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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Canada Couple!

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Canada Couple!

Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady enjoy some family with his 20-month-old son John in Vancouver on Saturday (April 25).

Tom, 31, and Gisele, 28, walked around downtown Vancouver and then jumped on an AquaBus to visit the Famous Granville Market.

John‘s mom Bridget Moynahan, who turns 38 today, is in town filming Ramona and Beezus with Selena Gomez. She plays mom Dorothy Quimby in the flick, based on Beverly Cleary’s classic series of children’s books.

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15+ pictures inside of Canada couple Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

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tom brady gisele bundchen vancouver canada 02
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  • raquel

    What a cutie. He’s a very lucky boy to be so loved by his Dad, Mom and Step Mom. God Bless him!

  • mslewis

    Ramona and Beezus . . . that was a TV series back a few years ago and I enjoyed it. The movie should be fun. I wonder if Tom and Gisele will celebrate Bridget’s birthday over dinner tonight? It would be nice and would shut up those gossip mongers who insist that Bridget hates Gisele. Little Jack is so adorable.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    OMG John is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him soooooooooooooo much!!!
    but dont like Gisele so much! :(

  • trish

    John looks so much like his dad!!! very cute!

  • Michelle


    I agree!!

    I’ve been a stepmom for 10yrs and a bio mom for 6. my hubbys
    ex & i get along great. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS KNOWING

  • boston

    Tom with a purse again, not surprised at all

  • g-girl

    To me it looks like Gisele is more excited to be with the little guy than his dad. What a putz!

  • liz86000

    Oh look! The child-stealer is here!

  • cy

    You can tell from these pictures that Gisele adores John.

  • p

    gisele looks like a better parent than tom :X

  • mimilala

    Aww…Gisele looks like a nice stepmom. Tom just looks so null.

  • Pandora

    I was thinking the same thing as a couple of you mentioned — she seems more interested in him than his Dad! Cute little boy.

  • french

    They are very cute together . John is so adorable :)

  • lana

    ahhhhhh these pictures are so adorable! so much love!!!

  • Michael vick

    What, no attempted murders? No ordering of their bodyguards to shoot Bauergriffinonline? Bastard children, gunplay, and Tom’s body looks skinier than hers does.

    And I’m persecuted?

  • Toni

    I’m sure they all get along but it would totally suck to be at work while you’re ex’s new wife gets to spend days playing with your kid.

  • ********

    I think that is so sweet how Gisele is bonding with John. Any child is lucky to be loved so much.

  • bridget

    Cuteness overload!! I love the pics of John, Gisele and the birds.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    ITS LOOKS LIKE SHES USING HIM AND HE JUST A KID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You/Me

    I adore this family and I am so glad to read that Tom & Gisele and Bridget are all in the same town, hopefully all is well in that area for Jack’s sake. I don’t care too much for Bridget but I remember reading the Ramona books when I was a kid and I would def go see the movie!

  • nana

    Actually LISA ROSE people who knows gisele, UNLIKE YOU WHO DON’T KNOW HER AT ALL, say she’s been like this with Jack since he was a baby. In fact they said when he’s over their house she refuses to put him down. She carried him around and kissed him when he cries. Maybe you should stop buiyng into all that tabloids hate you’ve been fed. So WHAT YOU SEE IN PUBLIC ALSO HAPPEN IN PRIVATE. Gisele has been stalked by paps for over a decade. It’s not her fault they keep following her around.

  • llk

    lisa rose, get a life.
    They all look adorable, good to see them out with the little guy.

  • nikki

    i am glad that jack is so loved, but I was pretty irked when I heard that Giselle wanted to be called Mom. I mean the kid has a mom. Giselle should be a part of his life, but his mom should always be first, not the other way around. Stepmoms can be great, but real moms are the real deal.

  • @19

    I see celeb moms out with their kids at the park…etc. all the time. They act natural around their kids even though there are paparazzi around taking their pictures. I honestly don`t see the difference between them and Gisele – except for the fact that she is a step-mom of course. So lisa rose, all those celeb moms are using their kids to be photographed? Or is it only Gisele ( because she is not his biological mother)? Is it so hard to believe that she loves Jack for real?

  • Lizbeth

    If that kid wasn’t comfortable with Gisele, it would be evident. But it looks pretty obvious that they have this sort of relationship all the time, and that’s pretty damn adorable. She clearly adores him.

