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It's Alright, It's OK, Ashley Tisdale

It's Alright, It's OK, Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale shares a laugh with her new boyfriend/music video director Scott Speer in the music video for her new single, “It’s Alright, It’s OK.”

The 23-year-old actress/singer will drop her new album, Guilty Pleasure on June 16th. “It’s Alright, It’s OK” is now available on iTunes.

Ashley recently shared on her official website about her upcoming album, saying, “I put to rest a lot of baggage from a previous relationship by venting about the frustration. Everyone can relate to those moments. That song is about how you need to stand up for yourself and not let someone walk all over you; it’s a message I wanted to get across to girls.”

Peep a few exclusive photos below and check out the track listing of the Tizz‘s new album!

Also pictured below: Set photos from Aliens in The Attic (formerly known as They Came From Upstairs).

Ashley Tisdale – “It’s Alright, It’s OK” Official Music Video

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  • male


  • Jess

    her nose really bothers me.

  • BG

    Ohhh, I love her!!! She’s really sweet, and pretty! I like her songs, and I fell that this new album is gonna be better than the first one. Liked the video too, she’s different on it. By the way, she’s much better with the dark hair! I really wish her a lot of success and happiness.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • kamilah

    i think she should pursue her acting and improve on that. music isnt for her in my opinion.

  • taylor

    They’re adorable together. Must be awkward with him filming VFactory’s video tomorrow though…

  • lucia


    awesome video

  • amanda

    love her
    shes beautiful
    her and scott make a
    cute couple <3

  • simba

    JJJ please. Her music and movies are not JJ worthy.

  • Jenn

    She doesn’t have a strong enough voice to persue a solid singing career. The song is good, not amazing, not really good — just good. And I have to agree with previous posters, her nose looks really weird, especially with the way she moves her mouth.

  • jamz

    I’m sorry but this is just my opinion. The girl should just stay to acting moving away from the disney image because she still has alot of it, she acts like Brenda Song. Really, her nose really bothers me, she looks like a rat, she has great voice for animations but not the singing I honestly think that this album will be a flop, her voice is too much how do they say it, fixed with the computer. But look at it this way, she’s in a class all her own.

  • jamz

    I’m sorry but this is just my opinion. The girl should just stay to acting moving away from the disney image because she still has alot of it, she acts like Brenda Song. Really, her nose really bothers me, she looks like a rat, she has great voice for animations but not the singing I honestly think that this album will be a flop, her voice is too much how do they say it, fixed with the computer. But look at it this way, she’s in a class all her own.

  • Sarah

    She is just a made up twat….another tard that had to get surgery to try to make it!


  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt no she actually sung
    i thought she was just playing around, u no doing some samples…
    love her tho, i think she’s a cute girl

  • mish

    her video is so like justin timberlake-ish. it has that cry me a river thing going on. instead, this video uses a digi-cam, 3 different guys and a party. although, revenge is sweet. :)

  • Carl

    i love ash! i love her music! i love her movies!

  • Nat

    the title of the song reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens’ Say Ok.. “Will you say alright, will you say ok?”

  • Cali

    I normally don’t care for her voice or music at all, but this song is actually kind of catchy – has sort of a soundtrack feel to it.

  • whatever

    That is one really really BAD NOSE JOB…as with most nose jobs, her real nose looked better.

  • easy

    An attention whoring bit*ch with a weak voice.

  • chels

    @jamz: I AGREE

  • chels

    the only good thing about the video is adam the rest is annoying, her squeaky voice, her wannabe sexy faces, she being a whore in the video, super playback, everything is sh*t!

  • maryf

    The song sounds like So What !!! ” So what i’m still a rock star i got my rock moves and i don’t need you….etc”, and the video reminds me of cry me a river…

  • jo

    to all the haters out there especially Sarah @ 04/28/2009 at 7:31 pm
    If you don’t like her music then don’t listen or even give her the time of day. Personally I think ashley is way better than slutty cyrus or ugly ass demi because ashley can actually sing, she may not have a voice like mariah or christina but she can sing compared to the dumb bitches cyrus and demi. So to all the haters they can go and SUCK IT, and SUCK IT HARD! (Pathetic Douchebags)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Twenty-three years YOUNG!!
    (there is still so much to learn before getting serious)
    DO IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ed

    maryf, yeah it does sound a lot like pink’s song.

  • jumba

    Honey are you tone deaf? Ashley Tisdale has got to be one of the worst singers out there. Why do you think they hide her voice with all the sound effects and sh*t in her songs. Just cause you’re a fan of hers doesnt mean you have to like everything she does. Hence, step out of denial land and admit Ashley Tisdale is probably better off as an actress…for kids…forever…24 years old and still stuck in disney…forever…sad.

    and LOL at you telling people to “suck it” Im sorry, I didnt know we were still in junior high. then again, i dont know about you.

  • olIVIa

    Ashley & Scott look ugly together she could do better and she should stick to her acting she is better at it.

  • marainsconset

    Wonderful Talent! Good Luck! A good actress, dancer, and singer.
    I realize success does not happen overnight. It’s hardwork, perseverance, and God’s Blessings. Good for her. God Bless.

