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Gwyneth Paltrow: School's Out!

Gwyneth Paltrow: School's Out!

Gwyneth Paltrow picks up her kids – Apple, 4, and Moses, 2 – from school on Tuesday (April 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

On Saturday night, the 36-year-old actress let Madonna stay at her Amagansett estate to recuperate after falling off a horse in the Hamptons. Madonna appeared unhurt as she posed for photos on Sunday. In related news, Madge‘s appeal of a court ruling denying her request to adopt a 3-year-old girl from Malawi will be heard May 4.

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  • bono

    Nice body. Average face.

  • twitters

    Poor Madonna. :-(

  • geestanza

    Whoa! She looks like an old Jan Brady.
    That’s not bad though. ha ha

  • skylar

    Is she holding Apple or Moses?

  • britt

    Those kids are so cute. They look more like Chris than Gwyn.

  • Foxy

    Apple is a mini Chris I swear!

  • BLT

    Gwyneth is so homely but yes, indeed, those babies are cuties.

  • mimi

    baby’s don’t look happy! and sucking finger at that age?? Not attacking the babies, but just ahhh… amused.

  • yes!

    adorable children but i’ve noticed… Gwyn’s style has changed over the past year. dislike the new red carpet clothes and her outfits are usually quite hideous. she looks better in jeans and tees.

  • g!na

    I’m still wondering if they are going to fix Apple’s lazy eye!

  • tristin23

    i think she is cute
    but here she looks like a guy.

  • ashland

    yes, her left eye needs corrected. My daughter had surgery and her sight is much better.

  • so long

    Well, I guess this probably debunks the theory that she was keeping Moses’s hair long for religious reasons. He already celebrated his third birthday.

  • tall guy

    Ewwwwww. I think she is so fug. I’ve never understood her appeal.

  • beansnfranks

    The little boy looks like a girl.

  • Neuro

    What happened to this woman? She used to be good looking, but I really dont think this new look works anymore.

  • haven

    it’s a good thing the kiddies take after their dad.

  • just saying

    Moses is 3 not 2. He was born April 8, 2006.

  • Mrs. Holloway

    I don’t dislike G.P., but I think she’s one of those people that won’t look better as she ages. Some women really hit their stride looks wise in their 30-50′s, but not Gwyn. Her mother on the other hand seems to get more beautiful as she ages.

  • cutie

    Her children look like twins. :-)

  • Pat

    Does anyone else hate her hair short? She needs to grow it long again! Loved her flowing golden locks!

  • North

    Paltrow is really not very attractive, but her daughter has an old-fashioned prettiness you don’t see every day.

  • Sophia’s Bush

    She has legs to die for but I have never thought she was the least bit attractive. Rather plain.

    Her husband is cute though and I like his music.

  • earthling

    You can tell she’s a good mum.

  • peaches

    Agree, GP is not a beauty but she looks comfy and she’s just picking up her kids. Not everyone can look as luminous as Jen Garner while running errands. :-)

  • mizbehavin

    Moses is so cute!

  • John

    Something about her has changed. Her body is great but her face is hard looking. She should stop taking tips from her plastic surgery addict pal. They are starting to look like sisters. Pretty soon Madonna will be the younger one.

  • Lady Hawk

    Did anyone catch her Ebay auctions? Lots of really fantastic, expensive handbags and shoes. Why does she always wear such ugly outfits when she must get all those gorgeous things for free? I’ve never understood that.

  • ghostly

    Gwyneth looks like the lovechild of Sondra Lee and Jan Brady.

  • cindy

    I honestly thought that was Apple she was holding in her arms.

  • g-fan

    I’ve always thought Gwyneth to be a very striking woman. Not an obvious beauty, but very classic features. She definitely warrants a double take! I like that she takes fashion risks and changes her look from time to time. To me, nothing is more boring than someone set in his/her ways. Her children are adorable and she seems to take very good care of them.

  • Zelly

    Gwyneth is rather plain but has decent bone structure. That can turn an average woman into attractive with the right makeup and styling. During her Miramax years, she had me fooled into believing she was pretty, but it’s increasing evident that was the product of cosmetics and grooming. The last time I found her genuinely attractive was probably 2005. I wouldn’t say she takes fashion risks so much as she overworks trends. Her looks are very repetitive (tights, short dresses/skirts, very high heels) and she doesn’t seem to know when to let up on a trend and try something new. You can always tell when Gwyneth has dressed herself vs. when she’s used a good stylist. Her stylist makes pretty good selections while Gwyn does not. Classic chic probably suits her best, but I suspect she enjoys the attention from being trendy, hit or miss.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    The way she uses her relationship with Madonna is really disgusting.

    If she was a real friend, she wouldn’t have run to the media with every private detail about Madonna.

  • nativenyker
  • libby

    I can’t believe people out there don’t think she is attractive. Of course she is. However, have you noticed how many celebrity children suck their thumbs–tired, insecure?

  • wednesday

    Is that the same pre-school where Violet Affleck goes? Looks like the same outter building.

  • Victoria

    That four year old needs to stock sucking her finger. She must be insecure.

    I thought Paltrow was supposed to be a good mother. Doesn’t she brag about it in that sappy blog of hers?

  • sucking finger

    “That four year old needs to stock sucking her finger”
    WHY? It’s a good training for sucking other bodyparts!

  • RHONDa

    do all celebrity kids suck those thumbs?

  • moses attends vi school



  • hatersareselective

    RHONDa @ 04/22/2009 at 9:54 am do all celebrity kids suck those thumbs?

    lmao. you’ve been effin’ the pitt’s kids on the lower thread for sucking thumb and you won’t eff apple?

  • mimi

    still sucking thumbs at the age of 4? kids are not to be judged but parents should tell them not to do! i guess gwyneth doesnt!

  • raquel

    Another freakin kid with a thumb in their mouth. Moses hair needs to be cut. He looks like a girl for goodness sake. Next thing she’s going to dress him up in a robe and give him the ten commandments to hold.

  • moses attends vi school

    Meanwhile have you seen Shiloh and Zahara’s new pix sucking the life out of there fingers.. They are is the same age as Apple and Moses.. But no one is saying anything about Brad and Angie..being bad parents..Are they??? So grow up her kids are not the only ones ..
    She did not run to the media that is what a good friend does.. They found out on their own.. Just like how Madonna the bitch lied because

  • raquel

    #44. I commented on Z and Shi sucking their thumbs on the Stop & Shop post. I don’t agree with them sucking their thumbs either. Maybe you should read all the posts before you open your mouth.

  • amanda

    Apple is a great mixture of both her mum and dad. Apple is all Gwyn from eyes up and the rest of her face is Chris. Hopefully she’ll end up with Gwyn’s great body too!

  • figgy

    Both kids look alike and take after their dad. Apple has her daddy’s eyes.

  • wednesday

    Now, a pic with Gwen and Jen both in the same shot picking up their kids………………..that would sure make the rounds. Does one set go out the front and the others out the side door?

    That has to make for the paps job, an easy one. All they have to do is stand in the same parking lot.

  • K

    Apple is 5 yrs old and still sucking her thumb,can you say issues,
    and the little boy looks like a girl.Dang I don’t have one nice thing to say about her.

  • nANCY

    Funny how Gwen was so concerned about using “toxic” shampoo in kids hair, and then she goes an lets her daughter introduce all sorts of germs to her system by sucking her thumb.