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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Kissing Camera Couple!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel: Kissing Camera Couple!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel ham it up and start kissing like crazy at the Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz game at LA’s Staples Center on Wednesday (April 21).

Check out the frame-by-frame below of the couple being featured on the JumboTron’s “Kiss Cam,” Justin taking off his glasses, and then mounting his girlfriend for a long, drawn-out kiss.

Celebs in the audience watching the kissing session included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connolly, Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, Michelle Kwan and Jack Nicholson.

10+ pictures inside of kissing camera couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 01
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 02
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 03
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 04
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 05
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 06
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 07
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 08
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 09
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 10
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 11
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 12
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 13
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 14
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 15
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 16
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 17
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 18
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 19
justin timberlake jessica biel kissing camera 20

Photos: Noel Vasquez/Getty
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  • KStew


  • Pattycake

    It’s like they’re auditioning. Those celeb kisses we see posted from the basketball games for this couple and others are part of the showmance, I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a couple at ANY sporting event kissing and cuddling except on these gossip sites with celebs.

  • British Latin American


  • KStew


  • nikomilinko
  • part-time lover

    BRAD! BRAD! Justin Timberlake stole your hat!!!

  • whatever

    Why does she always look so greasy??

  • Marco

    I wish it was me HE was kissing!! except the glasses and hat have to go.

  • sarah

    EW can he dump this man already???

    its time for Justin and Britney to get back together damnn itt!!

  • CaliWriter

    LOL funny when writing look at a calndar, the 21st was yesterday which was Tuesday. ROTFLMAO

  • jennifer

    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    loves them

  • Jules

    AWWW they are so effin cute!

  • mim


  • pinkrose

    Would it hurt Jesica to put on a little eyeliner and mascara? And do something about that hair. She is an attractive girl with a great body and a nice smile. Just a touch of makeup would stop her looking so washed out. And a nice cut and conditioning would not go amiss. Now JT is just hopeless. Didn’t realize he was so ugly….

    Lainey doesn’t realize that all Justin has going for him is money. Properly put together, she is not a downgrade at all.

  • http://justjared jessica sucks

    Can he find a woman who won’t use him?How is it possible he dates this z-list nobody who looks like a man?
    I liked him with Cameron she had a successful career in movies before meeting him she was more famous than his when they first started dating so she didn’t need to use him and namedrop him to became somebody .I wish he dumps this wannabe user soon .

  • http://justjared jessica the mAN

    I don’t get how a sane Justin fan can be happy about this wannabe using him to this degree.Can’t they see it?
    How can they be happy about it ?Justin is the relevant one an international pop star she on the other hand has nothing going on for her but get naked for movies that never see the light of day .

  • xio pio

    Why won’t Jessica do something about her hair and add a little bit of makeup to her face? I don’t understand her. I’m not saying she’s got to be all glam, but she should at least act like she cares about how she looks when in public. I’m surprised that Justin is ok with this………

  • Ingrid

    He’s trying way too hard with those nerd glasses. YOU’RE NOT COOL.

  • LolaSvelt

    #17, why must YOU tell her what to do? She looks fine. Why do people always have critique people’s every moves?

  • H

    FOR THE LAST TIME BRAD DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS STYLE! Guys have been wearing those hats for YEARS.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Kissing a boy instead of a woman in america means: JOBLESS FOREVER, folks!!
    (that’s why a love the country so much)

  • Beetle Juice

    eww jessica beal looks like crap with no make up and justin wiggalake is way too aware of himself being guy

  • roccstdy

    i just want to say if Justin likes it , i love it!!! she does look alittle busted if it were me . being a celeb, always knowing there’s a camera near i would at least be looking cute… especially going to a Laker game ..GO LAKERS!!!!!!

  • abby

    all stage no true feeling you can tell Justin was looking at the camera alot
    the photos of her looking and kissing Justin cheeking Justin was to ingrossed at the cheerlears butt PHONY , PR stunt to stop the break-ip rumors

  • huh

    I thought Justin was straight. why’s he kissing this man?

  • Monica

    I agree with Abby. That was such a photo opt. So fake. They are not fooling anybody.

  • Candice

    Ohh they look so in LOVE <33333333′

  • lisa

    Photo op

  • Juice

    Dude looks like a penis head.

  • ~

    #18 & 19 – same person

  • Me

    They’re so cute together….she’s obviously perfect for him. JT is from the south, so he likes REAL women that have curves. lol.

  • Sade

    I just cant imagine going to a Laker’s game with Justin Timberlake looking like Jessica Biel looked. Her hair always looks greasy and she looks tired and worn out. More like a housewife with a bunch of kids and a full time job(of course without the nannies).

    Why wouldnt she want to look sexy and cute for her man?!!! I just dont get it. She has the body and when made up can look reasonably attractive. She is a dude… I mean dud. :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, how cute =p
    jessica looks amazing when she smiles as well =D
    stupid gay perez said they had split, dumbass lies about everything…
    lets go lakers!!! 2-0

    lakers vs. cavs for finals
    lakers in 7

  • marissa

    this is a showmance guys. all done and made by her publicist. its all for show. jt is single btw

  • marissa

    oh and just to let you know biel has been in a relationship with a women, her name is rachel for the past 2 years. jt is just for business

  • kamilah

    wow some of you people are really shallow!!!! jessica is pretty and doesnt need to wearing make-up 24/7. since when was that a damn rule. and she is not using him. it doesnt matter who is more famous or who makes more money. grow the hell up. just because a couple is happy people start to hate because they dont have that.

  • maryf

    Oh please !!!! now they are smiling and making out in public !! So Fake ^^ Anyway Go Lakers !!!!

  • Ryan

    They look so in love.
    The life of Justin Timberlake is definately perfect !

  • marissa

    its all fake. not real at all

  • tl

    Are they trying to copy Zanessa?

  • what happen

    JT looks like child molester with cap and creepy glasses. His clothing line is so ugly – you can get the same shirt at Salvation Army for $1.

  • Divine Goddess


    LOL i was thinkin the same thing. I guess all couples in luv go to Lakers games? :)

  • mickey

    I guess they’re trying to send a message. Too bad no one cares.

  • eh

    They do no physically match each other. Biel still looks too old for him. JT looks like a kid.

  • Moo

    Wow, they are so classy…NOT!

  • Osakhomen

    She looks better than most girl who where make-up.

  • ryan





  • Lolly

    Jessica is purrty w/o make up, she doesnt need to wear any.. She is a hard working woman and putting on make up takes away time.. I thought it was adorable when Justin jumped on her for the kissing cam,, People get a life and let them live their lives as they please!!

  • cc

    This is such a photo opp it is painful to look at.

  • luvly

    brad looks better with that hat..