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Nicole Kidman To Adopt Alpaca?

Nicole Kidman To Adopt Alpaca?

Nicole Kidman and country crooner husband Keith Urban may soon have a new addition to the family: an alpaca!

The couple (both 41) took their daughter, Sunday Rose, 9 months, to see the llama look-alike at a farm in Sydney on April 12.

“They were looking to buy one but ended up not doing it that day,” an onlooker tells Life & Style. Sunday probably wasn’t too disappointed. “She spent most of the time sleeping,” notes the onlooker.

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  • male

    love her
    nomber 1!!

  • jeez

    I don’t want to be mean but this baby looks odd.

  • xio pio

    I hardly see her with her adopted kids anymore. I wonder if Tom has full custody?

  • more sunday rose thanks

    Yes Tom has full custody what usually happens when parents re marry and have their own kids.. the adopted ones get pushed aside.


    SHE IS NOT HIDING IT ANYMORE..!! It is nice to see Sunday
    wearing pants not like Suri who wears dresses all the time..

  • dabu

    No Tom does not have Full Custody MORE SUNDAY ROSE THANKS. If you read the Smoking Gun divorce papers, they have joint custody. At any time she probably could force the issue. The kids go to school (scientology/xenu school) in LA. Their friends are in LA. They are teens and as Nicole said, like the excitement of LA and find Nashville boring.
    Nicole is doing what is best for the kids and not forcing them to choose. People who live in Nashville see the adopted kids out and about often. Unlike Tom, Nicole doesn’t use the kids for photo ops.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • tony

    Isabella and Connor were with her at the March for the Baby 19th April.
    She sees her children often. If you can’t see them in pics doesn’t mean she doesn’t see them




  • Shawna

    #2 – how does she look odd? What a thing to say about a baby! She is adorable!

  • Serena

    That photo was taken in Nashville a few weeks ago after Nicole and Sunday came out of a Gymboree class. Use some newer photos please if you want to write about ‘alpaca’.

  • jeniffer

    I love Nicole! I love Keith! I love Sunday!
    This is a happy family! always together!

  • maya

    #7Tony, why do you keep repeating that Bella and Connor were with Nicole at the March on Dimes event. The article you are referring to simply said that she has 3 children that live with her in Nashville. It did not say that they were at that particular event. BTW, the part about the older kids living in Nashville is false because Nicole has said that they live in L.A.
    In any case, I hope they do visit her in private.


    Yes Tony: where does it say at the March of Dimes article that Conner
    and Isebella were there..She was there by herself.. They live in L.A
    and attend Scientology school full time.. Tom has announced that when she does come to visit.. That Katie and Tom arrange a time when they are not their..

  • dabu


    Legally they have joint custody–it is in the court documents which you can read for yourself on Smoking Gun.

    Do you remember all those photo ops Tom had at their games? He even bragged about all the paps and how it was one big party. I’m sure the kids are still involved in sports and other activities, but you no longer see Tom at the games or the activities. I believe Nicole mentioned the kids don’t want the publicity and she at least is respecting that.
    With regards to them being in Nashville she has said they have been out frequently. People who live in Nashville have seen them about. And business owners of cafes, restaurants etc., have been quoted that she has brought the kids in.
    You know if the situation were reversed and she had the kids like she did in the beginning of the divorce for the first two or three years, no one would be saying one thing about Tom not seeing them every day. But because she is a woman, she gets hit constantly that she is a bad mother, person whatever because she doesn’t drag the kids out constantly to prove to you and the other haters that she sees them.,
    If I may point out, when you do see photographs of the kids with her, they appear happy and loving towards her. I seriously doubt Bella, especially, is a good enough actress to pull off happy and loving if she doesn’t feel that way.
    Personally I believe Tom, who is well known to be controlling and a scientologist, controls their movements with her. Do I know this for a fact? Of course not. But if you google scientology teenagers or children you will see that at this time in their lives, the kids are in for intensive indoctrination with this xenu religion. I doubt seriously that he would allow them to miss their indoctrinations to go visit their mother. Or that he would allow them to visit her when she is in LA if they are busy with their xenu studies.
    The Church of Sci-fi is seriously scary. And Nicole knows it better than anyone. She is probably not going to do anything to harm the kids or her family.
    Just my opinion knowing people who are ex-scientologists and now are not allowed to see current family who haven’t ex-communicated themselves.
    Either way, neither you nor I know what is going on. We can only speculate. You say she doesn’t see her kids. I say she does. Since we are unable to track charter flights into Nashville with the kids on them and vice versa and because Nicole is fiercely private and protective with the kids–we probably won’t know unless Bella and Connor write a tell all or do an interview where they definitively state that they didn’t see her or Tom was a bad parent etc. However, most folks that have gone on record, say both Tom and Nicole are wonderful parents to these children. Bella and Connor seem happy and that should be all that counts. Not what you or I think or speculate.