  • not nana

    nana – you are that obessed person that posts on the Gislut fan site all the time – we don’t believe any of your propaganda. We’ve heard from Bridget’s friends and Gislut is trying to draw attention to herself by being super-stepmom and to take away from Bridget because she can’t stand that Bridget had Tom’s son. Just get a kid of her own – doesn’t she want five or six – that oughta really cement this relationship … Tom just doesn’t seem that type of guy that will deal well with lots of kids. Can’t wait to watch …

  • lakers fan in boston

    aww looks like they’re having a great time =D
    i never knew bridget was that old….i thought she was around tom’s age
    cute outfit gisele, but ur face isnt looking so great here, sry =-\

  • crystal

    they are so cute!!
    john is very luckty to have a step mom that cares that much for him!!

  • brina

    cute! love tom and gisele

  • @26

    Really? Bridget`s friends said that about Gisele? Then it must be true! LOL! Everyone has the right to have an opinion. I personally think that the kid wouldn`t be comfortable with G – as Lizbeth said – if there wasn`t a great relationship there. She seems to be a great step mom and Bridget`s friends should concentrate on what`s good for Jack. Apparently he is happy with G.
    I think they look adorable and happy. Good for them!!!

  • Christina

    How come shes only with him when there are cameras?

  • what happen

    Gisele with him when there are cameras only because she is his pimp. He is a human accessory like a poodle. He goes everywhere – this little baby, he travels better than many adults. I hear he gets his own talk show, clothing line, diapers with his face on it, and also a radio show even though he cannot talk. Gisele is the manager of him and gets 80% because he is too small to read his contract.

  • cosi

    i know of no supermodels who can act, ergo her enthusiasm apropos the baby must be real… she looks happier to be w/the kid than the texting fool.

  • just me

    Christina, how can you possibly know that she is with him only when there are cameras? Do you know anything about G`s life when there are no cameras around?
    I find some comments and the people writing them pathetic.

  • Emily

    It’s called the “Granville Island Market” actually.

  • jaMES

    Everyone is just coming to see me in Van City. LOve IT! GO CANUCKS GOOOO

  • Mike

    Jeez, does Tom even like his boy? He doesn’t seem to want to interact with him too much from these pics. Looks more interested in his iphone. How about playing with your boy, Tom?

  • face

    Bravo to her for loving and caring for her stepson. If only all stepmoms were like that.

  • tiger

    such a sweet set of photos

  • elle

    bridget is over tom, tom is over bridget, tom married gisele, gisele is johns’s step-mother… they are making the best of what had been a very hard time especially for bridget and kudos to her; she keeps rising higher & higher in the class department. it’s not about any of the adults here it’s about john, bridget & tom’s beautiful son. if he is happy that is all that matters and like any child he deserves both parents in his life.

  • Bonitto

    Hey Mike@37, why dont you go pay attention to your own kids and stop telling Tom Brady what to do with his, you really needed glasses.

  • AW

    Such cute pics! They are all gorgeous and look really happy!

  • miapocca

    Moynahan manages to get around town and the nanny takes John to these two without being observed. But Miss G here has to let the whole world know she is with someone elses baby. Wonder if she called the Paps in advance like the cruises do. I also wonder if it will be okay with her if Daddy decided to start taking the trips by himself hahahahh

  • annon

    did Giselle’s mom have her when she was 10??? How is she turning 38 today when Giselle is 28??

    OH and I think that GIselle just misspoke…I love my stepdaughter like she is my own, but am very aware that she is not “my own” daughter.

  • Thomas

    #44 Bridget Moynahan is 38, nothing to do with Gisele’s mom.

  • Thomas

    #43 There are tons of pics of Bridget & John on the internet. Just look.

  • Victoria

    Brady never looks very interested in the boy. He’s so disengaged.

    He just looks like the dullest person ever. I still don’t think it’s hit him that he’s the dad.

  • @43

    …or maybe the paps are more interested in a famous and well known model like Gisele and that`s why she is photographed so often. I don`t want to offend Bridget but her career is not as successful as Gisele`s so maybe that`s why she is not followed by the paparazzi all the time.
    Has anyone ever seen the kid crying or looking uncomfortable around Gisele? Jack seems to like her a lot, why don`t you concentrate on that for a change?

  • mrsp

    anybody else notice how this baby is only photographed with gisele? she is a famewhore and needs to have her own kid

  • #49