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Matilda Ledger Gets a Spike-y Shoulder Ride

Matilda Ledger Gets a Spike-y Shoulder Ride

Matilda Ledger rides on the shoulders of her mom Michelle Williams’ boyfriend, director Spike Jonze, in Brooklyn, New York City on Monday morning (April 20). Adorable!

A solo Michelle was spotted on the other side of town running errands.

Michelle‘s latest critically-acclaimed film, Wendy and Lucy, will be out on DVD on May 5. You can pre-order the flick on Amazon.

10+ pictures inside of Matilda Ledger‘s spiky shoulder ride…

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matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 01
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 02
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 03
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 04
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 05
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 06
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 07
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 08
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 09
matilda ledger shoulder ride spike jonze 10

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  • Sade

    Mati is so cute!!! She looks happy and well adjusted.


    Michelle does something right. Her girl look happy and healthy!

  • kit

    The pics of her holding onto Spike’s hair are adorable. She’s having a ball, but mom’s not happy to see the paps.

  • g!na

    aaw love Matilda! I lmao when i saw her holding & pulling on to that guy’s hair! he he!

  • bintk
  • Blah Girls!

    Matilda is SO darn cute!

  • h.

    Looks like Michelle has already found a good father figure for her little girl. Hopefully they will have a very stable life for the little mini-Heath. =)

  • twifanatic Amanda

    haha they’re so great

  • mattie

    Yes, Matilda is adorable and it’s good to see her happy…at the same time it’s kind of sad though to see her on Spike’s shoulders and not on Heath’s…

  • evelyn

    Glad to see that Matilda inherited the father’s joy! :)

    Michelle always has a sad face!

  • laura

    Oh my goodness Matilda is a beautiful child!

    It makes me sad to think that she will never get to ride on her daddy’s shoulders again but no sense in dwelling on it. Spike seems to be doing a great job being a central male figure in her life. This is a sweet set of pictures.

  • Sebastian

    i’m sure Heath is happy watching this,Spike is such a cool dad.

  • tammy

    kit @ 04/20/2009 at 7:04 pm

    The pics of her holding onto Spike’s hair are adorable. She’s having a ball, but mom’s not happy to see the paps.
    Silly you. No celeb is happy to see the paps, unless it is someone whose career is staggering.

  • Jean

    To have such a solemn mother, this child is really happy. She must have inherited her joy from Heath.

    Michelle should try smiling. She is the one who chose this profession, nobody made her. Her fans would like to see her smile sometimes.

  • Jennifer

    Would it kill Michelle to smile sometimes. Geez

  • TP

    She is too cute for words and I love how Michelle dresses her!

  • KL

    Matilda is starting to look a lot more like Michelle.

  • Jen

    Matilda looks like a boy!

  • slambang

    She is just the cutest thing! Michelle is a great mother.

  • Bianca

    Heath would have been laughing. He would have known what to do.Matilda with Spike is not the same thing. I hope her mother and Spike treat her kindly.

  • Linda

    She’s the best.

  • west

    mom is full of hate,paranoia and miserable

  • lena

    adorable baby
    but Michelle is a witch especially she sues
    and threats her own fans

  • Jen

    She does not like fans???

  • rose

    i always lol at the nasty comments directed towards michelle that come one right after another, they are so obviously written by the same person. Get a life loser (ahem lena and west). And to all the people saying Michelle should smile more, she is alone running errands. Why should she have to smile walking down the street, where do you live, stepford? But anywho Matilda is adorable and Michelle is gorgeous and Spike seems like a good guy. I bet Heath is looking down smiling his beautiful smile!

  • Sgt Friday

    I think Matilda is the real-life version of Ramona Quimby. She just looks so cute and spunky like Ramona did in the books.

  • aww

    aww… matilda is so adorable!

  • Jen

    I watched I’m Not There and she performs poorly in the movie. And I think she always does the same type of character.

