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Natalie Portman Speaks The Tribeca Truth

Natalie Portman Speaks The Tribeca Truth

Natalie Portman attends the Tribeca Film Festival 2009 portrait studio at DirecTV’s Tribeca Press Center on Thursday (April 23) in New York City.

On Tuesday (April 21), the 27-year-old actress attended the TFI: Film Fellows welcome at the Tribeca Cinemas. Nat welcomed 20 Tribeca Film Fellows to the festival and gave high school filmmakers a preview of, her new behind-the-scenes Web portal that provides a look into the process of creating entertainment by the insiders themselves.

30+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman speaking the Tribeca truth…

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natalie portman tribeca film festival 01
natalie portman tribeca film festival 02
natalie portman tribeca film festival 03
natalie portman tribeca film festival 04
natalie portman tribeca film festival 05
natalie portman tribeca film festival 06
natalie portman tribeca film festival 07
natalie portman tribeca film festival 08
natalie portman tribeca film festival 09
natalie portman tribeca film festival 10
natalie portman tribeca film festival 11
natalie portman tribeca film festival 12
natalie portman tribeca film festival 13
natalie portman tribeca film festival 14
natalie portman tribeca film festival 15
natalie portman tribeca film festival 16
natalie portman tribeca film festival 17
natalie portman tribeca film festival 18
natalie portman tribeca film festival 19
natalie portman tribeca film festival 20
natalie portman tribeca film festival 21
natalie portman tribeca film festival 22
natalie portman tribeca film festival 23
natalie portman tribeca film festival 24
natalie portman tribeca film festival 25
natalie portman tribeca film festival 26
natalie portman tribeca film festival 27
natalie portman tribeca film festival 28
natalie portman tribeca film festival 29
natalie portman tribeca film festival 30

Credit:; Photos: Larry Busacca/Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    don’t use bad language in “HOLLYWOOD”, folks.
    …………………………THE TRUTH?
    is she maybe an alcoholic?

  • joraj

    she sooo lovely!!!

    Seems intelligent, and very pretty,,,, perfect lady..
    If anyone looks like her on these boards..give me a ring… :)

  • Vinnyblue

    what a fresh news, Jared!
    She’s beautiful.

  • megan

    oooohhh she’s just amazing. thank you so much for my natalie portman fix.

  • charmed

    Nat is lovely.

  • kroq

    Gorgeous! Lucky kids.

  • lol @ # 1

    she looks errr different.

  • lol @ # 1

    Lindsay Lohan says Portman is her best friend. LoL I find that hard to believe.

  • Observer


    I find that extremely hard to believe Lohan only wishes. It’s nice to see that she is giving an look at how it is to be behind the scene’s of a movie or making one. Most people would love to know the in’s an out’s of that business we only guess or make assumptions so that is really cool that she is doing this. Lover her style to boot.

  • Charlene

    looking beautiful as always! If anyone happens to know where that white dress (the one that she’s wearing in most of the pictures) is from, please tell me! It is so unbelievably cute!

  • whoa!

    she is GORGEOUS! and very intelligent… :)

  • stacy

    Lindsay Lohan has been name-dropping Natalie for a couple of years now. Funny how you never see pics of them hanging out, especially since Lindsay can’t open her front door without being photographed. I’ll bet they met once at a party, Natalie was nice to her, so in Lindsay’s warped mind that makes them friends. LOL. Oh well, Natalie is known for her humanitarian efforts.

  • rob

    what a gorgeous chick, love her

  • stefania

    I love her make up her, she looks more like she did when she was in her early teen, really pretty

  • truth

    Talent, Beauty and Brains all in one Natalie Portman.

  • real

    She has such a warm, open, intelligent expression on her face and such inner beauty.

  • Funkey

    Many actress’ name drop Natalie i’m sure they have met her at some point but, I seriously doubt that there is anything that comes of it. Natalie always said her best friends from HS are usually the ones she is close to they are not in show business. I do feel she has many co-workers she keeps in touch with and does enjoy hanging with like Scarlett when she was filming with her. But, as many actress name drop her so do actors. Ryan Gosling was rumored to have the hots for her, knowone would blame him really Natalie is a big ticket in Entertainment now.

  • jen


  • laura

    She is so strange in these pictures …

  • lakers fan in boston

    i love her =]
    she’s so cute and beautiful
    i like the dress, shoes off her nice legs =]
    her forehead looks bigger than usual in the other photos tho
    but whatever she’s an amazing girl, love u natalie =D

  • anakin

    Fake would be Rachel Bilson….she’s a Natalie wannabe who stole someone else’s designs and passed them off as her fashion line.

