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Alexis Bledel: Slacking on the Birthday Present Front!

Alexis Bledel: Slacking on the Birthday Present Front!

Alexis Bledel hits up NYC hotspot Tenjune for a Stolichnaya-sponsored Tribeca Film Festival after-party on Sunday (April 26).

Earlier in the evening, the 27-year-old actress wore the same cut-out cute dress to the premiere of her new movie, The Good Guy. At the after-party, I asked Alexis who designed her gorgeous dress. She whipped a cheat sheet out of her clutch and spelled out the designer’s name for me. “C-U-S-H-N-I-E E-T O-C-H-S.” Yes, Cushnie et Ochs. It was a glorious moment having Rory Gilmore spell a word for me considering the fast-paced dialogue she had on Gilmore Girls.

(Click inside for‘s interview with Alexis…)

JJ: [Your The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants costar] America Ferrera’s birthday was the Saturday before last (April 18). Were you able to get her anything?

AB: Um. (pauses, laughs) No, I’ve been slacking on the birthday present front but I celebrated her birthday at a party. And it was a great fun time!

JJ: Where do you like to relax in the Big Apple?

AB: The parks! It’s so nice out. I just moved here and like it better [than Los Angeles]. I lived here before Gilmore Girls started. I moved to L.A. to do the show and then when it ended, I wanted to come back. I even got to see [my Gilmore costar Lauren Graham in the Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls]. She’s awesome. Really fun.

JJ: You’ve already played a goody two-shoes on Gilmore and a prostitute in Sin City. What kinds of roles are you looking to do in the future?

AB: I’m looking for variety. Anything that’s different from what I’ve done. I like that The Good Guy is more of a grown-up role but I keep it pretty wide up. Every script you get is so different, you have to be pretty open-minded.

JJ: Can you tell us about your character in The Good Guy?

AB: Beth [Vest]! She’s an urban conservationalist in NYC and she’s dating Tommy (played by Scott Porter). He’s a trader on Wall Street, has a high pressure job and is training an up-and-coming guy (Daniel Seaver, played by Bryan Greenberg). So Beth is friends with Daniel, he’s dating Tommy, she thinks Tommy is the perfect guy… and there’s a lot that happens. It follows their dating lives.

Alexis also told she’s currently not shooting anything but as always, fielding scripts! She also reiterated her love for Wendy’s chicken nuggets! (Once on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, she called Hi-C Fruit Punch the “perfect chaser” to Wendy’s nuggets.)

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85 Responses to “Alexis Bledel: Slacking on the Birthday Present Front!”

  1. 1
    Michelle Says:

    Lucky! She’s soooo cool!!!!

  2. 2
    pt Says:

    love her! i miss her and gilmore girls.

  3. 3
    UFO Says:

    It’s so hard for me not to see her as a little girl. Her eyes and face are so innocent still. I can’t believe she’s 27.

  4. 4
    erik the wik Says:


  5. 5
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    ……………………….THIS IS AN “ACTRESS”.(put your expectations back in the “CLOSET”,be warned, pal)

  6. 6
    SONNYriente Says:

    good for alexis for trying. i’m liking her more and more.

  7. 7
    lola Says:

    she’s 27 wtf?
    i loved her in gilmore girl

  8. 8
    K Says:

    I miss her too! Gilmore girls was one of the best shows! my favorite to this day

  9. 9
    ky Says:

    loved her in Gilmore Girl :(

  10. 10
    taya Says:

    she’s so pretty

  11. 11
    Tom Says:

    I love her

  12. 12
    rionemesis Says:

    Gorgeous, one of the most beautiful girls around and so likeable xD

  13. 13
    loco Says:

    i digg a chic who will wear the same thing twice – tells you she’s not insecure or motivated by the unwritten rules in Hollywood.
    Please DO NOT CHANGE BLEDEL, you’re fricken gem in a pile of crap!

  14. 14
    aleksandra Says:

    great! love to see news of my beloved Alexis :)

  15. 15
    Blah Girls! Says:

    She’s totes ador.

  16. 16
    Ed Says:

    u lucky ba$tard!

  17. 17
    bonzo Says:

    what does any of this have to do with a birthday present????

  18. 18
    SONNYriente Says:

    bonzo, if you actually read the post, then you wouldn’t have had to ask that question. also, jared can post whatever he wants. it’s his site. this is a breath of fresh air from the twilight and tween posts.

  19. 19
    mina Says:

    i miss you ALEXIS! and you were smart to move back to NYC.

  20. 20
    ello Says:

    Love her. She will always be Rory Gilmore to me.

