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Get Obsessed With Ali Larter

Get Obsessed With Ali Larter
  • Ali Larter is hot hot and obsessed.
  • Charlize Theron steps out with Stuart.
  • Bikini-clad Katy Perry hits the beach.
  • Adam Lambert and Kris Allen have offstage Idol feud?
  • Peep the first lion cub born at the Bronx Zoo in 30 years.
  • Britney‘s hair extensions fall out.
  • Courtney Love says Pam Anderson is broke.
  • Jamie Foxx is an urban daddy.
  • Matthew McConaughey rides the asphalt waves.
  • Elton John falls victim to the financial crisis.
  • Debra Messing‘s son keeps her grounded.
  • The Twilight movie franchise is getting its third director. Summit Entertainment said Thursday that David Slade has been tapped to direct Eclipse, scheduled for release June 30, 2010.
  • Hayden Panettiere returned to her L.A. pad from vacation to find that $15,000 worth of jewelry had been stolen. There were no signs of forced entry and it turns out the actress had “friends” watching her house over the weekend.
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  • Blah girls!

    She looked good but wow what a bad pic!

  • Blah girls!

    She looked so good but that pic is not a good one of her!!

  • anonymous

    she is so b!tchy she pose on the red carpet like she is the most beautiful girl in the world !!!!!!! and say guys and paps look at me look at me!!!!!!come on ali !!!!!!change your manners because you seems so snob and you don’t have any personality !!!!
    I have never seen a girl to pose like that she is really an ugly woman and b!tchy like paris hilton!!!! AND NOT MODEST AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    katy perry is extremely overrated, all she has r nice boobs tbh, other than that she’s just average
    haha britney, but tbh idc
    whats debra doing these days?

  • claire

    Beyonce is better than ALi. ALi is a WHORE !!!!! she must to do pornomovies if she want to be famous !!!!!

  • serra

    POOR HAYES!!!!!!!!!

  • carol

    I prefer ali before when she was in final destination and legally blond. she has changed very much now!!!! i’am really deceived about her!!!!

  • kara

    I love charlize it’s so nice to see her she is so rare,good to see stuart too, i love this couple low key, young and talented.
    Katy Perry look sweet .

  • uggs

    lol.. funny dress. but i love her smile.. she just looks gorgeous!!!

  • clyde

    if Ali Larter wants her career back and be chose in some great films,she must to date a famous actor not a stupid actor who has a horrible face and who make nothing just laugh people. this guy loves football and stripper and I’am pretty sure that he is a cheater too!!!!!!

  • renee

    ali larter is less famous!!!! just look at the red carpet everybody scream BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!! and she has made more interviews and been appearance more shows than ali. it’s too bad because ali has a big role.

  • jdub

    i think ali’s awesome…beyonce should not be acting. the girl needs to stick to singing.

  • mary

    Jamie Foxx is a racist .I will never watch anything he is in.

  • january5

    wow, the bangs are not working at all, she does not llok good with that hair

  • january5

    wow, the bangs are not working at all, she does not look good with that hair

  • ******

    Brit needs to get rid of the extensions…

  • me

    She is cool actress and bad a pretty girl.

  • Cali

    I don’t get the article about Kris and Adam at all.
    Adam and Kris are not feuding. These writers need to do their research. Adam and Kris are always hanging out, always talking about each other in the American idol behind the scenes/app videos, and in the video on youtube of them at the baseball game they high fived each other. I highly doubt that they are feuding.

  • anonymous

    Ali Larter’s fiancee is a nazist , racist, he hates blacks !!!!!!!!!!!
    I will break his face!!!!!!!!!!

  • madga

    ALI LARTER IS A N E R D AND M O R O N !!!!!!!!!!
    I still can’t believe that she has some fans!!!!!maybe because she slept with them!!!!!!!!!

  • leo

    ali larter could be famous if she was with Leonardo Dicaprio!!!!
    I think they are hot together!!!!!! and could have beautiful children together
    her fiancee is unknown .nobody know him. people know just because he is ali larter’ s fiancee that’s all. I’am pretty sure that this relationship will not Lasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carlos789

    ali larter is a pornogirl and a big b!tch!!!! she wants attract many guys and want to show everbody that she is sexy. she wants F!ck everyday
    I really lime pits her fiancee which must to support that every day!!!

  • ali larter

    I F!CK YOU ALISON B!TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • serena

    clyde, they deserves each other because they met in a stupid movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ali will never be a movie star. she is really a bad actress like her futur huisband!!!!!!

  • carla

    ali has 2 faces i thaught she loves ugly guys and now she is engaged to a football actor who has 6.2 everybody thaught that they will have a chance with her but she has really play the game with them!!! she manipulate her fans and boys and she wants to be famous just to show how sexy she is!!!!!!
    she is disgusted actress and will never be like hayden or katherine heigl. ali is worst ever


    I saw a video of her at the premiere of Obsessed on the site my god!!!!! she poses like a b!tch!!!! what’s going on with her??????? she is the worst actress of the world and she taught that she is sexy, she is so fat and have an ugly dress and she must to close her mouth!!!!!! . Kate winslet, cate blanchet and michelle williams poses better than her!!!!!!! normal they are movie star but not ALi. she was great before heroes but now she is really a b!tch!!!!

  • zara

    i don’t like the ali larter of today sorry !!!!! she was good before but now No!!!!!!!!