  • real observer

    rachel bilson is a stupid ditz, real HW talents I am sure are embarrassed for her no acting skills and stupidity, she gives HW a bad name, do not mix her into this thread

  • Gasol_fan16

    Natalie is so beautiful and elegant looking.

    @ Jen,
    If you hate Natalie Portman so much then, why post on her threads then? Okay. Keep on sounding stupid for all I care. The more hit’s on the threads Natalie get’s the, more popular she will be. So…Keep on sounding stupid then. Okay. Then don’t pitch a b*tch when, we bash your precious Ratchel Bilson then. Life’s a two way street babe.

    Anakin is right. Rachel Bilson is a total fake and Natalie Portman wannabe!

  • Gasol_fan16


  • lily

    Nat always looks so beautiful and down to earth. And once again she is doing something good and charitable.

    LOVE Her !

  • toni

    it is not just good and charitable, it requires intellect and talent, the ability to understand and implement and explain. she is gorgeous, i love her makeup here.

  • bratalie

    Brad and Natalie will make a lovely couple if they hang out together he need a stable lovely fresh girl as natalie , i say Bratalie !

  • moodler

    Yeah? I say f-uck you!

  • me

    I like it, BRATALIE, it just may work.

  • p. richard

    You’re delusional. They’ll never hook up. Get a life.

  • nice person

    I luve her. She’s so little and cute.

  • sharon

    Igot say JJ is a gossip site and every once in awhile we get something worth gossiping about…Natalie is a very down to earth person and really gives her time and EFFORT into what she does ,she is ONE of the few celebrities who don’t use her fame to get attention.

  • toni

    natalie can be really respected, she refuses to do commercials, she refuses to spend her life on shopping for clothes and dedicating her valuable time on meaningless activities

    she is a great actress and an activist

  • lily


    Agree with you. Nat is a complete package of talent, brains, beauty, and heart. PERFECTION all the way !!!

  • gingerbeer

    She got too thin. Her head is bigger than her body. She was so beautiful when she weighed a little more.

  • Observer

    Natalie is naturally thin being a vegan she doesn’t indulge in red meats or even any living thing. Most vegetarian’s are that way I’m sure she has her indulgences. But, for the most part she is attractive and very well proportioned.

    If there was one actress young girls look up to it’s natalie’s even her own peers look up to her. I do’t ever see Bradalie happening EVER Angelina has the goods on Brad 3 natural kids and adopted ones to boot they are what they are and that is what makes them happy. Natalie I do’nt see is into arranged relationships or something that won’t be permant.

  • Red

    Natalie’s white dress is so fugly can’t believe someone let her out the house.

  • honey

    she has the cutest smile ever!

  • lily

    Nat does have a very warm, genuine smile.
    I like the dress and I think she looks nicely proportional.

  • mARK


  • Red

    Hate her.

  • me

    love her alot.

  • mrs. c.

    Now Natalie’s the real deal!
    1. Talent: award-winning actress (won Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Closer) – numerous nominations for her other movies
    2. Beauty: exotic looks; natural beauty; voted best dressed and make-up at this year’s Oscars
    3. Brains: graduated from Harvard with a degree in psychology; co-authored research papers published in professional scientific journals; frequent guest speaker
    4. Heart: recognized for her humanitarian efforts with antipoverty and other charitable causes
    5. Humor: have you seen her rap on SNL? – hilarious!!!
    Natalie is a rare gem in HW.

  • tina

    thank you mrs.c, very well said

  • lola

    Poor Lindsay. I highly doubt that someone as intelligent and grounded as Natalie would want to be friends with Lindsay, since Lindsay only comes with Drama. Lindsay also name dropped Penelope Cruz this year, at one of the Oscars after-parties. She said something along the lines of “I am so happy Penelope won. She’s a REALLY good friend of mine…” Poor delusional girl.

  • laura

    So fake…

  • Funkey

    @ Laura

    Gee being charitiable, Honest, Intelligent and talented is fake who do you see as being the genuine artical someone like Lindsey PLEASE. Natalie isn’t shopping 24/7 she walks her dog yes but, take her dog everywhere she isn’t the own a pet to leave it with friends or family for months while she parades handcreams, makeup or some knock off fashion designs. Or support a charity to get media attention for herself. then as soon as the camera stops so does her support. I see way to many actors or acrtress that do that. NATALIE stands behind anything and everything she supports in.

    She does’t do it for money or press she does it because she cares and is vigalent about the causes she supports.

  • genevieve

    yo check out that black chick next to portman
    she needs proactive :D

  • irishprincess

    I love her smile she is adorable..didn’t take notice to the people along side of Natalie. Glad to see that she is doing more then other actress’ her age like shopping and counting their money.

  • MMA

    Isn’t she like really really smart? IDKK.