  • lauren.

    guys!!! stop bagging ashley! if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. obviously she does have talent bc she made it all on her own without the help of a father or mother who have been previously or are famous. Thank you “Jo @ 04/28/2009 at 9:31 pm “. I agree with you tottally. Jumba, you are …….forever…….sad! I dont se you succeeding more in life.

  • rahj

    Is that not the same house as JT’s Cry Me a River? They kinda ripped that video off…

  • Marie

    Eh, I was very disappointed. The beginning sounded okay, but the as the song continued I couldn’t help but notice how awful her voice. I’m sorry but she should stay away from the singing.

    I can’t say I know her personally, but she seems like a down to earth girl with a great head on her shoulders. Nonetheless, she can’t sing and her acting is mediocre. Quite frankly, she’s talentless and not even all that pretty. Her HSM co-star on the other hand, Vanessa Hudgens, is a very beautiful woman, but thats about it. At least Vanessa had a chance at modeling, whereas Ashley is just a big NO.

  • lakersbeast.

    i really like this song.
    the lyrics are cooool
    nd i LOVE the end, with the cameraaaa.
    but i dnt like how shes tryin to be all rock and stuff
    makes her look like a wannabe kinda.

  • ggg


  • bitchycrackwhore

    The video is so similar to cry me a river!

  • reality

    this is the worst song i have ever heard,,how do u love this song,,,she is regular person like u and me..her voice soooo usual,,am i wrong?’

  • mindyyy

    aw shes not that bad .
    shes not the best at singing .
    but shes a lovely girl .

    no need to be so harsh about it

  • gemma

    Actually I hate this song…it´s just so boring…all the time ashley just shouts “it´s alright, it´s ok”…bla bla!! She has defenitely no talent and she just got the opertunity to sing because every stupid little girl which like Sharpay in HSM is going to by her record…that´s stupid! and I think because of “singers” like ashley guys which really have talent don´t get the chance to show their music out thre…that just sucks!!!!
    I really like Zanessa and HSM was cool…but ashly just doesn´t have a strong voice which makes you feel good or anything like that! and her music is simple, kind of nice and boring that´s all! after like 2 minuits you´re going to forget it!!!

  • awurbii


    that is is a justification that depends on who you are and what you see as talent. i don’t understand why people declare that ashley is more talented then vanessa because that it depends on who personally prefer. so i’m sorry, i have to say you are wrong. in you’re opinion you see it that way. in my opinion, i think that vanessa sings better than ashley because she doesn’t sound quite as forced but that is me. i really like ashley and vanessa and i think they’re both talented but i think vanessa has the upper hand.

    on ashley’s video. i agree, as a fan i was dissapointed because it wasn’t as great as i thought it would be. in all honesty, its good. that’s it.i think the problem is that we have seen it way too many times. i’m looking forward to the rest of ashley’s album. i want to see what else she puts forward.

  • awurbii


    i agree with you saying her voice is usual. i like ashley but i guess that has always been my problem. she sounds too common. in all honesty, i could find her voice down the street. i’m not bashing her, i’m a fan, i’m just being honest.

  • babi steph


  • disneyyyyy

    i keep seeing her pictures and wondering, what is sooo different about her? i couldn’t understand.

    she looked so much cuter/better when she had short blonde hair, her real nose, and her natural teeth on suite life.

    she had her nose surgery to supposedly correct a deviated septum. but, you don’t change the shape of your nose for a deviated septum. you do internal nose stuff to help correct your breathing.

    her teeth use to be more crooked. looks like she had veneers.

    and the worst part of it all……is her mouth. her lips! they were really thin before, and now she can’t stop POUTING, and pushing them out.

    i use to like her before, but, she just seems fake now.

    if your gonna get surgery for your appearance, at least be honest with it.

  • rin

    Ashley only made it cause Disney carried her asss throughout the whole thing. She cant bring herself to step out of that comfort zone and do something else. Come on, admit it. Ashley Tisdale cant sing. It doesnt make you a bad fan.
    PS. Sharpay looked like a porn star in HSM3.

  • Nat

    I enjoy the song, even if she’s not a fantastic solo artist. She’s more worthy than some ‘music’ being released – **Heidi Montag**
    But she really is unattractive.

  • littlebadangel

    Good 4 her!
    I lovee her ..
    I’m waiitin’ 4 thee albumm ..

  • thewiseone

    awurbii @ #39
    You’re both wrong actually. Talent is NOT based on opinion. For example, my cousin loved Hilary Duff and thought she was oh so talented. In fact she though she was more talented then lets say, Beyonce. They are completely different artists with different styles of music and liking Hilary Duff more isn’t a bad thing at all. Its just a personal preference. Still YOU CAN’T say that she’s more talented than Beyonce. Its either you got it, or you don’t. The sad thing, many people don’t know talent. For examply, how did Ashley Tisdale get an album deal with no talent? Oh because she can sell.

    As for who’s more talented? They are both untalented. All Vanessa has is beauty. She should just try modeling because THEN she’d actually be successful in SOMETHING.

  • cj

    I love love this song! It rocks!!! the video is also great!!! rock on ash

  • jenna

    very kelly clarkson

  • livia

    I LOVE IT <3

  • livia

    better than SNEAKERNIGHT –’ thas it so ridiculous