watch!

Ellen Pompeo: Baby Bump Watch!

Ellen Pompeo is all smiles as she shows off her teeny-tiny baby bump while grocery shopping at Whole Foods in West Hollywood on Sunday (April 19).

The 39-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actress is expecting her first child this fall/winter with music producer husband Chris Ivery. The pregnancy news was announced via her publicist on Sunday night.

This past September, Ellen told Allure, “When I have the baby, I won’t feel like we’ve missed any fun, reckless times together, like staying up all night drinking champagne and having sex until five in the morning and not having to get up until two in the afternoon. But I’ve got to get on it, because the clock is ticking.”

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Photos: Element/Fame Pictures
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  • anonymous

    Why she has to wait for a baby till she is 40?

  • Mike

    That baby is gonna have issues just like Meredith. Fugly parents – one of which is a psycho bitch if Punked is any indication.

    Great news for Greys fans = less Meredith !!!!!!!!

  • kamy26

    She’s beautiful, pregnancy suit her :)

  • Ed

    mike you obviously are the one who have “problems”
    lol, the show is not “real” it’s time to take your meds.


    Gosh people can be so mean!!!
    World change you can have a baby at 40 and be fabulous ( Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman…)

    Plus Meredith is fictional and Ellen is a real human being and I’m sure she’s going to be a wonderful mom

  • LS

    She looks great!!! Pregnancy suits her!

  • Marcus

    I’m in love with her, she’s so cute, she’s glowing.

  • lily

    SQUEEE!!! So happy for her :D

  • Selena

    Congrats to Ellen & Chris! So so so happy for them!
    Join EP on twitter:

  • TR

    AAAWWW She is soo adorable. I am so happy for her and Chris.
    :) thanks JJ keep those Ellen pics coming.

    how far along is she?

  • Selena

    She’s glowing, she’s so tiny, you just want to hug her!
    Congratulation to her and her husband.

  • Paul

    I wonder how long she is, she’s beautiful.

  • chloe

    i thought many women have babies in their late 30s or even early 40s nowadays, especially in hollywood.

    anyway, i’m so happy for ellen and chris, and pregnancy certainly suits her. she’s glowing and she looks really beautiful :)

  • [~☆Ellen Pompeo Rocks☆~]

    Gosh people, instead of being mean and mixing fiction and reality, you should be happy for them or pass your way!!!

    I’m happy for her, she seems really happy about it, it’s nice to see that she has a wonderful marriage and now she’s completing her family.

  • Johanna

    I’m so happy for her!! She’s so beautiful, pregnancy really suits her! She’ll be a great mother!

  • fRED

    # 14.. :D love your name

    Ellen rocks

  • [~☆Ellen Pompeo Rocks☆~]

    thanks, she rocks indeed ;)

  • Keeley

    She is bloody beautiful..
    Join this group on twitter:

  • Kate

    Congratulation !

  • anna

    Cangratulations! I’m so happy for her and she looks adorable!

  • Sarabeth

    Congrats ellen, welcome to the mommy club! It’s the greatest!

  • Amanda

    Aww, she’s so freakin beautiful and she’s totally glowing. Lovin her tiny bump :D. I’m so happy for her, i wish her and chris the absolute best.

  • Clara

    Cangratulations! She looks great.

  • *sweetnathalie*

    congrats !

  • MerDerForever

    It’s great for her! And I really hope they write this into Greys! I want to see a Mcbaby!!

  • jasmin

    Ellen is gorgeous and this baby bump is so cute on her.

    She and Chris are lucky, they’re a great couple and now this naw addition, I wish them the best!!! A healthy marriage and I hope a healthy and beautiful baby :)

  • jasmin

    Ellen is shining, she’s beautiful and this dress highlights her baby bump and her boobs :p

  • Selena

    I’m so happy, I can’t stop looking at the pics :)

  • :) ;)

    She’ll make an awesome mommy…hope this means a mcbaby’s coming.


    Congratulation Ellen, I’m really happy for her and her husband.

    But i will always keep fantazing about DEMPEO (sigh)

  • o

    does she look gorgeous or what!? she’s glowing in these pictures, the baby bump look so cute in that dress. she’ll make such a great mom, and i’m really happy for her and chris.

