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Suri Cruise: Trampoline Birthday!

Suri Cruise: Trampoline Birthday!

Suri Cruise jumps around on her trampoline, celebrating her 3rd birthday with a party at her family’s mansion in Beverly Hills on Saturday (April 18). Last summer, she had trampoline lessons!

Party attendees included proud parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as well as kids Connor, 14, and Isabella, 16. A few other family and friends joined in on the celebration. The below pics are so cute!

Suri also had another birthday celebration on Thursday — princess-themed party!

25+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise‘s trampoline birthday but for the full set visit

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suri cruise trampoline birthday 01
suri cruise trampoline birthday 02
suri cruise trampoline birthday 03
suri cruise trampoline birthday 04
suri cruise trampoline birthday 05
suri cruise trampoline birthday 06
suri cruise trampoline birthday 07
suri cruise trampoline birthday 08
suri cruise trampoline birthday 09
suri cruise trampoline birthday 10
suri cruise trampoline birthday 11
suri cruise trampoline birthday 12
suri cruise trampoline birthday 13
suri cruise trampoline birthday 14
suri cruise trampoline birthday 15
suri cruise trampoline birthday 16
suri cruise trampoline birthday 17
suri cruise trampoline birthday 18
suri cruise trampoline birthday 19
suri cruise trampoline birthday 20
suri cruise trampoline birthday 21
suri cruise trampoline birthday 22
suri cruise trampoline birthday 23
suri cruise trampoline birthday 24
suri cruise trampoline birthday 25

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  • Zolar

    No other kids at this party, no kids her age to play with on her birthday. That poor little girl.

  • yeah, right

    lmao! did she have an exclusive all adult party? there’s no kids out there playing with her!!!

  • chels

    aaw suri says hi! (well it looks like) and she looks happy=)

    but trampooline lessons? i heard she is learning spanisha and english and dance classes.. she is little idk

  • scientolofreaks

    suri enjoying her birthday jumping on the trampoline. it could’ve been more fun if they invited kids to jump and play around with her.

  • haha

    tom & katie: suri, go wave at the papz. try to look like a normal child and pretend you’re enjoying.

  • somethingsfishy

    where are the kids?

  • laura

    This is kind of sick, man, leave the little kid alone. Don’t publish pictures of her in her back garden, being a child, it only encourages freaks with cameras to stalk her!

  • Paul

    KH looks like she is with child in some of the pictures.Maybe a playmate for Suri soon.

  • umm

    it’s a children’s party right? how come there’s no other child aside from the birthday girl?

  • Ari

    Her dress matches the table covers. She’s cute, but there’re no other kids thats sad.

  • Alyssa

    You guys, she had a Princess themed party two days ealier…there might have been kids at that party. It would be pretty annoying having a helicopter flying over your party.

  • suzy q

    Tom is creepy. He’s so possessive of Katie he practically has his hand over her crotch. ICK.

  • presh

    Wow that IS strange that nobody was there aside from her parents and and Conner and Isabella. Poor thing, this isn’t a normal way to grow up. And I’m amazed that there were helicopters there to snap photos, I guess that Suri is pretty important!

  • scientology = aliens

    I think Tom SEEMS like a good father. I have to say he seems a lot more loving towards his kids than say… NICOLE KIDMAN! It seems like she completely forgot about the adopted kids.

  • mandy

    i think katie’s preggers!, tom is touching her belly and she’s also holding her belly in the pics

  • amy

    ((I think katie is pregnant))

  • amy

    (( I think katie is pregnant ))

  • ashanz


    …just because you don’t see nicole with her other kids doesn’t mean she doesn’t spend time with them

  • !

    suri’s cute, she just really have weird parents.

  • debbie

    preggers? hope not. no more spoiled brat please.

  • uhhuh

    for once, suri looked normal.

  • bejeebus

    wow… other kids… fun…..yeah….no….
    p.s. what kind of g.d. shirt is connor wearing? i’m sure tommy girl could afford to hire a clown…..everything this family does is suspect.

  • aubrey mackenzie

    Wow that’s sad suri third birthday party with no kids around suri age she is a pretty little girl. But I think she needs to play with toddler instead of her older sibling in her parents. Ever since she was a baby she been with her parents or Conner and Isabella.

  • Happy B-Day Pickpocket!!!

    Cruise Baby Name Blunder!
    Language experts are amazed Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have named their baby daughter Suri–because there is no record of the name meaning “Princess” in Hebrew.

    According to Hebrew linguists, Suri has only two meanings–one is a person from Syria and the other “go away” when addressed to a female.

    Hebrew expert Jonathan Went says, “I think it’s fair to say they have made a mistake here. There are variations of the way the Hebrew name for princess is spelled but I have never seen it this way.”

