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Jennifer Garner Knee-ds Help

Jennifer Garner Knee-ds Help

Jennifer Garner sports some bloody knees as she goes shopping with husband Ben Affleck and daughter Violet Affleck at Whole Foods in Boston on Saturday (April 25).

Jen just turned 37 earlier this month and her newest film, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, opens this Friday, May 1st.

The former Alias star talked about being open to the public, saying, “When I first started out, my natural inclination was just to tell you everything that you could possibly want to know about me, my husband, my kids, my family, my childhood, any dark scene that ever happened to me. I’m an open person that way; so it has taken me years to learn. And I still say more than I want to!”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner knee-ding help…

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jennifer garner needs help 01
jennifer garner needs help 02
jennifer garner needs help 03
jennifer garner needs help 04
jennifer garner needs help 05
jennifer garner needs help 06
jennifer garner needs help 07
jennifer garner needs help 08
jennifer garner needs help 09
jennifer garner needs help 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Nic

    V is so precious!!

  • s.i

    she looks tired because of working out! She is so pretty!!!

  • Bella

    Did she really have a baby??? There are never any pics? Did something happen to it??

  • hhmm

    She looks very homely and very pale. I wonder when he is going to get tired of her…

  • ben/jen fan

    She does need some sun, but hey, if I were flying back and forth from the East/West coast, mother duties, doing press for a new film, moving from one house to another and being followed 24/7 by paps, I would look a little pale also.

    Tonight is the Ghost/Girlfriends premiere. Will be nice to see Jen dressed up and working the red carpet.

  • Al

    Boy Ben looks pissed at someone. Maybe the jerks taking the pictures

  • LolaSvelt

    Jennifer Garners knee-ds to go away – she’s insanely boring.

  • bea

    Is really nice seeing them in their normal life, is my favourite family, I adore them.

    For more about them, come to my forum :

  • emma

    violet is cute

  • Katie

    I love this family. They are so cute, and on top of that both Ben and Jen are great actors! I can’t believe Jen just had a baby a few months ago. She looks so great! :)

  • louisa

    They called the paps for a photo-op. The paparazzi don’t hang out at grocery stores. Sorry couldn’t resist since that’s what everybody said about Brad and Angelina when they went to the store. Ben looks pissed off in 95% of photos. There are pictures of Saraphina. But considering she’s just a few months old she’s not going to go to as places as Violet.

  • sorella

    Wow, all the money in the world and that’s what she wears?! She never gets it right, she never gets how to be casual cute at all, I don’t expect her to get all dressed up, but she doesn’t even try, she thinks she’s being all casual, but she ends up boring, no sense of style (and that’s not because of having 2 kids, plenty of Moms look great when casual). . And Ben does always look pissed off when he is with her.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    call 911 emergency, QUICK!!
    …………….HERE IS SOMEBODY DYING, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nativenyker

    When will the net tire of the bland pics of the crew….?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde


    lolasvelt – maybe they are boring but it’s nice to see celebs do every day normal stuff, like their own shopping, or actually spending time with their children.




    Jen just announced that she is 10 pounds overweight.. so guess
    it isn’t this year photos..This looks like when he directing
    Gone Baby Gone… The same store as the last time.. And believe me
    she would have her daughter Seraphina with her.!!

  • Ivelisse^^^

    Man Ben is SO GOOD LOOKING! Actually, he looks better when he doesnt smile I think. He will never smile fake at the paps, so give up on that.

  • Karena

    They look like such a cool, laid-back family. And so pretty, all of them. Pretties! :)

  • Richard sugar

    that’s weird Ben was in boston this week shooting scenes for a kevin costnar movie. I think the papz go to far when they shoot kids, it should be illegal to film minors and publish their pictures.

  • a realist

    Jenn is pretty.

  • a realist

    louisa @ 04/26/2009 at 11:21 am

    They called the paps for a photo-op. The paparazzi don’t hang out at grocery stores. Sorry couldn’t resist since that’s what everybody said about Brad and Angelina when they went to the store. Ben looks pissed off in 95% of photos. There are pictures of Saraphina. But considering she’s just a few months old she’s not going to go to as places as Violet.
    louisa, your IQ is not very big, huh? Ordinary citizens snap pics of celebrities and sell them. Live and learn, dear.

  • pink roses

    sorella @ 04/26/2009 at 11:29 am

    Wow, all the money in the world and that’s what she wears?!
    She’s at the freakin’ grocery store, you nut.

    Besides, she’s not dressing to impress you.

  • nurd

    Is it really necessary to mention the bloody knees?

  • a realist

    Ben and Brad have some things in common.

    1. They both dodged a bullet, named Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a disgusting snob.

    2. They both found their way to the most wonderful mates they could have, Jenn Garner, and Ange Jolie.

    3. They are both great fathers, and husbands.

  • Not so bright

    These are pap photos. Do you see the photo credit: Fame Pictures? That’s a pap agencies. And the quality of the pics tells you its the paps.

    For such a wonderful family photo op, they forgot to bring the baby! She must be home with the nanny that they supposedly don’t have- LOL



  • #1 Fan

    They are truly one of the best celeb couples around. I enjoy seeing them out with their beautiful girls, Ben is a doting dad and Jennifer is a great mom.


    It doesn’t get much more boring then this.

  • ello

    Violet is by far the happiest child on these blogs. What a smiler!!

  • Kansi

    Oh Ben what happened? State of Play is tanking at the box office and your grocery shopping with Jennifer Garner, how did it come to this. You went from Jennifer Lopez who had you whipped but at least you looked like you enjoying it to Jennifer Garner who has you by the balls.

  • me

    Aww Jen :(
    I love them all :)

  • What happened?

