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Suri Cruise is a Rapid Runaway

Suri Cruise is a Rapid Runaway

Tom Cruise chases after speedy daughter Suri, 3, on Monday morning (April 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The father-daughter pair got a little wet after playing with the sprinklers!

Mama Katie Holmes has been in New York City for the Tribeca Film Festival. On Sunday night (April 26), she not only attended but hosted the Independent Feature Project 30th Year Celebration in NoHo’s Cooper Square Hotel.

15+ pictures inside of rapid runaway Suri Cruise

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suri cruise runaway rapid 01
suri cruise runaway rapid 02
suri cruise runaway rapid 03
suri cruise runaway rapid 04
suri cruise runaway rapid 05
suri cruise runaway rapid 06
suri cruise runaway rapid 07
suri cruise runaway rapid 08
suri cruise runaway rapid 09
suri cruise runaway rapid 10
suri cruise runaway rapid 11
suri cruise runaway rapid 12
suri cruise runaway rapid 13
suri cruise runaway rapid 14
suri cruise runaway rapid 15
suri cruise runaway rapid 16
suri cruise runaway rapid 17

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  • baw

    first ???

  • Chantal

    Wow! This is the first time I see Katie in her. The green dress is amazing, combinated with the cute red shoes. So cute!

  • Jim


  • Jinx

    Damn! She almost made it!

  • Shar

    LOL @ Jim.

  • ANON

    wow what is TC wearing, a THONG? (PIC 3) nice way to quench GAY RUMORS!!!!!! DUMBASS

  • gerard Vandenberg

    You think this weird with “LITTLE TOMMY” as a dad, folks?

  • ANON


  • n.o.l.a


  • mimilala

    She is so freakin’ adorable!!! This little girl just stands out…cutie!

  • pr person

    So who did Crazy hire to take these pics? ‘Cause there is no way he would allow Suri to run away from him like that if there was a swarm of paps. PLUS… there is no way that Suri would be so comfortable, as we ALL have seen her reaction towards them.

    Crazy, Crazy, Crazy… Could you be more obvious?! It is like he is saying… “Look at me. I’m just a regular guy, going on a regular walk with my kids. This is just normal.” Right! He isn’t even a tad bit peeved that their pics are being taken. Pr poser!

  • Annie

    No, your going to Scientology school and THATS IT!!!!

  • miapocca

    WHATS are they seeking publicity for this time…they have been hiding out for a while, then all of a suddent they are everywhere…hmmmmm

  • Lillianne

    I have a feeling little Miss Suri is going to give them a run for their money. You can already see she has a mind of her own. haha

  • tb

    She’s beautiful. So glad her bangs were grown out. I think Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the most beautiful hollywood child and would love to see her dressed a little more girlie like this on occasion. Love looking at pictures of this beautiful child Suri.

  • teri

    Pimp her out Tom many pedaphiles rely on you!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    She’s such a cutie. The cutest celeb baby by far!

  • Jill

    Simply adorable!

  • LIli

    Some of you people are so judgemental. You don’t even know what scientology is. He’s gorgeous and his daughter is precious.

  • teri

    By the way she’s a very cute little girl, just sickens me the way the exploit her though. This young child is already getting fan mail, 75 percent are men.

  • Suritard


  • anony

    She is so cute but it looks like Shiloh is taller and bigger than her.

  • Kim

    She is so adorable.

    Terry, how do they exploit her? By taking her outside and not being at home all day because you’re afraid that the paparazzi will follow them? All the power to them for not being controlled by the paps!

  • jiji

    Anyone notice that Conner is in this pic. Everytime you are even lucky enough to see the other kids they are not even ACKNOWLEDGED by Tom or Katie!!!!

    Suri is adorable! She is soo cute! And you have to say that, for his age, Tom isn’t that bad looking either!!!!

  • unpredictablejj

    its britneypsears junior ewwwwwwwww

  • Jessa

    Tom seems like he’s such a great dad! He always has his adopted kids with him. I wonder why they’re never at his ex wife’s house??? It seems like he’s done a great job with them, after all they’re not running around like other kids their age. I’m sure Suri will grow up and be a beautiful person. You always see her parents with them and not with a bunch of nannies. She is so cute.

