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Jennifer Aniston Kicks It Into Baster Gear

Jennifer Aniston Kicks It Into Baster Gear

Jennifer Aniston stretches out her leg on the set of her new film, The Baster, on Thursday night (April 23) in New York City.

Also spotted on set (pictured below): Costar Jason Bateman posing with my friend’s little nephew. How cute!

Jen‘s new movie Management opens in limited release on Friday, May 15! Does anyone know if the film has an official website??

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston kicking it into Baster gear…

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jennifer aniston kick 00
jennifer aniston kick 01
jennifer aniston kick 02
jennifer aniston kick 03
jennifer aniston kick 04
jennifer aniston kick 05
jennifer aniston kick 06
jennifer aniston kick 07
jennifer aniston kick 08
jennifer aniston kick 09
jennifer aniston kick 10
jennifer aniston kick 11
jennifer aniston kick 12
jennifer aniston kick 13
jennifer aniston kick 14
jennifer aniston kick 15
jennifer aniston kick 16
jennifer aniston kick 17
jennifer aniston kick 18
jennifer aniston kick 19
jennifer aniston kick 20
jennifer aniston kick 21
jennifer aniston kick 22
jennifer aniston kick 23

Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • hyde

    She has to lay off botox, face looks too stretch out almost like it’s ballooning.

  • lovemc

    New promo picture of Mariah just leaked.

  • a total fan

    Ok is she doing anything else other than walking through out the whole movie?

  • DANI


  • Blah girls!

    She’s so cute but she def needs a new hair do.

  • roja

    I think that she had lips injections that’s why she’s always pouting them this days.

  • jasmine

    Here is “Management”‘s website:

  • Debra77

    We had a JP thread so we have to have a Jennifer thread. OK.. I’m gone. See I said nothing negative about her…

  • jasmine

    Gorgeous as usual. Love the hat on her!

  • H

    #8 Oh, grow up.

  • hyde

    Yes she looks bloated, most likely from botos lol

  • sshhii_baby

    Wow! She is actually stretching her legs. Take it, this will be the only action part in this movie. Sooooooooooo exciting! yeah!

  • fug

    OMG! She is so FUGLY! …and old. How pathetic!

  • amy

    she looks good…was wondering when the next batch of her pics would come out…thx!! her PR team is very good!!!

  • Shar

    Jared, I thought Management was only opening in limited release? Does anyone know If it will open in wide or limited?

  • sophie

    she’s great! :D

  • Not impressed by JA

    sshhii_baby @ 04/24/2009 at 3:15 pm Wow! She is actually stretching her legs. !
    It’s to prepare her yearly nasty legs spreading session for the next outings in Mehiiicooo, en route to Cougarland preying for the next little boy to land for a RC pathetic showmance and some nightly golden showers.

  • http://justjared wow

    So to the Angelina loons 40 is being OLD? Well at least she doesn’t look like she needs life support to stand and a vampire ready to suck blood.

  • oly

    They let paps inside to take there pictures. LMAO at those who say she does not like the attention. Her face looks like Kelly Clarkson. She needs to stay away from the injections. Her face looks quite bloated.

  • loyal

    Has anyone read the Goree Girls story? I am sorry to say she can’t possibly think she should have a role in this great story! It is starts before WWII and is about a group of women prisoners who are all in their 20s who start a country western band in hopes of reducing their sentences. This women is going to wear her hair in the style of the 40′s? This woman is going to pull of playing a 20 year old singer in a country western band? It is a wonderful story but she could not be more wrong for the role. And Butler cannot be so stupid to get involved in this project. Oh my. Stinker!


    As much as she tries to erase her Greek genes. You can clearly see her thunder thighs, in those pants. Her legs are so short and stumpy.
    I don’t know why, her fans like to lie and say she have a “banging body”. With a $110mil. all she can come up with is a blowfish face and ok body. Mediocre at best. Don’t believe me? Ask her momma!

  • mimi


  • Ugly Jenho

    Someone needs to run over this dog and put it out of it’s misery.

  • Ugly Jenho

    I wonder how many times , Jenho had to screw Gerald to get him to do the part?

