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Channing Tatum To Eclipse Twilight?

Channing Tatum To Eclipse Twilight?

Channing Tatum is being touted as bad-boy vampire Riley in Eclipse, the third in Stephenie Meyer’s four-book Twilight series.

“There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well,” Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is currently writing the Eclipse script, tells E!’s Marc Malkin. “And there are some complexities to that character. He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria [bad-girl vampire played by Rachelle Lefevre]. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

The 29-year-old actor has his new flick, Fighting, in theaters NOW.

DO YOU THINK Channing would make a good vampire — YAY or NAY?

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  • Celia

    NO! Channing…DON’t Do it! It will ruin your career! Do not join that horrible series!

  • Gina

    i think he wolud be great as a vampire.but he looks like Kellan Lutz…

  • hannah

    channing is so damn hot
    he has that vampire look too :)


    oh gosh i love the twlight series…but i just can’t see him doing this role. ugh : / idk channing

  • meh

    he’d be a bit old for riley

  • hellkitten

    hmm, intersting choice…not a bad one though

  • :) me

    omg NO WAYY! he does not suit the role at all. dont do it, bad choice, dont kill the movie!

  • Nataly

    I agree with marisa

  • h

    That’s a step back for him. Why would he do it.

  • stella


  • betinhaah

    that’s right, i don’t think he would suit the role. i don’t know, he seems a little older than what it should be in the film.

  • nicki gabe

    Channing is hot but he’s too grown and manly to play a part where he gets manipulated like a puppy. He goes up against Seth who’s a teenager and would completely dwarf Rachelle (Victoria) in size. Hard to feel pity for GI Joe.

  • ***

    no please no!

  • jules

    Man, I read all those book but I can’t remember all these bleedin’ characters!

  • Pattycake

    Isn’t this the author of the series saying that Channing is who she envisioned when she wrote the part? So fangirls/guys who say no must not have her persepctive. Channing’s physical skills could only lift up this film but I fear he’d make the rest of them look like babies. Is the character supposed to be older?

  • eva

    ruin his career? seriously? what career? No offense. But those Twilight kids are on every cover of almost every newspaper, whereas Channing is… well…not…. So I don’t think it would be a step back for him. If anything, he’ll get a boost of popularity, and possibly some more movie deals if people like him… just like Rob and Kristen. Half of their movies weren’t going to come out until Twilight was released.

    But nevertheless, I don’t think he’ll be a good pick for Riley. He is a bit too old… but if he was younger I’m sure he could do a great job. But you never know all the stars are older than they portray i.e. Jackson Rathbone – Jasper.

  • eva

    Jules, he played the newborn vamp at the end of Eclipse. Victoria was manipulating him or whatever. He was there at the end fight scene and fought against Jacob.

    Well his character is supposed to manipulated by Victoria and the way he acts makes him seem young. But Melissa is right. He would have the physical ability to portray a newborn vampire (who is supposed to be super strong)

  • kris

    no ! he can’t act..
    though he is hot ..

    i always imagined Jamie Bell to be Riley ?

    but with blonde hair.

  • rok

    No!!!!! Bad idea, very bad idea!!!

  • Naysayer

    I don’t see him as Riley, either. It’s a small part and all he’s doing is being ripped apart by Seth the wolf.

  • Bubbaness

    Melissa Rosenberg needs to shut her trap. She’s taken a marginally done book series and managed to butcher it further.

  • Kayy


    It’s the screenwriter who’s saying this – not the author of the books.

    Don’t do it Channing! You’re career is starting off to a great start, don’t kill it with this sucky storyline :(

  • plum

    it’s the clue the production doesn’t want good actors but only cute actors!

  • gabby

    god no. he’s a terrible actor. and way too huge to play riley.

  • Soso

    no i dnt think he shoud join… hes 2 famous n it wud juss be wrong. i want ppl i didnt knew before….