  • Lyn

    Smart kid – cute too. She’s trying to get away from that crazy Cruise! I would run too if I had a lunatic for a father. Poor kid has a lifetime of crazy coming up having idiot Holmes and insane Cruise for parents.

  • Jessa

    jjjj- How are his adopted kids not acknowledged by Tom or Katie? They are with them for Christ’s sake. As a matter of a fact, I always see his adopted kids with Tom and Katie. You’d think that Katie was their mom and not Nicole Kidman because she’s always with them at their games and stuff. I have a deep respect for Tom because he seems to have done a great job with them. It’s the paps who have left Connor out of the pictures- Tom has nothing to do with that!

  • Jill

    Does that child own any play clothes at all?

  • ritaaa

    she always wear dress)))no coat,jacket ,sweater -only dress))

  • Myma

    RUN SURI RUN!! If this isn’t an obvious setup for the paps, I don’t know what is. Cruise has his “people” call them to get attention. What a pathetic creep. He doesnt deserve to have such a pretty little girl. I agree. He exploits the hell outta that kid!

  • lol

    jiji @ 04/27/2009 at 1:54 pm

    Anyone notice that Conner is in this pic. Everytime you are even lucky enough to see the other kids they are not even ACKNOWLEDGED by Tom or Katie!!!!

    Suri is adorable! She is soo cute! And you have to say that, for his age, Tom isn’t that bad looking either!!!!

    what? do you mean they’re not acknowledged by the paparazzi/media? What is tom supposed to do? carry his teenage son? It SEEMS like he spends more time with them than Nicole Kidman does.

  • hmmmm

    Myma, do you say the same about Brad Pitt who was just spotted by the paparazzi at Niagra falls and a donut shop with his sons? yeah, the paparazzi just happened to know that brad, two sons, and his parents would be at niagra falls and the donut shop. You can’t praise one *brad* and diss the other *tom* for doing the exact same thing. Both publicity hos trying to look like good dads.

  • jaye

    Run Forrest, Run!

  • hmmmm

    by the way, is it just me or does Suri look a lot happier and less stressed out with Tom? When Katie has her she always covers her face and looks scared. Plus katie doesn’t let her walk on her own. HMMM

  • geez

    suri always dress up like an old lady.

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Suri, Connor and Tom are so cute- Katie is a great mom especially compared to all those Hollywood dysfunctional stars.

  • jaye

    I just think it’s weird that the adopted kids do not live with Tom or Nicole. It’s not often that Hollywood parents farm their kids out to live with relatives as their primary home. So they have visits with their kids, how about having the kids LIVE with them on a full time basis just as Suri does?. Tom has primary physical custody, but he doesn’t act like it. Too bad Nicole lost custody; at least she would have had them living in HER house.

  • cb

    precious family

  • James

    Suri under dressed again! it’s cold for that dress in L.A.
    there’s a very chilly wind.
    the parents & siblings always wear warm clothes & this kid
    is dressed for a Hawaii.
    yes, Tom is making pedophiles happy. EWWWWWW.

  • fema

    Tom looks hot and what a gorgeous family….

  • kit

    adorable pics

  • ben/jen fan

    Run, Suri, Run.

  • suri forever

    suri is the most beautiful child in hw. shiloh, violet, matilda are all ugly! they all sure envy suri. she gets to wear expensive dresses and play with expensive toys.

  • saudia

    do they make that dress for adults? lol kidding, she looks soo cute really pretty girl

  • thanks jj

    So good to see Connor and Tom. Weeeee Suri.

  • Selma

    Those kids are beautiful.
    Tom Cruise is an amazing Dad.
    His son looks fantastic.
    Bravo TC.

  • mom

    awww she’s a little stuntbaby like her dad who likes to run and do his own stunts in movies.

  • peace


  • bobo

    she look her age every time she is with Tom… why somebody say bad things about him? he is a great actor and a great dad to all his children..everybody have the freedom of what they believe. everybody have to respect other people’s religion.. as long as they are not teaching people to do bad things.. why people criticized his jumping coach behavior, he is in love… people do things to express their feelings..I don’t see anything wrong with his action.. Like Chinese saying, those who criticized him is trying to pick up a bone from an egg.