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Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Thirteen Thrifty!

Vanessa Hudgens & Nikki Reed: Thirteen Thrifty!

Former Thirteen costars Vanessa Hudgens and Nikki Reed indulge in a little retail therapy on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (April 23).

Vanessa and Nikki, both 20, were accompanied by pal Sage Dill and stopped by Fred Segal Feet and Diesel before grabbing some lunch at Lala’s Argentinian Grill.

Check out the full set of pics @

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Nikki shopping…

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vanessa hudgens nikki reed 01
vanessa hudgens nikki reed 02
vanessa hudgens nikki reed 03
vanessa hudgens nikki reed 04
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vanessa hudgens nikki reed 06
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………..was NIKKI on the BEACH in south beach, MIAMI?

  • mhay

    vanessa has a baby looks always.
    love you V.

  • lslsharon

    vanessa looked unbelievably beautiful!!!!

  • awurbii


    ok. why did you change your name and rewrite the same post. you said as a reply to me that you have your own opinion and you should be allowed to express it. so why are you changing your name. i don’t get it.

  • Q

    Nikki has no style. She’s trying to be dress cool like the rest of the Twilight cast but it doesn’t work for her. Awwwww.

  • awurbii


    i’m sorry but that was very racist. rasicism is something that i personally am very annoyed with considering that i am black. i can’t take it when a person’s culture is discriminated.

    don’t post anything racist. this isn’t just to dean this is to anybody. you end up offending people more than you realise.

  • what


  • C

    I think many of you have missed the point that nikki is trying to make, she wanted to be noticed in la, so you would all lay off her and the rob rumors, but guess what i have a really, really reliable on set source, who says rob is with nikki, and has asked never to be directly asked about a relationship with her, so that he doesnt have to lie and say no, because he doen’t want to look like a liar in years to come! Believe it or not it’s still the truth

  • mika

    nikkky is so ugly and fat

  • C

    nikki is great, i hope she is happy with rob , i hope he doesnt break her heart, shes too good to be played with. i love that nikki and kristen are great friends, its pretty clear that kristen loves nikki, and who wouldn’t!!!!

  • C

    Please come back to canada soon Nikki, we miss you, and we want to see more outings with the cast, you must be a good organiser because people only seem to go out when your in town!!!!

  • Алёна

    Vanessa is sooo adorable ^_^

  • Naomi

    Vanessa’s upcoming projects, with an adorable video of an interview with Extra’s Tamika where she talks about Bandslam and doing stunt evaluations for Sucker Punch. She looked so freaking stylish as well. Enjoy!



  • lovezanessa

    It’s a shame that we haven’t seen ashnessa together for a long time…..

  • Jen

    wow Nikki looks way older than Vanessa and doesn’t look 20 at all. She is also very ugly, so insane she was picked to play what was meant to be ” the most beautiful person in the world”.

  • Jasmine

    Vanessa is Eurasian not Mestiza. I am half-Filipino and half-European like Vanessa and we prefer the term Eurasian because it defines us better. Also, I think that Nicole Scherzinger is part Hawaiian not Filipino.

  • ilovetaylorlautnerxo

    Shows how much you know, they both did the movie thirteen like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before twilightt so shut the fuck upp.

  • skippingsarah

    well i think nikki should be less cover up. she’s always wearing sneakers like kristen.

  • natt

    Doesn’t anyone here feel weird of all people why Vanessa trying to be friends with Nikki? Well for me i think she’s trying to suck up on Nikki to get a place in Eclipse aka as Leah Clearwater. Oh im so going to hate hate hate eclipse! and breaking dawn

  • natt

    Doesn’t anyone here feel weird of all people why Vanessa trying to be friends with Nikki? Well for me i think she’s trying to suck up on Nikki to get a place in Eclipse aka as Leah Clearwater. Oh im so going to hate hate hate eclipse! and breaking dawn

  • natt


    she’s trying so hard to be and act like Kris! See, kris always use rings on her fingers mostly 4 on any random fingers, and she started wearing it at the sage dills concert. And if it’s cool nvm, it’s super ugly! Have your own style Nikki! Well good thing she invent nike dunk style, and not converse. But she looks ugly man if she wear tight fitting clothes!

