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Brad Pitt is a Dunkin' Donuts Dude

Brad Pitt is a Dunkin' Donuts Dude

Brad Pitt has a boys’ day out with his two oldest sons, Maddox, 7, and Pax, 5, in Long Island, New York on Saturday morning (April 25).

The trio was seen grabbing a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts with Brad‘s parents Bill and Jane Pitt (pictured below).

Not gonna lie, Brad‘s shoes look hot!

Earlier this week, Brad took flying lessons and visited his longtime love Angelina Jolie on the set of her new movie, Salt.

UPDATE 1: Brad is wearing Vans’ “Lo Crepe” in brown/black leather.

UPDATE 2: Yes, Pax lost one of his top front teeth!

20+ pictures inside of Dunkin’ Donuts dude Brad Pitt

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brad pitt dunkin donuts 01
brad pitt dunkin donuts 02
brad pitt dunkin donuts 03
brad pitt dunkin donuts 04
brad pitt dunkin donuts 05
brad pitt dunkin donuts 06
brad pitt dunkin donuts 07
brad pitt dunkin donuts 08
brad pitt dunkin donuts 09
brad pitt dunkin donuts 10
brad pitt dunkin donuts 11
brad pitt dunkin donuts 12
brad pitt dunkin donuts 13
brad pitt dunkin donuts 14
brad pitt dunkin donuts 15
brad pitt dunkin donuts 16
brad pitt dunkin donuts 17
brad pitt dunkin donuts 18
brad pitt dunkin donuts 19
brad pitt dunkin donuts 20
brad pitt dunkin donuts 21
brad pitt dunkin donuts 22

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  • Kristin M

    I wish I knew exactly where they were. I heard they were shooting in Bethpage, Long Island. I live about 45 minutes away from there.

    I say to you, Brad Pitt, persaude the film crew to film a little west of Bethpage, like right next to my house!

  • aeon


  • Mamá

    Brad is so beatiful x3
    I love himm *_*

  • missouri girl

    where are all the regular loonies? you know the ones that are here everyday 24/7?……… sweet it is without them

  • missouri girl


  • missouri girl

    #6…….come on ladies your here somewhere

  • em

    It is all about family first for Brad, his Angie, their kids are everything in his life and it is big plus that his parents get to enjoy being grandparents to their 6 adorable kids.

  • angie my angel

    the best father of the world
    i love him …

  • Sal

    Missouri girl, the trolls will be here any minute.

  • schasha

    Angie is actually filming in Albany, NY where i live! They’ve close down lanes on the high way for shooting, it’s so cool!

  • Andrew

    missouri girl
    you are the one here 24 hurs a day. Thanks JJ for the pics. Brad is a great dad and a great partner to Angelina. Tough luck for the hens!!!

  • QQQQ

    Thanks for the pics

  • Debra77

    Love seeing he and the boys. I’m sure the nuts will smell a Jolie-Pitt sighting and be here in no time. But I am so glad to see a few pics. The boys are very cute.. They really are “little Brads”..

    Now if I could see the twins.. I will be able to wait for Cannes without any problem. They really seem to be able to just “BE” in LI.. I have a feeling they will stay for a while. Where is Brad’s next movie filming. I really hope it is in NYC.. This has been a good place for them. As much as I have wanted to see pics. It is nice that the kids have been able to go to school and just be kids without all the media craziness. No I don’t count the tabs. They are doing what they have been doing since the couple got together. Nothing different. But the pics of them has been few and far between. So I am able to deal. Brad looks great.. But he is wearing the same clothes as when he was with Angie. I wonder how recent these pics are.

  • sharon

    Brad is out with the boys. He looks so hot. Bill and Jane are with the family.

  • Brad Fan

    I just checked this site to see what’s new and bam!
    The Pitt boys are looking very sweet.

  • Jill

    Awww… little Pax lost his first tooth!

  • missouri girl

    Andrew @ 04/25/2009 at 12:21 pm missouri girl
    you are the one here 24 hurs a day.

    huh?….hurs a day? what is hurs? no I only come here once a year, if u r lucky

  • Um

    She’s not in Albany right now just the second crew and her stunt double. She might be there for only one day of the shoot that’s it

  • boo(real)

    brad is HOT! look at his sexy body! lucky angie

  • awwww


    I go to DD not for donuts but for their breakfasts and their coffee. It’s so much better than Starbucks.

  • Jill

    What’s with that pink rope around his neck? Did Z make it for him?

  • Andrew

    @missouri girl:

    I meant “hours” little hen. In fact you are still here LOL

  • visitor

    Brad’s still wearing that necklace. That’s so sweet.

  • omg

    Pax lost tooth. How cute. Love Brad.

  • anon

    This is so funny. I went to my local Dunkin Donuts just this morning!
    Brad and his sons look great. I guess the weather is nice because I don’t see them wearing coats.