  • Marii

    Tom does not have full custody!! The thing is that they spend more time with him because of that crazy religion! It’s not Tom fault, but scientology.
    I wish we could see Nic with her three kids. She must feel deeply happy when it happens.
    And this is not the best shot of Sunday. She’s a gorgeous baby, and in this pic she seems sleepy, that’ all.

  • dian

    There seems to be some thing the matter with that child very odd looking

  • daisy

    Would the haters please stop saying mean things about an innocent baby! Sunday is a beautiful child!! She is in her mothers arms.

  • daisy

    dian, it is obvious you are the same poster that always comes over & insults Nicole & her family. Stay on the loving Cruise family threads. We know you are a fan.

  • Notfoolinganybody

    daisy, there’s a whole group of women who go on different boards and bash Nicole, this one included. They’re not Cruise lovers, they’re Nicole haters. To say a baby is very odd looking is a sick thing to say and if you want to see how sick that group is, check out this blog

  • scottee

    How hard is it for any of you to understand that she basically has a new life? My husband did the exact same thing. He moved back to England, married his second wife and started ignoring our daughter. He hasn’t seen her since she was 13. That was 13 years ago. Even before Nicole started dating Keith, she was in some city filming a movie without them around. Yes, teens do have their own lives but I wonder why she doesn’t make her home base in LA? Too bad if the paps are after her and she wants to be in quiet Franklin, TN. Her obligation is to spend time with all three of her children. She has a new house in LA and she should use it. She especially needs to spend more time with her teen daughter. Can you imagine being her kids and wondering why mom has this new life with a new husband and new kid? How does Keith explain the fact that she doesn’t spend more time with her older kids?

  • scottee

    PS, if the paps can get pics of her and the new baby, why not with her two older kids?

  • ashland

    Sunday Rose has a stork bite on her forehead which look like a rash. Some babies get this!

  • lalique

    Alpaca coats, anyone? Yum!

  • g!na
  • zenaida

    babies get rashes when they are very young,not because it is bad,this is very normal to all children,if she still has these redness,maybe because her parents kiss her a lot,or it is just winter in TN.
    Tom does not have full custody of the older childrenand he does not use them for publicity.when they were in Orlando,Fl.they all looked very happy.and if all of us remembered what TOM said in “THE VIEW”,the teenagers do not want their dad to discuss about their lives,he said so during the interview.he said he was given very strict instructions not to discuss Bella and Connor.the children are not in boarding school of any sorts,they both said that thewy are home-schooled by their own auntie.not fun as their fan but,it semmed to me that iether way possible they both get blame for everything.just let them be if you want to know the truth about them,why not confront them ,if you have guts enough to do so as you are now trashing every move they may have.

  • Carrie

    Love Nicole Kidman and love beautiful Alpacas….

  • listenuppp

    Nicole has said Conor and Bella like the excitement of LA. Nicole could insist that the kids move to TN, but she doesn’t do that. It must be hard to deal with being adopted and then have to deal with your father putting your family through a divorce. While also having such well known parents. Seems like Nicole is trying to keep them from dealing with another big change. Nicole doesn’t have to live where Tom chooses to live. would you say Tom should move to TN? These photos of Sunday are old and where taken at a moment when she was falling asleep. Sunday is adorable and looks just like Keith.

