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Channing Tatum To Eclipse Twilight?

Channing Tatum To Eclipse Twilight?

Channing Tatum is being touted as bad-boy vampire Riley in Eclipse, the third in Stephenie Meyer’s four-book Twilight series.

“There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well,” Twilight and New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who is currently writing the Eclipse script, tells E!’s Marc Malkin. “And there are some complexities to that character. He really is tragic. He’s a puppet for Victoria [bad-girl vampire played by Rachelle Lefevre]. So he has to break your heart a little bit at the end when he realizes that she doesn’t want him. Channing could do that beautifully.”

The 29-year-old actor has his new flick, Fighting, in theaters NOW.

DO YOU THINK Channing would make a good vampire — YAY or NAY?

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# 1

NO! Channing…DON’t Do it! It will ruin your career! Do not join that horrible series!

# 2

i think he wolud be great as a vampire.but he looks like Kellan Lutz…

# 3

channing is so damn hot
he has that vampire look too :)

# 4

oh gosh i love the twlight series…but i just can’t see him doing this role. ugh : / idk channing

# 5

he’d be a bit old for riley

# 6
hellkitten @ 04/27/2009 at 5:51 pm

hmm, intersting choice…not a bad one though

# 7

omg NO WAYY! he does not suit the role at all. dont do it, bad choice, dont kill the movie!

# 8

I agree with marisa

# 9

That’s a step back for him. Why would he do it.

betinhaah @ 04/27/2009 at 6:01 pm

that’s right, i don’t think he would suit the role. i don’t know, he seems a little older than what it should be in the film.

nicki gabe @ 04/27/2009 at 6:02 pm

Channing is hot but he’s too grown and manly to play a part where he gets manipulated like a puppy. He goes up against Seth who’s a teenager and would completely dwarf Rachelle (Victoria) in size. Hard to feel pity for GI Joe.

no please no!

Man, I read all those book but I can’t remember all these bleedin’ characters!

Pattycake @ 04/27/2009 at 6:11 pm

Isn’t this the author of the series saying that Channing is who she envisioned when she wrote the part? So fangirls/guys who say no must not have her persepctive. Channing’s physical skills could only lift up this film but I fear he’d make the rest of them look like babies. Is the character supposed to be older?

ruin his career? seriously? what career? No offense. But those Twilight kids are on every cover of almost every newspaper, whereas Channing is… well…not…. So I don’t think it would be a step back for him. If anything, he’ll get a boost of popularity, and possibly some more movie deals if people like him… just like Rob and Kristen. Half of their movies weren’t going to come out until Twilight was released.

But nevertheless, I don’t think he’ll be a good pick for Riley. He is a bit too old… but if he was younger I’m sure he could do a great job. But you never know all the stars are older than they portray i.e. Jackson Rathbone – Jasper.

Jules, he played the newborn vamp at the end of Eclipse. Victoria was manipulating him or whatever. He was there at the end fight scene and fought against Jacob.

Well his character is supposed to manipulated by Victoria and the way he acts makes him seem young. But Melissa is right. He would have the physical ability to portray a newborn vampire (who is supposed to be super strong)

no ! he can’t act..
though he is hot ..

i always imagined Jamie Bell to be Riley ?

but with blonde hair.

No!!!!! Bad idea, very bad idea!!!

I don’t see him as Riley, either. It’s a small part and all he’s doing is being ripped apart by Seth the wolf.

Bubbaness @ 04/27/2009 at 6:24 pm

Melissa Rosenberg needs to shut her trap. She’s taken a marginally done book series and managed to butcher it further.


It’s the screenwriter who’s saying this – not the author of the books.

Don’t do it Channing! You’re career is starting off to a great start, don’t kill it with this sucky storyline :(

it’s the clue the production doesn’t want good actors but only cute actors!

god no. he’s a terrible actor. and way too huge to play riley.

no i dnt think he shoud join… hes 2 famous n it wud juss be wrong. i want ppl i didnt knew before….

umm thats a negative. i like him but he’s too old to play riley. that character doesnt have much to anyways. and these movies shouldnt have actores like him in it. they should stick with casting people who have a lower profile.

