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Jennifer Lopez Does The Rachael Ray Show

Jennifer Lopez Does The Rachael Ray Show

Jennifer Lopez chats with Rachael Ray about her twins Max and Emme, 14 months. Check it out:

On the twins’ differences: “You can really see it, even from when they’re really young. Boy, girl. It’s funny to say because he’s more like the visceral boy, running, knocking things down, eating the world – you know what I mean? And she’s kinda like, takes a step and stops and picks things up, and she’s like, ‘I don’t know, maybe I’ll eat this.’ … It’s funny because now that I see Max, I’m like, I was more like Max.”

On Emme being a lot like herself: “She’s funny because we call her Emme-tude because we’re like she’s giving us Emme-tude right now… when she catches an attitude – Wooooahh. She gets that from her dad. I’m kidding … She gets it from me.”

On the twins’ first birthday party: “We did it in my backyard in L.A. We had a BBQ/carnival type thing. It was more just like we had snow cones and a little jumpy. They had the best time at their birthday party, I didn’t think a one year old could have fun at a birthday party. But they did, they loved it. …I think I did a good job, and they’re going to remember.”

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  • mrs.jrm

    They ain’t gonna remember any of it!
    The colour looks good on her skin tone.

  • katey

    thats so ridiculous. 1 year olds getting such a huge party? haha.

  • mediterranean

    Somebody needs to tell her that one-year-old can’t remember her/his very first birthday.

  • pinkrose

    No Jennifer, they won’t remember, not even if they look at the pix every week for the rest of their lives. But hey, it’s great to see you enjoying motherhood.

  • Michelle

    Shi*t I don’t even remember my twins 1st b-day party.

    ohh that’s right i was sleep DEPRIVED!!
    haaa haa

  • jaye

    Was that a Freudian slip when she said Emme got her attitude from her dad? She backed out of that one quickly, didn’t she?i

  • spongebob :)

    wow, she sure looks very different.. Money can sure makes you look like a superstar. She’s not the same JLO you knew when she was just a dancer. Cosmetic Surgery Rocks!!!!

  • aubrey mackenzie

    i cant stand j lo

  • diva

    oh my goodness!!!, j-lo started surgery with the face, she looks scary, here comes all the cosmetic surgeries, somebody in Hollywood please!!, for the name of all that is holy, GROW OLD GRACEFULLY!!!

  • stupid has-been

    Still ugly even after her face lift! That white pancake makeup is atrocious!

  • malibusunrise

    thats called botox

  • marie-claire

    She speaks as if this is all about herself. Me-me-me-me. The twins will remember because… she did a good job??!! Lordy-Lord… They’re effin’ one year of age! Ahhh… J-lo keeps singing in the key of I. (“I did a good job.” “I was more like Max” “She gets it from me”)


    Rachel Ray still has a show?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    All this AMERICAN SMILING is so tiring & “empty”, folks.

  • Bunny

    They won’t remember anything!

  • Patty

    She is so horrible, I can not understand how Rachel likes her .Her changos or monkeys are the most uggly children in the world. I am sorry because most of the latinos do not like her. she’s so cocky when she knows she grew up having nothing and she’s a nobody. i dont know how americans like her, they must be trashy like her.

  • bg

    Oh stop people, she was just having a little fun…you people take things so literally. Of course she didn’t really mean that the babies will remember that was just a joke.

  • angel hair

    this has got to be one hell of a show to watch… -_-

  • raquel

    Remember? Give me a break! Can’t stand this woman. I could see Suri or Shi ‘remembering’, but not the JLo’s twins. Big parties for one year olds have always annoyed me. It’s a party for the grownups, NOT the little one!

  • estela

    i love her, and i like the way she talks about max and emme. Can´t wait to see the video!!

  • cuajo

    oh man, all the haters of univision are here….She looks beautiful and radiant, botox?surgery?please, she looks like 10 years ago. I remember when people said she had a lip´s surgery in brad pitt´s premiere, only because she used gloss(pathetic). She talks like a proud mama, i don´t see anything wrong or strange, all the mothers do the same. 12# you haven´t seen the interview, she said marc and she are always claiming she got my nose, no he got my eyes…is something funny, that´s all, probably you don´t have any sympathy and sense of humor like jennifer

  • Ceana

    She sure isn’t proud of her heritage since it’s so obvious that what she used to look like has been erased by plastic surgery. J-Just a buy-my-brand of junk, sounds, smells and photos – - Just say NO.

  • alana

    she is so lovely

  • Anna

    Jennifer looked great and is too young to have had plastic surgery. Today’s 40 is like the new 28-30. I saw her and Marc in concert and they were so amazing together. I am glad they are still married :) The only thing though, I thought Jennifer said she was 5f6? She looked 3″ shorter than that and was about the same height as Rachael, who is only 5f2ish?

  • Julie

    I saw the show too and Jennifer doesn’t seem like they type who cooks lol She looks like someone that would have tons of servants that would cook for her. I also noticed that Lopez is a lot shorter than she claims. Rachael always states how short she is and then Jlo is practically the same height as her.

  • MMA

    Having a birthday party for your child’s first birthday is just an excuse for a party. Stop being pathetic JLO.

  • Michelle

    i don’t like this girl!! too much make-up and cosmetic surgery :(