    Such a beautiful, unaffected woman.

    Hope to see more of her in the future

  21. 21
    marci Says:


  22. 22
    AUDEMARS Says:

    Nice move Jared, very awesome interview. Keep up your “Regular Alexis Blog” – lol!

  23. 23
    barnaby Says:

    The dress is bitchin’. And she can pull it off coz she has the face & the body that rocks!

  24. 24
    Klee Says:

    Woa, provocative dress for lil miss RG! She has enough style sense to balance it out with fresh, barely visible makeup. It would have looked totally ****** if she had wore the usual amount of makeup starlets pile on at these events. And she does look so young, almost childlike.

  25. 25
    schullen Says:

    Wow Jared 3x time in row… is she your fave gal now? Great choice!

  26. 26
    marci Says:

    Another applause for that astounding dress…

  27. 27
    xoxo Says:

    Good to know she’s still BFF w/ Lauren, Amber & America. I think Blake is just one of her plain-fancy & so-so friends.

  28. 28
    vannah Says:

    She rocks so much…
    I love her hair and the dress
    Can’t wait to see her movies most esp Post Grad!

  29. 29
    juniper Says:

    The outfit is ok and her face looks youthful and happy here. Love everything about her. Thanks Jared!

  30. 30
    mannnix Says:

    She is SERIOUSLY cute, gorgeous & beautiful.

  31. 31
    gems Says:

    I definitely would rock that style…I mean its looks awsome!!! She looks amazing…like she always does…and she has the legs & body for wearing that kind of dress…!!!!

  32. 32
    BELL Says:

    Love her so much and Gilmore Girls!!

  33. 33
    ellise Says:

    Can’t wait to see the movie, it looks like its gonna be great, and Alexis is always great in all all her movies. Love the hair & the dress too.

  34. 34
    ab_forever Says:

    She’s the most beautiful girl on Earth.
    Seriosuly, she’s so lucky to be so gorgeous, even when she’s not trying…

  35. 35
    goody Says:

    Tnks Jared, Alexis is beautiful inside out ..She’s really very smart .. beautiful and amazing lady.. And she’s got a great career comin on .. I guess .. so wishin her all the best

  36. 36
    doreen Says:

    Awesome interview Jared. I was so glad that talked about her projects and not too much into her personal/lovelife. *claps hands* Thank you!!! I’ll be looking forward for her movies as well.

  37. 37
    isnt_it Says:

    Jared looked dazzled & mesmerized w/ Alexis presence…

  38. 38
    anonymous Says:

    after the show is the afterparty and after the party is the … ,R Kelly,
    just kidding ;-)

  39. 39
    khryss Says:

    She’s beyond gorgeous. & I actually like this interview it’s quite entertaining… And she’s a New Yorker now that adds plus points

  40. 40
    THE-FACT-IS Says:

    Beautiful face + grounded personality + flawless skin + amazing dress = ALEXIS BLEDEL

  41. 41
    alexiscrazed Says:


    Of course she could pull it off. And I love the fact that she is quite daring now to try on new wardrobe styles. She can wear anything, and she can almost make anything look good. And even with this rib-cut, it still completely covers her. Subtlely sexy is what I call that

  42. 42
    boomer Says:

    I love & miss Alexis. Thanks Jared, you could put her again on your site next week – lol!

  43. 43
    anam Says:

    She’s gorgeous and got a wonderful dress. I love her shoes too. Her wardrobe people are sure doing a good job!

  44. 44
    larkine Says:

    Alexis looks fab at 27 ( but still looks like a teen). I guess age is just a number after all. She looks better than ever. Best of luck to her movies.

  45. 45
    austine Says:

    Thanks Jared, Alexis would always be on my Hollywood Radar no matter what!

  46. 46
    sandy Says:

    I’m always surprised at how great she always looks. The dress is really “knocking”

  47. 47
    sandy Says:


    I think she’s moving to NY coz she’s planning / thinking of going back to school to finish college. She’s from NYU before. Well good for her – it was a nifty back-up plan.

  48. 48
    keane Says:

    The girl has an amazing body…. Her smile is the most beautiful thing ever and her smirk is sexy. The dress and the shoes are just to damn sexy. Its ALL working

  49. 49
    corrine Says:

    Alexis is ALL NATURAL from head to toes. I really like seeing her pics. And yes Jared, Alexis is really nice… so genuinely nice.

  50. 50
    trixx Says:

    If Alexis could not be Bella Swann anymore… at least she could play a vampire in Twilight coz she’s so pale & ageless – lol!

