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Sienna Miller is Tegal Tempting

Sienna Miller is Tegal Tempting

Sienna Miller catches a departing flight out of London, arrives at Tegal Airport and travels to Hotel Rome in Berlin, Germany on Monday (April 20).

The 27-year-old British actress talked to HuffPo about how the media doesn’t accurately portray her. She shared, “It’s very hard for people. I think the media comes up with what they want you to be and there’s very little you can do to change that. I can do several other things in my life that won’t be documented because it doesn’t sell newspapers. So they will document or create [what they want].”

10+ pictures inside of Tegal tempting Sienna Miller

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sienna miller tegal airport 01
sienna miller tegal airport 02
sienna miller tegal airport 03
sienna miller tegal airport 04
sienna miller tegal airport 05
sienna miller tegal airport 06
sienna miller tegal airport 07
sienna miller tegal airport 08
sienna miller tegal airport 09
sienna miller tegal airport 10
sienna miller tegal airport 11
sienna miller tegal airport 12

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  • Vivien


  • nikomilinko
  • eva

    it’s Tegel, not Tegal

  • Taboo

    Ummm, Sienna, it could be that you do absolutely nothing useful in your life except drink, boink married men, go to parties, sunbathe, and fly. You have a very expensive PR team, if you’re saving children in Africa, why aren’t they putting that out? Oh, it because you don’t have time with the drinking…boinking married men…..

  • Serena

    Oh dear lord, please in the name of everything sacred, not this ho again? why o why o why do you keep posting about her?

  • Gloria

    Words of wisdom from the straight-to-DVD queen.

  • Bibbidybobbidy

    Looks like she is taking yet another vacation to recover from all of the hard work she has done lately on nothing at all. Good thing she’s not working or anything, or she wouldn’t have time. Probably she is meeting up with her crack head married father of four,, since he’s not working on anything, either. Must be rough.

  • Henny

    Well, at least she looks to have waxed her mustache. Can’t say anything else nice about her.

  • Chili Pepper

    As if we all don’t know that she informs the media of every little thing she does, even winning nothing awards. Who does she think she’s kidding? Whatever.

  • Tom

    she looks like she was rode hard and put up wet.

  • sunseeker

    Getty’s mother lives in Germany, they most likely are meeting there. Both Getty and Miller’s family’s live in a world of their own, so they should suit each other well.

  • Xeno

    Well I hope his mother isn’t too invested in seeing her grandkids, because I don’t see Balthazar getting much custody rights between the naked romp pictures and the fact that he is obviously using, he has about as much chance as Amy Winehouse to get custody of those kids. So if mom better start buttering up Rosetta if she wants to see her grandchildren. Most men would not engage in activity that would estrange them from their children but obviously nursing Sienna’s boobies and stayed wasted is way more important to him. What a couple of losers!

  • Xeno

    Geez! Is she flying again?Watching her is like “The Amazing Race-The Trashy Ho Season”

  • sue

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Balti? Has he been seen leaving LAX on a flight to Germany? SM has her smirk face on so I bet the Addict Balti is on the way. Think it is so funny that these two idiots think they are fooling people into thinking they are dunzo. Hope they both keep losing jobs, boycott SM on Broadway. Both such trash!

  • lakers fan in boston

    cute outfit, i just hate the red shoes
    loving her lately, she’s always dressing nicely
    and im starting 2 notice her beauty =]

  • Sara

    #15– just starting to notice her beauty now that’s it’s fading?

    She looks terrible! She has for weeks! The Partying and hard living are catching up with her.

  • wed mother

    Have you seen the hot, hot, hot picture of the slim and muscular Russell Crowe as Robin Hood that is making the rounds? Holy mother of all things manly and amazing… it makes a complete lie of the gossip Miller fed to some gossip columns about her being replaced in the film because she was so young, slim and good looking she’d make him look bad. It’s the opposite, I think. and after all, Cate Blanchett is replacing Miller… wow.. someone who is also slim and gorgeous, but can actually act. Miller was dumped because she’s box office poison.

    Check out Crowe in costume at USA Today and many other websites.

  • A

    what an ungrateful biatch you are.
    you better thank the Deity that the media isn’t publishing those photos. and better pray that they will never publish ‘em.

