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Wentworth Miller: You're Hot and You're Cold

Wentworth Miller: You're Hot and You're Cold

A solo Wentworth Miller doublefists both hot and cold beverages after leaving Starbucks in Los Angeles on Thursday morning (April 23).

The 36-year-old actor, who kept warm in a brown down vest, returns with a new Prison Break episode on Friday, April 24. In episode “Vs.”, Michael and Lincoln come to blows over Scylla as Christina sets the wheels in motion for her plan. Meanwhile, Sara receives life-changing news.

The PB series finale airs on Friday, May 15.

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Acel

    Bet he’d like it

  • jimmy


  • lacey casey

    He’s 36? Lookin’ good! Yum!

  • Italyfan

    Thanks Wentworth

  • JB

    he’s really hot.

  • littlemissy

    Hot. But he needs a new wardrobe.

  • jargoh

    did not recognize him at first – he looks so different with longer hair.
    still great though!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    the look on his face says it all.
    career – washed up – finished.
    personal life – a lie.
    he should come out, it MIGHT help him.

  • Steph

    Yeah, he’s got ugly.

    PB SEASON 1 = HOT!




  • Just me…

    OMG! OMG! OMG! He’s back!!!

    Wentworth you are my perfect one, I love you!!!

  • Angie

    Il est magnifique !!!!
    Egal à lui même, peu de monde peut en dire autant.
    Longue vie à toi Went !
    I love you !

  • http://deleted alessia

    this guy is soooooo f**king blah!! his dress sense.yuck!

    i used to think he was hot dark and moody. nothing there now good looking but what a shame!

  • sunny

    someone knows if he has a girlfriend ?
    2 starbuck’s coffees, a clue ?

  • ArlandX

    Gay or not, Wentworth Miller is a classy gentleman. He has the right to some privacy. I hope he does well and I am certainly rooting for him.

  • Claudia

    He’s soo hot!

  • Vicky.ath.

    Home and safe.Wonderful after such an exhaustive journey.Be good Went

  • Mindy

    I must be getting old, because I think he looks way better now with a little chub and a little gray, then he did in season 1. Maybe not necessarily hotter, but definitely more attractive.

  • Irena

    @Mindy: you are absolutely right

  • Mariana

    i love him!! best actor ever, he looks cute with or without hair! there r lots of actors who look awful without hair, not him!

    he totally needs a fashion adviser thought :p

  • karinefrench

    What’s wrong with you all ? He has a right to privacy, whether he’s gay or not, it’s not your problem. Mind your own business !! He’s classy, he’s a good actor, and seems very nice. Stop talking sh*t !

  • nicole

    Love him!!

  • nice person

    I don’t think he is gay. He’s too good looking and he’s in a macho male cast. I think he would have chosen a less manly show.

  • W

    I love Wentworth! <3
    Thanks for posting!

    Post more on the cast of PB!

  • Sweetness

    is he wearing a floating vest to cover up the stomache..because you can see he’s got a Buddah belly goin’ on.

  • Steph

    I don’t know why people spend time to write on this board for saying shi.. about him. If you don’t like him, fine, hate him but don’t insult him like that. Everyone is getting old and you will too. I don’t think you will like people saying : « God you’re so ugly, fat and old, your carrer is over, you’re nothing.» He got famous by the way, something you didn’t, so for me everyone in here who say that is washed up are nothing but jalous of what he did. I loved PB as crazy and i loved him as Michael Scofield and i’ll see what he will do next. And it’s not because he don’t tell the world about who’s he sleping with that he’s gay. A lot of actors like to keep their life private and i don’t blame them for that. Hollywood is like a zoo, everything you do is into pictures and everywhere on the web. I will hate that my private life is criticize by people who don’t know me. I know the rumors are out there and i don’t denied that there’s a good chance he might be gay but as for now, people like him should be call intelligent other then gay for trying to get a real life out of Hollywood.

  • Waspa1

    Just Jared I don’t know why you even bother posting anything about the terribly boring Prison Break.The show is so dumb and dull it’s NOT PB anymore it’s beyond dull.Wentworth really has changed for the worst there is nothing about him cute anymore.

  • w.k.a

    i am a #1 fan of you … i am a hair dresser and i wished that i would give you a new close shave hair cut becuase you look cutter … please

  • vmars111

    Most user comments are pretty stupid, make that stupid users like the Perez Hilton wannabe, Fug Face Man!ston.

