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Hugh Jackman is a Parade Mag Man

Hugh Jackman is a Parade Mag Man

Hugh Jackman reveals his animal mangetism in Sunday’s issue of Parade. Here’s what the 40-year-old Sexiest Man Alive opened up about:

On his father and spirituality: “He takes his religion very seriously and would prefer I go to church. We’ve had discussions about our separate beliefs. I just find the evangelical church too, well, restrictive. But the School of Practical Philosophy is nonconfrontational. We believe there are many forms of Scripture. What is true is true and will never change, whether it’s in the Bible or in Shakespeare. It’s about oneness. Its basic philosophy is that if the Buddha and Krishna and Jesus were all at a dinner table together, they wouldn’t be arguing. There is an essential truth. And we are limitless.”

On the gay rumors: “I’d be happy to go and deny it, because I’m not. But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful. The questions about sexuality I find more here in America than anywhere else, because it’s a big hang-up and defines what people think about themselves and others. It’s not a big issue in Australia.”

On if he has plans to adopt more kids: “No! (pauses) Wow. That’s the first time I’ve ever said that so emphatically and on-the-record. For Deb and me, our family is the most important thing to us, but we travel so much that we fear if we have more kids, it’ll be too much

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  • uglysexy

    Hugh Jackmaninoff is not a wolverine…but maybe in the same family…
    somewhere between ferret and weasel…but really what is up with all these aussie actors taking our lunch???
    Especially ones that like Peter Allen of all people…that’s worse
    than idealizing Wayne Newton

  • Meg

    He seems so nice…not sexiest man alive but I still like him!

    More Ellen Pompeo Pics please Jared!


    Hugh Jackman is everywhere now!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be sure: FA*GOTS READ IT TOO, folks!!

  • Leesa

    Hugh Jackman is THE most talented and versatile actor out there today. His reputation among his fellow actors is top notch, as far as I can tell, and the way he speaks about his wife and children combined with the above, makes him sexy as hell in my book.

  • yummy Hugh

    I find it so weird that just because he played Peter Allen on Broadway Americans keep asking him about his sexuality and CAN’T seem to grasp he was ACTING…..duh!

    To most people around the world the question never comes up because it’s so obvious to them that he’s straight and very much a heterosexual!

  • ~m~

    He seems like such a genuinely nice and cool guy

  • Use cars distributor

    Its amazing that who ever have the latest movie is becoming sexiest man. However, i like his latest movie.

  • ****

    Wow what a class act. If only more men could be that centred and self-assured. Oh and glad to heard he’s not prone to over-compensation like Brad Pitt when it comes to having/adopting children. He’ll be able to actually raise his children himself instead of pawing them off unto staff members.

  • nativenyker

    Damn, we love this man!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • patricia

    Thank you, Just Jured for put every day a new about Hugh Jackman.Make my day more happy.Hugh is amazing¡¡¡

  • bailey

    what great thoughts coming from him. i love his outlook.

  • bonzo

    I never realized he was such a freak.

  • chris

    @bonzo: And I don’t understand what makes you believe his is freak, you freak!

  • anna

    What a class act! I respect and look up to this man more and more, day by day!

  • Bellie

    What an ignorant world we live in- just because he plays a gay man in a stage show, there are rumours he is gay? And people actually think that is ok to ask in a professional interview? I mean, seriously, he is married- how offensive is that question to his wife?! He also had a short relationship with a girl I used to work with- before he was very famous and before his relationship with his now wife- so that was also a scam too? Honestly- stop asking the question America- makes you look VERY behind the times.

  • 234

    He seems an all around nice guy, and a talented actor who has more personal values than just about anyone in hollywood. He’s a class act, and I hope he sticks around.

  • B7

    I have no doubt in my mind he is gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). He has an older wife, adopted kids, and wears a ring on his right hand ring finger given to him by his “long term friend & business partner”. I have many life long friends, but they don’t give me rings to wear on my ring finger. Alone these might not mean anything, but put them all together and the evidence supports it.

  • bellie

    B7- are you saying anyone that has an older wife, a wife who cant “naturally” have babies and therefore adopts, and recieves a piece of jewellery from a male friend is homosexual??

    Not that I give a rats a*se if he is or isnt, but that is really poor “evidence” agent scully.

  • Bunny

    What the F*** is he blabbering about this time?

  • Jessica

    i met hugh jackman today! he was at disneyland and was so nice and came over to acknowledge me when i recognized him. such a nice guy and pretty good looking too!

  • Jessica

    i met hugh jackman today! he was at disneyland and was so nice and came over to acknowledge me when i recognized him. such a nice guy and pretty good looking too!

  • Sorbet


    That must have been pretty cool. He seems like one of the most genuinely nice actors out there, and fine as hell!

  • terence


    Your ugly on the inside as well

  • terence

    @gerard Vandenberg:
    You know what they say about homophobics Gerard…they are gay men who try and hide it by knocking poofters but the truth is they sneak out of their closets whenever they get the chance…Its so bloody obvious to straight and gay people you become a big joke honey. I’m gay and proud of it you stupid thing

  • terence

    Bonzo you are a pathetic excuse for a human…why worry about anyones sexuality…me thinks you protest too loudly sir or is that madam…. (the name Bonzo could be either). Your are a silly bugger arent you..Kiss, kiss

  • Paz

    That dude is gayer than Liberace (and almost as gay as Tom Cruise), are you kidding?…there’s just too much money invested on him in a narrow-minded market and a well-paid publicists.

  • MMA

    He seems like such a nice guy!! LOVE HIM.