  • A

    .where is your butt? the more I look at you the more I wonder if you really are a female. both mentally and physically. mother Nature must be made a mistake. really.

  • A
  • Lotte Goux

    @eva: Jared, you need to hire a fact checker. Not only did you misspell the name of the airport, the name of the hotel is “Hotel de Rome”, not “Hotel Rome”.

  • c

    When photos of her being “lovey dovey” with the married man on a beach in Germany (or of BG at LAX/an airport in Germany) surface this week, is that going to be the media’s fault as well? The power to change how the public views her is in SM hands, not the media’s, other women, RG and her 4 kids hands. Things are “hard” for SM because that’s the way she made nas keeps making them. Her disrespect of a mother and her 4 kids wasn’t cute in 2008 and it is not going to be cute in 2009 while she is “vacationing” in Germany with BG.

    1) “I think the media comes up with what they want you to be and there’s very little you can do to change that. ”

    This might be true for some actors; however, it does not apply to SM. The media didn’t make up who they wanted SM to be, she did this all on her own when she publicly allowed the married man to suck/grab her breast, posed naked/topless with the married man, spread lies about the married man’s wife, and staged photo-op after photo-op following the release of those topless/breastsucking photos. She once again showed the public what type of person she is by staging airport/hotel photo-ops in Germany.

    2) She does several other things that are not documented by the media? In other words, she is saying that she doesn’t tip off the paps and that they get these “candid” shots because they are always stalking her. Even though she managed to evade them and travel from the USA to UK (vice versa) without being seen/heard several times. The paps document what SM tells them to document, now what SM can’t control is the media/public’s response to these “LOOK AT ME” stunts. Perhaps if she were discreet about her affair, she wouldn’t have to keep worrying about things being hard.

  • rob

    Those pics have already been published you are obviously male and an immature one at that.

  • A

    “rob @ 04/21/2009 at 12:11 am

    Those pics have already been published you are obviously male and an immature one at that.”
    pray tell where “Those pics have already been published”?? besides JJ comments section and IMDB forum. please enlighten us, oh you mature human being.
    a butt, part 2:

  • A

    to rob

    PS. SM is that you?
    it’s never easy to drown the naked and harsh Reality in alcohol. but keep on trying.

  • rob

    They have already been published on the internet which is why you are able to post them.zzzzzzzz
    Why you feel the need to repost already published photos just shows how immature you are.
    I am not SM and or her PR.

  • A

    to rob

    where did I say about ‘internet’? learn to read, mature genius.

  • A

    and what tabloid on the internet already published those exact photos, genius?
    you’re right, you are not SM. she’s not that “smart”.

  • rob

    The fact they’re already on the net means they are ‘published’. When did I say tabloid?

  • Spareus!

    It’s funny how Sienna can evade the press when she wants to yet she apparently cannot go to Germany without being besieged by paps. Who is this woman, exactly? She is a tabloid celeb! She had a little bit of A-list glory by proxy through being with Jude Law but that ended when they split. Now she is known for having her private life played out in the red tops. This nonentity of a woman who is having an affair with a very married man with four children (for headlines) wants to bleat on (again) about being a victim?

    Please! Give it a rest Sienna.

    Apparently it was okay for her to dress up in bright red dress and gaudy lipstick to get column inches. It’s not okay for anything negative to have been reported around that. So I have no doubt Sienna was thrilled by the lady in red/trailblazer beauty headlines. She was less thrilled when it was revealed that her latest film was panned and her performance, in particular, was savaged. And even less thrilling when news of her moustache emerged. Perhaps she would have preferred it if the media hadn’t mentioned any of that?

    Sienna cannot control the press and it’s a good thing, not a bad one. If she wants rave reviews, she should put down the d!ck and focus on her acting. She keeps claiming she is a serious actress yet all she does is party, make inappropriate comments about drug use and promiscuity, break up marriages and grope married men in public and jet all over the place. How much room does that leave for honing her dubious skills as an actress? Let me tell you: NONE. Which is why she gets such crappy reviews. Sienna would be great in Hollyoaks. Anything else is beyond her.