  • kamilah

    umm thats a negative. i like him but he’s too old to play riley. that character doesnt have much to anyways. and these movies shouldnt have actores like him in it. they should stick with casting people who have a lower profile.


    I love all of his movies and i think that he would make a good riley, but people it’s not set in stone, who ever the pick will be great!!

  • Jane

    i love channing but taking this role would be a step back in his career

  • fardous

    why not ? he is good actor even if this role bad he

    can make it good

  • Amanda

    I’d have to respectfully disagree, Eva. I’d say he’s on about the same footing as Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart when it comes to his level of fame. He’s at the top of just about every “star of tomorrow” list, and has not one, but three huge movies coming out this summer (well, Fighting already came out, so two left), and he’s already filmed the Nicholas Sparks adaptation “Dear John” as the lead. We all know a Nicholas Sparks adaptation is what launched Ryan Gosling to stardom, and Channing Tatum is already a very recognizable face.

    I think he’d be great as Riley. It’s a small role, yes, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with small roles. I don’t think he’s too old, either, as some of you have said. Makeup works wonders.

  • Jade

    hell ya!! the more hotties the better!

  • Michelle

    Yay!!! That’ll be cool if he gets it…..

  • MKay

    Hell no, rileys supposed to be younger than victoria. and rachelle is like 20 something whereas channing looks lets say ALOT older. And Channing isnt the best actor and he wasnt exactly what i envisioned when i was reading the book.

  • Njeri

    omg, he would so give rob a run for his money..

  • Njeri

    omg, he would so give rob a run for his money..

  • Njeri

    he wasnt what i envisoned either hes better

  • noemiee

    Doesn’t matter… As much as Taylor Lautner is in the cast, it’s perfect!

    Sorry for the mistakes, I speak French =)


    YEESS !


  • moe95

    YES! He would be awesome for the part.GO FOR IT CHANNING!

  • Keira

    He’s not at alllll how I ever pictured Riley…he’s too old for it for one thing. Aren’t the newborns supposed to be young? He’s like, thirty – and he looks it – and that would mean he’s older than Edward and them…hmmmm…I say “naaaay”

  • Josie

    Although he would blend right in with all the beautiful actors & actresses in Stephenie Meyers’ series, I don’t think he fits the part. It would be difficult to see Channing as a pining, lovesick vampire. I don’t see the match. Channing as Riley with Rachelles’ Victoria?

    What about James McAvoy? I see him as a vampire… Take another look at his performance in Wanted and becoming Jane… I think he would be perfect for the part…

  • @34

    Are you kidding me? Is your taste up your a$$? Channing is FUG,

  • Maddy

    wow. i love channing tatum…but..hes not right for that part. isnt riley supposed to be kind of young looking? and channing has been in movies like ‘never back down’ and ‘fighting’ and even ‘shes the man’…even though i really do love him as an actor…this just isnt his kind of film.

  • Amanda

    Just because Riley is a “newborn” doesn’t mean he’s YOUNG. I think I remember that it does say he’s young, but young can mean anywhere from 18-25, and CT can definitely pass for 25, especially with vamp makeup. Not every vampire was turned at the age of 17 like EDWARD.

  • Amanda


    What, because Channing Tatum actually looks masculine? Whereas Robert Pattinson does not…

  • C.


    Channing Tatum, as gorgeous as he is, is a terrible actor. He’s just pretty to look at. Having him play Riley will f’up the character complex.

    Seriously, when I watched Save The Last Dance it was painful for me to watch his pathetic display of emotions. I had to look away. It hurt to see such a gorgeous man acting a fool because he can’t act.

  • abc

    um doesnt really work for me bc he looks too physically mature.

  • Amanda

    He’s not in Save the Last Dance…

  • lizzy

    YEah i dont think he should do it, i love twilight but that isnt a big enough role for him, he could do alot better, and he is way to old for riley. he should just say NO!!!

  • arantxa

    i would love to see him in the movie
    But he looks like a tough guy
    not like Riley

    but do whatever you want

    Channing (L)