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Bar Refaeli Introduces Little Black Bikini

Bar Refaeli Introduces Little Black Bikini

Bar Refaeli introduces The Little Black Bikini in this new ad campaign for beach culture brand Hurley.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with finding the perfect little black bikini… always searching for a timeless, sexy suit with the best fit,” said Bar. “I have never been able to find the perfect bikini, until now. Hurley clothes and swimwear have a sexy and effortless look and feel, so when you wear it you feel confident. I wanted to capture that with my version of the Little Black Bikini, and I am really proud of the final result. Women everywhere will have to have it. I won’t leave home without it!”

The limited-edition Hurley Little Black Bikini by Bar Refaeli will retail for $120, with a portion of proceeds donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, a youth-focused non-profit that promotes early detection and an active lifestyle as the best prevention for breast cancer. It will debut on May 1 at

Pictured below: Bar out and about promoting her LBB in New York City on Tuesday (April 28).

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bar refaeli little black bikini 01
bar refaeli little black bikini 02
bar refaeli little black bikini 03
bar refaeli little black bikini 04
bar refaeli little black bikini 05
bar refaeli little black bikini 06
bar refaeli little black bikini 07

Credit: Roger Wong; Photos: INFdaily
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  • whatever

    I like her…she actually has curves! She looks really pretty in those pics too.

  • jennifer

    She´s stunning!!!

  • Jaz

    yea too bad no one else is skinny enough to fit into those 2 pieces of string without having things spill out the sides!

  • just me

    Well, she still has trouble finding the best fit. Maybe she should go one size up that actually fits her. What exactly did she design on that plain and boring bikini?
    I still don`t see her appeal at all. YAWN!!!!!

  • Drex

    @Jaz: LOL, amen to that!

  • french

    she is ugly as always , she looks skinny on the ad and the bikini looks like all black bikinis

  • what happen

    So much money for a bikini. No one will buy. How much is donated to breast cancer? 1% – the rest go to Barfie. I no buying it. We go to Macy’s and get a few bikinis.

  • french

    it is very expensive for a little bikini , i think we could find the same bikini somewhere else for less expensive

  • Wondering about Leo

    Forget about Bar does anyone know what’s going on with Leonardo? Isareal(sp?) papers are reporting Bar and Leonardo and spiltzo for real and she has been seens with other men. I found out for X17. Is it true?

  • Abbie

    Thanks Jared for these great new pictures of my favorite model!!! She looks fabulous, as always, healtly, smiling and extremely feminine!

    I love also the fact that some of the proceeds from the sales will go for a very worthy cause! WAY TO GO BAR!!!!

  • Abbie

    TO WONDERING ABOUT BAR ( ARE YOU FRENCH…) by any chance??? Please change your record, it is getting really old and extremely boring. And please…. get a life.

  • what happen

    I no like the picture either for this overpriced bikini. She has mouth open – looking stupid. Like waiting to catch a bug. She should either smile or close the mouth. She keep on doing this stupid stuff like selling this very simple bathing suit so people don’t forget about this Israeli. Now getting desperate.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #9: i’m living in Israel and i’m a fan of Bar and i didnt sew/read/hear about ANY breakup story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but who knows if they are together or not??

  • @11

    Why don’t you learn how to handle different opinion? Why don’t you get a life and let other people post whatever they think?
    Hurley had a boring and unimaginative idea and they found the most uninspirinig model for the campaign.
    I hope the break up rumors are true!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #14: only time will tell!

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    clothes hanger does what?!? who?! huh?!?

  • dIETER

    I love the amazing hot ass of hers. I wanna lick and squeeze it all nite long !!!

  • mimmi

    ohh i love her sooo much!!!! no wonder leo left gishele… she’s sooo skinny its nasty and this beautie has curves and that’s how a woman
    should look like…

    she’s perfect….

    and FRENCH: go and hang ur self!!! pleasseeee don’t be an idiot cuz there is nothing ugly on this woman……

  • BArsucksandisevil

    What fuck**** biotch! Bar was running from Israeli razzis and covering her face but now that she’s back in America she’s all smiles around them. Besides that Bar left Israel just as their Memorial Day celebrations began. Draft-dodging Bar couldn’t bother to pay respects to the men and women who took her place in the military and gave her the good life. Bar is pure evil!

    Bar thinks she’s too good for Israel but in reality Israel is too good for Bar. She’s nothing but an average looking girl who gets jobs because she’s been spreading her legs and opening her mouth for Leo. Bar is a cold-blooded piece of trash!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    #19: Bar is just like the rest of the world. she dont like us (Israel) and dont respect us, and its really sad!!!!!!! and i dont know why, but i still love her! even that i cant hear how shes speakes about Israel…….

  • @18

    Gisele left Leo, mimmi, that`s a fact. Leo downtraded big time!!!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    18: i’m agree with EVERYTHING you said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what happen

    Next she try to sell the little black underwear, little black bra, little black shoes, hat, shirt,…until someone send her back to Israel on the plane. Maybe Leo will buy ticket.

  • bridget

    She tries so hard to look like Gisele….. lame

  • Kimberly

    I think Bar is beautiful but I don’t get the appeal of her black bikini, there is nothing remotely original about it!

  • barron797

    Who the hell would fit into that bikini? Maybe 0.2% of the population?

