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Adam Gregory Interview -- Exclusive

Adam Gregory Interview -- Exclusive

90210 star Adam Gregory is the new face of the casual menswear line Company 81. Check out the exclusive ad campaign pics below!

“I love the clothes, the look and the feel,” the 21-year-old actor tells “And I’ve been wearing Company 81 since I got to Hollywood. The clothes fit my style and lifestlye, so it made sense for me to team up with this hot new line.”

Adam, who stars in Ashley Tisdale‘s latest “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” music video, recently sat down with for an exclusive interview. Check it:

JJ: Who is the biggest prankster on the 90210 set?

AG: I guess that would have to be Dustin [Milligan]. He’s the only one that does any kind of pranks at all. There weren’t any huge pranks but I guess he’s the joker. Saying some weird stuff. He does this circle game where if he holds the circle below his belt and if you look at it, he gets to punch you. It’s weird. Very weird.

JJ: How do you spend your downtime in your trailer?

AG: I’ll usually be reading, or working out. I just recently bought a guitar so I’ve been trying to learn that. I’ll hang out, call my family.

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JJ: What book are you currently reading?

AG: Right now it’s a psychology book. It’s the Owner’s Manual for the Brain.

JJ: Are you still in school or are you just reading that for fun?

AG: I’ve always been interested in psychology and sociology. Every now and again, my roommate, who’s in college, has a sociology professor that lets me sit in his class and participate. But I don’t pay and I don’t get grades.

JJ: How far did you get in school?

AG: I did a year and a semester at Northern Kentucky University. That was in musical theater. It was awhile ago.

JJ: And then you just moved out to Hollywood afterwards? How did you transition?

AG: Well, I was there doing musical theater there professionally as well, and my manager saw me and she gave me the opportunity to come out with an agent. So I took the $5,000 they had for the next semester and just flew out to LA and started working.

JJ: How did you catch the acting bug?

AG: Well I had a lot of energy growing up, so my mom made me do a lot of things, so did my dad. So I was playing football, baseball, wrestling, all kinds of sports. My mom would also put me in drama classes. So I was doing theater, and Kids on Broadway while I was doing baseball, wrestling and football. And all my friends never knew. It was pretty crazy. They were totally separate.

JJ: It’s like Zac Efron’s character in High School Musical! He played a jock with a secret obsession to do musical theater.

AG: (laughs) Yeah! When I got to high school, I had to make a choice. I chose theater and I went to college for it.

JJ: Did you get teased at all when you wanted to pursue that part of your life?

AG: Oh yeah, of course. I come from a smaller town that is pretty closed-minded. They didn’t understand why a straight man would wanted to do musical theater.

JJ: And now that they see your success on 90210, do they take their comments back?

AG: Yeah, they’ve all managed to find me on Facebook. They’re all like, “Cool, cool, good job!”

JJ: What was the first musical theater job you got as a kid?

AG: Oh my god! Ebenezer Scrooge, The Christmas Carol. I was Bob Cratchit. I had the old, tired voice, but I was six. But my brother was playing Scrooge, so it was okay.

JJ: Have you been to Broadway? Have you seen any musicals?

AG: I saw Aida, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors. Those are the ones that stick out to me right now.

JJ: Do you have any favorite Broadway actors?

AG: I had one for awhile but I’ve been out of the musical theater realm for quite a long time. He’s actually starting to do movies now which I’m happy about. He was the original Fiyero in Wicked. Do you know who I’m talking about?

JJ: I’ll have to look it up.

AG: Oh, Norbert Leo Butz! Bam, got it. Yeah, that’s the guy I was looking up to while I was doing theater. Overall he’s really great, a triple threat. He was doing Dirty Rotten Scoundrel for awhile too.

JJ: He actually took Jeremy Piven’s place in Speed the Plow when he had mercury poisoning. Norbert just stepped right in after like a day’s notice.

AG: Yeah, he’s ridiculous.

JJ: In the February 3rd episode of 90210, you starred in the Anthony and Cleopatra play. What was it like filming that scene?

AG: Well we just filmed the audition process, so I only got to do a little Shakespeare. It’s great because it’s actually one of Shakespeare’s most poetic stories and I’m really excited to do it. It reads well, it’s almost like music. I hope we get to do more. But it’s really cool we get to do Anthony and Cleopatra. It’s a very beautiful story.

JJ: Who else stars in the play?

AG: Jessica [Lowndes], who plays Adriana. And Annie (Shenae Grimes), as well as Ethan (Dustin).

JJ: Oh yeah, your character is going to be a father, right?

AG: Yep, I am a dad.

JJ: Can you imagine yourself being a father anytime soon?

AG: It’s a little ways away. I mean I’m 21 right now. The earliest, maybe 27, 28. That’s about right, right?

JJ: Do you come from a big family? Small family?

AG: An average [sized] family. Three kids, mother and father.

JJ: What do your siblings do?

AG: My oldest is a pilot back in Cincinnati, doing private cargo, and my other brother Scott is in the Navy and just got back from Iraq. Now he’s stationed here in San Diego. I get to see him every once in awhile.

JJ: You’re in 17 Again, playing Zac Efron’s bully. When you were in school, were you the bully or getting picked on?

AG: I was the one getting picked on for sure from doing the theater and all. I was not the lady’s choice, no pun intended on Zac!

JJ: Did you get to beat up Zac? Throw him against a locker?

AG: (laughs) No, I didn’t get to beat up Zac. I just picked on his little buddy and give him wedgies. And then kinda just give evil glares to Zac. I don’t actually get to pick on him, which is horrible.

JJ: What’s your character in Hannah Montana The Movie like?

AG: Drew is the All-American upperclassmen guy, who they form a crush on. And they can’t get him, unfortunately, he’s not available. It crushes their hearts and they go to off to Tennessee.

JJ: what was filming with Miley Cyrus like?

AG: Miley’s really cool. She’s relaxing, but she’s always on her cell phone though. It’s really funny. Her grandma is on set all the time, and she’s just an old country grandma reading a gossip magazine. It’s a really fun family.

JJ: You obviously need to stay fit to be in show business. What’s your diet like? Do you cook for yourself?

AG: A lot of chicken. I don’t keep myself too much on a diet because I’m in the gym constantly. Basically whatever protein and carbs I can get my hands on.

JJ: And what is your exercise regimen like? Do you have a trainer?

AG: I do boxing with a guy name Joe. That’s fun, I do that in the morning at 7, and then I’ll go to the gym after having some Subway of course.

JJ: The $5 footlongs?

AG: Yea, $5 footlongs, the Spicy Italian.

JJ: I love the Spicy Italian! Try microwaving the Spicy Italian for 10 seconds. It makes all the cheese melt and all the juices from the salami come out. So good.

AG: Oh yeah, I’m all over that. I’ve already got that down. If you want to try a really good sub, you should try the Chicken Bacon Ranch, and then you put a veggie pattie on top of that. They’re delicious.

JJ: I’ll definitely try that.

AG: What were we talking about initially?

JJ: Your exercise regimen.

AG: Yeah, so I’ll have Subway, go to the gym, have some meetings, probably e-mail, and then I’ll go to the gym. I usually go three times a day. My back, my chest, and most importantly my legs. I have the skinniest legs in the world.

JJ: Chicken legs?

AG: Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. I work them out more than anything in the world.

JJ: On TV, I’ve seen guys who get calf implants. Would you ever do that?

AG: Calf implants? Are you kidding me? No way. I’m afraid of needles. I could never have surgery.

JJ: Your 21st birthday passed. What was your favorite gift?

AG: My dad sent me a picture of me, my brothers, and my grandma and he put it in this little frame. That was my coolest gift. I put it next to my bed.

JJ: You celebrated your birthday at The Bank in Vegas but what did you do on your actual birthday?

AG: On my actual birthday, I just went to my friend’s George’s place, and we had a DJ and champagne. I’ve never had that. That’s pretty much it. It was a pretty chill night. I’m not much a partier. I just had some close friends over.

JJ: Do you hace funny fan encounters?

AG: When I went home, it was a little hairy. Just because I took my mom to the mall. Or rather my mom took me to the mall. It was during Christmas time, so everybody was there and everybody knew who I was, and it got really ridiculous and we had to leave. I didn’t think that would happen. Out here it’s fine. I could walk down the street naked and nobody really cares. But if I went home (in Cincinnati), it’s just a different world.

JJ: As your career escalates, there are going to be more paparazzi following you. Do you just accept that as part of the business?

AG: Yeah, I kinda see it as part of the business. It’s what you sign up for. I understand it’s a job for them, it’s just weird when they start shouting things at you that’s kind of personal. You just have to be the bigger man and take it with a grain of salt. Depending on the situation, some things I just don’t agree with what they say. You can take it with a smile, and walk away.

JJ: How are you going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day? (JJ Note: This interview was back in February.)

AG: I’m gonna be in Vegas again! I’m gonna get some tattoos. These are gonna be my first ones.

JJ: What are you gonna be getting?

AG: I can tell you one of them. I’m gonna put Scripture on my forearm. It’s Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” I’m gonna get that on my right forearm.

JJ: I assume you’re a Christian?

AG: Yeah. I haven’t been [to church] out here, but I did growing up. I’m actually going to be starting again with my friend Jason. Some place called Mosaic. I’m gonna check that out this Sunday.

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