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Chad Michael Murray Supports Miss USA

Chad Michael Murray Supports Miss USA

One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray takes his fiancee Kenzie Dalton to a medical center on Wednesday (April 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

On Sunday (April 19), the 27-year-old actor was in Las Vegas at the 2009 Miss USA Pageant at Planet Hollywood. Chad was there to support his fiancee’s older sister, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton. By night’s end, Kristen was crowned Miss USA 2009!

FYI: Kenzie competed in the Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant and placed 1st runner-up. And CMM is going to be the brother-in-law of Miss USA 2009!

10+ pictures inside of Miss USA supporter Chad Michael Murray

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chad michael murray miss usa 03
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Credit: Zodiac/Fapian, Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jasmine

    They all suck!

  • liz


  • Ewwww

    F*ck Chadddddddddddddddddddd and his f*ckin little sluttttttttt.

  • jenn

    you sophiawhores are ridiculous. get over it.

  • WTF?

    She looks so damn anorexic. Does that skeleton he calls his “fiancee” even eat???

  • djunfgsds

    oh and kenzie is with one guy, chad and shes a sltttt but sophia has slept with several men in the last few years and shes a saint. what a great mind you people have.

    and btw I like both chad and soph

  • lol


    Its WHORENZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie

    Chad and Kenzie are so cute together!

  • anon.

    Give it a f*ckin break you loser. You REALLY don’t want to open up that can of worms where you claim that Kenzie has only been one guy or that Chad has only been with one woman since he and Sophia split. It really goes to show how naive you and the other idiots who believe that shitt really are. If you only knew the women Chad has cheated on Kenzie with, it would probably give you a fuckinn stroke.
    Sophia been’s with James and Jon after her divorce. So what?? Its not like the girls engaged unlike her ex-husband. She can be with whoever she wants. But what’s Chads excuse?? Just cuz you all see pictures of them out and about doesn’t mean that he is faithful. It also doesn’t mean they have stayed together for the past three or so years. They’ve broken up plenty of times during that time. So don’t go around talking shitt like that if you don’t want to turn this into a huge fuckinnn argument.

  • shenanyginz

    they’ve been engaged for like 7 years.

  • AustinNichols_fan


  • Beetle Juice

    chad michael murray’s thoughts during the pageant ” Damn why did i get stuck with the ugly sister”

  • austin

    the chad-sophia fans need a reality check. they are stuck in 2005. who cares if he cheated on her?!?! no one gives a fuckkkk.

  • Dee

    Wow, miss usa has had plastic surgery for sure. I know it’s allowed, but i really don’t think it should be.

  • Kay

    Damnnn……Chad looks REALLY ugly in those pictures. What the hell happened to him?? I noticed that over the past few years, he’s gotten less and less attractive. He used look so much better in his early twenties.

  • cecily

    WTF IS WRONG WITH CHAD’S NOSE? It looks like it’s collapsed on itself or something. So femme.

  • 900

    Im pretty sure everyone knows that Chad isnt faithful to Kenzie. Anyone whos been to Wilmington has been told how he takes girls to antwon tanners apartment. Antwon has said it himself.

  • Hmm

    Miss USA definitely had breast implants. Thats a fact. I know someone who used to go to college with her before she transfered schools, and she was shocked during Sundays pageant. Kristen used to be flat-chested and now look at her boobs. She definitely got implants to make her stand out more since she’s always competing in pageants……and look how far those implants got her.

  • TL

    Cecily didn’t you know? Someone had punched Chad in the face when he was younger and broke his He had to get some plastic surgery done to fix it. It used to look better before but now his fake nose is way tooooo big for his face.

  • ew

    yes they do!

  • ha

    Seriously, he looks like crap here. What the hell happened to the hot guy he used to be?

  • Cen

    OMG…………………….it looks like he’s in his mid to late thirties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Talk about ugly. Why is that girl even with him?? She could do better than that.

  • h

    Damn he hasn’t gotten better looking with age at all. Does he still want to leave Tree Hill? No one is hiring him for movies, he might as well stay.


    I can say it’s true Chad hasn’t been faith to Kenzie like 900 said. It’s true he hooked up with other girls in Wilmington and I can say he also has been with another co-star on One Tree Hill. They hooked up multiples times. If people don’t believe it just ask Antwon if you ever meet him even the OTH set crew.

  • ashley

    i love Chad! hes hot.
    He needs to shave the bread though

  • Michelle

    Eww he looks gross and so does that anorexic twig.

  • Hey

    he use to be hot what happened he looks like a old man now

  • Christian

    oh my goodness what happened to Chad? He looks OLD! He needs to cut that shit off his face and go back to the gym and get a younger hairstyle or something. Damn it looks like his face is melting or something. I miss the old Chad :-(

  • Fe

    Omg Miss USA seems an old woman, cmm looks old too in these pics, what happened to him?? he used to be hot!!! And I don’t want to waste words about the anorexic child

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    he looks like a fcuking pervert. haHahaha.. pageant bishes are a bunch of fake, dumb ass biiishes.

  • chels

    maybe she is pregnant, the sister is better

  • nutjob

    dont worry guys after these pics were taken he was seen at a hair salon getting a hair cut.

  • Olivia

    He is such an EPIC FAIL. Everyone knows he cheats on that little golddigger constantly. It’s catching up with him, though. Because he looks like and old pervert now.

  • Sandy

    Kenzie is definitely prettier than Sophia.

  • Sam

    Chad, Chad, Chad. He just needs to shave off that hideous beard and cut that hair of his and he will look 5x younger. Anyways, Kenzie looks amazing! She looks great. She doesn’t look too thin and it seems like thin genes run in the family so give her a break. The fact that Chad didn’t end up with Sophia, doesn’t mean you should trash her. She did nothing wrong. The fact that she and Chad have been together longer then Sophia and Chad is probably pissing off the Kenzie haters.