  • elizabeth

    @Kristin M: Pls see him if you can…I envy you folks. What a weekend to start with….so happy to see the boyz. Can someone ask Brad who made that necklace he surely adore it…maybe the girlz.

  • Jill

    # 25 anon @ 04/25/2009 at 12:35 pm

    75 degrees in NYC right now and getting warmer every minute. Probably around 70 out on Long Island.

  • awwwww

    Grandparents are here helping them. I hope can see the twins. Brad is a hot daddy.

  • NY’er

    anon @ 04/25/2009 at 12:35 pm
    Yep, this morning was a little cool but it’s a warm day in NY today.
    Thanks JJ.


  • Aimee

    love Brad and his boys! aww bless them

  • JM

    LOL, thats why brad and angie spent the night at the waldorf when he visited her on the set, the parents were baby sitting the kids,sweet,lol

  • Debra77

    Silly me all I did was see the pics and posted my comment. I missed the part about his rents being there. It makes me so mad when they post pictures. When Brad’s parents are around many sites never show them all together. I guess it goes against the stories they previously printed about Angie and the rents not getting along. While being on jjb I have seen tons of photos of Brad’s parents, sister, brother as well as Angie’s family together. Yet those shots are seldom shown. I think many sites don’t want to really show the true “picture” of their life. A picture taken out of content is used to paint a negative picture. I have had my eyes opened on more then one occasion when I have gotten to see all the pictures.. So Jared if the pictures of his parents are available, it would be nice to have one of them posted as well. I could tell by his parents comments and actions they Love Angie and their Grand kids. They have traveled all over the world to spend quality time with these kids and their parents.
    I’m sure they must see how happy their son is. And they seem to be happy with his life choices too.

    Thanks for the pics Jared. JP fans we are getting spoiled.. But don’t you love it.

  • wow

    Brad is getting hotter and hotter. The boys are growing fast. They are big.

  • LL

    Cute, cute cute. I bet the grandparents have been in NY the whole time Brad & Angelina have.

  • JM

    well the grandparents would still be waiting for brad’s children if it wasn’t for AJ,lol

  • Gwen

    I LOVE seeing Brad doing his daddy thing with the kids and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that he’s wearing the pink necklace still!!! Too cute!!! Thanks for making my Saturday morning, Jared! Always good to see scrumptious Daddy Pitt! Yummy!

  • teehee

    Brad looks retarded has usual . look at pic 2 “duh” lmao! Can you say Photo-op? I guess the tabloids were right about brad not being able to handle his own children. he needs mama to come do his job.

  • nina

    Brad still is wearing the pink necklace. It must be very special to him, Me think it is from the girls Shiloh and Z.

  • JM

    Is this troll that dumb, if the grands didn’t like angie why would they come to NY to try to keep them together,lol, honey its time for the meds,lol

  • oh Brad

    Brad the dad is the hottest daddy.


    So where are his parents.. and why aren’t the kids in school there since Angie will be filming for awhile ..when they were in Paris
    Maddox went to school everyday with his knapsac..Going to Dunkin
    Donuts.. Way to go Brad…You are like Ben taking care of your kids
    will your partner is working.. Nice to see that the paps don’t bother
    you very much..

  • decency

    I think Brad looks hot in that second pic.
    Pax seems like a character.
    Why no pics of Grandma and Grandpa

  • soopx

    Hello Fans,Thanks Jared for the thread.Love the Jolie-Pitts.So nice seeing them at Dunkin Donuts while mama Angie is working.I bet
    Grandparents have been helping Brad with the children.This Family sticks together.I am so Happy Angie has the Pitts For Family and Happy for the Pitts to have such a nice ,sweet and compassionate daughter-in-law.Blessings to this Family..

  • Jill

    hahaha @ 04/25/2009 at 12:37 pm

    Couldn’t stay away, could you, Shitzy? Angie’s stunt double is in Albany. And Bill and Jane Pitt were with Brad and Angie at the premiere of CCOBB.
    Poor Shitzy. Bill and Jane don’t give a sh*t about Fugly any more. That just chaps your ass something awful, doesn’t it?

  • JM

    Off to whole foods, enjoy the day jp fans, the weather is looking good on the east coast.

  • cute

    OMG, look Mad and Pax’s walk, they learn from daddy, daddy sexy walk. Too cute.

  • ebmo

    OMG! Brad is still in NY?

    The name changing troll said he was visiting the set to go back to France.

    The troll was wrong AGAIN?

    I am SHOCKED! The world is SHOCKED!

    Papa Pitt looks very protective of his boys…awwww….

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    how cool are those pants. nothing like pants that are so big they drag on the ground and get ripped up. LOL.

  • CK

    Brad and his kids. just swoon. Jolie Pitts forever.

  • tati

    Just cute and beatiful!!! BRAD AND ANGIE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!! I hate the tabloides!