    I would love to know what those several other things in her life are, that aren’t documented. Twenty-Eight-Twelve has been done to death (and I consider it more her sister’s venture than hers). What else is there apart from the play next autumn and GI Joe late this summer? I wish she would tell us!

    I cannot believe anyone sees this woman as stylish. Her outfit is atrocious and she looks a mess. Just look at that hair!

  • Hollybee

    #17 – “Holy mother of all things manly and amazing” Ooo-rah! You got THAT right! I could barely contain myself when I saw the latest pictures of this man SANS AIRBRUSHING!!! Russell is looking mighty, mighty fine these days! Mighty fine. Women everywhere are drooling over this man. And quite rightly so. Sienna is a joke. Who in their right mind would turn down the opportunity to romp with a fine specimen like this in the name of their career? Hell, I would do it for free!

    Sienna’s departure had nothing to do with her looks or age (that is what makeup is for, after all!) and everything to do with her inability to act. Maybe Ridley Scott thought she was a promising addition but since she was initially cast, she has had several dreadful reviews. I mean diabolical. It seems to me that the man realised she can’t act and would serve as little more than eye candy in a film that demanded much more. So he let her go! Good for him and good for everyone else involved, I say.

  • Holy Toledo


    OMG I had never seen those before. What a couple of effing PIGS!! They were out in PUBLIC doing that OMG!! Why don’t they just get jiggy in the middle of Walmart or something. It would have about as much class. Didn’t they ever hear of a room?

    Disgusting PIGS!! If I was his wife I’d b!tch slap the both of them!! If I ever saw my daughter do that I shove her back in the womb and say obviously you need re-raising. I hope her mother dies of embarassment. Who raises a daughter or a son like that?

  • A

    and the most funny thing is that she 100% knew about papz there
    I’d say she purposely invited them

  • sunseeker

    Holy Toledo Her mother is not much different, was brought up on behaviour like that. Like mother like daughter, come to that her father is not much different.

  • Siennaaaaa.

    Gorgeous girl, keep strong Sienna!

  • Singsing


    Well if she’s pretty that’s all that matters, right? Nevermind she can’t act and treats others like ass. She doesn’t need to stay strong. The unfortunate victims of her hedonistic lifestyle need to stay strong.

  • New clothes?

    You can bet one reason for her smirk is to do with an item of clothing in the bag her most important pass-time is choosing and changing costumes.

  • y

    #32, her mothre was at there at that time in a yatch, and also at balcony her daughter also nude with nude where her daughter and married man sexed. aï½�ï½�ã��after she claimed and lied he is separated and woman like that separated man!! though he wasn’ separated from hus wife.though mel gibson’s lover knows ashame, she hide away when affair light up. shameless sienna.

  • dolcevita

    wow i havent seen those pic before!
    i cant believe this

  • Natalie Smith

    ….well when she first became known

    I thought she was nice and pretty and sweet….but I mean she just came out for who she really is sooo quickly….media obsessed, megalomaniac, not so talented,…and superficial’s a pitty really because people can see through you…not can hide even the most horrible character..but she didn’t bother being always so overconfident!!! ….she will be ok many parties and so many men….and career wise…straignt to DVD queen…not so bad some whoud kill for even that…

  • Dulcie

    Please, tell us, Sienna, what is the press not documenting? Have you dedicated your life to the poor? Did you discover a cure for AIDS?

  • MMA

    BLOG FIGHT!! Mature.

  • Hollybee

    #41 – nope. Apparently she is morphing into Angelina Jolie. I think she is bucking for an award for her “humanitarian” work. This is a first. She has never shown any interest in the poor before now but hey – there is a first time for everything and it is not everyday that a derailed career needs putting back on track! She is getting out the heavy artillery to cynically manipulate the media into portraying her as the new Mother Teresa/Bob Geldof. What a pity she is doing it from a five star hotel in the Congo while people are starving and dropping like flies outside (the latter according to her blog). Still, when she is there supping copious amounts of wine, chain smoking and chatting with her hangers on about sunblock, I expect it’s easy to put what goes on outside out of her mind… for a while, at least..

    I expect to see her shuffling around with an assortment of kids next.