  • skippingsarah

    natt….huh? she can follow anywho she wants its just that she needs to wear more dresses you know. dont you think?, like be a girl not girly girl i just wants to see her so gorgeous on dresses! ha

  • lslsharon

    love nessa!!

  • natt

    @a fan:
    Yes true dude, but being in Twilght saga movie is in a way of having bigger base fan and also, twilight is getting bigger and bigger so in a way, in future she can get job interview easily!

  • jake

    vanessa looks SO SO SO SExy

  • pris

    vanessa hudgens is SO beautiful

  • Jez

    psshh.. are you kidding me? vanessa doesn’t need twilight. can’t you see? it’s nikki thats always trying to hang around with all these really succesful and famous people so she can be famous too. vanessa has bandslam waiting to be released, soon she’s going to start filming Sucker Punch (directed by Zack Snyder btw) then Beastly. that’s going to be 2 movies starring her next year. new moon would really suck for her because she’s famous already and most of the casts in twilight weren’t really that famous before they were in the movie. oh and btw, the first time i saw her i knew she was going to be a filipina. so she’s beautiful because she LOOKS like a filipina.

  • Ann

    AW!!!! Those two make a perfect couple. Hope they stay together.

  • Anastacia

    1. nikki is 20?? I thought she was like 26… well she looks a lot older than she is
    2. it’s weird to see them together… they don’t look like they have much in commen – but it’s nice if they have
    3. vanessa looks always good. but I still can’t stand her >.<

  • http://twitter Shari

    you’re such a loser!

  • http://twitter Shari

    What makes you think you are any better? Get are such a little nobody!@tatyana2002:

  • marie


  • suzy

    V looks cute. Love that her and nikki are still friends.

  • tee

    @marie:What rock did you climb out from under? Vanessa has plenty friends, she is often seen shopping, going to pliates, or just hanging with a veritable who’s who’s in young Hollywood. Obviously your trying to project your life onto hers. If she were trying for a role in the twilight series how would hanging with a person with three llnes in the movies help her case? As hard as it is for you to believe, people do keep in contact with old friends, just because they like them.

  • Karen

    I don’t get why people want to be so childish and immature. Ok, so maybe you are just a Nikki fan or just a Vanessa fan, does that mean you MUST say something insulting about the other person. Some of you people are even doing it now between Zac and Vanessa. You all used to do it in regards to Vanessa and Ashley…as a matter of fact you do it to whoever is seen with Vanessa! If you haven’ noticed there is more than just ONE actress or ONE actor in Hollywood that is attractive, talented, intelligent, and successful just like there is more than one person like that in the normal everyday world. I don’t care who you are if you come on these boards and say such childish things as this one is fugly or this one is only trying to ride leach off the other guy in the photos you immediately are not taken seriously and it puts you in a certain “age” category whether it applies to you or not and that age is childish even if you are 45!

  • Kat

    I think theirs alot of Nikki hate right now because well….not everyone likes Highschool musical, only tweens. And..Vanessa was in Highschool Musical.

    It looks weird seeing them together. Vanessa has always seemed so juvenile. And Nikki the opposite.
    Plus other cast members of twilight & New moon have bagged Vanessa and Zac.

  • dkfnds;

    does vanessa do anything other than shop almost every time there a pic of her she always shopping

  • givemeabreak

    Nikki sure loves attention. She’ll do absolutely anything to get it.

  • dad26

    van is so short. lol

  • go sox

    I think Vanessa looks like a really fun girlfriend!! I’ll bet she’s a great listener, gives great advice, and is very loyal. And she might just be fun to shop with too……

  • will

    Nikki looks way older than Vanessa and doesn’t look 20 at all



  • rich

    2 of the 3 could afford to go on a diet .. lol

  • Yikes

    Nikki looks terrible. Don’t know what Rob ever saw in her.

  • Dean

    I’m sorry if I had offended anyone. In my opinion, I just think Vanessa has so much more of the latin look than filipino. I mean, why do you think she’s always going for the latin roles? for example: gabriella montez.



  • ELLEN26



    VANESSA WILL BE IN THE “Twilight” sequel 3?


  • maria


    I agree with you

    she looks like latin and she´s pretty