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Megan Fox shows off her teeny-weeny waist as she shoots her new movie, Jonah Hex, on Thursday (April 23) in Louisiana.

Folks, these pictures are not Photoshopped and that waistline is 100% real. Megan looks like she’s laughing… because she can’t breathe!!! As for her real waist size, guesses anyone?

In the flick, the 22-year-old actress plays Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love interest of scarred bounty hunter Hex (Josh Brolin). A super hot one at that!

10+ pictures inside of corsey crazy Megan Fox

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megan fox corest waist jonas hex 01
megan fox corest waist jonas hex 02
megan fox corest waist jonas hex 03
megan fox corest waist jonas hex 04
megan fox corest waist jonas hex 05
megan fox corest waist jonas hex 06
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53 Responses to “Megan Fox: HOLY CORSET WAIST!”

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  1. 26
    meh Says:

    dita’s waist looks even smaller than that

  2. 27
    courtney Says:

    @Whoa: I know right she actually is classy and stays home instead of being one of this “girls” megan rocks!

  3. 28
    shiaishot Says:

    holy s–t !!! she’s freaking gorgeous

  4. 29
    Hh Says:

    its sad that once again girls who work hard for their acting skills once again loose an opportunity to a girl who has had breast implants and lip fillers. She can’t even make facial expressions. Just shows you what society really values in women. I won’t support this film simply because I can see whoever casted Megan Fox was not going for quality acting

  5. 30
    Hh Says:

    The saddest part is that clearly some of the girls above look up to this girl. Fake body parts, covered in trashy tattoos, she has been dying to be famous her whole life. You girls need to look up to real inspirations, girls with class.

  6. 31
    sophia Says:

    Megan looks so good here!!! The skinnier the better is my motto! ;) skinny girls are the best. She’s beautiful & talented & that’s all there is to it!

  7. 32
    Freddie K Says:

    My waist is almost that thin without a corset. And I’m barely underweight.

    I’m more concerned about the size of her nose! So creepy and small!

  8. 33
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i think she looks pretty hot, not loving the corset but whatever
    i think her waist size is like 22
    love u megan!

  9. 34

    All I know is the smallest corset size at Fredericks is too big for me, so that means she must shop in the little girl’s section of Pedophiles R US.

  10. 35
    jughed Says:

    i can’t wait for this movie, i’ll be the first in line ;)

  11. 36
    Kittenmorag Says:

    Just something i’d like to point out for all the haters?

    That’s a bustle skirt under there, which sits up reasonably high under the corset. It’s designed to give her a highly hourglass figure. The corset isn’t even that tightly laced- she’s a skinny girl, I mean, you can see her collarbones quite clearly there.

    A properly designed corset moulds to the body shape rather than breaking anything- it can aggravate already present injuries, just as any tight clothing can, but you’d have to try really hard to get a modern corset to injure someone.

    I’m sure if she couldn’t actually breathe, then the costume could be altered to make it bigger so that she wouldn’t have to go through takes of not being able to breathe.


  12. 37
    karol Says:

    Megan is very pretty and overall it is very good, but I do not know how
    can breathe with that corset! that the poor take it away!

  13. 38
    leaflinks Says:
    For Megan Fox fans :)

  14. 39
    Julia Says:

    That’s sickeningly ridiculous!

  15. 40
    alice Says:

    perfect role, now she doesn’t have to pretend playing a *****

  16. 41
    dexter Says:

    Watch Megan Fox Sex Tape here
    It’s awesome!

  17. 42
    custom T Says:

    She should probably never wear this again!

  18. 43
    Zanny Says:

    I sawed in an interview, she ahs a 23 or 22 inch waist. And she owes it all to pilots!

  19. 44
    Lexa Says:

    Megan looks gorgeous in this corset and it doesn’t look too small. It looks like she is laced to about 20 inches, 18 at the most, which isn’t tiny for her slim frame at all. Corsets can take between 4-6 inches off your natural waist measurement and take a long time to lace down. You can’t just lace a corset shut in one go, you have to get used to it. So unless they gave her a lot of time to corset train, my guess is she is only wearing a corset 4 inches under her natural waist size.

    I personally wear a 20 inch corset and my natural waist size is 24 inches. Judging by pictures of her without the corset, she is about my size, perhaps a little thinner due to Hollywood diets. Though there was a time at university when my waist was down to 22 and a half inches without a corset on, so its not hard to believe the suggestions that she has a natural 22 inch waist. (this would give an 18 inch waist with ease).

    Corsets do not break your ribs (stories of broken bones were referring to the corset bones breaking, not the ribs as they used to use baleen – whale “tooth” – which snaps easier than steel) and nor do they stop you breathing. Especially not this style of corset which covers far less of the rib cage, allowing for far easier breathing. I’ve run to the train station in my underbust corset before (I ran what would have been a 15 minute walk) and was no more out of breath than I would be if I had not worn the corset.

    Wearing a corset is not at all unhealthy if you go about it in the right way. And Megan looks damn sexy with the curvyness given by the corset.

    It is also important to remember that women who wore corsets in the past (from the 1500s to the 1920s in varying styles) chose to do so. It was fashionable and showed that you had a high status. It was a piece of foundation wear just as a bra is today. How many women today would happily do away with their bras? Seriously? In the past, the doctors and people most against corsets were men. The women loved them and just like some Hollywood actresses today with size 0, went mad with the whole tiny waist thing. SOME did, but not all. Most wore corsets no more than 4 inches smaller than their natural waists and varied the tightness depending on the occasion. A lot of famous wasp-waist pictures were actually retouched by the photographer to appear smaller, just as today we use photoshop.

    And in case anyone has mentioned the usual about corsets messing up your insides, getting pregnant and having a baby growing in the womb actually moves the other organs around far more than anything a corset could do.

    Now remember what I’ve told you and hopefully there will now be less misinformed people out there. XD

  20. 45
    t Says:

    in the new issue of ET, she said her waist is 22″ naturally and got to 19″ in this corset.

  21. 46
    marcelito el trolazo Says:

    vanessa and megan is hotttt

  22. 47
    pablo el macho Says:

    te quiero hacer el amor

  23. 48
    Anna Says:

    Apparently they cinched it down to a 16 but the director/producers thought it looked to freaky so they let it out a little bit so she wouldn’t look like an alien. Crazy!

  24. 49
    Eo Says:


    She’s thin everywhere; the corset’s not even doing much for her. With the size of her bust/hips, she could have gone smaller.

  25. 50
    Ciji Says:

    Megan Fox is absolutely gorgeous and I think that she is a talented actress because I can get into any movie that she’s in. Granted, she’s definitely alot hotter when doing a movie role because of hair, make-up, and wardrobe, but she is still beautiful regardless. (She is a taurus, by the way.)

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