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Camilla Belle is Chloe Cool

Camilla Belle is Chloe Cool

Camilla Belle stays classic in a black LBD at the “Chloe LA Boutique Opening Party” at Milk Studio on Thursday (April 23) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old Push recently took the May 2009 cover of Elle Italia.

Camilla, who just finished up work on Adrift, will soon be costarring with Al Pacino in Mary Mother of Christ. And yes, she’s still dating Joe Jonas.

10+ pictures inside of Chloe cool Camilla Belle

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Photos: Kristian Dowling/Getty
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  • feeR

    she is really pretty!!

  • Park

    why everybody hates her? she is unsympathetic and looks like a twin of her bf

  • t.o.

    pretty but she dates a lot of guys.

  • loco

    surprise surprise, she’s actually starting to get work

  • jus

    if she’s still dating Joe Jonas, why is he spending his 2 weeks break in Australia instead of her in LA? Hmmm?

  • dundies

    #2 nobody asked so gtfo

  • Blah girls!

    I think she’s totes gorg.

  • Julia

    Just a Q! What she is wearing under that?

  • jules

    I kinda love her. Don’t know why though…never actually seen her in anything.

  • LALA

    here we go theres gona be 320482984 hate comments from joe obsessed fans that r jealous of her

  • Amy


    No she doesn’t. Before Joe she was with Tom Sturridge for 2 years. She did not date Rob Pattinson or that tennis player (he’s gay).

    And no one knows that Joe is in Aussie. There have been supposed “sightings” but no pictures??? When everyone has a camera on them at all times these days? He’s also been “spotted” in Texas. But the last place he was actually seen was LA….where Camilla is.

  • zzzz

    Wow, it doesn’t take mush to be hated in this world, does it? Being unsympathetic (huh?) and looking like your BF are really bad, I guess?
    ANyway, dunno who she is but she is gorgeous and would be even more so if she got her brows professionally shaped-they’re unflattering to her features.

  • lakers fan in boston

    those eyebrows r horrendous but she is such a gorgeous girl
    beautiful face and nice body, not 2 mention her sexy legs
    the dress was ok, nothing really fancy

  • Michelle

    She doesn’t look as pretty here as she does in other pictures.

  • babybelle

    OWOWW ppl are so blind, she is a Latin beauty, abs. gorgeous!!!! she is so talented and has been working since she was young, she was in jurassic park !! can’t wait to see her and pacino in their new film!!!!
    Later skaters!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • pup

    Fug. Ugh. >_<

  • Angela

    her dress is fug, looks like a black garbage bag. shes got a nice body tho

  • swimchick

    Come on guys think about, she is just starting to get popular now. No one really knew who she was before she started dating Joe.

    I really dont like, not because she is dating Joe (or the fact that she is using him to get more fame), but because she just seem really fake.

  • anonmus

    why are so many ppl hating on camilla belle? she seems like a sweet girl and so pretty. and her eyebrows are perfect. stop hating!

  • C

    i will say one thing she is a smart girl, she is a terrible actress, one of the worst for her age, but she is beautiful and knows how to get the guys, the only way she even gets noticed is because of the guys she hangs with. She will become big in hollywood through the guys she dates

  • swimchick


    I totall agree with you!

  • camilla

    Come on guys think about, she is just starting to get popular now. No one really knew who she was before she started dating Joe.

  • Lolote

    Speak for you, I knew exactly who she was before she goes out with Joe, and to say everything to you it was much better because there were not all the birdbrains fans like you. Stop judging Camilla about the person whom she’s with. You’re pathetic. Get you a life.

  • whatever

    i dont see why people hate her. Just cause shes dating Joe Jonas. The main people who hate her happen to be the ones who obsess and drool over him. The reason i cant stand her is because she knows how to get around. Shes smart. No one knew who she was until they noticed who she was with. She could thank the boy for her fame. Its all publicity. Watch, in a few months, she’ll dump him and find someone new. Its all in a matter of time. And if she cant find anyone, well she’ll eventually become a nobody. She’s not a godess or anything. And her acting isnt the absolute best. She’s basically a publicity whore. Nothing more. But much less. If you think about it, why would she want a 19 year old boy band lead singer? He’s popular for the teenage youth. Why is it him when she could have better? Like Robert Pattison or the Tennis Player? Or anyone else. She knows she could get better, and watch, eventually she will, and because of her publicity, she’ll get more popular, more oppertunities and calls to make movies, or to be on a magazine cover. When she gets tired of Joe Jonas she’ll move on to the next guy. And he’ll be even more populary then he was. She’s just a publicity whore.

  • gold

    her mother tried to smother her when she was a baby. how else would you explain that pushed down flat forehead.

  • none

    i know u wont believe me but i am a fan of the jonas brothers
    but i also agree but i dont see wats so great about rob pattinson hes famous becuz of 1 movie
    i feel joes changed to gain camillas acceptance

  • whatever

    @none: I was just using Robert as an example. But everyones saying he’s changing. Hes just”changing.” to seem more Mature for someone who isnt into him.

  • swimchick

    I have to agree with you that he has change some what to please camilla.

  • swimchick

    I have to agree with you that he has change some what to please camilla.

  • custom T

    I’ve never actually seen her do anything productive…hahaha.

  • ihearthim

    There’s a lot of good points that I’ve seen on this post that I have to agree with but also, a lot of points that I don’t agree with. Just because people hate on her, doesn’t always mean it’s because they’re jealous of her. I’ve never liked her. I think she’s a terrible actress and she’s really not that pretty. I don’t know why people act like they’d love to worship the ground she walks on, she’s not that special. I agree with the comment that people might have said about how people wouldn’t even know who she is if it weren’t for the people she hangs out with, like Rob Pattinson or the people she dates like Joe Jonas. I hear a lot of people say that she only uses people to get attention and if that’s true, I think that’s a really pathetic thing someone could do. I’m a fan of the Jonas Brothers and as much as I want all of them to be happy with whomever they date, I can’t help but feel sad and angry at the same time knowing that she might possibly is just using Joe to get attention. If she has to go to the extent of using people to get people to notice her, that should be a huge wake up call for her saying that she really has no talent and she should just give up acting altogether. What business does a 22 year old have with a 19 year old anyway? She’s too old for him, she should really find someone her own age. Her and Rob might be a good couple, I hear he really likes her. I think she’s a bad influence. She hangs out with the wrong kind of people and sooner or later she’s going to find ways of making Joe a rebel and she’s going to ruin it for him and his brothers. And then when he’s the one being blamed and shunned by all his fans, it’s not even going to be his fault, it’s going to be her fault. I think she needs to drop off the face of the planet and just disappear.