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Miley Cyrus: Herve Leger Legs For Days

Miley Cyrus: Herve Leger Legs For Days

Miley Cyrus sparkles in Herve Leger by Max Azria at the premiere of Hannah Montana The Movie held at the Odeon, Leicester Square on Thursday (April 23) in London, England.

The 16-year-old Disney starlet and Britney Spears recently turned to Twitter to dis Miss California Carrie Prejean, who expressed anti-same-sex-union sentiments during the Miss USA pageant. “Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!” Brit posted. Shortly after, Miley wrote: “Jesus loves you and wants you to know how much he cares.

FYI: The Hannah Montana movie soundtrack topped Billboard’s album chart this week, selling 133,000 copies.

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus premiering Hannah Montana…

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miley cyrus herve leger 01
miley cyrus herve leger 02
miley cyrus herve leger 03
miley cyrus herve leger 04
miley cyrus herve leger 05
miley cyrus herve leger 06
miley cyrus herve leger 07
miley cyrus herve leger 08
miley cyrus herve leger 09
miley cyrus herve leger 10
miley cyrus herve leger 11
miley cyrus herve leger 12
miley cyrus herve leger 13
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miley cyrus herve leger 17

Photos: Tim Whitby/Getty Images, WENN
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  • anon
  • anon
  • laura

    she looks stunning!!!

  • whoa!

    ugh! this chick so damn annoying!

  • marisa

    i love miley.
    and that Miss USA controversy is ridiculous. Carrie was asked how SHE felt about gay marriage rights and she stated her opinion, Yes, HER opinion. That means what she feels on HER thoughts of gay marriage. She has people bashing her just because of her beliefs. She is 100% right. Gays shouldn’t be able to get married. God made marriage for a man and a woman to unite together as one. Not 2 butches or queers. It even says so in the bible. So for all of you out there who are attacking her, just remember there can be multiple answers for a question- not just the answer you wish to hear. Carrie Prejean you are my hero. gosh what is this world coming to?- where you cant even say what you believe in without getting harassed?

  • jo

    She looks beautiful!! Simple yet elegant.
    No matter what anyone says, this girl makes everything go #1! That takes skill.

  • jo


    I totally agree. I think it’s great she is not alienating people who look up to her. Young celebs like her should be preaching for equality! Good job Miley!

  • jo


    I totally agree. I think it’s great she is not alienating people who look up to her. Young celebs like her should be preaching for equality! Good job Miley!

  • Claire

    All of her fans are under 13 years old.

  • Daniella

    I think she should’ve worn that dress to the L.A. premiere, but thats just me.

  • Daniella

    I think she should’ve worn that dress to the L.A. premiere, but thats just me.

  • Daniella

    I think she should’ve worn that dress to the L.A. premiere, but thats just me.

  • Ingrid

    Wow, I usually hate her style, but she looks lovely here.

  • Ingrid

    @Claire: That’s not true. I don’t watch her show, nor do I listen to her music (in general not a fan), BUT she does have fans over 13.

  • loren

    I’m a fan and i’m 16 haha

  • saudia

    she looks great. . love her hair!

  • marisa

    jo you obviously didnt read all what i put. lol

  • Bella

    Not all her fans are under 13. I’m 18! What’s the big issue about liking her? She looks very pretty here.

  • Yvonne

    That is sad, that she promotes herself as someone that goes to church and believes in Jesus Christ….. BUT, to make everyone happy in the entertainment industry she agrees with same sex marriage. That is so against what the teachings of Christ represents, another young person selling out on their personal beliefs such as another young Hollywood popstar Jessica Simpson and her whole family. God Bless Carrie Prejean you stand up for your belief and you stood for Jesus!!! Just as Easther stood before the King and defend her people even though she may have been killed, you have stood up for your King JC in front of all of America……. Miley should be getting a bible study from you to learn the strenghts that a young lady in current time should have!!! :)

  • Yvonne

    Oops, Im sorry I didnt read it correctly it wasnt Miley it was Britney who said, “Love is Love, blah blah….” Im so sorry Miley, phew….. I pray all of the young ladys in Hollywood who’s faith is always being tested will stick to their guns and fight the good fight…… God Bless, again sorry my bad!!

  • HA!

    I’m not usually a fan, but I love this look.

    Is it possible to have gum reduction surgery? Can you afford it if you’re worth billions? All signs point to yes.

  • amy

    she’s getting skinner and acting more provocative, I can see jamie’s predictions coming true in the near future…..

  • pissed

    is that a joke? how dare you say such hurtful things about people? miley cyrus would be ashamed to know people like you are her fans. love knows no gender. and how dare you use such disgusting names as butches. marisa, you are obviously someone living with your eyes shut, so open them. the world is free to love whom you wish. and not everyone believes in the bible. jeesh.

  • jamie lynn spears

    Seriously, she’s got an awful mug with those upper gums like a horse

  • ashley

    wow. miley looks amazing. i use to not be such a fan of her.. but for the past 2 months or so.. she’s gotten so grown up and is beautiful! i love her now!

  • sah

    love her and that dress!

  • cathy

    she sort of gets on my nerves for the most part but, I must say—she looks super cute here and has gorgeous legs!

    this is a good look—youtful and fashion forward….keep it!

  • Michelle

    Britney once again shows her ignorance!