I love all of his movies and i think that he would make a good riley, but people it’s not set in stone, who ever the pick will be great!!

i love channing but taking this role would be a step back in his career

why not ? he is good actor even if this role bad he

can make it good

I’d have to respectfully disagree, Eva. I’d say he’s on about the same footing as Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart when it comes to his level of fame. He’s at the top of just about every “star of tomorrow” list, and has not one, but three huge movies coming out this summer (well, Fighting already came out, so two left), and he’s already filmed the Nicholas Sparks adaptation “Dear John” as the lead. We all know a Nicholas Sparks adaptation is what launched Ryan Gosling to stardom, and Channing Tatum is already a very recognizable face.

I think he’d be great as Riley. It’s a small role, yes, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with small roles. I don’t think he’s too old, either, as some of you have said. Makeup works wonders.

hell ya!! the more hotties the better!

Yay!!! That’ll be cool if he gets it…..

Hell no, rileys supposed to be younger than victoria. and rachelle is like 20 something whereas channing looks lets say ALOT older. And Channing isnt the best actor and he wasnt exactly what i envisioned when i was reading the book.

omg, he would so give rob a run for his money..

omg, he would so give rob a run for his money..

he wasnt what i envisoned either hes better

Doesn’t matter… As much as Taylor Lautner is in the cast, it’s perfect!

Sorry for the mistakes, I speak French =)

SHANEANNE @ 04/27/2009 at 7:03 pm



YES! He would be awesome for the part.GO FOR IT CHANNING!

He’s not at alllll how I ever pictured Riley…he’s too old for it for one thing. Aren’t the newborns supposed to be young? He’s like, thirty – and he looks it – and that would mean he’s older than Edward and them…hmmmm…I say “naaaay”

Although he would blend right in with all the beautiful actors & actresses in Stephenie Meyers’ series, I don’t think he fits the part. It would be difficult to see Channing as a pining, lovesick vampire. I don’t see the match. Channing as Riley with Rachelles’ Victoria?

What about James McAvoy? I see him as a vampire… Take another look at his performance in Wanted and becoming Jane… I think he would be perfect for the part…

Are you kidding me? Is your taste up your a$$? Channing is FUG,

wow. i love channing tatum…but..hes not right for that part. isnt riley supposed to be kind of young looking? and channing has been in movies like ‘never back down’ and ‘fighting’ and even ‘shes the man’…even though i really do love him as an actor…this just isnt his kind of film.

Just because Riley is a “newborn” doesn’t mean he’s YOUNG. I think I remember that it does say he’s young, but young can mean anywhere from 18-25, and CT can definitely pass for 25, especially with vamp makeup. Not every vampire was turned at the age of 17 like EDWARD.


What, because Channing Tatum actually looks masculine? Whereas Robert Pattinson does not…


Channing Tatum, as gorgeous as he is, is a terrible actor. He’s just pretty to look at. Having him play Riley will f’up the character complex.

Seriously, when I watched Save The Last Dance it was painful for me to watch his pathetic display of emotions. I had to look away. It hurt to see such a gorgeous man acting a fool because he can’t act.

um doesnt really work for me bc he looks too physically mature.

He’s not in Save the Last Dance…

YEah i dont think he should do it, i love twilight but that isnt a big enough role for him, he could do alot better, and he is way to old for riley. he should just say NO!!!

i would love to see him in the movie
But he looks like a tough guy
not like Riley

but do whatever you want

Channing (L)


riley is described as bella’s age which is around 18.

Nothing against Channing but he#s too big for the part. I#d have trouble believing seth could rip him apart on his own. he looks like he could take on edward and seth and win without breaking a sweat. All wrong for this role.

I imagined riley looking for jasper like, sorta slimish


Although I love Channing Tatum, I don’t think this particular role is for him. Channing is a bit too old fer the part. If he loves playing a vampire, looks young enough as described, and of course he can fight, I think he would be perfect. Just slap on a wig and call him Riley ( :

Bellebelle! @ 04/27/2009 at 8:45 pm

And yet another young actor’s career bites the dust….. sigh.

eclipse is the 3rd book not the forth. the forth is breaking dawn

i agree with kris… i imagined someone like jaimie bell in that role. channing doesn’t suit the role. he is supposed to be manipulated, and even though it is a role, channing doesn’t seem like the kind of persn that would be maniplated, and i don’t think he would be able to portay it. jaimie bell would be perfect, he has some muscle but isn’t bulky and he isn’t tall and still looks young. I think someone like him, not necessarily him, but someone similar would be perfect.


i can’t stand him as an actor
and i’m hating how “bigger” actors, not that he’s a huge star or anything, are getting in on the twilight thing.
even dakota fanning

but no, please nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo


i can’t stand him as an actor
and i’m hating how “bigger” actors, not that he’s a huge star or anything, are getting in on the twilight thing.
even dakota fanning

but no, please nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooo


im with #25

if the actors are too famous,it ruins it
its not as believable

Wow, can’t they wait until they finish the 2nd one? No wonder the first film was crap.