  • blossom

    Some people really live in denial.

    Ellen has been with Chris long before GA, they got engaged in november 2007, got married in november 2008 and now she’s pregnant, so #30 stop with the fantasy, DEMPEO doesn’t exist.

    I wish Ellen and her husband the best, they deserve it, it’s hard to stay married nowadays so congrats.

  • anna

    haha #30 ! they do have fantastic chemistry and it’s so nice to watch. but it was clearly not their destiny to be together as a couple, maybe it was their destiny to have this great relationship as friends instead. and many friends-relationships do last longer than love-relationships. you know if you break up with someone it could be hard to stay in touch after, but some friends usually last longer and from what i’ve seen they do seem like very good friends and i think they’ll continue to be that. and sometimes there are also things you don’t talk with your spouse with, you go to your friends. at least i do. and for ellen being pregnant, just the best wishes to her and chris! she’ll be a great mom!

  • PauleKa

    blossom, you’re smart, people do live in denial!!!

    Let the happy couple enjoy their news and stop bringinng dempeo.


  • Paul

    Ellen: I just can’t believe this broad is sweating you like this at this table. Like, it is hysterical to me. Like, is she not expecting me to stab her? Because I could. (starts laughing) The blood can trickle down and she can lay there and the Los Feliz police can come and take her away. And the foundation can all smudge off cause the blood is dripping down.

    Chris: Come on baby, stop it.

    Ellen: Her eye makeup will be smeared all over the place. There will be lipstick all over the sidewalk where her face was pressed against the cement.

    Chris: You are really starting to lose it. Stop it.



  • o

    congrats! i wonder when their due date is.

  • LaLa Land

    Only good thing about this news is there will be LESS MEREDITH on Greys. Rejoice !!

    And LOL @ #35, I’ve just read that on ONTD, she was a bitch on that show. Showed her true colors !

  • give me a break!!!

    @<a coz she was probably waiting for the right partner, which she found in Chris

  • life


  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………..what happened to tose T*TS?

  • John

    Funny, all a sudden 3 stupid and mean comments in the row… weird… some people must really have a sad life to pass their time in bashing people.

    Get a life! If you don’t like her pass your way, no need to attack her family life.

    Plus the punk’d thing is overated and we all know that she knew since the beginning, even Ashton confirmed it. Plus you really thing she’s strong enough to do it!

    Congrats Ellen, a lot of people around are happy and wish you the best :)

  • give me a break!!!

    u are the one with issues, take a breather, pop a pill, smoke some weed… do whatever to clam ur nerves

  • Bunny

    LOl I have a feeling she’s gonna get HUGE! LMAO!!!

  • Selena

    It’ suppose to be an happy thread guys, even though you dislike her, at least stay correct.
    She’s expecting a little and innocent baby :)

  • tam

    She is too cute and yowza her chest like totally just grew, lol or maybe it is the top of the dress.

    Congrats to her, she will make a great mum, she seems so great she probably is.

    Cannot wait to see the little baby, i think she is about 3.5-4 months along. I like how she keeps secrecy of the due date….sometimes the stars let us know ALL their business.

  • lala

    # 41 – I agree! Stop being so mean. Just get over that Punk’d thing already. She knew in the beginning that she was being punk’d and they cut it and leaved that out. so stop bashing on her. Why do you judge her on that single thing, if you’ve seen her in other interviews she’s not like that at all. Cut her some slack for gods sake.
    And congrtas to the baby! I hope the pregnancy goes well with no complications. I wish them the best!

  • hihi

    Since she’s so small generally, I think her belly will look very huge compared to her body. But now, in that dress, the baby bump looks very cute! I wish her and Chris the best!

  • MerDerFighter

    I noticed that her boobs looked bigger in the pics from the “supposed” wedding but since she was hidding her pregnancy…
    She looks gorgeous, I really hope that the writer will inclued it in the show.

  • Meredith is the best

    How exciting, Congratulations to them..
    Wishes for an easy, healthy, pregnancy.
    Motherhood is the best!!

  • anonymous

    Poor kid will be teased at school! She will look like his grandmother.