  • eliza

    Excellent post, dabu #14. I agree with everything you’ve written. I also suspect that both Bella and Connor were adopted through the COS in Florida with the understanding that they would be raised as Scientologists. Tom is seeing to this, and Nicole would only make things difficult for the children by challenging his control and demanding that they spend half of their time with her. None of us know how frequently Nicole is in touch with Bella and Connor or how involved she is in their lives. It’s none of our business. But they seem to be well-adjusted youngsters enjoying their LA lifestyle.

    And’ listenupp, I’ve seen the recent photos of Sunday and she IS adorable, a beautiful little girl!

  • blaine

    yes g!na, it looks like a stork bite! my daughter had that and it went away! It’s just a marking from birth. She’s a cute baby!

  • cupcakes

    Suri Cruise was an ugly baby. On the otherhand, Sunday is just a sweety pie.

  • Vickie


    That is a bunch of bull. Tom Cruise never said that on Oprah.

  • AMY

    That baby is not ugly…

    BUT, not as beautiful as I thought it would be since Nicole is so gorgeous. Sadly the girl looks like her father, which is not that attractive.

  • andamentothat

    Baby Sunday is wearing Trumpette socks.. adorable.

  • Caz

    Oh how adorable is that baby,

  • saturdaisy

    I love Nic and Sunday looks so adorable!

  • dian

    That baby is ugly Suri is the sweety pie

  • Danielle

    The baby is lovely and there are lots of better pictures of her where you can see how cute she is. I think people should leave the baby alone.

    Ms Kidman, however, has said on many occasions that she does not see Bella and Connor very often. Why do people continue to insist that we don’t see pics of them together because NK keeps them private? That’s not true … from NK herself. If she wanted to rectify that, she’d be .living in LA and ensuring she exerted her shared custody rights.

    The reality is that in 2005, NK stopped maintaining the relationship with the older 2 kids in order to pursue her career and her husband hunt. Since the relationship with Keith, she’s been too wrapped up in her career and her husband. She hasn’t spent any major holiday with the kids since 2004.

    As a mother, I’m dumbfounded by this. I would NEVER distance myself from my kids and I’d fight for them. With her resources, she could have easily lived in LA and remained in their lives. Some of the statements she has made regarding having a child of her “own” vs the adopted children have been distasteful and I truly hope Bella and Connor haven’t read / heard them.

  • CleaningHouse

    Are you a Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman fan tired of the hate?

    Check out a very important blog

    Search for “Urban Myths Revealed” and “Keith Urban”

  • GG

    # 37.
    The absolute truth is, is that because Nicole left scientology and turned against its teachings, she has now been labeled an SP (supressive person) by TC and everyone she use to know in that circle. Which includes everyone in the entire church, his staff which are all scientologists and whom use to work for her also and Tom’s family. So everyone surrounding Bella and Connor are scientologists who believe that Tom is no longer with Nicole anymore because she is an SP. And they don’t want the kids around her because of that type of belief. It had to have created a wedge between them and their mother that involves much more than just fighting for her kids. It means fighting the whole church of scientology and what they consider is true for them. The fact may be that because of this Bella and Connor may be brainwashed into believing it too and might not want much to do with their mother anymore. I mean, Hiter is an SP ok? People who are criminals and murders are SP’s, psychiatry to them is supressive and Nicole’s father is a phychiatrist. And it just so happens, anyone who leaves the church and doesn’t want to practice it anymore is also put in that same category. I would be considered an SP just for writing this. It is the worst thing a person can be labeled in all of scientology. They believe the way to handle a supressive person is to disconnect from them which may explain a lot. There are entire classes dedicated to teach scientologists how to treat these “types” because they are the same as the devil to them. So she is walking a very thin line just to even be able to talk to them. So I’m afraid theres a completely different side to this than most people realize.

  • MaryT

    dabu – I couldn’t agree with you more re: #14. Thank you so much for “clearing up stuff.” I really like Nicole – I LOVE Keith Urban – and little Sunday Rose is just a doll! I wish them only the best!!

  • MMA

    Why would you want an alpaca?

  • Suppress your appetite

    cute baby (: