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Kelly Clarkson: March For Babies Brave

Kelly Clarkson: March For Babies Brave

Kelly Clarkson braves the rain during the March For Babies charity event on Sunday (April 19) in Nashville, Tenn.

Every year, more than half a million babies in the U.S. are born prematurely. Premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death and many life long disabilities. The funds raised at the March for Babies supported research that helps to give every baby a healthy start.

Also spotted at the event: Nicole Kidman.

Yesterday, Kelly‘s “I Do Not Hook Up” music video leaked onto the Internet.

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Photos: HIL/Fame Pictures
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  • bronlo

    She looks so … so …

  • aska

    well.. at least she’s very talented.

  • Allie

    Huh? I thought the ugliest singer was Leona Lewis… I was wrong.

  • sillyme

    She’s starting to look like Rosie O’Donnell…in more ways than one.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  • Andy

    WOW. What the hell happen to her?!?

  • Amanda

    she was so beautiful, and now….

    at least she’s still very talented…

  • Abby

    Yuck…….!!! Get it together girl.

  • Lyra

    You IDIOTS!!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL, she has no make-up on because it’s a damn charity event! You superficial and rude people! She’s there doing something to help those babies, something that she wants to do without getting any publicity and all of y’all can think and say is that she looks “ugly”??? In what world do we live My God??!!!!

  • Andrea

    I want to see ALL of you girls who are complaining without make up walking for charity…. These are women we should be looking up to.. women who are smart, charitable and talented… I’m sorry she isn’t a made up whore like Carrie. This is so sad that we are insulting female celebrities who are actually positive role models for our daughters.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    S*CKERS can also be born in april, folks!!

  • Blah girls!

    I love her even if she’s not the cutest celeb out there. Go Kelly and your real self!

  • loyal

    She looks like a junior Rosie O here!

  • tina

    I’m so glad she doesn’t feel under pressure to cake her face in that muck before doing something as simple as a rainy walk for charity. Well done her!

  • Amy

    What a bunch of losers/trolls hiding behind their computers! Like you idiots are so perfect! You wouldn’t even be lucky enough to lick Kelly’s shoes let alone have an ounce of the talent she has.

    Instead of criticizing this woman who has a great deal of talent and who shows up for a charity event, and wouldn’t give a darn about what you think about her, try getting off your own lame arses and doing something for the world! Typical jerks who probably look up to a loser like Paris Hilton who does nothing for the world but suck air out of it for someone who could really be doing some good!

    Besides, she’s wearing baggy clothes, she’s jogging int he rain and who the Hell looks good doing that?

  • whoa!


  • bejeebus

    ugh…she looks like rosie o’donnell….rosie’s “wife’s” name is “kelly” isn’t it? maybe this kelly should replace the other kelly and then rosie can have her cake and eat it too….puuuurfect…..

  • M

    Nevermind her ugliness, can someone please tell her to buy some shorter pants????

  • LuckyL

    Omg Kelly Clarkson is so average.

  • Hayden

    Without makeup, she is ugly :S

  • Hayden

    But i love her SOO Muchh
    love her song

  • jayjay

    SHE LOOKS SO PUDGY and average.

  • raquel

    #8. YOU’RE SO RIGHT!! Why are so many idiots out there concerned about how she looks? She’s out in the F***** rain for a good cause and we get ‘negative, ugly’ comments. The woman CAN SING!!! I don’t care what she looks like!! Some people are such jerks!!!

  • jake

    If you didn’t know her album and videos have been retouched, well now you do. LOL!


    I hope she is running to thr closest makeup counter.

  • chelsey

    I give her props for not trying to be the most beautiful person in Hollywood. But come on, take care of yourself and try and look nice sometimes!

  • presh

    She looks fine, she’s just a normal girl out without makeup on. And she does have talent!

  • pans

    TR Knight, is that you?

  • remember da truth

    I notice all the people sitting on their fat a s s e s at the computer on a rainy day, instead of out doing something for someone else. That’s why they are so miserable they have to try to make themselves feel better putting down someone walking in the cold and rain with no makeup.

  • yuck

    She looks like a cow. Ewww……

  • Tahlia
  • Tahlia

    @<a@Andrea: href=”/2009/04/20/kelly-clarkson-march-for-babies/comment-page-1/#comment-12441251″>Hayden:

  • Corey

    I want to agree with Lyra, Amy, Andrea, Raquel, and Remember Da Truth. Shut up and get a life to all of the idiots that are obsessed with the superficiality of glamor. At least she’s doing something with her life.