    At least I have the decency to make a funny:

    “Who’s the other coffee for? His boyfriend, Luke Macfarlane?” Oh wait, that wasn’t funny.

    Just like all other users.

  • frenchygirl

    @Steph: i totally agree with all that you say!! He’s an actor and got right to his privacy, and yes is getting older but many men of 36 are far from being as handsome as he is,by the way,since when did we judge an actor about his physical appearance!! He is a good actor and i still love and follow prsion break and i think that season 4 is pretty cool, if i don’t like an actor i don’t go to see articles about him and post insults and nonsense about him !!

    sorry for my english if i make mistakes!!!

  • caaro !

    hey Waspa1 @ watch out ! haaha just kidding , but WENTWORTH IS STILL GORGEOUS !!!!!! wht the heck?take a REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY good look at him again and then u’ll comment ! omg he issss sooooooooooooooooo perfect ! and yes. come on! Prison Break has to finish ! thanks God it doesnt have another season! there’s no way u can twisted it more !it hasn’t makes sense anymore and besides nothing is surprising! till the third season it was a good story but now it just..has to end.

  • me

    Has he come out yet?? I mean, pretty much everybody already knows he’s gay anyway.

  • laura

    omg ! he is perfect, the best men of the world! (L)
    he’s so much fit and pretty again !
    and he has 36 years- old no 87 ! he’s a young man
    why tell bad things about him ??? i don’t understand why !!!



  • http://none mariel

    Gay, schmay…who cares?! If you don’t choose to believe him, then you should keep your opinion to yourself, because that’s all it is: your OPINION.

    As to his clothes: Wentworth looks beautiful, no matter what he’s wearing. I like the way he dresses. I think I would probably like the way he undresses too. :)

    He is a gifted actor and a nice, good person. So why do some people, the same old people, always come here to rag on him?

    Wentworth, you are loved!



  • http://hot Heba

    Went is sooooooooooo cute & adorable to no end.I like his hair like this,it’s a charming newlook.I still like him with shaved head too.
    He looks so serious & lovely as usual.
    I really wish 4 his haters to find something else 2 make them busy & happy than following his news,pictures & anything written about him just to insult him.
    Anyway I’m sure his life is better than all of u haters

  • Alexandra

    if you don’t like him or his show, please don’t post stupid comments.
    it’s his business if he is gay or not (but he isn’t, he denies it everytime)
    and he look very good for 36 yrs old.

  • ****

    No Jared, he kissed a boy and he liked it (but was then contractually obliged to pretend that, in fact, he didn’t like it at all). ;)

  • Alexandra

    he is tired that’s the reason he looks bored.
    he was in China 2 days ago.

  • KLMP

    He has not been hired for anything new, unfortunately. He’s done a small indie flick with friends and is planning a movie with friends again.
    This is worrying.

  • ciarah

    i love him he so gorgeous

  • סיוון

    הוא הגבר הכי פה שראיתי עד היום!!!!!!!!
    great actor!!!!!!
    great beauty!!!!!!
    i love him!!!!!!!

  • Mariana

    gosh, if u don’t like him or prison break, WHY do you bother about commenting?? just because you’re bored with your own lame life it doensn’t mean that you have to annoy other people with your stupid comments, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it!!!! stop writing shit about someone u don’t even know!! don’t you have anything else to do???

    sorry guys, but i’m sick of these people who keep saying shit about Went and prison break *.*

  • me

    He’s a hotie.

  • sarina

    I want him to do another good job , too. Why nothing is announcing about him in a good new job?

  • work with WM


    I’m a screenwriter and we’re both repped by the same agency. He is signed on as the lead in a movie adaptation of a video game. Al Pacino is in negotiations to sign on as well. The director is the same director from all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Doesn’t sound like a small indie flick with friends. Sounds more like a franchise and an actor on the verge.

  • work with WM

    He always orders two drinks, one hot and one cold. If you see him on his way to work and on his days off, its the same thing. Its also likely the source of the added weight gain. He doesn’t cook and always eats out at fast food restaurants alone. If you ate out every meal of the day, you would probably gain some weight too.

  • Valdali

    I love you Went, is beautiful!!!!

  • mil y you …forever..wentworth miller

  • Janette

    @work with WM: if you really worked with him you’d know the Bioshock movie was a joke.

  • Ellen1982

    Oh yeah shortlooking people, whatever he may be…he is just a human being like us, so gay or not? WHATEVER!!!! Sometimes I wonder in which century some people live with their gaytalk bla bla bla bla