  • BArsucksandisevil

    You need to get another favorite model, Lisa. There are tons of prettier girls than Bar in Israel. Bar doesn’t deserve your’s or anybody’s else’s respect. I don’t understand why the Israeli press even pays attention to this self-hating slutt. Bar should be shunned and spitted on when she goes to Israel. She’s pure evil!

    I don’t like Leo but I want him to dump Bar because that would bring her down a peg and the media wouldn’t pay attention to her anymore. Leo was seen at a club in Hollywood flirting with a girl so even though Leo and Bar are still a couple maybe soon they won’t be.

  • @27

    I agree with you except I like Leo. I honestly hope he already dumped her. I really wanna see how far her `supermodel` career goes without the ” Leo`s girlfriend” title…

  • what happen

    No one fit in this bikini – not even Bar. They not showing the back because her big asss not fitting in there. Not in the video for this stupid bikini either do they show asss. Only from side and the front. The picture (not this one) but other ones looks like tittties coming out and moves too much maybe more stuff is coming out from bikini bottom. Only small boned flat girls will like this bikini, not ones like Bar.

  • Lana

    She is not a supermodel, just a average girl , to me she is just cute, not even her best picture is good , not even photoshop helps her.

  • what happen

    You will need scotch tape, a stapler, and some good prayers when you wearing this cheap quality skimpy bikini.

  • a

    @31: LMAO what happen, i love your posts.

  • lakers fan in boston

    sounds like total bs when she talked about hurley lol
    she’s so overrated imo, her and marisa miller about marisa is much much better than this bitch
    nice body, dont like the face
    btw that outfit is cute

  • what happen

    This bikini should be called Black Saggy Boooby Only Cover a Little More than Nipple Bikini. Look at picture on website. It no looking nice on her. She look better in the little black dress sitting on the floor when she says “I hope Leo not dumping me.”

  • Little ugly stupid bikini

    The Hurley people want $17.50 for shipping this $120 bikini. Does it even weigh a pound? What bullshaat!

  • cosi

    pure scum

  • Seraphina

    She has fleas and herpes under that little bullshhiit bikini.

  • camerondiaztwin

    I’d like to like her, since she’s DiCaprio’s current toy (for reasons beyond my comprehension), but she always come across like a shallow little twit.

  • bar the loser

    She looks like a nasty w*ore in her bikini that just got finished doing a line off coke. BTW she is much fatter in real life. Hurly photo shopped that bikini pic!!

    Nobody is going to buy that plain looking bikini you could probably get at walmart for 120! lol Get real Hurley!

  • just me

    Has anyone seen her interview on Good Morning America about that boring bikini? They needed to ask about Leo even there to have something interesting about her. I wasted like 5 minutes of my life to watch that video.


    Bar is more than likely a product of rape.

    Deeply envious Israelis raped middle class Anglo-Saxons to steal a better physical appearance. After having been incestuous for over 2 thousand years the Israelis realized they were atrocious looking, scary and squaty, bald, fat, had huge noses and were ghastly-looking compared to Anglo-Saxons who were by far more attractive, more intelligent, had a better lifestyle and were happier people. Being deeply envious, the incestuous Israelis turned to kidnapping and raping better looking people. The Israelis coveted blue eyes and blond hair and stole it through rape. That’s where Bar got her Anglo appearance from, likely her great grandfather raped an Anglo Saxon in world war two Germany when Israelis got Americas to subdue Anglo Germans so Israelis could rob them of money and genetic structure. Israelis could not stand their own incestuous features any longer. The Israeli ghastly appearance is th sole reason incest is illegal.

    The rabid envy of Israelis is what has caused all wars. Their religion has offered them a solution to their backwardness that incest has created in them. That solution for Israelis is to steal the wealth others have created and rape them to gain a better appearance and then to lie about it and pretend to be an “innocent victim.”

    So, far it’s worked like a charm, or rather, it’s worked like an ark. The way the ark works is that your coffin is an Israeli’s Gain. That’s exactly how their “covenant” works.

  • lisa

    she is one big fake!!!you all need to look how she look like in the real life…..
    she wish to be like the fake pics….
    i dont like her because she is not a model!!!she dating leo!!!!thats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nazisuck

    #41; Someone escaped their room in the insane asylum and got hold of a computer. Get on your medication ugly stupid pyscho! Unless you’re a foreigner you need to go back to kindergarden to learn how read and write. Go back to the dungeon where you belong.

    BTW Bar is 100% Jewish and doesn’t have grandparents from Germany. Israel has some of the best looking people in the world, more attractive than Europeans.

  • Tia

    You haters are probably all fat with no life.
    Grow up.

  • my=]]

    I’m Also from Israel;

    Bar love’s Israel!
    Bar Rafaeli is amazing and Beautiful!

    I really love her!

  • what happen

    This belt that Barfie is wearing – Paris Hilton will find it and wrap it around her head. She wrap everything around head with sparkly stuff on it to keep brain in place so she can find it.

  • lola

    fed up of seeing her!

  • http://israel Lisa rose


  • @48

    Why do you waste your time posting on Gisele’s thread if you hate her, lisa rose. What’s the difference? You also leave negative comments so why does it bother you so much if others dothe same?

  • camerondiaztwin

    Lisa Rose, do us all a big favor: drink a 2-liter of STFU and SIT DOWN. We’re tired of your nonsense.