  51. 51
    smarties Says:

    Alexis reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor w/ mesmerizing blue eyes – and that black dress is amazing. I’m a tough critic when it comes to any black attire but this looks great.

  52. 52
    still-gg-fan Says:

    She’s getting more and more beautiful everytime I see her. I LOVE Alexis Bledel!

  53. 53
    mitchfly Says:

    Alexis is a “stunning & wholesome dudette”… Dig in more Jared!

  54. 54
    jewelmische Says:

    Alexis looks stunning. She always looks so put together. The hair and the make up along with the dress and jewelry are flawless. I love when she’s posted on Jared!

  55. 55
    pratts Says:

    She has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world. Its one of those smiles that draws you in and every time she does. Alexis looks stunning in the new pictures. Her whole look is very chic and sexy

  56. 56
    rosendahl Says:

    These images are so pretty. Alexis is just so pretty. That outfit is amazing too – so classic but hip and a little sexy. I hope her movies come out soon. The trailers look so good.

  57. 57
    tristgrey Says:

    Alexis looks so beyond stunning at this event that I am blown away by her beauty. She is truly one of the most beautiful women on the planet

  58. 58
    joshlynne Says:

    Ugh… I want to look like her, even if just for a day (lol). She’s undeniably beautiful woman inside & out. Any girl would be lucky enough to look half as good as her.

  59. 59
    marlough Says:

    Alexis has like one of the most amazing fashion styles in Hollywood. I just love her style. And her body is perfect……its slender, lean but w/ curves!

  60. 60
    marlough Says:

    @ Alexis also told she’s currently not shooting anything but as always, fielding scripts!

    Hopefully she could get “some” soon… she got a lot of rave reviews from her stint on the ER Season Finale

  61. 61
    trevise Says:

    Alexis’ got such an angelic and innocentl aura on her face – still even at her age right now – surreal!

  62. 62
    whodie Says:

    Alexis not all flash but have substance as well. Definitely a “newsworthy” any time of the day.

  63. 63
    moby Says:

    she is so pretty (: I really love her style.. everything is perfect here:D and the ear rings matched perfect with the hair and the black dress … love you alexis!

  64. 64
    euan Says:

    Alexis is elegant, classy, and stunning. She is drop-dead gorgeous and has a body to die for…..I love her curves. And she looks so beautiful in these pictures. Loving the dress!!!

  65. 65
    cheyanne Says:

    Her Post Grad movie looks hilarious. Been waiting for that movie for a really long time and it looks good. I’m glad she’s starring in a movie as the main character and actually looks funny, so I can’t wait to see it.

  66. 66
    kenzie Says:

    I soo heart Alexis… she’s a doll. Tnx Jared!

  67. 67
    kenzie Says:

    I soo heart Alexis… she’s truly a doll. Thanks Jared!

  68. 68
    mcgee Says:

    I’ve always found Alexis to be absolutely stunning!

  69. 69
    steffi Says:

    Gorgeous as always!!! And I love that she’s not a tabloid/blog darling…it makes these infrequent sightings enjoyable! She is the epitome of class and elegance.

  70. 70

    Alexis just surprised the hell out of me with that dress And she’s one of my favorite slim starlets!

  71. 71
    marsky Says:

    Ahh it’s so refreshing to see this private & awesome actress. Thanks Jared for some fresh air breathing that change us from the usual attention media whores that you regularly features on your blog.

  72. 72
    anone Says:

    Now this is what called a “beauty” – breathtaking, stunning & flawless! Can’t wait for the new movie/s!

  73. 73
    kosher Says:


  74. 74
    cara Says:

    I love Alexis’ dress! The cutouts could have gone horribly wrong but she pulled it off & looks amazing. Sweet and demure with a touch of hotness.

  75. 75
    paureensol Says:

    I love & care about Alexis… you go girl!

  76. 76
    hero Says:

    Alexis looks so white; somewhat luminous…

  77. 77
    dido Says:

    Her Post Grad movie got something going on there… utterly cool

  78. 78
    fritz Says:

    Oh Jared, you’re so lucky that you had met her…

  79. 79
    pristine Says:

    DAMN!, she looks good!

  80. 80
    jasper Says:

    Holy Cow! What a gorgeous gal – lucky you Jared!

  81. 81
    custom T Says:

    You’re so luck Jared!!!!

  82. 82
    bleu Says:

    Alexis looks hot in that dress…

  83. 83
    trudy Says:

    I seem to know that she would be smokin’ hot… and this attire proves my point.

  84. 84
    trudy Says:

    I seem to know that she would be smokin’ hot… and this attire proves my point.

  85. 85
    dorian Says:

    Jared looks like an Asian…

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