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Sunday Rose is a Gymboree Girl

Sunday Rose is a Gymboree Girl

Sunday Rose, the 9-month-old daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, enjoys a day at Gymboree Play & Music center in Nashville, Tenn., with her nanny on Saturday (April 25).

Nicole and Keith (both 41) were seen getting their caffeine fix at Starbucks coffee shop in Nashville.

On April 22, Nicole was seen running errands with a girlfriend. The pair shopped at Whole Foods grocery store before stopping for a bite to eat at Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

10+ pictures inside of Gymboree girl Sunday Rose

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sunday rose gymboree 01
sunday rose gymboree 02
sunday rose gymboree 03
sunday rose gymboree 04
sunday rose gymboree 05
sunday rose gymboree 06
sunday rose gymboree 07
sunday rose gymboree 08
sunday rose gymboree 09
sunday rose gymboree 10
sunday rose gymboree 11
sunday rose gymboree 12
sunday rose gymboree 13

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  • sidekick

    Sunday Rose is Adorable!! And no, Nicole, she is NOT a little keithette, she looks just like YOU

  • ello

    It must be much more healthy to raise Sunday in Tenn and Australia than L.A.

    good on ya, Nicole and Keith

  • laura

    Sunday is a sweetie! She definitely looks more like Keith.

  • vivian

    She is wonderful and so sweet!!!

  • Danielle

    I went to that site and it’s hateful. Wow…you shouldn’t advertise anything like that on here.

    Sunday is very cute. I hope she has a happy childhood.

  • danny

    Sunday is so beautiful

  • ali

    omg! she looks more like nicole every day, so beautiful*-*

  • eliza

    Beautiful baby, but as much as we enjoy seeing her picture, she is not a celebrity or with a celebrity so she should be off bounds to paps.

  • daisy

    I agree, if she is not with her parents then the paps should not be taking pictures & the sites like this one should not post them. Same goes for other celebs kids.

    And whoever said that Nicole lied about having a nanny you are wrong. At the time that particular interview was done she didn’t have a nanny but afterwards she hired one. So she never lied about anything.



    Yeah, that is really not true. Genetics are MUCH more complex than that. Even a basic high school biology class will teach you that.

  • sonoma


    You need to read the Keith Urban Negative thread on the E-online message board to see what’s behind the blog Danielle.

    You will never read more sick, demented thoughts than what you will there! Don’t bother looking for familiar names either because they call themselves something different wherever they happen to land after flying in on their brooms. On JJ’s site, they are the majority critiquing why Sunday is with a nannie, or doesn’t have a coat on , or why does she looks funny in this pic or that. Even babies aren’t off limits with these crazies.

    They even have their own little F You list. Amazing what hate can do to a person.


    This is the first time I’ve seen Sunday. What a cute baby, adorable nose!

  • catty

    Looks like Nicole put some color back in her hair. Major improvement. The bleach blonde was making her look like a granny.

  • ello

    # 72 catty

    I agree. i miss her red hair. It was very pretty

  • to lexie


    If you look hard at her nanny or her dad’s pics you will know why is sunday dressed like that ,it dosen’t matter winter or summer .Nicole is always covering her arms

  • daisy

    Sonoma, please do not post a link to E! Online here. That is just promoting more & more hate & giving those people attention. But perhaps that is what you want?

  • Danielle

    I don’t want to read ANY hateful comments, but posting hate to deal with hate makes no sense to me. I don’t think that either group of posters is sane!

    Anyways, I have to agree that as much as I like to see pictures of Sunday, I wish they would let them be and enjoy as much of a normal life as they can. She is really cute – chubby and healthy looking.

  • sonoma


    No that’s not what I want daisy. I hate that site, but I want posters to be aware of the sickos out there who can’t even leave an innocent child out of their craziness.

    I agree, they should be able to go on a regular everyday outing without having paps in their face, especially when out with a little one.

  • Michaelangelo

    I doubt that, #16.

    Don’t believe everything you hear, #38. None of that is true.

    Actually, you do see him much with her older kids, #51.

  • bowie

    i’m so happy for her she finally got her baby! she looks happier

  • Norma

    Sunday is a beautiful little girl. God Bless her.

    As far as these two sites, both are hateful, but at least the E posters are posting about celebrities. The other site is horrid and shows you how far people will go for celebrity worship. It’s unbelievable.

  • daisy

    Sonoma, I am glad you don’t like that site but unfortunately we get enough awful comments here thatI I don’t want to bring any more attention to it.

    Norma, there is a reason for the UrbanMythsreveled site as it is trying to bring it to Nicole & keith’s representatives attention as best they can that there are some people out there who could really hurt their clients. I am just not sure they are going about it in the best way possible. I just wish if people didn’t like certain celebrities that they would just leave them alone to live their lives & not coment on anything.