    Suri can also be translated into a Hindi boy’s name, and it also means “pointy nose” in some Indian dialects and “pickpocket” in Japanese.

  • Larissa

    is that trampoline in the ground??

  • Is it a Scientology Tradition?

    that on your third birthday your mother makes you wear a hideous dress she cut and paste together with huge dots on it for the helicopter she hired to see? these pics of suri waving to the bad paps in the sky are even more unbelievable than last year’s “intrusive” heli-pap pics when they wrote “happy birthday suri” with chalk on the driveway.
    keep away paps my a$$!

  • laura

    Suri’s sweet. I don’t get why the paps felt the need to fly overhead. The shots aren’t that great…it’s just a little girl jumping on the trampoline with her siblings and family.

    Whatever anyone else says, I think this family is nice and well rounded.

  • laura

    Suri’s sweet. I don’t get why the paps felt the need to fly overhead. The shots aren’t that great…it’s just a little girl jumping on the trampoline with her siblings and family.

    Whatever anyone else says, I think this family is nice and well rounded.

  • bobs

    Looks like there are alot of kids to play with! Strange family!

  • Amazing & Magical!

    Suri looks really smart and independent. She’s way more athletic than the Beck Boys. Tom and Katie are obviously super-attracted to one another. They can’t keep their hands off each other. PASSION!!! They are the most in love couple in Hollywood history. I know they hate the press, but I feel so blessed to have this secret peak into their beautiful and sexy private life together.

  • bejeebus

    your post is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
    …oh and amazingly magical also…. ;)



    I know this is a gossip site but you have no integrity! These pictures were taken from a helicopter over Tomkat’s backyard. That is JUST WRONG. They are entitled to their privacy when they are not out in public. These pics should not have been taken and should not be public.

  • catcall

    Yeah man! Is that trampoline in the ground? I’ve never seen one like that before! I guess if you can afford it, it’s alot safer for kids!

  • so true

    NICOLE KIDMAN! It seems like she completely forgot about the adopted kids.
    It looks like she chose her new husband over her kids. She spends very little time in LA. Which is where her kids live.

  • smack*that*brat

    Nice clown oufit. Hides the diaper.

  • Shawna

    For everyone saying “why aren’t their kids there?” she already had her kid party earlier. I do that with my kids every year. We have the party with their friends on the most convenient date and then on their actual birthday we have a family party, which usually only has adults and the birthday kid (and their siblings). Don’t know why that seems weird to all of you. Oh wait, it’s because you always have to have something to complain about when it comes to this family.

    The pics are adorable, but they shouldn’t take pictures of them in their own backyard.

  • Amazing & Magical!

    I hope that someday I will get to see Suri tap dance in Spanish.

  • um

    @Happy B-Day Pickpocket!!!:

    Suri is a Persian name

  • lakers fan in boston

    katie looks pretty cute in that dress, altho the pics r from afar
    love the polka dots
    katie kinda looks like she’s pregnant but tbh i kinda think its the dress mostly, i will be surprised if she is pregnant tho…
    hope u had a nice birthday, suri!

  • libby

    Many people have a family party and a child’s party. This is obviously the family party–the children came for the princess party earlier. Jeez ,people.
    P.S. Katie is pregnant.

  • dianel

    It’s so nice to see the familly all together having a good time at little Suri’s birthday

  • babe

    # 320 oh,,,come on….why does it effect your life so much?

    who cares if a helicopter flew over Tommy boy’s alien pad. Maybe it was an UFO instead!

    If Tom does not care….you should not either.

    silly you!

  • Maggie

    SICK SICK SICK. Whoever took these pics needs to be outed. Lets start a petition to get these pics removed who agrees, for ch*#t sake she is 3 years old. What sick pap does this. Lets out him/her

  • Emily

    I agree with you Maggie. Jared should not post pictures like this. They are way too invasive.

  • kit

    Every hit and every post is good news for Just Jared. They don’t care whether you like the pics, or not. You’re here and that’s good news for them. The people that are supposedly so concerned shouldn’t read the articles, or comment on the thread. That’s how you can do your part to prevent them from showing up again.

  • Maggie

    Shall we out the pap who took these ?

  • Sade

    Here’s the deal. All press is good press for celebrities. A small price to pay for the gigantic mansion and all the comforts of life any human or martian could ever want. If they wanted absolute privacy they would have put up a mesh tarp which makes it hard to video through but allows light.

    Again people, the helicopter was most likely Tom Cruise’s.

  • ashland

    aaw! suri looks adorable in her dress! and she has her hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon! yeah, Suri left her beautiful ribbon in her hair! lol

  • Blah Girls!


  • jamie

    None of these freaks have any friends. That’s why they joined a friggin cult!

    They are ALL LOSERS!!!!