    “People should be able to do what ever they want to do”.

    Really?? Drunks should be able to drive drunk, Rapists should
    be able to rape etc……………


  • t.

    Gorgeous dress! Maybe a tad short for a fifteen-year-old but still super cute. Especially considering some of the stuff teenagers wear these days.

    All of you people approving of Miss. California’s “personal beliefs”….GOD IS LOVE. Period.

  • lana

    wow! usually not a miley fan… but she looks AMAZING!!!

  • samantha

    To Yvonne,,,,the bible has several interpretations, not all religions are against gays, god and jesus also teaches not to discriminate, still several christians (including part of my family) openly discriminate gay people.

    Although I agree that she probably said that for publicity, (but she probably goes to church for the same reason too)

  • Jen

    i dont like her much.. but she looks pretty here

  • lakers fan in boston

    ugly dress and the shoulder parts look hideous
    but her legs were looking totally hot =]
    i like demi lavato better tho

  • sanluis


    Comparing gay marriage to drunks and rapist show how prejudice you are. Britney may be ignorant but she’s right in this instance. Every adult should have the right to marry who they want. Gay marriage is an equality issue and if you don’t get that then you’re the moron!

  • samantha

    I think michelle wasn’t comparing drunks to gay marriage

    she was saying britney should be more careful with what she says cause people can’t do whatever they want


    Both bloggers def. need some education, Ms. CA was completely wrong in making the statement she said: (1) she did not have to go as far as she did with regards to her answer, she ended up sounding so ignorant – so “Anita Bryan”. (2) the bible says a lot of things, like every time a girl/woman weds, a father will receive farm animals in exchange.

    There is no reason for hatred or ignorance, but it’s out there, Ms. CA def. displayed both. Several public figures (i.e. political figures) have expressed strong opposition against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, calling it un-holy and wrong. Same-sex marriage is only about equal rights, nothing else. Also, America used the bible as an excuse (decades ago) to maintain segregation (black people) in public places/marriage/etc, and was considered okay by law…that def. didn’t last forever did it? Disagree, look at our current President.


  • al

    i dont care what you all think when i say this but i don’t support gay marriage. they can still get effed in the a all they want, but they shouldn’t be able to get married. stupid people. god meant marriage for a person of both genders to become one. so sick of these pro gay ppl. STFU

  • kEN


  • ann

    wow she looks really nice!

  • jaye

    marisa @ 04/23/2009 at 3:17 pm
    The world is full of people who think your opinion is only value if you agree with them. You need not go further than this site to see that. This is a country of free speech and Miss California was respectful, but firm in standing up for what she believes. People may not agree with someone’s opinion, but you can’t take away the fact that they have a right to an opinion.

    The only problem I have with Miley is that she’s always professing to be a Christian, particularly when she gets a bit of heat about something she’s done. You don’t have to SAY you’re something all the time if you actually live it. she needs to actually read the bible before she endorses Homosexuality and Gay marriage. . People like to pick and choose what parts of the bible they want to follow or the parts that make them feel better about themselves. It’s her choice to be a christian or not, but if she is, she needs to be true to it or stop saying she is .. She’s a kid, but she is old enough to know the impact of what she is saying. I don’t doubt that her opinion on the subject is the same as her parents, so it’s their lack of understanding that she is repeating.

    I”m not a Miley fan, but I do think she is talented. But she needs to know that her opinion influences her fans. She should at least have the facts and if she wants to distort them, then she’ll do it with full knowledge. For those Gays and their friends who are having hurt feelings because of someone’s opinion, that’s just life. Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s people weren’t destroyed because they were playing tiddlywinks. If you aren’t a Christian, carry on and do what you please, if you are, you need to have your facts straight.

    As for Britney, who in the world thinks she has a sound opinion on anything. She wants to do what she wants and ruin her life. She doesn’t have a conservator for nothing.

  • meneme

    Aww.. She looks gorgeous :) The dress really fits her <3<3

  • meneme

    Awww… She looks goregous :) The dress really fits her !! <3<3

  • Anna


  • mattchew

    Jesus, I can’t wait for all the bible thumpers to go away so we can finally evolve!

  • somethings wrong here

    Somewhere a 28 year old woman is wondering where her “clubbing” outfit is. Is it me or does anyone else think that this ensemble is for someone older than 16?

  • Equality for all


    I totally agree… I can’t believe some people can be so blinded by hate. Sexual preferences aside we are all equals. We are all human. God created us as equals. He wasn’t discriminating. Miley is right when she said God love us all. It’s just a shame everyone can be as accepting. It makes me sick to my stomach that people can be so self righteous and mean. Go Miley! Equality for All!

  • A bit over the top


    Don’t you think that is taking it a bit overboard.. clearly that isn’t what she meant. Geez, some people would take any opportunity to hate. Give the girl a break – I think what she said (taken in context – gay marriage) is nobel. It’s nice to see celebrities putting their name to a good cause.

  • e

    you do know she was just sucking up to perez hilton
    and she looks nice here
    but she needs to work on her acting, voice, and most of all personality
    and why is she even on here anyway
    just jared jr. please
    if you put her on her then put the jonas brothers on her to.
    she looks annoying thought
    thought she would have left by now

  • l

    She looks very nice.

  • shea

    Hot!!! love it Herve Leger makes the best dresses. her hair looks cute too