  • carly

    All of you f***ing idiots need to shut the hell. She’s not ugly, she does not look like that pig Rosie O’Donnel, she’s NOT a lesbian btw she has even said that’s she’s not she likes MEN. The ones who are saying that she’s a cow are wrong she’s normal you all are probably some fats asses sitting around and are probably three times the size of Kelly. Whoever said she should take better care of herself you a are an idiot, hello she’s at a charity event running in the rain why does she need to wear make up. We need more people like Kelly, she’s a great person to look up to unlike Lindsay, Paris, Britney, etc. You all wish you had her talent and your basically ignorant low life’s and have nothing better to do. Here’s a tip how about you get up your fat asses and do some good to in the community like Kelly.

  • rae

    omg, i agree with #4, i thought it was rosie o’donnell at first … oh well, at least kelly keeps it real, right?

  • http://aol Susan

    I don’t care where she was at, it would not have killed her to put on a little makeup. Look at Kidman. She looked gorgeous and she is twice her age! Kelley was not going to the grocery store or for a jog. She was going as a representative for this charity. The least she could have done was look nice!

  • Daniel

    Wow, some people need to go and die. How can you say shes ugly? Shes so talented and smart, shes just not one of those hollywood celebrities okay, shes beautiful and remember shes a singer, not a model. so fuck the haters

  • shamda

    No wonder her next single is “I Do Not Hook Up”…doesn’t take someone very smart to figure out why….she looks like the Pillsbury Boy.

  • beth

    dont have a clue why kellyt has to cake on the make up and wear the latest glamouress fashion when she’s only going to a freakin charity event like hello?! who gives a shit what she looks like on this day..i still think she looks cute and i bet alot of other people do aswell…she’s a gorgeous girl with a truck load of talent! even if she isnt blody stick thin like all the other lame celebs in hollywood doesnt make her uncool, she is one of the coolest things to come out of america…just leave the chick alone, i agree that alot of you bagging her out arent half as pretty as she is and are only saying this crap cos you’re all jealous of her fame and who she is…so get the fuck over it!

  • stfn

    did she ate a baby??

  • Jen

    what’s crazy is that no one says anything about her but they criticized Jessica Simpson to death for supposedly looking fat and she doesn’t even come close to looking like Kelly in these pictures. I like Kelly and I think she has a beautiful voice but come on, she can afford to take care of herself and no she shouldn’t do it for Hollywood or to be fake but for her health.

  • Elina

    Sorry people but she is really fat…

  • Shane

    It’s pretty pathetic when all you bitches can talk about is how someone looks. How about the fact that she took the time to march for babies? how about the fact that she did it without trying to milk it for publicity? how about the fact that she’s secure enough to not care about being seen in public without makeup on? should she have piled on the makeup to walk in the rain? GMAFB.

    Susan Boyle should’ve taught you shallow a s s lickers a lesson that looks aren’t everything. Kelly is a super talented girl and obviously cares deeply about causes that matter to her.

  • Simone

    It amazes me how superficial you people are to point the finger and say ew what’s wrong with her. She’s not wearing any make up, she’s doing a charity event for a damn good cause, who cares what she looks like. Pretty much every bloody woman in the world looks like that with no make up, Kelly is BEAUTIFUL.

  • xfsdgrfdh

    I don’t care about her makeup she just looks like a pregnant cow!

  • Matt

    She looks naturally gorgeous. Make up is a mask and good on her for not feeling like she has to impress anybody! The behavior of the judgmental ones is poor and most likely a reflection of their own low self esteem. Good on ya Kelly.

  • Matt

    Remember this is all about March for Babies. Out of the 45 comments there is 7 about this. For all you negative behavior people instead of making bulls### judgments about superficial things why don’t you all go and donate some money to help prem babies. I actually went through this. She was born at 27 weeks 3 months early and it was bloody scary! She had to stay in critical/special care for the first 3 months of her life! Here is a link to buy some fund raising things from their site . Much more worthwhile and satisfying then being a bully to all those negative people.

  • CleaningHouse

    Are you a Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman fan tired of the hate?

    Check out a very important blog

    Search for “Urban Myths Revealed” and “Keith Urban”

  • MMA

    Oh this is not pretty. EEK.

  • Heather

    I’ve met her and she was so humble. One of the few “singers” in the business that can actually sing. I’m glad she’s not stick thin and covered with makeup. If only we could get more people to give a damn about meaningful things instead of acting like high schoolers trashing each other. We’re only human baby, we’re only human. God bless her for making a difference.