    Kansi, you ask what happened, um, Bennifer 1.0 is what happened, that ruined his and JLo’s career, that love affair was a monster, nobody’s career could possibly recover after that monstrosity. Atleast his projects are getting critical acclaim, and he’s still getting jobs and is protective of his private life, maybe a little too late. He’s a good director, he’ll be fine and so will Jen G. For all the happiness he may have displayed when he was with JLo I bet he also looks back at that with regret because it cost him his career and that is the truth.

  • ello

    He looks much happier with Jen Garner than with Jen Lopez,

    If anybody had him by the balls I doubt it was Jen Garner!!

  • What happened?

    Ben’s marriage is what happened,….Ben has never been a good actor his movies used to do well because he was an action star, and back then he was hot looking, now he looks like an ordinary family man. His life used to be exciting and on the go. Now is only adventures are @ starbucks, grocery shopping, parks, and to pick up violet from school. Yes, he still makes movies, but who wants to go watch them , when you are tired of seeing him everyday on this internet sites. It’s hard to picture him in any roles, other than a father or family man. I don’t think Jen ruined his career it happens to every actor who lives his personal life in the spotlight. With the exception of Brad Pitt, because his life is really exciting and daring, he goes flying to exotic places, travels almost everyday, and so does his partner Angie. Their lifestyle is just as exciting than the roles they play.

  • Ivelisse^^^

    Brad and Angie are not the family centered couple they want everyone to think they are. They are both complete careerists – career comes first with both THAT is why they jet set around the world (it all has to do with their jobs). With this couple I truly believe it is eachother and their family that comes first. Certainly they dont put on a “show” like Brad and Angie, who make me want to puke they are so obvious about their publicity.

  • Pippi

    What a great family. Both Ben and Jen are very real people and don’t buckle down and do things to impress the feeble minded public who expect them to dress and play phony when they are on their own time with their everyday. They are doing fine if only they could be allowed more time to engage in normal things without the looky loos like us always wanting to get a glimpse of them. I’m guilty of it too. I can’t get enough of them. Violet is such a cute and delightful child. I know Sera will be also. How could she be otherwise with a family like the Garner-Afflecks. Love them.

  • just me

    I am so sick of Jennifer Garner and her poor, homely daughter! She has even got her trained to wave and “mug”for the paps! Jennifer seriously needs to take a bath and wash her hair more than once a week. She always looks smelly and wrinkled. Poor Ben! No wonder he always looks unhappy when he is with her and stays gone all the time.

  • lakers fan in boston

    love it when celebrities shop, especially with their kids
    jen looks boring once again, sigh

  • yo

    Bennifer looks so pissed.

  • nicolleeeee

    woah i was at whole foods in boston yesterday too with my mom in the morning, but i didn’t see them. too bad lol

  • Michaelangelo

    And you know what, #11. Only a few people said that and they had a million people defend them.

    It’s TomKat that gets the raw deal and not Brangelina.

    You don’t know any of these people, #25.

  • ben/jen fan

    State of Play did not tank. It received 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and was in 2nd place at the box office last weekend.

    Thrillers like State of Play haven’t been bringing in the big bucks out of the gate because of their demographics. The audience for State of Play typically doesn’t rush out opening weekend to see it.

    They don’t call the paps, the paps follow them. Also, regular people take photos. As noticed by the blogs last week with the pics of Jen with Violet and Sera visting Ben on the movie set. Those were taken by a passerby not paps. Darn good pics too.

  • kris

    oh ben…so boxed in. everyone knows jen g. is a control freak. when will he be free from her? he loves the kids too much and he’s said that his own dad’s divorce devastated him so he doesn’t want to do that to his kids. jen knows that without ben she’s B-LIST again. And for your info, the paparazzi don’t just show up out of the blue at a grocery store without SOMEBODY calling…whether it’s their publicist or a store clerk…notice everytime there’s rumors that Ben’s not happy (ppl say that Ben and Rachel McAdams had great chemistry on the last movie), then viola…a shot of Ben and the family. It’s all a show. Ben hasn’t even hit mid-life crisis yet. yikes.

  • Jenny

    Aw…Ben! Love Ben, don’t care much for Jen G. with him. He can do better. Hey Ben, your old onscreen love Liv Tyler’s single!!

  • mini

    Ben ruined his own career becuz he is not a good actor. His performance in State of Play was so robotic, I don’t understand why he keeps getting acting roles.

    Jg always looks like she is need of a bath.

  • shamrock

    Ben is finding his groove in acting by being more selective with roles in films. Also, in my opinion directing is his bag for true talent. He is very good at multitasking and thinking deeply about projects that are his own to perform into something MAGNIFICENT!!

    All my hopes are for Ben, Jen, and the kiddies to be HAPPY and for all the papz, gossipers, and cynical peeps to leave them alone and let them live their lives. You people really can do damage with such intrusion of privacy. Stop and save the world instead. PEACE & LOVE~*

    p.s. Gotta see Ben in a film with Sandra Bullock soon. Yes?

  • mini

    I love Jen. she is my favorite actress. Can’t wait to see her new movie. Ben is a lucky guy. Violet is beautiful and I know the new baby is too.

  • Jenny

    Jen is the absolute best. She is the best wife Ben could have. Love them as a family. Best family in Hollywood hands down.

  • man in the moon

    I agree with Shamrock, Ben was pretty good in State of Play. His real niche is directing and screenwriter though. Jen is a fantastic actress but her best role to date is that of mom and wife. She is an amazing mom and still hot even without trying to be. She is amazing and that’s why so many feel threatned by her. If she wanted to she could outshine any star out there. She only wants to make a living at acting not trying for sex symbol and the etc. like the rest Great role model.