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Faith Hill Covers Redbook May 2009

Faith Hill Covers Redbook May 2009

Country music superstar Faith Hill poses as herself and three other iconic blondes in the May 2009 issue of Redbook, on stands Tuesday, April 28.

On actress-turned-princess Grace Kelly: “Grace is probably the one that I relate to the most in my life and the one that I have most in common with. I have this seemingly high-profile life, like Grace did, and we were both the mother of three children. She epitomizes the all-American girl with a quiet class and inner strength. She was like everybody’s girl—seemingly comfortable and accessible—yet untouchable.”

On ’60s supermodel Twiggy: “It was hard for me to look at myself as Twiggy. I think she was in her late teens when the original photo was taken. And there’s a very big difference between a teenager and a 41-year old!”

On French model/actress/singer Brigitte Bardot: “To be completely candid, I felt least like Brigitte of all three of the women. To me, sexuality is very different from sensuality. And Brigitte possesses this sensual essence that is so powerful. If I could possess that kind of sensuality, I would want to possess it like she does.”

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Photos: Gilles Bensimon
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  • e.

    now there’s a real talent and beauty.
    she doesn’t attention seek.. she works
    then goes home and is mother to her three

  • jamie lynn spears

    Each time I hear a word “Ellegance” it reminds me of Dmitri the Stud :D

  • stella

    wow she looks great as Brigette!! Love it

  • Claire

    I agree, she looks gorgeous as Brigette.

  • Claire

    I agree, she looks gorgeous as Brigette.

  • anon

    The Brigette looks the best. the Grace cover doesn’t convince. Nobody can touch that blond Grace Kelly beauty.

  • cutie

    She looks beautiful.

  • christy
  • fashionista

    The Grace Kelly cover is bad because the colors are all washed out. Grace had GOLDEN color hair, not platinum blonde. Also Grace didn’t wear this kind of deep colored red lipstick. I’m mpressed with the natural Faith Hill. She is beautiful.

  • Victoria

    Terrible cover of her as Kelly. A friend of mine who is a writer in Nashville said Hill has had a terrible coke problem. That’s why she got so skinny a few years ago. Her weight does go up and down.

    And I have to say that I think her husband is very unattractive.

  • Carrie

    What’s wrong with her own real life persona of Faith Hill? Is she having an identity crisis? Just lost any respect for Faith Hill in her attempt to pretend to be the “one and only”, Princess Grace Kelly. Faith Hill has become just another country singer without a thimble of natural “class”. I’ll never forget her disgusting and vulgar attack on one of her husband’s fans as she raged with jealousy!!!!

  • Michaelangelo

    She looks like January Jones in that cover

    Don’t be such an obnoxious gossip, #10.

  • allie

    Sorry but this woman has NOTHING in common with Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly was the epitome of class. Faith Hill tried desperately to be so slutty in the beginning (rumor was that she slept her way into the business and used a lot of men).

    Now since her career is no longer hot she is trying to be “classy”, that is a joke. She is not even in the same category as Grace.

  • jen

    I have always liked Faith but the fact that she would even compare herself to Grace Kelly speaks volumes about how overinflated her ego really is.

    Disappointed in her after reading that.

  • Shakirakitten

    I love Faith Hill and she looks beautiful in these photos. She is a good singer and so nice to her fans.

  • slambang

    She’s not sexy enough to pull off Bardot.

  • iris

    Thanks for the Faith love, jared!

  • SOmeone….


  • leonardo

    carrie fans jealousy as AAAAAAALWAYS!

    if carrie were there, probably a chicken would be on her chest, and she would be probably acting like susan boyle!.. her mother


  • whoa!

    i love her as grace kelly…..she doesn’t look like bridgette bardot but, she still looks pretty.
    twiggy it just doesn’t work…

  • Claire

    Who the f*ck is carrie, leonardo?

  • Lori

    She is not ANYWHERE even on the same planet of being another Grace Kelly, she is nuts. Sorry but after all the crass and rude outbursts of hers, first at Carrie Underwood for beating her out of an award (Thank God) and then the nasty, ugly, real her comes out on stage at one of her husbands fans (she should tthank her lucky stars she even has an audience) and then the s tory of how rude she and the mr. are on the red carpet, I have repeatedly heard they are not nice, and actions speak louder than words.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Americand don’t give a SH*T about the dress & the look.
    ………………..IT’S WHAT’s UNDER IT, folks!!