  • Kay

    Here comes the Maniston, fugly, and h o comments. Come on hating b*tches, lets get this post up to 500 commens!

  • Lady Croft

    Loyal, does that mean she can’t wear her 90′s hairdo? WHAT?!! The jailhouse beauty salon doesn’t do blonde highlights? Countryband, huh? Rachel goes country and all gangsta’ bout it in the big house! If she can pull this off. I will personally petition for her to get nominated for the Oscars. Anybody with me?

  • woof

    Botox overload.

  • ellie’

    I can’t wait to see her in the movies..Jen smile is beautiful,she can light up anyone around her. Jens the best..

  • ellie’

    Thanks again Jared I always enjoy seeing Jen.. Great Job

  • lakers fan in boston

    not liking how she looks tbh
    she looks stupid in that hat and the other pics r boring…

  • ellie’

    Jen looks great in her hats. Jen our talented girl. Just loving her..

  • WOW

    Jen your always such a beautiful sight to see.

  • lara

    it is actually very amusing to see how the haters can’t accept she looks TERRIFIC for her age and the only thing the can come up with is “BOTOX” …seriously people….her face looks nothing like you have said, I think she looks cute and happy. I wish her the best <3

  • Ugly Jenho


    You are right, WOW, Anuston is always a sight to see. Nothing to see here, absolutely nothing.

  • Sully

    What’s wrong with her face? she looks bloated. i like her but seriously she is starting not to even look like herself anymore. She needs to stop doing whatever she is doing to her face. I like her outfit. She has such an amazing body. She is happy and that’s what counts.

  • hats like Pitt now??

    Why is she copying off Brad’s “hat look” now???

  • WOW

    You all wish you looked half as good as Jen does.For a beautiful young forty that looks half her age. A natural beauty.

  • shedaleg

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009
    Ben Widdicombe Blind Item

    Which male model who used to be involved with an A (well, B+)-list Hollywood actress is telling anyone who will listen about her shocking booze and drug habits?

    Posted by ent lawyer at 9:22 AM

  • curtain-face

    oh…..I see…..Hats to cover up the botoxed forhead and eyes, a scarf to cover up the chin, and curtain-hair to cover up the ears and fillers in the face. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!

  • spread-legs-ANUSton!!

    I guess the stretching is to limber up for the next boy-toy, drunkard, douchebag, D-List male who will once again dump her….


  • good news
  • obvious botox injector

    Why doesn’t the media call her on the facial changes and lip enhancements???…..Pics side by side from 1993 and now are sure to EXPOSE HER DIRTY LITTLE SECRET……or are we still in Pity-Party mode circa 2005?


    What happened to the five-year-plan of a husband and kids?

    …tick-tock, tick-tock……

  • ellie’

    Your all actually Jealous of Jen, this is just too funny.
    Why do care so much who’s Jens with or not. Its none of your business. You really can’t say anything about at all, so you all come up with the same ole crap.

  • ellie’

    Your all actually Jealous of Jen, this is just too funny.
    Why do care so much who’s Jens with or not. Its none of your business. You really can’t say anything about at all, so you all come up with the same ole crap.

  • jens a p.r. whor e

    hmmmm?…Angelina has been scaling buildings, scuffling with NYPD, and running clear across busy streets and down subway stations, YET SHE NEVER SPREAD HER LEGS AND ACTED OUT STRETCHING TECHNIQUES LIKE THIS IN VIEW OF THE PAPPARRAZZI!!!!

    ….WAKE UP FANISTON’S!!!!!!!!!!!!….your idol is a P.R. SL UT!!!!!!!!!

  • ellie’

    I doubt if your life is perfect and things work out for you. Oh Please!!!Jen would never trap anyone in her life to keep someone that’s what a secure person is.Jen never looked so happy!!! I’ll still adore Jen with or without anyone..

  • ello

    I cannot put onto words how damn sick I am of seeing this woman!!!

    She always looks exactly the same. But I guess that’s what botox does.

  • ellie’

    Then leave. What keeps you here and you all coming back. Jen must be some interest to you.

  • x

    ugly people leave ugly comments