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Jennifer Aniston is a Boots Baster

Jennifer Aniston is a Boots Baster

Jennifer Aniston walks around in boots on the set of The Baster on Tuesday (April 21).

The 40-year-old native Californian actress is set to star in back-to-back movies with Scottish hunk, Gerard Butler. Romance rumors swirled last summer as they spent time together going over The Goree Girls, a woman’s prison saga she’s set to produce and star in. Who knows what the future holds!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston, the boots baster…

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jennifer aniston boots baster 01
jennifer aniston boots baster 02
jennifer aniston boots baster 03
jennifer aniston boots baster 04
jennifer aniston boots baster 05
jennifer aniston boots baster 06
jennifer aniston boots baster 07
jennifer aniston boots baster 08
jennifer aniston boots baster 09
jennifer aniston boots baster 10
jennifer aniston boots baster 11

Credit: Edward Opinaldo; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    here comes the stalkers.

  • Katie

    Beautiful, talented, and a lovely lady! Love you Jen! :)

  • h.

    They would actually be a cute couple. Hopefully the movies are good. Gerry needs another hit. =)

  • zeni

    She hasn’t ran into Brad yet!

  • Sick of aniston

    Seriously, Jared! Jen is doing the same thing that she was doing 2 days ago! Stop posting stuff about her! She hasn’t done anything different for the last 10 years! Talk about repetition, geez! Do a story on someone who actually has something interesting going on!

  • Julia

    Love her!!!!!

    More pics of her and Ellen Pompeo please Jared!

  • hate the ho

    Please enough of this woman already. WTF is wrong with her face? Her face is so fat. Is she on steroids or something? She is looking more than 40 that’s for sure

  • a total fan

    The Goree Girls will be interesting. It is set in the 1940. Wonder how she will pull of the 40 style hair dos.

  • mimilala

    She looks very cute in these pics…

  • Baster…OMG

    For Gerry Butler to get sloppy seconds after the BASTER movie would be committing career suicide. Please say this is just a rumor… or it’s RIP for Gerard James Butler the much told Hero from Scotland.

  • hate the ho

    poor poor, ho. she is looking her age and showing her loneliness. She is a sad, sad, woman. So lonely and looks like she’s getting something done to her face. UGLY

  • Sam

    She is so pretty!
    Love her!

  • hehe

    now this is a photo op.

  • jc

    Goree Girls will be interesting. Rachel Green in prison donning the 90′s Rachel hair set in the 1940′s. It’ll be a hoot. Can’t wait.

  • jade

    She looks good in these pictures. I like these pictures much better than the last thread. Love her.

  • h20

    agree with hehe. her pics are always photo ops. notice how she’s looking directly at the pap cameras. coincidence?


    G O R G E O U S

  • Kim

    Simply beautiful. I don’t understand why ppl make it Jen vs Angie. They are both beautiful women and each have their faults. Jen is gorgeous and talented!

  • Jill

    I always thought that she and Gerard would make a gorgeous couple. I hope so, he’s got to be one of the HOTTEST men in Hollywood.

  • hag

    eewwhwwwww!!! ho, you can try but you can’t stop the hands of time. that mug is plumped up with fillers and she has had a face tuck. artificial insecure aging woman who is running scared of aging! know wonder the bb’s are in meltdown. maniston is a representation of THEMSELVES! i feel sad for them….NOT!!!

  • jen

    I love her plumper face. She looks like she did in the beg of Friends. She is so GORGEOUS. What I wouldn’t do to look like that at 40!!!

  • Stephanie


  • ANISTON fan

    Lover her. She’s always so fashion forward. I wish she put a little more color in her wardrobe though. I loved the red dress she had on in a previous thread. She is amazing.

  • mimi

    Can’t wait to see this movie! She is one lucky lady if she hooks up w/Gerard…. I think he’s the best looking actor… he won me over in 300. You really cannot get any hotter than him!

  • hag

    damn, that cougar’s face is SWOLLEN!! surgery injections not settled yet, i hope this desperate pathetic soul finds some man willing to sell his soul for publicity to enter into a fake romance for publicity.

  • pink roses

    Botoxed, ugly manface.

  • You/Me

    Love Jen, hate the boyfriend jeans. I don’t get what celebs see in these jeans, bleh.
    I’m really glad she is knocking the movies out, my hubby and I always enjoy watching her, especially when she is paired with a great actor. Gerard Butler, meh, he’s ok. I don’t think she should date him, he seems like the Scottish version of a redneck,lol :-) No offense to anyone.
    Actually maybe that is what she needs, she is very laid back and he seems to be as well. I guess we’ll see.
    I ♥ Jen ☺

  • Tammy

    # 24
    mimi @ 04/22/2009 at 12:07 am

    Can’t wait to see this movie! She is one lucky lady if she hooks up w/Gerard…. I think he’s the best looking actor… he won me over in 300. You really cannot get any hotter than him!
    You guys are pathetic. Why do you try to hook her up with every man she co-stars with? Maybe she is not Gerards type. Have you thought of that?

  • a total fan

    @ANISTON fan:

    You know this is not really her fashion. Its the wardrobe department who picks out the outfits she is to wear.

  • whoa

    She is soo botoxed, but it still does not make her face look any less manly. With that turbo chin.

  • Laurel

    I really love Gerard Butler, especially after 300. So, I’m curious to hear that he may be dating Aniston. Does anyone know if this is really true, or is it still in tabloid gossip land? I sincerely want to know because I thought Butler was into models and such-I never picture him settling down with ANYONE! Btw, it’s hard to make a player commit-you have to really bring it to keep his/her attention. If the rumors are true, I don’t envy Aniston the task! (Unless she just wants a screw, then more power to her I say!)

  • hag

    damn, even the hags are admitting that fugiston has had plastic surgery!!! well, they have to because it is sooo obvious. then you same apologists of fugiston better not criticize another celebrity who does the same. HYPOCRISY is the LOSER’S route.

  • a total fan

    @ANISTON fan:


    Picture # 2 is her real clothing, she has been pictured wearing them before. And I don’t think those pants fit her.

  • mimi


    You are an idiot. How the hell am I trying to hook her up? Who is trying to hook her up? She does NOT hook up w/all of her costars, not Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Kevin Costner, Clive Owen, Owen Wilson, nor any of the other guys. She hooked up w/ONE costar. No one is trying to hook her up you idiot. They’re rumors, and I (just me) happen to want them together because I like them both. You are a RETARD.

  • Tiffany

    Cutain hair, unfortunate looking, plastic surgery, no talent.

  • John

    Jen is one strange looking woman.

  • Tammy

    mimi…every man she is seen with or co-stars with, you fans always want her to hook up with them. It’s like you are desperate for this pathetic woman to find a man. She can’t keep a man though.

  • Kate

    Jen looks terrific. Can’t wait to see this movie. Her and Jason are two VERY good looking people and look like they’d have great on screen chemistry. I hope so anyway. Not sure about her next flick though… although I do like Steve especially in Saving Silverman. She looks like she’s doing well. Good for her.

  • denise

    If she does not stop the cosmetic surgery, she is going to look like the cat woman.

  • presh

    I love this outfit. I love all of her outfits!

  • Jamie

    no talent hag

  • hag

    you bb’s sing this fug’s praises like she is the innocent victim. look at chipmunk looking directly at the cameras. definately a photo op to show off her fresh plastic surgery. manipulating who*e!!


    OMG…boy, has she had a TOTAL face transplant??? Hahahahaha!! MY GOD!! No WONDER she showed up with that abu gharaib torture hood on…b*tch was prolly swoll up from the flo’ up, and could not move her fckn FACE! Ugh. She’s so shaky, it makes ME nervous. I think she’s having a breakdown…

    That said….

    It’s so funny to see the Huvane interns (huvane is Maniston’s power PR agent) helping Jared pimp this tired plastic surgery victim.

    I can id each and every one of their posts..:lol:

    ….here’s a clue as to what to look for, for people who want to play along in identifying all of Jen’s PR lackeys….