  • shoegal421

    actually #13, grace kelly slept her way through hollywood also, with hitchcock saying that she’d f*ck a doorknob if she could.

  • ****

    Some how I can’t imagine Grace Kelly ever shouting, “Don’t grab mah man’s balls” in front of a crowd of thousands.

  • vvvv

    Hey shoegal421, I think he was talking about your hore mother. If you knew anything you’d know that Hitchcock and Kelly were great friends. That’s why he put her in two of his fucking films, you moron.

  • EdithHead

    Actually she starred in three of his best films:

    Dial M for Murder
    Rear Window
    To Catch a Thief

  • officefan

    for all those people complaining about her being dressed up as Grace Kelly…lighten up, sheesh! it’s a photo shoot! I doubt that dressing up as the different actresses was her idea. I am sure it was the magazine’s idea to have her dress up as each actress and to talk about each of them.

  • Desert

    #28 officefan – My thoughts exactly. I don’t think singers/actors/models go to a photographer saying they want to do so-and-so themed shoot, its usually decided for them. I do like the overall feel of the Kelly cover the best though. I know some people think it looks washed out, but I like that whole neutral backdrop and then the splash of colour from her lips.

  • Natalie

    On her Grace pic, she looks more like Lana Turner.

  • Sunshine

    I’m sure it was the idea of the magazine to dress up as other actresses. Faith is gorgeous and looks beautiful in all pictures. She and her husband (married over 12 years) supports a lot of good causes and always come across has nice people. I like that she seems to put family first, has courage and a sense of humor. Great person who has it all i.e. beauty, brains and still a very nice, down to earth person.

  • shoegal421

    actually v, it’s well documented she had affairs with many men. am i judging her? no. but she wasn’t the angel a lot of people think she was, she was human with human errors. and before you start calling my mother a whore, you should learn how to spell it right.

    faith hill looks gorgeous on all the covers. there are always magazine spreads with famous people portraying other famous people, so i don’t know why there’s animosity towards this one.

  • CleaningHouse

    Are you a Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman fan tired of the hate?

    Check out a very important blog

    Search for “Urban Myths Revealed” and “Keith Urban”

  • anon

    She looks very different in person. It would be great if these magazines published non-airbrushed pictures. Then everyone would have a true sense of reality. Wrinkles, weight, etc. It’s not a bad thing, just wish the pictures would show reality.

  • faithhillfanatic

    First and foremost if you dont like Faith then why comment on anything she does. Redbook approaced Faith with the idea of dressing up as these 3 iconic blondes. WHY?? Because people love Faith and she can sell magazines. Faith doesnt need your approval or acceptance. She is comfortable in her own skin. She makes no apologizes for being who she is…..true to herself. Faith is a beautiful woman inside and out. Plain and simple Faith is Faith and that something to be very proud of. FAITH ROCKS!!!!

    Personally I think Faith exudes more sensuality and sexuality then all of these women combined. Faith is both graceful and elegant. She is a wonderful role model.

    If you are still stuck on the whole Carrie Underwood incident, you should really consider seeking medical attention for insisting on living in the past. Get the f*ck over it already damn!!

  • Myra Robinson

    @Lori: I am a huge fan of Faith and Tim. she was totally in the right when that stupid fan grabbed her husband. there was nothing wrong with how she handled herself. the thing about Carrie,she was joking and god,people what is wrong with you guys. This woman is very much like Grace Kelly. nothing wrong with any of the pictures. I love her best as bridget. she is beautiful. and I dont believe she slept her way to the top. I know people who know her personaly and say she is very real. big deal she was married once before she met her soulmate. and they have a great marriage. FAITH HILL IS GORGEOUS!!!

  • Myra Robinson

    she even said she isnt sexy enough to be Bridget,but these are compliments to these women. Faith does not have an ego problem.

  • Myra Robinson

    @Lori these women were her choice to do. get over what she did with Carrie,she meant no harm and Carrie believed her. she had a right to stand by her man.:

  • MMA

    The Twiggy one was the best!!!!