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Rachel Bilson: InStyle's New Fashion Editor!

Rachel Bilson: InStyle's New Fashion Editor!

Rachel Bilson has scored herself a monthly column as a fashion editor in InStyle.

The Q&A is called “Ask Rachel” and stars with the May 2009 issue (with Jennifer Garner on the cover).

“I am not planning on quitting my day job to be a full-time fashion editor, although I am really enjoying it and it intrigues me very much,” Rachel tells WWD. “I’m actually flattered more than anything that people want to ask me questions about style. I am honored to do it.”

She adds, “I can talk about fashion all day long, and I am an avid InStyle reader so the relationship seemed perfect! This column is the best homework assignment ever!”

You can send in your own questions at

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  • J

    aww I am so happy for her!


    wow, she’s quite the right person to go to for fash ad!

  • leah

    how cool! I will definitely be more interested in that magazine, then. I like her style.

  • lola


  • wuh

    At least she won’t be making terrible movies for a while…

  • sotrue

    Yessss! She has amazing style!!!

  • x

    Does she have a day-job to quit ? Unless she means, giving up shopping ? At least someone is employing her.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    aww.. what`a ug little pug. wish i could give her a doggy biscuit.

  • katey

    haha @ #s 5 &7 :D

    she does seem to only shop, doesn’t she? like most untalented actresses, she needs some way to spend her “hard earned money”.

  • lexie

    No one’s style is ever going to appeal to everyone out there 100% of the time. I have to say though I love Rachel’s eclectic style and I’m always getting ideas from her for putting together accessories like scarves and handbags. And how to throw together jackets with other stuff. I like her every day mix and match casual style that you can wear most everywhere and still be comfortable.

  • chels

    aw i love her leave her alone, i like her style

  • lakers fan in boston

    perfect job for her lol
    i didnt no she had a day job tbh?
    still i love her, she’s such a cute girl
    love u rachel!u look so cute in that pic

  • Ingrid

    Don’t quit her day job? When was the last time she actually made a film? lol.

  • real observer

    she is not pretty, she is not smart, she has no abilities as an actress or designer, she proved that, now another trial which will be an error

    she should stay home and make kids, although, who will bring them up?

  • funkey

    Oh please write in to her to get her to give you nothing but, COPYCAT design ideas. DAY job what actual day job did this woman ever truly have shopping, walking the dog, restuarant hopping with friends, Oh let me guess this kitchen in Canada is now going to be called her design studio now. I don’t think this Instyle editor idea will last long DNKY canned her after one showing. I don’t see this editor idea lasting all that long either

  • mimi

    Good for her. I love her style…also clothes look great on her b/c of her small frame. This is the perfect job for her. I will be reading her column too ..

  • mimi

    i want to see her cooking show too, whatever happened to that ? i haven’t heard anything about it …

  • mrs. c.

    OMG!!! Only a desperate person would seek fashion advice from an ugly, talentless, dim-witted fraud like Bilson. This bimbo has no fashionable style to call her own so she stole designs and pass them off as hers…she’s soooo fake!!!! Hope she wasn’t referring to acting as her day job b/c she sucks at that too. Face it…she isn’t good with anything except manipulating Hayden into marrying her and spending all of his money on her shopping addiction. Pathetic!!!!

  • lexie

    “Day job” is a figure of speech and not meant literally but I guess that went over some people’s heads.

  • lexie

    Now now Mrs. C do you have to attack everyone who doesn’t feel the same way as you about Rachel’s fashion sense. tsk tsk

  • a fan

    The restless are freaking out again, fact is there are professionals who sees the potentials in her. Give her a break, at least she is trying.

  • toni

    Day job implies you have some sort of job. She hasn’t had a job in months. I don’t think shopping, going out to eat, and hanging around Canda counts, does it?

  • what the hell??

    i can’t believe how many ppl hate Rachel on here…wtf is wrong with you guys? she is nice girl, i don’t see why all the hate… . She is always nice and I never see her acting like a b-itch or being rude to anyone. Rachel may not be drop dead gorgeous or a great actress..but she ain’t ugly either. She’s cute and she has a nice petite body. And i think she has great sense of style!! I think the only reason you guys hate her is b/c she’s with that strange weirdo hayden…

  • what the hell!