    1)…the posts that assert that Aniston is actually polar opposite than what she is KNOWN to be – you know, the posts that say Jen is ‘laid back,’ when almost everyone who has come in contact with her, including HER (in interviews when she has been struck by the TRUTH bug), have said she’s a NEUROTIC high strung, high maintenance lame.

    2)…people that like to say things like ‘we like to watch her when she’s paired with great actors,’ – EXCEPT they know she’s never been — or are you referring to Matt LeBlanc?? …no sorry, at best, she’s been paired with big male comedy stars and has ridden their coattails much like she’s ridden her ‘loser in love,’ Brad Pitt dumpee/reject persona she created 5 years ago and still whines about today.

    3)People that post like they’re Butler’s PR person. Sorry to report these reports are premature – Huvane tried this same tactic when they were trying to lure John Mayer back for a time, and couldn’t. Seems Gerry is the go-to fake association Maniston’s pr guy Huvane pulls out of his thong undies to engender excitement in his client.

    4)Notice she can’t seem to get attention on her own, without making it about a possible hook up…she and her PR dude know that’s what drives all of the interest, the ‘happiness is the best revenge,’ against Brangelina tactic….it’s sad, because the reality is, REAL LIFE is not how you are perceived in the weeklies or the rags…Maniston seems way too concerned with trying to associate herself with someone she and her PR guy deem a worthy ‘successor,’ dropping names and fake stories that have no basis in truth just to create an ‘image.’ The desperation just REEKS.

    She’s such a sad shaky lame.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    she really wants to be taken “DIFFERENT”?
    (this is the same look as all those others)

  • mimi

    I’ve never wanted her to hook up w/any of her costars. They’re all uglier than she is. Even Vince Vaughn, I still can’t believe she hooked up w/that guy. I don’t want her to find a man, I can careless because I don’t know her. She seems like she is perfectly happy being single, hell, who wouldn’t be when they look like that! I would just like to see the two together because I like them both plus I’d be killing two birds w/one stone when looking at threads :)

    Why is she pathetic? Because she is not married and has 10 kids? Since when is being single pathetic? You are pathetic if you think you need to be in a relationship to be happy! She is gorgeous, rich, has a successful career, loved ones, and independent… she does not need a man!

  • Jillian

    Maniston is a strange woman. She runs all the men away.

    Mayor said, when her exercise coach was a measly ten minutes late, it ruined Maniston whole day. This is one reason that bitch can’t keep a man interested in her. The only reason Brad stayed with her that long, is because they hardly spent any time together.

  • Michelle

    Although these pics aren’t too great, she is still BEAUTIFUL!!

    Soooo many jealous hags on here that need to go on and on
    about someone they don’t know….I could only imagine what their mugs look like. blahhhh.

  • mimi


    It’s strange that Brad was pictured kissing and hugging her about a week before they announced their separation… I guess that’s not spending any time at all (sarcasm). She is the one who filed for divorce so I think it’s she who stayed with him that long. Why he is even mentioned by you is beyond me? He’s happy, she’s happy… let it go.

  • Bea

    Mimi, seriously – do you need glasses?? Aniston’s face is as comely as Sara Jessica Parker’s. I personally find SJP more attractive, simply because she’s natural and embraces her different looks – she seems comfortable in her own skin, but from the slow creeping Jocelyn Wildenstein look aniston has going on, I’d say she is n the verge of a nervous breakdown. The surgery has not turned her into a beauty, (can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear), it just makes her an even WORSE actress because now w/ her limited talent she also seems unable to move her face, and it gives her an odd bloated ‘off’ look. It’s sad. This woman makes me feel bad for her, and want to slap her at the same time – ‘hey jen, you don’t HAVE to be an oscar winner, or look like angelina jolie – just go away and get a life…I promise you’ll be a lot happier if you weren’t deluding yourself constantly.’ You so-called ‘fans,’ should take the same advice.

  • jessica

    love the outfit, the hair, and the shoes.