He should just stick to that modeling.

he can model as a vampire and bite me any day.. i wont mind ;P

but seriously, no. he was in a dancing movie and a fighting move. why does he need to play some freak in a terrible series. obviously those fan girls crawling around Rob don’t know gorgeous. they’ll just think he’s too tan and still fall for dirty hair guy.

I’m not feeling him as a vampire…

he doesn’t seem like the vampire type, and either way, Riley’s character is supposed to be in his late teens. Channing looks way too old for the part. Lucas Till would do amazinggg as Riley :)

@Amanda: okay, but make-up is not THAT good, he’s about 10 years older than what Riley is supposed to be. I think Lucas Till would fit much better for the role.and i don’t believe fame has anything to do with getting a part… if you’re good, you’re good.

YAY i love channing

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/27/2009 at 11:28 pm

channing’s to big to be doing those cheap 2 month twilight movies. he would kick rob’s ass though.. that’d be fun to watch.. for a sec.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…its because I just think he’s friggin’ ugly, that’s why.

Isn’t Riley suppose to be younger? He’s kinda old to be playing Riley!

big ears:

He’s too big for this movie. But it would be awesome because then his fangirls could throw down with RPats fangirls and there could be a cage match to the death. Nuttymadame could MC but she might be too biased.

YAY for now..
i do agree that he’s a little bit too old for the role even though he’s got the looks and body too.. haha..

maybe if he looks like when he was in Fighting, that look will be alright for Riley..

but the casting directors still need to explore more options.. hehe :)

Hmm…I’d have to say no…I think he could do it. But i dont think he suits the character.

Sarah May @ 04/28/2009 at 3:50 am

yes please!

SORRY DOESNT SUIT THE ROLE!!! @ 04/28/2009 at 4:13 am

I think his a good actor. But I dont think he suits the role. Physically his too bulky for the character. He’ll be as big as Emmet.


I agree!!!!!!
People are saying his only a tiny character but…it would ruin the vibe. His not suppose to be as big as Emmett or bigger!!

Channing def doesnt suit the role at all. Perhaps try him for another character.

SORRY DOESNT SUIT THE ROLE!!! @ 04/28/2009 at 4:19 am



Absolutely YAY!


He looks nothing like a vamp.

LOL u people are so childish… “hes ugly, he dosent look like a vampire…honestly how 3rd grade is that! Channing is a good actor, hes done some great work (A Guide To Recgonizing Your Saints being one of them), hes got GI Joe coming and Dear John, hes worked with some of the most well known actors out there and has quite a line up on future films…if all that means he cant act then Hollywood should just shut itself down. Channing may not be perfect for the role because he is older but hes good looking, has more then enough talent for a film like this and I honestly dont think it would kill his career, only boost it. Its not for us to decide anyway and nothing is even set in stone…he may very well turn it down for bigger and better things!!

haha, i’d be pretty damn stoked if channing signed on to the film.

JACKINABOX @ 04/28/2009 at 11:26 am

I read all 4 books so I hope that my opinion counts. Riley’s character should be a young actor. Channing Tatum always played a role where he shows off his muscles and all. Don’t get me wrong he looks great, although not for this part. Also to add which I believe is important is that in “Twilight” almost all the characters were B-List actors except for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, which are rising stars. That is what makes this movie special. To add all the characters that were chosen for “New Moon” might ruin the movie because they are “type-cast” like Jason Alexander as George Costanza in the show “Seinfeld”. Please keep it simple for the next 3 movies because the first was a blast for the fans, although one thing will be different and that is more graphics which will also be great. Thanks

JACKINABOX @ 04/28/2009 at 11:29 am

OH, forgot to say NAY

tini_germany @ 04/28/2009 at 12:02 pm

nooo!He’s hot but as riley …nope!

zanessa/Twilight fan @ 04/28/2009 at 12:14 pm

I Am so excited for this movie!
and the last one
Breaking Dawn!!
it`s gonna be great!