    Maybe Chad cheated on Sophia because there was something wrong in the relationship. Why else would he do it? As for Kenzie, if he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have been with ther for 3 years already.

  • Sam

    Chad, Chad, Chad. He just needs to shave off that hideous beard and cut that hair of his and he will look 5x younger. Anyways, Kenzie looks amazing! She looks great. She doesn’t look too thin and it seems like thin genes run in the family so give her a break. The fact that Chad didn’t end up with Sophia, doesn’t mean you should trash her. She did nothing wrong. The fact that she and Chad have been together longer then Sophia and Chad is probably pissing off the Kenzie haters.

    Maybe Chad cheated on Sophia because there was something wrong in the relationship. Why else would he do it? As for Kenzie, if he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have been with ther for 3 years already.

  • hih

    ^Exactly. The sophia crazies can’t get into their thick heads that he obviously didn’t love her alllll that much. If he did he wouldn’t have cheated on her. Anyways, Sophia looks like a man so he got out of the relationship fast enough.

  • Pleaseee

    Keep telling yourself that Sam. Kenzie looks like a pile of bones and thats just disgusting. She never has been and never will be prettier than Sophia and thats all there is to it.
    Believe it or not, most people who hate Kenzie don’t hate her because they want Chad and Sophia back together(like me for example….Sophia deserves so much better than him). People hate Kenzie because of what she truly is. Those who REALLY know her in and around Wilmington will tell you the truth about who she really is and EXACTLY why Chad and her are still together. And NO, its not because they are madly in love or anything. I won’t mention it here seeing as how its pretty bad. But I’m sure those who know the truth know what I’m talking about. And that thing about them being together for “three years” means nothing once you start learning all the facts.
    Oh….and as for why Chad cheated on Sophia?? Well its quite obvious really—Its because he doesn’t know how to to keep his d*ck in his pants.

  • Cali

    awww luv them! thanks for posting!

    chad CUT THE HAIR haha and SHAVE.

  • Lenn

    If Chad didn’t love Sophia then he wouldn’t have been yelling it out to the entire world left and right when they had been together. Nor would he had begged Sophia to stay with him after she decided to leave his a$$ when she found out he cheated. So GET A FUCKINN CLUE.

  • ??

    LOLLLLL……He looks like a hobo.

  • Sam

    ^^ Ok. So your trying to say that the only reason Chad is with Kenzie is for some stupid reason? That he doesn’t mind destroying his life for it? That Kenzie is mean?
    HAHA! Those jokes are hilarious.

    Seriously, why waist your time trashing Chad and is it any of your business whether she is anorexic or not. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

    All your excuses are lame. Chad wouldn’t risk his happiness for what ever reason you may think. Also, there are people who have actually met Kenzie saying how sweet she is. The fact that you hate Chad for not keeping it in his pants is your problem. He got over, Sophia got over it, and Kenzie got over. She is with him…

    Sophia is gorgeous, but I can’t compare her with Kenzie. They are differnet. They are both beautiful, but in their own unique ways. Kenzie looks amazing and the fact that she “know” that Chad isn’t with Kenzie because he loves is your problem. I see them the way they are. The words of adoration and love that Chad speaks about Kenzie proves that he isn’t faking it.

    Say what you want to say, but I’m not that naive as to beleive you silly little words.

  • Pleaseee

    Sam……I don’t blame you for thinking this is hilarious seeing as how I thought it was at first too when I found out. But then when I started talking to people in Wilmington who know her pretty well among others, several things came to light. And thats when I realized that although their relationship may look as if its healthy and great and all, its actually not.
    I’m not saying they don’t care for one another. But this illusion that some people have about it being some “epic romance” is the furthest thing from the truth. You can still think what I’m saying is a joke and thats fine. I’m not telling you or forcing you to believe me so go on ahead and think as you please.
    Oh, and I’m NOT “judging a book by its cover”as you put it……like I said, I know some things and I wouldn’t be sitting here talking crap if I didn’t know for sure. And thats all I’m gonna say on that.
    And yes, there are people who have met her saying she is sweet. But those people are fans who have go down to Wilmington to meet with the cast and crew, and fans have been doing so for years. Do you REALLY think that this image that some celebrities or people engaged to celebrities(like in Kenzie’s case) actually display to the media and the fans are actually their true personalities?? HELL NO. What they give and show the fans is one thing, but what happens behind closed doors is another thing. And those things are only known by the those who are involved directly and those who are close or know them pretty well. So like I said earlier, I know some very reliable people who know both Chad and Kenzie well and who have told me things. I’d love to tell you, but I’m not going to display anyone’s dirty laundry out for show….even if I may hate them. I’m not that cruel.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  • Cali

    those rumors are FAKE dude its not even logical. there is no way that is true

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


  • ordinary

    @Pleaseee: Yeah I heard about truth behind CK’s relationship so I wonder if you and I happen to know same info and I agree with your posts as WHOLE. You are not only one here who knows the truth because I heard from reliable people who live down in Wilmy that told us stuff about CK.

    As for fans, believe it all you want and I honestly dont care so be it.


    People that are thinking Chad and Kenzie don’t have skeletons in the closet are really naive. I’ve heard from crew and the actual actors on set from what Chad did or has done. If you are ever in Wilmy you would be very surprised to see what you find out. lol

  • ordinary

    @THE TRUTH.: Exactly! That’s what I thought so, lol. I bet that would rock their worlds BIG BIG time, lol. Let them be in denial and be so naive about it but in the end truth doesn’t change anything because it’s still a fact and nothing more. Hmm.

  • lala

    I hate when ppl say they know stuff and then don’t say what cause it makes me really curious and I’m never going to find out.