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Just You, Clay Aiken

Just You, Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken emerges from the Byron & Tracey hair salon with a stylish new do on Saturday (April 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 30-year-old former American Idol contestant just shared an unreleased track called “Just You,” which was recorded around the time of his 2006 album A Thousand Different Ways. You don’t have to pay a penny for the track but Clay blogged, “I encourage you… I ask of you… that you make a donation to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for how ever much you feel the song is worth. If you want to give $1… great. If you want to give $1000… GREAT… if you can only give $.05 … that’s fine too. It’s a tough time we’re living through nowadays.”

Download here but donate at

(Click inside to read Clay‘s full blog entry…)


What an interesting afternoon! You have kept my attention longer than I thought possible. If only my homework in high school had held my attention as long, huh?

Lots of interesting questions today and lots of energy. One question in particular got me (and Jaymes) to thinking. “Clay, will you ever record … Just You?”

Well folks… truth is.. . I did. Long ago. As a matter of fact It was one of the first songs we recorded for the album A Thousand Different Ways. It was recorded before the label asked me to do the album of cover love songs and before the budget was officially approved, so I actually paid for it myself. Then, as I recall, when the decision was made to do the cover album, the label opened a budget for the album, but it did not include reimbursing me for songs I had recorded that did not fit the concept. So, here I have had this song all along that, to my knowledge, I own the only copy of. What to do with it.. what to do? Well, this evening (with some encouragement from Jaymes) I decided…. let’s just give it to them. Why not? We do have plans (which we will tell you about eventually) to be back in the studio and record in the near future, but until then… you might as well get a bit of something you haven’t been able to hear in a while. “New” music.

Now… here’s the deal. I want to give it to you because you deserve it. You’ve stuck by me and been patient for a long time. But, also, I really have to give it to you. Since I didn’t write it or produce it, I can’t sell it to you… but I hate to encourage getting music for free. You all have always been SOOOO ethical when it has come to downloading music. I know my fans are probably some of the most scrupulous in the country and I believe that you never steal music. That said… We are gonna do this on the “honor system”… Go ahead…. download the song. It’s yours. Share it with your friends. It’s free. But… I want to make it count for someone… so let’s make it count for tens of thousands of children in the US with developmental disabilities If you can’t afford anything for it.. then don’t pay… but… if you can… I encourage you… I ask of you… that you make a donation to the Bubel/Aiken Foundation for how ever much you feel the song is worth. If you want to give $1… great. If you want to give $1000… GREAT… if you can only give $.05 … that’s fine too. It’s a tough time we’re living through nowadays, and non-profits are hurting more than ever as well. BAF (which will soon be known by a different name) has had amazing success in fulfilling it’s mission, and is embarking on a long term plan to continue including kids in every aspect of life. But, it will continue to need help from all of us in order to make that possible.

Consider this track a “charity recording” …. donate whatever you can or whatever you are willing to… and accept our thanks.

The song is for you…JUST YOU… from me.


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  • Daxx

    He looks HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zoey

    Hate the red sweater, but he looks great otherwise!

  • yksask

    Looking really good!!

  • Soo

    He looks great!

    Downloaded Just You (gorgeous) and donated to The Bubel/Aiken Foundation. Great cause!

  • LeeAnn

    Love those pictures of Clay. He looks great!

    Love that song he shared too. “Just You” is a fantastic song.

  • justafan

    That red sweater looks ridiculous on him. He looks great from the neck up, but that sweater looks like something a middle aged woman would wear. Not flattering on him at all!

  • Sally

    Clay looks so handsome in that picture. But, it is not because he is handsome that I call myself a fan. It is because his has a voice like no other and he has a huge heart.

    How like Clay to find a way for his fans to have that beautiful song.

    I loved it and am donating to the BAF. I know that many fans are doing the same. It’s a win win–you get a brand new song and you help children with disabilities.

  • Luluasst

    Love the look Clay! And the song is terrific. I donated to BAF 2 days ago. Please check out

  • Teresa

    What a class act. I really like the way he talks to his fans. Nice song as well. Yes, I donated to a very worthy cause.

  • Alice

    One word: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    Love everything about the look.

    What a great guy! The song is fabulous and it was my pleasure to make a donation to the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

    Clay has a heart as big as all outdoors. He’s fabulous.

  • keridwen

    Song downloaded and donation made. Thanks, Clay!

  • Becky

    Wow! He looks really really good!!!

  • http://Clayboard Canadianfan

    What a freaking hunky, sexy, adorable looking guy. Donated to BAF for his song to us Just You.

  • Kim

    Wow! Clay looks great! I lurve the new hairdo. The song is really cool and I made a donation to this worthwhile cause :)

  • clover

    Oh, I just love seeing Clay….he’s looking so good. I downloaded the new song and will donate to the B.A.F Thank you Clay for being “The Real You”!

  • Shemp lugosi

    Good Lord, she’s become an old queen long before her time!

  • Marty

    WOW………….Clay’s looking good. I hope he is in the LA area for some business.