  • real observer

    @ what the hell??
    if you spent your entire time on looking at pictures in fashion magazines and had an army of stylists, designers who give you free stuff, plus change several times before you go out, i am sure you personally would look better than rachel bilson.
    she is an air head and a ditz and a thief, a stupid one at that, stole a design and published it as her own for all to see. no acting abilities, and now this undeserving thing, get a grip, i don’t know what hc sees in her, she a desperate shameless idiot

  • Steph

    omg i’m soooo excited for this!!! she’s the most well dressed celeb!

    check out my site for my celebrity style:

  • real observer

    a self respecting actress and a true artist would not waste her time on shmatas

    if she was busy with a real movie carrier, she would be reading scripts and choosing real roles not waste her “talent” on this, it is an embarrassment for a real actress to do this

  • laura

    Publisher of fashion? She is not actress? Or not get scripts?

  • real observer

    yeh, look at this, on the same page below

    brad pitt and natalie portman, eco celebs, not shmata celebs
    actors who make great movies and have real talent , they would not waste their time and talent on crap that rachel bilson does

  • anon

    Next she’ll be a sales person in some discount store. Goodbye, there are other starlets who have talent and are working.

  • celebhores

    she is a follower. a true fashionista creates thir own for people to follow.

    anyway I am reframing from posting on here, im not giving her posts.

  • lexie

    I think it’s great Rachel is doing a column. A lot of people like her style. Chloe Sevenigy did a column for Elle Magazine and other actresses have also done guest columns for fashion magazines in the past. Good for Rachel.

    I can’t believe I have to translate “day job” for some people but the meaning is her “chosen profession”. Whether she has a project right now is not the point of this figure of speech.

  • lexie

    You will try celebhores, you will try. :)

  • real observer

    @steph 26
    it does not say anywhere that she is the best dressed celeb, however, Natalie Portman was on the cover as won the no. 1 best dressed celeb

    nobody cares about bilson, it is too much fun not to criticize her though
    she deserves it all, midget brainless cheap opportunist

  • lexie

    @ 34

    Oh I don’t know about that. There are quite a few postive posts here and elsewhere on the net from people who like Rachel, her fashion and are happy about her doing a column.

    But I do see that you don’t care.

  • Charles

    chick is HOT! Only fags and blind people would think otherwise.

  • sharon

    LMAO when i read this “I am not planning on quitting my day job to be a full-time fashion editor, although I am really enjoying it and it intrigues me very much,” Rachel tells WWD. “I’m actually flattered more than anything that people want to ask me questions about style. I am honored to do it.” as everyone has stated what day job ??She maybe hit her nitch in thiis one considering she shops all the time and considering her fashion line EDIE ROSE kinda of disappeared …just wondering if anyone would ask her about that ??

  • lexie

    Every search I’ve done for the Edie Rose clothes says it sold out and some of the pieces sold out within a short time after it’s debut.

  • real observer

    Edie Rose was a very small deal

  • lexie

    What’s a small deal?

  • atlqueen

    You go girl!!!!!

  • atlqueen

    I don’t think you guys know how big of a deal this is. She was asked by one of the biggest fashion magazines to work for them. Did you read that. Now, any negative comment that goes toward that can be nothing but hate. Do you know how many people read that mag? And they would not have asked her if they didn’t feel she wasn’t qualified. There’s just too much to loose. You don’t need to go to school to do something like that. All you have to do is know what you are doing. And know somebody. In that case she’s Rachel Bilson. regardless if you like her or not people know who she is. And honestly, on her really good days the girl can dress. She knows something. Maybe this is her thing since you guys hate her so much in movies. Just think about it. Open your closed minds. Jeez.

  • real observer

    she is a copy cat with no taste, the only thing she learned is what she wore on oc, so did you if you watched it
    she is a nothing with no looks, no talent, no brains
    a waste
    just look at what other actresses her age are doing

  • Olivia

    “Day job” WTF. What is that job, getting gas and shopping at Marc Jabos all day?

  • Olivia

    *Jacobs* sorry.

  • lexie

    I like the way she wears scarves. I never used to wear them but I love wearing them now.

  • sodony

    @ Bilson told press, “I can talk about fashion all day long,..

    How cerebral and very stimulating line… PUN INTENDED!

  • gilmorie

    @ I am not planning on quitting my day job…
    And that would be a “fame / paparazzi HO” obviously.

    @ I can talk about fashion all day long…
    How very cerebral and very stimulating… PUN INTENDED.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    That goes to show that “anything” that would keep her OFF from acting coz of her being a non-actress & “anything & whatever” too that would keep her ON the Hollywood radar.
    And it was just monthly job, No immediate pressure at all and would give her an ample lot of time for her to redone, rehash, re-write this another side-hype job from her pool of ghostwriters. Jeeez, she can’t hardly get through a decent interview without coming across being a dim-witted and now she has the skills to write something… anything that is worth reading?!
    Tsk.. sometimes it really pays when you know people from “high places even on such empty credits”!

  • oc

    Most of you remember this outfit and we are suppose to take advice from her??