  • wendy

    Rose, why so defensive because its the truth about Michelle and people have the right to their opinions not calling them losers.
    I agree with people that Michelle is a twit and she’s always duckface as my coworkers call her.

  • 6wheels

    No. 28 =============

    Typical actress who takes off their clothes and do p##n movies thus the label “serious actress”.

    As that true saying goes “less talent lesser the clothes”.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    “happy and healthy”… and – hideous! haHaha..

  • Michaelangelo

    She’s not your puppet, #14. She doesn’t or should have to smile for the intrusive paparazzi or her fans trying to live vicariously through her.

    That’s silly, #30.

  • g!na

    aaw! #26 she does remind me of Ramona !!!! I love those books!

  • cas

    she look so happy!!

  • LeviKlein

    She’s my favorite celeb baby.
    I wish all the best for this family.

  • Annelynn

    matilda is so cute! its so sad…it supposed to be heath…=[

  • gerard Vandenberg

    jessica simpson IS JUST TOO “HEAVY”, folks!!

  • sj

    awww, that just made me day. how cute!!

  • sj

    and #29 – your coworkers, more like your school friends! haha your truth is synonymous with pathetic lies.

  • Bianca

    I’m not a fan of Michelle and I adore Matilda. I wonder how often Michelle really allows any contact with Heath’s parents and family. I know they say in public that everything is fine, but I don’t think it is.
    For once I am glad there are paparrazzi! I want to keep seeing pictures of this little girl to know she’s healthy and happy. I hope she will be allowed to know her real grandparents. I hope Michelle will treat her with love. Michelle is a selfish person. Once Matilda gets older , Michelle may have a kid with Spike or some other guy, to hang on to them like she tried to with Heath, before he got wise to her. She never looks really happy. Michelle is sour. Somewhere in her unconscious, Matilda remembers her daddy. She knows Spike is not Heath. Not even close. Spike must like sour, difficult women. He used to be with Sophia Coppola. She is mean and sour, too.

  • sj

    Oh, Bianca. Talk about sour grapes.

    I can’t even begin to correct you on all your sad attempts at rumors. Here’s a hint: no matter how many times you say it, it won’t become true.

    Here’s to hoping you find a life!

  • frankie
  • Laura

    No, Spike will never be Matilda’s father, but he is a great father figure. I’m sure Michelle will never let Matilda forget Heath, but let’s face it, he’s gone, he wouldn’t want his loved ones mourning him their entire lives. I’d bet he’d be happy someone as awesome as Spike Jonze is playing such a central role in Matilda’s life. Matilda’s going to have the best childhood.

    It’s so nice to see things like this.. though I wouldn’t mind a bigger gap between each set of photos.. it’s funny that they’re being photographed now more than ever.

  • annie

    so adorable !!!

  • LucyMaye

    Matilda is so darling! I love her trademark polka dot leggings and smile. Michelle is such a great mother.

  • Shemp lugosi

    I will never for the life of me understand why you keep calling her Matilda LEDGER. Michelle & Heath were never married so her legal name is Matilda WILLIAMS! Get over it, Heath is dead and he ain’t comin’ back.

  • joanna

    Michelle is sour. She needs to smile sometimes looks uppity all the time. It is a miracle that little daughter of her’s is so happy.

  • joanna

    Michelle, the public is the people you want to like you, to come see your movies, so you need to change that sour persona you give out.

  • someone

    @Shemp lugosi:

    No as Heath’s name is on her birth certificate her legal name is Matilda Rose Ledger.

  • Laura

    @Shemp lugosi:

    Generally, children take the father’s surname, not the mothers. It’s fairly common knowledge. And for the record – just because her father is dead does not mean she should revert to her mothers maiden name.


    I’m a fan and I don’t care if she’s smiling or not. She smiles when she’s with friends, when she’s with her daughter and Spike; she doesn’t smile strolling by herself down the street, no one does that! And, if I were in her position, I wouldn’t smile at the foreign idiots with cameras glued to their hands, who stalked her the year she mourned the father of her child. Gain some perspective.