Alliicceee @ 04/28/2009 at 12:27 pm

no. heck no. please no! o_o idk. i dont think he’s good for the role of riley. i imagined riley a bit younger lookinhg.

i agree with celia! i’m sick of this thing! twilight, twilight X(

i think it could turn out great or not!
he’s sooooo damn HOT and he looks like a vampire but i just can’t see him doing this role.

i thought riley was supposed to be a small guy… kind of childish actually… and channing is too much of a male to be playing riley…but that’s my opinion.. it would ruin my version of riley, but yeah.. its such a small part, it doesnt even really matter… i’d like the movie anywayz

i’m really looking forward to breaking dawn btw, its awesome. my fave!

No not Channing. How about Chris Pine? Seriously, or Hayden Christenson

No, no, no, no, NO. Absolutely NOT! No offense to any Channing Tatum fans, I just don’t think he would fit the part well. It’s not a matter of fame whatsoever…I don’t feel like it has to be someone famous at all…I mean come on, we didn’t really know the cast that well before Twilight.

i love parks @ 04/28/2009 at 3:39 pm

I kind of hope not, he’s too hot. I was so excited when I heard Cam Gigandet was in Twilight, but the vampire makeup really does nothing for him… I don’t want Channing getting fug-ified like that! :(

Christopher @ 04/28/2009 at 4:16 pm

I think he is WAY too old to play Riley. Not saying he is old in the normal sense of the word, but to play the raging newborn vampire that is described in the book, he just doesn’t have the look for it.

my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell yea…!!!!!!

yes please!!

Profitendieu @ 04/28/2009 at 8:13 pm

Carol Channing? sure, why not?

brittney(: @ 04/28/2009 at 8:20 pm

it’s not like it a HUGE role. its a small role and its definitely not s step back.

Celia, the series is awesome you are horrible waste of space…I think he would do great

isn’t riley is supposed to be a teenager?

@C.: it was Step up not save the last dance. Channing is a great actor, getting better by the day. He is my Edward!

why the fuss @ 04/28/2009 at 10:10 pm

Riley has a miniscule part if any and I would hope the screenwriter would pay attention to that. So a ‘big named actor”(oops I don’t know this actor!!!) would be a waste of $$$ for this part.

he’s to good for twilight, i dont think he’ll do it
he’s a better actor then any of the people in that movie …so dont do it channing!


He doesn’t look like he’d make a good vampire – he’s too tan.
Also, Riley should have blonde hair and Channing is practically bald!
And personally, I didn’t imagine Riley as that chunky and muscley.

Someone more slight with blonde hair, someone who’s more of an unknown. =)

Nahh, hes too big for the role of someone who gets puppied by Victoria. And yea, i agree, he’s not really the “vampire” type .. lol

christina mann. @ 04/30/2009 at 1:57 pm

channing tatum is sooo hott. <3
i cant wait. !
i love him hes my hubby (:

Emmets Angel @ 04/30/2009 at 4:55 pm

no, i dont like channing for this role. riley could look similar to Adam Brody

munchmunchrawr @ 04/30/2009 at 6:47 pm

I detest Channing Tatum with a passion!

He will DISTROY and form of Twilight!

He better not be in it!
:@ <<Angry face!

The part of Riley is like a 16 year old, not a freakin 29 year old!!!

Yes Channning should play Riley i think he would play it good plus he is really hott and it would be awesme to see him be in the awesome series!

Yay. Channing is great and the series is great. What losers can’t acknowledge that Twilight is a huge phenomenon?

i love the twilight series but i dont think channing will match the role of reilly

Twilightbaby @ 05/07/2009 at 8:34 am

What horrible series? You out of your mind? That’s a fantastis series! uhh… stupid girl! So, he seems that Kellan. I don’t need another Kellan!