    The new song is great. I can’t wait to hear more from Clay.

  • Sandi

    What led up to this was his 7 hour Q&A on his fan club message board. He spent Friday afternoon and evening answering questions for his fans.

    Yeah, he is a classy guy with a great voice.

  • audiogarden

    Clay looks great! He changed his hair color again. I wonder if that means he has an appearance coming up somewhere?

    The song is very nice, and I donated to the Bubel/Aiken foundation, too.

  • Anne

    Looking super-hawt! Downloaded Just You and made my donation. Awesome!

  • Mariam

    Clay looks awesome, love the hair.
    I think it was wonderful that Clay gifted the song “Just You” to his fans, I hope everyone who downloaded it will donate to his foundation…. such a good cause. I did donate to the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

  • katy

    The recording of Just U is excellent. I had heard the concert versions, but this is so much better.
    Clay continues to make a difference and I hope The Bubel Aiken Foundation benefits from his generosity.

  • enchanted

    He looks absolutely handsome. OMG…Look at those shoulders.
    LOVE HIM!!!!

  • bob_in_okc

    Clay looks horrible in that pic. What is with all these claytards going on about how hot he is? Give me a break.

  • PAT

    He looks and sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the fans.

  • Lyn

    Clay is looking sooo good. Love the hair and the clothes. Very well put together. Just You is such a gift and a wonderful idea to donate to the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

  • clover

    The song is beautiful.

    What a wonderful thing to give to his fans and foundation. :)

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    who is he?

  • Llana

    What a nice gesture from Clay to let the fans have a free song, and at the same time help out the BAF…it is a win win situation.
    Clay is such a wonderful human being.

  • luvthatdude

    The song is amazing and so is the man. He looks great!!!

  • concertfan

    Clay Aiken looks great. Love the new hair.

    I just downloaded the new song and it is good. What a smart move on Clay’s part to give his fans a new song and also help his foundation.

  • carol wright

    I love the hair and the whole thing. I DLed the song, and I was impressed. I support BAF because of the work they do for autism and inclusion. It’s all good. I hope we get more music from Clay.

  • corinne

    Clay looks great. Saw him in NYC a few days ago. Didn’t realize he was in LA.

    Loved his song and the wonderful suggestion to donate. As someone already said, he’s a class act.

  • clayisafake

    Are you sure that’s clay? Did he have plastic surgery? He looks so different. I wonder what happened to his voice. Such a shame. Seems like he used his fan club site to gain some publicity. He does need it.

  • Sunshine

    Clay Aiken! A super talented man, and handsome to boot. His gift of Just You is awesome, I sent my donation to the BAF.

  • Brandy

    The song is good and he looks great! Where are the haters? They should be here any minute.

  • lulu

    He looks great and appears to have healed from the TMJ surgery. What a nice gesture to help disabled individuals through the Bubel Aiken Foundation. Love the song.

  • Brandy

    clayisafake @ 04/26/2009 at 5:25 pm

    Oh look, there’s one now!

  • rs

    Clay is looking good in those pix. Glad to see he’s in LA. Downloaded Just You and it is a nice song. Also made a donation. The BAF does good work with kids with disabilities. My son who is without disabilities, was at one of the BAF sponsored camps. He came home much more aware of what some disabled children have to endure.

  • matt

    He sounds great and this is a wonderful thing to do for kids.

    I saw him in Spamalot and he was good.

  • Mike

    Clay is looking good. Brilliant idea to give away a song and even more brilliant to get donations for his charity.

    I am looking forward to seeing what is up for Clay. He was great in his starring role in Spamalot on Broadway.

  • buffyluvr

    What a nice treat for a Sunday afternoon! Clay’s looking great and am loving the song. Too bad it didn’t make the CD (what WAS the label thinking?) THANKS!!

  • sbleu

    One of the reasons Clay is so admired by friends and coworkers, without exception, is that he does walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Doing something for his fans is natural and he has a mission to help children have a better life.

  • susan

    Thanks for Just You, Clay. I hope your Foundation makes enough to open a new summer camp. Keep using your voice…you have defiantly made a defference.

  • Ondrea

    id give a million if i could, hes so amazing and SOOOOOOOO HOTT!!!! *thud*

  • Martigyrl

    Love Clay, Love ‘Just You’, love BAF(donated)….
    Hate the sweater!!!!

    First time evah, I’ve commented on something Clay wears that I don’t care for. None of my business, but hate the sweater.
    Not flattering at all.

  • mainethots

    Love the download…Clay’s looking great!

  • kit

    He looks GORGEOUS! And what a wonderful man Clay is.

    Unfortunately, the obligatory Clay-haters have shown up with their usual sleazy put-downs. I’ll just IGNORE the poor souls who get to feel good by putting others down. Pity!

  • Chris

    What a gorgeous guy and what a gorgeous song. Love them both.

  • dale

    Clay looks great and I like the new song! When will he be touring again? I would love to see him in concert again!