  • daisy

    Also Norma, there is never good that comes about when you insult an innocent baby.

  • Terry

    oh yes, normal family indeed. Baby goes with nanny to mommy and me classes. Niiiiccceee.

  • Bunny

    She’s a cutie pie. Look at those chubby cheeks!

  • charlie

    Can someone explain to me how the pap knew the nanny was taking Sunday Rose to Gymboree class? I can’t imagine that they are photographing every baby that comes out of class in hopes it is Sunday Rose. I feel sorry for the nanny!

    Regarding that hate-filled blog site, I don’t think Nicole and Keith would appreciate any association with the vile that is written on there. Whether you realize it or not, you are giving Nicole and Keith’s fans a bad name.

  • daisy

    Terry, this is the first time that we know of that Sunday has gone to Gymboree clases with the nanny. If “Nanny” is her title. They are not “mommy & me” clases because mommies are not the only ones to go. Heck I have seen grandparents etc. take children to classes not just the parents., Who knows, maybe Nicole & Keith were also there but didn’t want to give the paps “the money shot” so they went out a different entrance. Pictures only give you a split second of time.

  • sonoma


    Nice try “charlie” …I suppose next thing we’ll hear is that Sunday Rose has the paps on speed dial too.

    “Pictures only give you a split second of time.”

    You’re exactly right daisy.

  • pineapplesundae

    Nice ride!

  • molly

    Sunday pics were Saturday, Keith and Nic pics were today.

  • nicole lover

    i love nicole very much
    but i think sunday is not beautiful
    loooooooooooooooooove nicole

  • allyson

    #92- WTF? If you loooooove Nicole, don’t insult her child.

    Adorable baby, great parents, thanks!

  • megs

    Actually 94, she said they didn’t have a nanny, but that eventually they would probably have to get a daytime nanny. So it’s very possible that they didn’t have a nanny at the time of that interview, but now that they both have work obligations, they needed one. What’s the big deal???

  • zoe

    they look great. love it when nicole goes all natural. sunday rose is adorable and yeah…she looks more like keith but still cute.

  • Sal

    Nicole is gorgeous, even dressed down! Class act!

  • Sal

    I couldnt agree more #96!!!!!!!

  • C

    adorable baby, adorable family!!

  • hope

    I hope the Nashville press don’t start following them around a lot. They frequently say how they love Nashville and are able to live normally there.

  • so adorable

    She looks so adorable!! I can’t wait for Keith and Nicole to release an official family picture with a face view of Sunday Pose.

  • obsession

    You have to laugh at the media’s obsession in their hopes for a second pregnancy–what tickles me is that Nicole isn’t holding those newspapers anywhere near her stomach area! I thought they would surely give Sunday a chance to have her first birthday before they started up the pregnancy rumors about Nicole, but looks like they just couldn’t wait to start rumors.

  • ben

    that daughter of theirs is cuter than a speckled pup in a red wagon, especially when wearing that little bonnet and chubbier than I thought she would be.

  • hoa

    Sunday is so cute and Nicole is so beautiful.

  • HA!

    Sunday looks very cute in these pictures. Love the hat.

    Who gives a sh*t if they or anyone else has a nanny? Find me one celebrity parent in Hollywood who doesn’t use a nanny at least part of the time. Give me a break – get over it, people.

  • sonoma


    Your comments speak volumes charlie, and I think maybe you got lost on your way somewhere else.

    And dian – grow up. To speak like that of a baby is just sad.

  • Bia

    gorgeous family

  • charlie

    Since your answers and opinions are the only ones that count on here sonoma, please tell us all how the paps got there? Why is Sunday Rose the only celebrity baby photographed in Nashville? If some who post comments on here don’t think Sunday Rose is cute, that is their own opinion. It doesn’t matter if you approve of it or not. I do think she is cute here.

  • debfromnebraska

    Sunday is just the sweetest baby, looks like her Daddy but has skin like her Mom, beautiful and she has her Mommy’s little heart shaped mouth. Keith is a gorgeous man, I met him at the Mall of America when he was shopping with his Mom and Dad and he was so nice, I actually got my picture taken with him. He is beautiful and his personality makes him more so. Nicole and him make a wonderful down to earth couple and they are so lucky to bring Sunday into their world.

  • Kate

    Nicole looks so happy and relaxed. Bad paps!

  • Jack

    Sheesh, it’s a tiny town. The routine is gym or yoga in the morning, then starbucks.

    Lunch is ususally at three places on the same street and much later in the day.