He would so not make a good vampire.

no way! riley is ment to be like small and cute and channing is definatly not cute or small. hes too bulky and just not right. someone like alex pettyfer should do it. hes blonde so hed suit it. channing only suits shaved hair.

fangirl1123 @ 05/14/2009 at 10:10 pm

i do NOT think he would be good for riley!! ive heard about this guy Ross Gill. he would be way better for the part and actually looks bellas age! and is way hotter!!

To be honest, I completely agree with BRANDI!!! Channing Tatum is a great actor and to be honest, i can actually picture him as Riley even though Riley is meant to be alot smaller. I mean please, Victoria was meant to have fiery red hair. Emmett was supposed to be big, bulky and lots of fun. Alice was meant to be small but still intimidating. Quil and Embry weren’t supposed to be that serious. People, they can’t make everything perfect! Channing Tatum can substitute his way of acting to suit his role! Do you think that actors just have the exact same personality in every role they choose??!! Anyway, I think twilight is amazing and i cannot WAIT for the other three movies! Thank You =]

I completely agree with Daniella (Her comment to this argument is a few pages back) Oh come on! Has anyone ever watched she’s the man? He plays a popular guy who looks tough on the outside but when you get to know him he has his insecurities. If anyone has watched it you will see that he can totally play Riley. Channing Tatum is a great actor and if he’s in eclipse he will make it better, not worse. And what is with the immature judgments people? Like the one with “If Channing’s in it i won’t go see eclipse” Gosh, talk about harsh. Anyway I say YAY all the way!

oh yes, very much yes.
he would make a great anything, as long as his shirt is off.

and he has that face that if he does a specific feeling, it tears into your heart, which is exactly what he is needing to do.

OMG im excited.

I don’t want him to do it but maybe if he does, Tom Felton won’t have too. So if I had to pick between them, I’d rather have Channing join this horrendous series. (sry!) so YAY

Chrisitna @ 06/15/2009 at 5:05 pm

Yay! Channing would do a hell of a Vampire!

channing tatum u are soo dam sexi, you can play any part you want. you will play that character so well i cnt wait!! x

channing is not a vampire type. you cant see him doing something like that: its just not him! DONT MAKE HIM BE RILEY!!!

yay and nay…. hes a good actor and he would be great in the movie but i cant see him as a vampire

i also agree with Christina mann HES HOTTT!!!!!

yes yes!!!
good idea!!!

Channing and eclipse are both my rated A faves…so I’d love the two to click..regardless the role, Channing will kick it big as an Eclipse star. Be watching out for that.

I’d personally be shocked if Channing even considered a role like this. I think he’s done too much to gain respect in the industry and this would be taking a step back toward the teeny-bopper side of it. And his body goes through phases for his roles…he can be uber sexy and bulky and he can lean out and just be boyish. Either way, he’d kill in this role, but I doubt he’d even take it.

no dont do it, your way to good for it, and way too hot!

nathalia santos @ 10/03/2009 at 10:03 pm

Meu, se o Channing Tatum participar desse filme, vai ficar melhor do que já está.Já pensou Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson e Channing Tatum, lindos e perfeitos juntos, meu Deus, ninguém segura, kkkkk

In Russia, plagiarism went on Stephenie Meyer, twilight saga called “Attraction”!

chanluver98 @ 11/09/2009 at 5:28 am

Plz!!!! dont do it, your to hot to be in that stupid series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

I think this is fine oppotunity for him. It may be a different role compared to the other ones but he will get alot more fame in doing this movie like all the other characters have, even though he already has a lot of fame. I’ll be screaming at the cinemas when he shows up :)!!!

Bellabaybe @ 01/05/2010 at 1:10 am

Well i guess he would be good for riley even if he is too old and too big i kind of imagined him as riley except for with blond hair and of course red eyes

I like the thought of him being in Eclipse, but tbh.. it would be pointless role for him when he can do ALOT better..

Meeeeeeee=]=]=] @ 02/17/2010 at 4:32 pm

Yes he should be in the movie

I think thats the brilliant idea, hope the best for channing, be a good vampire, i will wait that, hohohohoho

yes i don’t even care if he suits the character channin tatum can pull off any character and hes freakin hot

ok channing tatum is a major hottie and he looks like a fighter and he is also a great actor but i dont think he looks like he could pull off the charater, riley

no way. i am in love with Riley (not the step up one) he is so hot. luv him xx So no, i dont think that the other dude should do it. i luv himmmmmm ***

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